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Difference Between Skype 2.X and Skype 3.0

Skype 2.X vs Skype 3.0

Skype has addressed the many issues that iPhone users have with their software with the release of Skype 3.0. Compared to older version of Skype 2.X (with X standing for any older version number), Skype 3.0 has features that pull it closer to the desktop version. The most significant difference between the two Skype versions is the ability to make video calls. Prior to 3.0, Skype users can only send instant messages with each other and conduct voice calls.

Not only did Skype add video calls to version 3.0, they also made sure that it worked great and had all the features that users may need or want. Users have the choice of landscape or portrait with video calls. Devices like the 3Gs, which doesn’t have a front facing camera, can still do video calls. Users just need to come up with creative ways to be seen; the most obvious is to use a mirror. Devices that do not have cameras, like the iPad can still do one way video calls where they can see the caller (given that the caller’s phone has a camera) but not be seen by the other party.

Another major difference between the two versions of Skype is who can get to use them. Newer hardware that sports the iOS 4 operating system, like the iPhone 4 and iPad, and those that can be upgraded, like the iPhone 3Gs, are the only ones that can have Skype 3.0. Older versions, like the iPhone 3G and lower, are forced to stick with Skype 2.X. There is no way to get video calling on these older devices, so upgrading to a more recent model may be the only option if video calling is essential to you.

Video calling on Skype for the iPhone has been a long awaited feature. Because of its absence in Skype, other software began to fill the void. Two of the most notable are Tango and Viber. Now that Skype has finally updated their software to add the missing functionality, it is interesting to see whether users of the mentioned software would flock back to Skype.


1. Skype 2.X doesn’t have video calling while Skype 3.0 does
2. Skype 2.X works on all iPhones while Skype 3.0 only works with iOS4 and higher

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