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Difference Between Emotional Attachment and Psychological Attachment

Emotional Attachment vs Psychological Attachment

Attachment is a form of strong invisible tie that exists between individuals. These ties are commonly present between children and their adult caregivers or significant other (i.e. mothers). Alternatively, some ties are purely professional in essence which exist between two individuals who do not even know each other that much. Nevertheless, most of these attachments are reciprocal in nature and are mutually understood based on feelings of protection, safety, and security.

The infants are seen to have one of the strongest emotional attachments to their caregivers. Whenever they are separated from them, they are immediately filled with sadness. As a result, anxiety kicks in due to their fear of abandonment and rejection. They use crying because it is (for them) the most effective tool used to grab the primary caregiver’s attention.

In theory, children (infants and young children) use their emotional attachments to gain self-confidence. Whenever the person whom they are emotionally attached to is just nearby, they’ll have the energy and courage to explore the world as they feel more secure with them by their side. Ironically, when these same children grow up later us adults, they will later become apprehensive about the presence of such emotional attachments perhaps due to their need of independence.

Many psychologists claim that emotional attachment is a result of a burst of feelings that come from the emotional side of the person or mind. By contrast, a psychological attachment is linked to the logical segment of one’s being. And so, if you feel that you are in love with a certain someone, then you are emotionally attached. However, if you know or need to stay or be with that same special someone you love, then you’re showing psychological attachment. Emotional attachment has a need for love and acceptance.

In another sense, psychological attachment is linked to one’s need for security and safety. If present, it helps in assuring a person about his presence in this world. It is like being psychologically attached to someone because you need him or her to be successful in life. A good example is your attachment with your teacher, your boss, or your employer.


1.Emotional attachment is best seen in very intimate or strong relationships like between children and their primary caregivers.
2.Emotional attachment has feelings originating from one’s emotional side while a psychological attachment has feelings originating from the logical dimension.
3.Psychological attachments help in assuring one’s presence in this world.
4.Psychological attachment is usually displayed in more superficial relationships like between employee and employer, teacher and student, the boss and the subject.

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