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Diatribe vs Pejorative

You may not be aware of it, but people around you may have already given or said many diatribes or pejoratives against you in the past. If you’re not familiar with these two terms, then you may be more familiar with negative remarks. Yes, diatribes and pejoratives are two kinds of negative comments. Either through speaking or writing, these remarks are somebody’s negative expression through words. Here’s how you distinguish the two.

A diatribe is often regarded as a “rant.” It is used by some so as to show strong disapproval. The words used in giving the remarks are sharp and bitter. Diatribes are characterized with their accompanying negative attitude from the one who gives them. In a sense, it is irrevocable and highlights one mistake following the other. Most of the time, the one saying the diatribe can say it for a prolonged period of time disregarding what anyone else may say.

A pejorative is more prejudicial in nature. It is characterized by a phrase or word(s) that bear some negative thought which may not be negative at all to some. A good example is when you’ll ask your friend if you’re good-looking, and then here comes another person who’ll tell you that you’re just “cute.” To you it may be an insult since you consider cute as not much of a compliment while the one telling you such really did not mean it that way. The words “punk” and “hacker” are also commonly used as pejoratives.

Pejoratives may appear to express some degree of disapproval and in some cases, a minor criticism. Some people say that pejoratives are more honest remarks since they are usually being said at the spur of the moment. So when one says a pejorative to you, it may not be the same the next time you meet. This is often the case between friends. By contrast, diatribes are harsher and more serious in nature but can still depend on how it is being interpreted. Anger usually drives one to give a diatribe. This kind of remark is usually imparted between enemies.


1.Diatribes are more serious and more ill-natured remarks than pejoratives.
2.Diatribes are more similar to rants while pejoratives are closer to criticisms.
3.A pejorative is seen to be more prejudicial and is somewhat more honest than a diatribe.
4.A diatribe is given by somebody who has a very negative temperament at the time of saying the remark.
5.Diatribes have the tendency of stimulating arguments and prolonging them more indefinitely.

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