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Difference Between Fiance and Fiancee

‘Fiance’ and ‘Fiancee’

Being in love is such a wonderful feeling. As they say, it can move mountains and conquer all. It is the foundation upon which relationships are strengthened and, as time goes on, it leads the lovers towards marriage and the start of a family.

The most challenging part of a relationship is courtship, the time when the man and the woman show only the best in themselves. It is when the man and the woman are still in the process of getting to know each other.

It is the time when the lovers only see the best in each other, and it would seem like the world only revolves around the object of their affection. It is the period wherein everything seems to be perfect and beautiful.

As the relationship grows into something deeper, they may decide to take the next step which is marriage. This is the time when they get engaged and promise to marry each other. An engagement might be a long or a short one depending on the decisions of the betrothed.

The future bride is referred to as the future groom’s fiancee. A fiancee is the woman who is engaged to be married. The word ‘fiancee’ comes from the French word ‘fiance’ which means a promise. It is based on the Latin word ‘fidere’ which means ‘to trust.’

A fiancee, therefore, is a woman who promises to marry a man. This promise is based on their trust in each other and that they will keep their agreement to marry.

Fiance is used to refer to the man who is engaged to be married. It comes from the root word ‘affiance’ which means ‘plighting of faith’ or ‘to promise, especially in marriage.’ It is the name that is used to refer to a man who is betrothed.

In the Bible, when a woman is betrothed to a man, she is considered his wife. In order to depart from each other, they would need a divorce. During the period of betrothal, the couple is not allowed to have sexual relations until the time when they are ready to consummate their marriage.

Today, engaged couples can live together, or they can still live with their respective parents or their own homes. Some fiances and fiancees are already living together for a period of time before deciding to get married.

If everything goes well and the marriage is pushed through, the fiance becomes the husband and the fiancee becomes the wife. The couple can then start building their home and family.


1. A fiancee is a woman while a fiance is a man.
2. A fiancee is betrothed to be married to a man while a fiance is betrothed to be married to a woman.
3. The word ‘fiancee’ comes from the French word ‘fiance’ which means ‘a promise’ which in turn comes from the Latin word ‘fidere’ which means ‘to trust.’ ‘Fiance’ comes from the root word ‘affiance’ which means ‘plighting of faith’ or ‘to promise as in marriage.’

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