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Difference Between iGoogle and Google Chrome

iGoogle vs Google Chrome

iGoogle and Google Chrome are two Google products that seem pretty similar at first, but when you delve deeper, you see that they are very different. The main difference between them is what they basically are. Google Chrome is a web browser that you can use as a replacement of other browsers like IE8, Firefox, Opera, and such. It is mainly used to access the Internet but there are many other uses for it. On the other hand, iGoogle is not a software product but a service offered by Google. It provides users with a personalized page that is configurable to reflect the needs and wants of the user. It is often set as the home page to serve as a web portal. You can use with Google Chrome or any of the other browsers mentioned above.

One reason why people confuse the two is the little programs that users can choose to incorporate in either product. iGoogle calls them gadgets, Google Chrome calls them apps, but they are the same in function. And you are likely to find a gadget that does the same exact thing as an app and vice versa.

One major difference between iGoogle and Google Chrome is the location of the software. iGoogle is located within Google servers and you can only access them with the use of a web browser. As Google Chrome is a browser, it needs to be installed into your computer before you can even use it. Then there are the software updates that you need to routinely install; though the browser does most of the work for you. Since iGoogle is located remotely, users don’t need to do the updating themselves. Once Google updates their servers, everyone gets the patched version.

One thing you do need to have in order to user iGoogle is the internet. As you may already have guessed from the above paragraph, an internet connection is needed to connect to the Google servers. As Google Chrome is located locally, you do not really need an internet connection to make it useful. If you have a local web server you can still use Chrome. Although, having no internet connection removes 90% of the purpose of a web browser like Google Chrome.


1.iGoogle is a personalized home page while Google Chrome is a web browser
2.iGoogle has gadgets while Google Chrome has apps
3.You need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer but not iGoogle
4.iGoogle requires internet access while Google Chrome does not

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