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Raw vs Smackdown

In the world of wrestling entertainment, one name becomes synonymous to the sport – WWE. Completely known as World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE is an entertainment company that showcases professional wrestling coupled with some twists and turns because of their storyl ines. WWE has also branched out into different levels of entertainment which has brought into existence the names WWE Raw and Smackdown, to name a few. So how do these two subbranches in particular differ from each other?

Subjectively, avid pro wrestling viewers say that one of the most noticeable differences between the two is that Raw is fancier in nature than Smackdown. This is purely because of the odd storyl ines that the writers inject into the show just to pump up the ratings, and they sure are successful in doing so. Although the wrestling part may have the tendency to become overshadowed by this, younger fans tend to love the setup because of its entertainment value no matter if the wrestling is no longer authentic.

It may also be attributed to the overly dramatic story lines that made Raw more commercially popular than Smackdown. As a result, there are more wrestling superstars produced in Raw like Triple H, the Heartbreak Kid (HBK), Batista, Cena and Orton among other famous entertainers. Simply said, the talents in Raw are more popular than being acknowledged as real wrestling greats. In Smackdown, there are many wrestling greats although they’re not that popular. Thus, Smackdown is only a secondary blue brand compared to the lustrous premier red brand status of WWE Raw.

In terms of showing time, Raw airs on Monday nights while Smackdown airs Friday nights. It is also worth noting that Raw has a longer run time than the other. This is probably because of the greater number of TV viewers on Monday nights as opposed to Fridays making Raw more important commercially than its counterpart. Historically, Raw has a more prolific history which started airing on January 11, 1993, while Smackdown started on April 29, 1999.
Being made by two separate creative teams, Raw and Smackdown offer different levels of entertainment to suit the varied tastes of a wide array of wrestling-loving audiences.


1.Raw is the premier red brand of WWE as opposed to the secondary blue branded Smackdown.
2.Raw is aired on Monday nights as opposed to Smackdown being aired on Friday nights.
3.Raw has a longer running time than Smackdown.
4.Raw has the more popular wrestling stars than Smackdown.
5.It is said that Smackdown showcases better wrestling than Raw.
6.It has also been observed that Raw contains fancier story lines than Smackdown.
7.Raw is the older show or brand compared to Smackdown.

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