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Difference Between a Condo and an Apartment

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If you are planning to shift to a big city in your country then accommodation would be an obvious concern. Nowadays two forms of residential facilities are becoming very popular around the world ‘“ apartments and condos. The reason for the up rise in their popularity is that these take up comparatively lesser amount of space and provide accommodation for a large number of people. But is there a difference between the two? The answer is yes, there are differences and that also significant ones. This article is an endeavour to explain the two terms more clearly to our readers.

Both forms of accommodations offer their own pros and cons. Physically, it is impossible to distinguish between the two, it is the law which defines the two that help us in making the differences more clear. Essentially one could say that a condo is collection of individually owned apartments that could be rented out to someone else and where the owners are responsible for the general maintenance of the area whereas an apartment is owned by the developers and given out on rent to different tenants.

The advantage of living in a condo (very often known as a co-operative society) is that you have full ownership of your house that is you can make changes to the interiors or the exteriors according to your whims and wishes which is not really possible in case of an apartment. While you own your house, common areas such as hallways, swimming pools, tennis courts etc are jointly owned by the members of the society and the maintenance expenses are shared by the members. Very often a team of members is elected by the condo owners which are part of a residential society and are responsible for the decisions to be made regarding the common areas and the general maintenance of the condo.

An apartment or a flat is generally a small part of a multi storied building which can be owned (by the one occupying it or the developer of the multi storey) or could be rented out for a fixed monthly rent. Different types of apartments are available ‘“ studios that are essentially one large room apartments comprise of common drawing, living and bedroom are very popular amongst bachelors. There are also two or three room apartments or garden apartments which are more popular amongst small families of four or five members. In case of a rented apartment you are bound by the owner’s rules and usually do not have full control over the house you are living in.

In general, condos prove to be the better option if one is looking to permanently stay at one single place or at least not move for a considerable amount of time. An apartment, on the other hand, proves to be a better option if you are always moving. The reason being buying a condo for a short period of time would prove to be more expensive as compared to paying a fixed monthly rent for the time one occupies the apartment.

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  1. Thanks for a great article. I agree its purely legal, the term has become interchangeable throughout the years.

  2. Hope you can include the source of the article here as it is important for validity.

  3. As far as I can tell, there is no difference between condos and apts except that one requires you to repair everything and the other does not. Plus, they all seem to be priced the same here; you still have to have a background/credit check, and come up with over $1000 to move in and sign a year lease while still having zero privacy and no say in who your neighbors will be and, where the condo is concerned, you now have to deal with an annoying and possibly controlling HMO. “Very often a team of members is elected by the condo owners which are part of a residential society and are responsible for the decisions to be made regarding the common areas and the general maintenance of the condo.” I have yet to see any multi-colored apartment complexes. It doesn’t sound like it’s worth the extra $$ from what I read.

    Can anyone who has lived, or is living, in one of these “co-ops” give some feedback as to whether or not a condo/co-op is worth the hassle?

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