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Philosophy vs Science

Without a doubt, there is a definite distinction between philosophy and science. The problem is – because of their interrelatedness, the two may be somewhat confusing for many, most especially that there are many arguments between them. There’s absolutely no philosophy-proof science because many sciences depend on philosophy and vice versa.

Figuratively speaking, science is best likened to the human mind while philosophy is to the human heart. Science, in general, seeks to understand natural phenomena. It is more concerned on empirical evidences and testable hypotheses. By “empirical,” it means “that which can be observed or experimented on.” By contrast, philosophy is vaguer. Defining it in one concrete sentence may not define it entirely. However, broadly speaking, philosophy is a school of thought that utilizes reasoning to uncover issues concerning metaphysics, logic, epistemology, language, ethics, aesthetics, and other disciplines.

So how can philosophy help clarify or explain the issues at hand? As such, philosophy helps address inquiries that couldn’t be answered simply by experimentation and observation. It bases its explanations from the argument of principles. Science, using its scientific methodology, is able to acquire more knowledge because of experimentation and observation. It bases its explanation from facts that have been observed.

Philosophy uses questioning and a series of analyses through logical arguments and dialectics. Thus, philosophy works by using reason-based logical analysis. Science is different because it makes use of hypothesis testing that is empirically based. This difference in process enables both to work interdependently thereby updating each other of their individual progresses.

Philosophy improves, abandons, or objects to certain notions or philosophical positions such as present-day concepts (i.e. utilitarianism) as no longer 100% identical compared to their original sense when they were first conceptualized. It demonstrates principles that must be correct. These principles are not really entirely correct or true but it MUST be true. It even shows people how to act. Similarly, science has theories that seem to have no clear end in terms of improvisation or argumentation. A good example is the ever-growing arguments surrounding Charles Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution.”


1.Science seeks to understand based on natural phenomena.
2.Philosophy is vaguer than science.
3.Philosophy uses logical arguments and dialectics while science uses hypothesis testing (empirical-based).
4.Philosophy improves, abandons, or objects to philosophical positions while science improves, abandons, or objects to scientific theories.
5.Science bases its explanations from experimentation and observation while philosophy bases its explanation on an argument of principles.

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