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Difference Between Maestro and MasterCard

Maestro vs MasterCard

Maestro is the name given to a brand of MasterCard. They are registered trademarks of the same company. However, their usage is different. Maestro is used as a debit card and MasterCard is used as a credit card.


MasterCard consumer cards are credit cards.
A credit card is a form of plastic money through which the issuing agency of the credit card is in contract with the holder for using a certain amount of money for purchases. The amount of money which credit card holders can borrow depends on the contractual terms between the issuer and the card holder. In simple words, it is a loan issued to the credit card holder in plastic form. The consumer may use the credit card during purchases at shopping outlets or during online purchases through the Internet. Credit cards in general charge a higher rates of interest. These cards are used for short-term financing.
MasterCard is a credit card payment network that provides financial services to banks and their clients. This means that financial institutions which issue credit cards to their clients are actually supported by the MasterCard network.


Maestro is a debit card service owned by MasterCard. The financial institutions which use this brand of debit cards are supported by Maestro payment networks. The customers can use this debit card during shopping through the Internet.
In a debit card, the purchased amount is debited to the consumer account directly.
A debit card is also a form of plastic money like the credit cards with different terms involved. The amount of money specified here is the money owned by the debit card holder through his current or savings bank account. Therefore, it not a loan, and the client can use his or her money for online purchases. The debit card issuer companies do not charge any interest on the money used by the client.
Maestro provides direct cash access from the bank account. It gives a PIN-based service which may only be accessed only through the web. It is an international network.


1.MasterCard is a credit card whereas Maestro is a debit card.
2.Most financial transactions of MasterCard are confirmed by signature while the financial transactions of Maestro are confirmed by a Maestro PIN (Personal Identification Number).
3.The MasterCard processing of money takes place either manually or electronically whereas in the case of Maestro, the processing is through electronic terminals.
4.MasterCard charges higher rates of interest as compared to Maestro in financial dealings.
5.MasterCard allows payment in installments whereas Maestro is directly charged on the bank account.
6.The maximum limit of payments in MasterCard depends on various terms which are mutually settled between the issuer and the consumer. In Maestro, however, the maximum limit of payment is the amount present in the bank account.
7.The Maestro card may be used at an ATM whereas MasterCard cannot be used like this.

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  1. False. While I cannot speak for Maestro, I only use MasterCard, it is a Debit card primarily, but can be used as credit. It can go in ATM’s as well. I have had to confirm in signature only when I was unable to enter a pin. Perhaps author should’ve checked their info? I am in the US, so yeah.

  2. Author you need to check your facts. Mastercards are also available as debit cards, especially in Africa and Asia. The Mastercard debit card is tied to your bank account to provide direct cash access from your account and the user creates a PIN to consummate transactions. The cards are used for online payments and on retail shopping sites as well as on ATM & POS devices.

    Although the Maestro network is international, it is practically unknown in areas aside from America and Europe.

    Kindly update your information.

  3. Yeah, I have two MasterCards, one is debit, one is credit. No Maestro. Also, Maestro is only supported in select shops, definitely not very popular. That´s why I googled the difference, because I see no reason for Maestro to exist since it is not accepted everywhere.

  4. Is maestro and MasterCard thesame thing as may be language differences

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