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Search Engine vs Browser

There is a lot of confusion around the two most frequently used buzz words: search engine and browser. Recently, Google conducted an interview on the streets of New York asking people to define a browser. Out of a sample of over 50, only 8 per cent of the people answered with the correct definition of a browser.

A browser is a software program installed on your computer locally. There are many browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, etc. A browser is used to access various websites and web pages. A search engine is also a software program that searches for some particular document when specific keywords are entered. The search engine matches the exact keywords entered against the documents available on the Internet and returns a list of documents in which the keywords were found. Google and Yahoo are the most popular search engines.

Another interesting thing to be noticed is that you use a browser to get a search engine. For example, you open Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox and then type the web address of a search engine such as Google.com, Yahoo.com.

When you open a search engine and enter a few keywords, a program called an indexer reads the documents on the web and creates an index based on the words contained in each document and returns it if the words match the entered keywords. The search engine uses a proprietary algorithm to create its indices in order to return only meaningful results for each query entered by the user.


1. A browser is used to access websites and web pages whereas a search engine is

used to search for particular information.

2. I.E., Firefox, Safari, and Chrome are the most popular web browsers while Google and

Yahoo are the most popular search engines.

3. A browser is used to access the Internet whereas in order to open a search engine

you need a browser.

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  1. plz email me with more exact classification

  2. Need more explanation

  3. Can you explain more differences

    • In browser searching apps like Internet Explorer, mozilla Firefox, chrome, etc. & in search engine yahoo.com, Google.com,Baidu.com

  4. More explanation please

  5. Dear sir my question is .Which of the following is Not a web browser.1.mozilla Firefox.2.Opera. 3.Google.4Internet explorer.

  6. What a web browser can do that search engine can not ? To me functioning of both seem to be same like I can even search websites on google that’s a search engine . Is n’t it ?

  7. Hey can you plz give 5 to7 points because we need more points

  8. Nice explanation thanks

  9. Please I need reference to the difference

  10. Have benefited

  11. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Qwant, Bing, and Duck Duck Go run on server computers at the search engine companies. Totally unrelated to you, the servers at these companies are browsing the internet to see what is out there. They store the information they retrieve from the internet in index databases stored on the company’s servers. At a time of your choosing, you make contact with the search engine companies by using a browser to go to the search engine websites. You ask the website, through your browser, to tell you what documents it has found and indexed. The search engine website displays a web page via your browser to tell you what documents it knows about. In that list it presents to you, there are links to all the documents it has found. You use your browser to click on these links in order to navigate to the actual websites where the found documents reside.

    That navigation to a website and the return to you of the document is all controlled by your browser. The search engine is no longer involved in that transaction.

    To confuse things a little further, Google does have a browser called “Chrome” that you can use just like any other browser. With Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer browsers, you can navigate to the search engine’s web site to ask it what it has in its index about the words you are interested in. You can use Google Chrome browser, to access the Microsoft search engine web site called Bing. You can use the Microsoft browser called Internet Explorer, to navigate to the Google search engine website

    The search engine websites are http://www.google.com, http://www.qwant.com, duckduckgo.com, yahoo.com, and http://www.bing.com. There are probably many more websites offering search engine functionality as one of the things you can find on their website.

  12. Thank you for clearing this up for me, a neophyte who could never understand the difference, since many of them seem to do both functions. I shall remember it thusly: B in Browser=weB in weBsite. SEarch Engine=
    E for Enter kEywords for documents.

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