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Difference Between Concrete and Timber

Concrete vs Timber

The difference between concrete and timber is that concrete is a material used for construction whereas timber is a piece of wood.

Both of the materials are used for the various construction purposes such as laying the foundations of the house or for the flooring purposes etc.

Concrete floor is used as a sub floor for installing the timber floor on it. Timber can be repaired and replaced without much demarcation whereas concrete needs to be demolished and repoured in the case of a change or makeover. Timber can scratch and indent whereas concrete can crack. Concrete can hold direct contact of water and resist whereas timber can be damaged when it comes in contact with water.

Concrete is a man made material that can be sealed, stamped or cut for various decorative or construction purposes whereas timber is a natural product of nature and needs to be painted, polished or sealed for longevity. Timber needs more maintenance and care as compared to concrete.

Timber wood for the construction purposes is cut or pressed into planks or boards whereas concrete is reinforced with steel rods and bars to be used as a construction material. Timber is a generic building material whereas concrete is the predominant building material of present age. Timber suits various types of weather conditions for just any type of structure. Concrete is used in conjunction with ironwork for strength and has low tensile strength. Timber can be very flexible and can keep strength when compressed or bent.

Timber house reinforced with steel is the best choice of material for construction purposes in earthquake zones. Reinforced concrete is much cheaper than timber. It is used for supporting the structures. Concrete structures and constructions are superior to timber frame. Timber is much lighter in weight as compared to concrete but concrete has better insulation properties and has a high thermal storage capacity as compared to timber. Concrete homes retain heat and radiate.

Timber when used for decking may become slippery whereas concrete is less slippery and would not warp or buckle. Concrete has more longevity as compared to timber. The common characteristics of concrete are cracking, measling and coloring whereas timber surface can blemish, crack and hairline cracks may sometimes appear.


1. Concrete is a man made material whereas timber is a piece of wood.

2. Concrete buildings last for a long time and need low maintenance as compared to wooden or timber structures.

3. Concrete is environment friendly and has high thermal efficiency as compared to timber.

4. Timber is largely used as a construction material in the earthquake zones.

5. Timber is tensile and resists bending whereas concrete has low tensile and hard in nature.

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