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Difference Between iOS7 and iOS7 Beta

iOS7 vs iOS7 Beta

Just as the world thought that the iOS7 would reign supreme in the software market as far as iPhone, tablets and iPads are concerned, there comes better software that is a brilliant rectification of the shortcomings of iOS7 for the iOS diehards. There exists a very big difference between the two software programs (iOS7 and iOS7 beta) even though to many they may sound or look pretty the same.

You may not want to adjust to the new modification of iOS7 but after reviewing this comparison, you will be able to make an informed decision.


The notification system of the iOS7 was designed to fit the need of the public and requires no prior knowledge of the iOS operating systems to work it through and have the best results for your device. However, the same cannot be said when it come to the iOS7 beta, which was designed to suit the needs of developers who do look for maximum performance and make their devices work better and are keen on the iOS new updates


Meant for only the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the iPad touch, iOS7 beta gives different displays of features in different devices. In some instances, features displayed on the iPod touch and the iPhones may not be displayed in the iPad; for instance, the Camera Filters. Also, other features may look different on Apple tablets varying with the pocket devices.

Screen Lock

A monotonous and boring way to unlock the screen of your iPhone that was operated by sliding the unlock bar has now been updated to a less defined and cool way of unlocking. By just swiping your screen, iOS7 beta lets your device unlock, allowing you to access it

UI Bars

iOS7 beta allows you a high-contrast color display of the icon and text in most cases by getting rid of the black or white annoying bars that used to display on the top of your screen entirely in the system. The basic icon display on top of your screen is now displayed in signal dots (for signal bars) and a blank background for the other icons

Home Screen

You now have two added to your home screen, perhaps the most exiting or one that separates the iOS7 beta from the iOS7 completely. Animated background and icons that can switch to your body position in whatever angle. The icons have been redesigned to help you enjoy your working with your device by offering a more pleasant and a less serious appearance with the color options. Furthermore, the text fonts now are displayed in thin layouts that perfectly fit in front of your backgrounds, creating a more pleasant atmosphere to chat

Siri features and voice Control

If your siri used to bother you simply because it had a female voice, now you are able to choose the male or female voice in your device and furthermore you are able to receive a high-quality voice output. The search engine is default to Bing unlike iOS7 that uses Google as default.

Compass Calibration

When using the iOS7 beta, you can calibrate your compass not by just moving your device randomly in a waving manner to sign an eight (8) like in iOS7 but rather by simply using a visual tool that allows your device to show.


Notification system in the iOS7 is designed for the public while the iOS7 beta is designed for the iOS7 developers

The iOS7 beta gives different display for different devices

The iOS7 beta does not use the unlocking bar to unlock the screen but requires a simple swipe on the home screen

An improved animated background and icons on your home screen that gives a pleasant view

A male or female voice can be used in the iOS7 beta Siri

Compass calibration is easy since there is a visual tool that makes the task easy

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