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While interacting with the Internet, some web pages utilize the use of a frame layout. A web page may be divided into several blocks using Frames for displaying multiple scrollable files like documents and/or graphic images etc., at once in independent windows or sub windows. Each Frame is assigned its own web page. Frequently graphical browsers distinguish frame commands. The term Iframe refers to an inline frame that is similar to the frame within a single page usually containing other page.

The collection of frames is called a frameset that are defined in a frameset document. The core advantage of using the frame is that the user can access more than one HTML document in the same browser window. Iframe uses an HTML structure that allows another HTML document to be inserted into an HTML page. The Iframe is set up as a rigid size window frame that scrolls along with the rest of the page and it can exist without having a frameset defined.

For the frames, designers offer a way to keep certain information visible, while other contents of page are scrolled or replaced and they also run from edge to edge instead of a box being placed somewhere inside the browser window. But the Iframe is typically a small box used to insert small amount of text or comments in the middle of a page and these are also used for generating pull-down menus or the horizontal menus on a web page. It also facilitates the HTML documents with amazing customized tools and commands.

Frames generally do not require refreshing unreasonably for every post back of the web page. The user can refresh only the content in which he is currently working. A Web designer can alter an IFrame’s sections without requiring the user to reload the surrounding page. IFrames are also designed to insert interactive applications in Web pages.

The visible borders of the frames can be resized by the user by dragging the border. However, special caution is used to place a file should fit neatly into the frame, without excessive scrolling by anyone visiting the page. Iframes are very flexible and much less forced than a framed page. A web designer can add an update section of any size to a page.

~Inline frame is just one “box” that is placed anywhere on browser page. In contrast, frame is a bunch of boxes put together to make one site.
~The web developer must keep track of more HTML documents while developing frames.
~Users cannot specify the size of Iframe.
~Another merit of Iframes is its ability of displaying other website contents flawlessly in one user’s window.
~Iframe also offer placement flexibility and ease of indexing while targeting with multiple pages.

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  1. Please elaborate more about the point where it states that user cannot specify the size of an iframe, since the same is clearly possible using the height and width attributes with the iframe tag.

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