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Difference Between Balcony and Patio

A pleasant and well-organized outdoor is for everyone’s wishing. We would all love to make our outdoor a haven for all seasons. It will be a great place to enjoy your spring, autumn, summer, or winter either alone, with friends, or family. Out of the different choices available, some people go for patio while others go for balconies, depending on their tastes, preferences, and budgets.

Talking of the two, what is the difference between the two spaces? People often interchange them and refer to each as the other. Even though they might serve the same purposes to some extent, it does not make them synonyms as they have clear-cut differences. The variances can be shed to light by going through a detailed separation of the two based on different perspectives.

Definition of a Balcony

A balcony is an outdoor extension or platform extended to the outside of a building. It is usually on the upper floors with an enclosure averaging one meter. It is normally enclosed by balustrades or walls and supported by console brackets or columns. A balcony is typically small, and in most cases, it is not used for social or entertainment spaces although some people may make it bigger, like in a theater balcony.

Balconies have been with us since the medieval and renaissance architecture where people used stone corbels or oversized wooden brackets. The technique of making them changed in the 19th century and solid concrete and cast iron found their way in taking over the structures and reinforcing them. All the same, there are no restrictions nowadays, and balconies can be made of any material provided it is solid and good-looking. 

Purposes of a Balcony

A balcony serves several purposes. The first one is acting as a space enlarger. In return, it provides an outdoor area for different activities, mostly for apartment owners who do not have the pleasure of a personal yard.

A balcony also provides shelter and good access to sunshine. Take, for example, the case of classical balconies. These types have roofs of their own, called loggia. They also provide access to fresh air through their louvered doors.

An enclosed balcony offers privacy to the owners. By creating a bridge between the outdoors and indoors, it becomes easy to protect your family from stormy weather or prying eyes. Overall, balconies let in some fresh air and natural light inside our homes.

In different perspectives away from home, a balcony has been used for ceremonial purposes. For instance, the Pope in the Vatican gives his blessing from a stone balcony at the Basilica. Also, most churches have internal balconies for concerts and choirs.

Definition of a Patio

A patio derives its name from a Spanish synonym for backyards or backyard gardens. As such, a patio represents that living space outside a house. It could be a proper garden or a simple relaxation area.

Also, a patio can be defined as a paved outdoor area that adjoins a house and is generally used for recreation or outdoor dining. It is made from such materials as bricks, stone, concrete, cobbles, or tiles. They are often decorated with outdoor furniture and plants.

Purposes of a Patio

Most people use their patios for parties. It could be a day thing or a slumber party where they lay tarps, cushions, and blankets and enjoy the beautiful sky at night. Some also enjoy movie nights at a patio projecting their favorite movies onto the side of their houses or big white sheets.

Differences Between A Balcony and Patio

  1. Position

A patio is structured on the ground floor while a balcony is way higher. A balcony is constructed on upper floors with no ground access.

  1. Distance from the house

A patio can be either attached or detached from the main building and is usually found in the backyard. A balcony, on the other hand, is connected to the house and can be positioned on any side.

  1. Materials

Patios are built from different materials including cobbles, tiles, stones, bricks, or concrete. Balconies are mainly made from solid concrete and cast iron.

  1. Size

Balconies are considered small in size and in terms of width and length while a patio can extend to the extent the owner desires. It does not have to be restricted by the size of the space available.

  1. Purpose

Patios are built for entertainment and recreational purposes. Balconies, on the other hand, do not serve much of the entertainment and recreational needs due to their limited space and position. The weight might also be a factor to be considered here.

Balcony vs. Patio: Comparison Table

Summary of  Balcony vs. Patio

Despite people interchanging balcony and patio, the two are different terms with varied meanings. From their uses, positioning, and such other characteristics, one can draw the difference between them. It makes the cut what belongs where and its purpose. However, one can substitute the other just in case, for instance, the space available does not allow one to have a patio. 

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