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Unit vs Apartment

Real estate can be expensive. Most of us, especially those who are beginning life on their own or who are starting a family, don’t have the financial capability to build our own homes. We either continue to live in our parents’ house or find some other place to live in: maybe an apartment or a unit.

These dwellings are rented out to people who are looking for a place to live. They can either be big or small, in a building or are built individually. Their features and costs differ and you can choose from among them as to what is preferable for your needs.

A unit is the measure of housing which is equivalent to the living quarters of a household. It refers to a home which is part of a group of dwellings. A unit is a self contained suite of rooms that can be attached or detached with several other such dwellings.

It can be a studio flat or bedsitter which houses one or more people. The term ‘unit’ is almost always synonymous with an apartment, flats, or condominiums that are rented out to individuals. It is usually used to describe a specific building.

A unit can also be a small house that is attached to similar houses located in a block. They might resemble hotel rooms with a common parking area and rubbish bins. They are smaller than free standing houses, and most have two bedrooms.

An apartment is a self contained housing that is located in a building. An apartment house, apartment building, or mansion block can have several apartment units. There are two types of housing tenure: those that are owned by the occupants and those that are rented.

Dwellings that are called ‘apartments’ in the US are called ‘flats’ in other parts of the world. In Malaysia, an apartment is of better quality than a flat. In North America, apartments have several types:

– Studio or bachelor apartment, which is the smallest and cheapest, consisting of a large room that serves as the living, dining, and bedroom with a separate bathroom.
– One-bedroom apartment, wherein there is a separate bedroom.
– Two or three-bedroom apartment, which is the most common type with one entrance.
– Garden apartment, which are actually low rise buildings built with landscaped grounds. It has an open courtyard and its own building entrance.
– Penthouse, which is an apartment on the top floor of the apartment building.
– Maisonette, which is an apartment with more than one floor.

Utilities in apartment buildings can either be shared or separate. There are also several other amenities like cable and telephone, parking space and extra storage space provided for those who need them. Keeping pets can be restricted.

1. A unit is the measure of housing which is equivalent to the living quarters of a household, while an apartment is self-contained housing that is located in a building.
2. A unit has separate utilities, while an apartment can have utilities that are shared by the tenants.
3. A unit is an individual housing facility, while an apartment is located in a building or house.

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