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Difference Between Sarcasm and Satire

Sarcasm vs Satire

Words are meant to help humans understand each other and their world. Names are words that are given to people in order to distinguish and make them distinct from each other. Words are used at home, in school, in the workplace, at play, and anywhere a person goes.
People communicate with each other through words, written or spoken. They express themselves through the words that come from their minds which they utter or write about. People sometimes play on words when they want to indirectly influence others.
Word play is a technique that is used in literature and the arts for amusement. It can be done through oddly formed sentences, idioms, puns, rhetoric, exaggeration, alliteration, sarcasm, and satire.
Satire is a literary genre which is also present in graphics and performing arts. It is a form of constructive criticism aimed at ridiculing those whom it is directed to. Its purpose is to employ humor to instigate people towards positive change. It uses exaggeration, alliteration, taunt, pun, farce, and mockery in showing follies, abuses, and shortcomings that are common to people. It is a comic way of embarrassing people so that they are encouraged to make improvements in their lives.
Sarcasm, on the other hand, is a remark or taunt which is more painful and nasty. As in satire, sarcasm uses irony and mockery, but, unlike satire, it is done more roughly and brazenly. It may also be indirectly aimed at any individual through the use of indirect statements. Sarcasm may not be noticeable in print because it is often exhibited through vocal inflection. A sarcastic statement is noticeable only through the tone of voice of the person saying it, but it can also be a direct statement containing harsh words.
While satire is constructive, sarcasm can be destructive. Although both are aimed at making people see their mistakes through wit and humor, sarcasm can be rude, and it borders on bullying. Satire is more subtle and light so the person to whom it is aimed at does not feel offended.
Sarcasm is often done in a conversation between two persons while satire is done with a larger group, usually with a performer and an audience, or a writer and his readers. It can be found in literature, plays, films, and music.


1.Satire is a literary genre which uses wit and humor to stimulate people towards a positive action while sarcasm is a statement or remark which is harshly aimed at a person.
2.Satire is a constructive way of letting people know about their mistakes and follies while sarcasm can be destructive because of the way it is presented.
3.Both use humor and wit to let a message reach an audience, but satire can have a larger audience while sarcasm is often done in a person-to-person conversation.
4.Satire is more subtle than sarcasm.
5.In their written forms, satire can be recognized immediately while sarcasm is not because it is sometimes exhibited through voice inflection.

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  1. Isn’t sarcasm is a way of speaking in which what is said is the opposite of what is meant.

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