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Difference Between Cement and Mortar

cementCement vs Mortar

The difference between cement and mortar is that cement is the binding agent, whereas mortar is a product composed of cement, sand and lime. Both these substances have distinct purposes, such as cement is activated with water and forms a bond with other elements to form one solid object, whereas mortar is useful for holding bricks or stone together, and cannot stand alone like concrete. Cement is a substance that is used to make mortar grout and concrete etc.

There are different kinds of uses for each mortar, grout or concrete mixed with cement, such as grout can fill gaps between tiles, but if the joints in the blocks have missing pieces, you need mortar. Cement has many types itself, such as Portland, white or Masonry cement. Portland cement is used for structural applications to form an object. Mortar, as it may contain either Portland cement with lime, or masonry cement, lime and sand, assembles masonry units into structural systems. The mix ratio of cement and the other ingredients determines the compressive and bond strength, including the absorption potential.

Mortar contains bonding enhancers used for filling the spaces between stone, brick or concrete blocks during building. It is also used for repairing and renovating purposes. Mortar is applied as a thick paste, and it sets hard after a short time to create a tight seal between stones or bricks to prevent air and moisture from entering the structure. Mortar has the ability to bond with joint reinforcements, etc, in the bricks. It helps to make an aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound building. The first man-made mortar construction was of mud and clay, apart from the ancient Egyptians who used limestone bricks. Mortar is commonly in use nowadays, and available in different types; such as Portland mortar, which is made by Portland cement, sand and water. Another type is called lime mortar, which allows moisture to move freely, and evaporate from the surface. Mortar has a long life without having the need for constant repairs. Cement with lime and sand is called mortar; cement with sand is cement.


1. Cement is a binding agent to form mortar, concrete and grout.

2. Mortar is made by adding water, sand and lime to cement.

3. Mortar is used commonly for filing in gaps between bricks and stones to prevent moisture from leaking in.

4. Cement has many types, such as Portland, masonry cement etc.

5. Mortar has many types and colors, such as terracotta or white etc.

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  1. Can u use high strength cement to cement rocks together over mortar seams which have been broken apart to repair a wall.

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