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Aikido vs Hapkido

Hapkido differs from Aikido because it has more kicking moves compared to the latter. This is pretty much in line with Korea’s standard martial art like the Taekwondo. This also brings to the second difference wherein Hapkido was founded in Korea while Aikido was founded in Japan. The former was founded by Choi Yong Sul (sometime in the 1950s) while the other (aikido) was founded and codified by Morehi Usheba in the later part of the 1940’s.

Actually, both have the same origins coming from the Daito-Ryu Aiki Jujutsu martial art. Because of such, the two are closely linked to each other but they have come to be laid on different philosophies and foundations. Hapkido is just the literal Korean translation of the Japanese martial art Aikido. The term signifies universal harmony or working with energies.

Aikido and Hapkido train the student to receive attacks with less resistance then moving it away from the defender (redirecting the attack) and thereby adding or using the defender’s personal force. This is a very different approach to traditional style of fighting wherein the attacks are being opposed head-on. In this manner, the defender also makes use of less energy and force compared to other martial arts styles. As a result, the opponent will be in a state of imbalance making him vulnerable to grapple-like attacks such as locks, take downs and body throws.

Particularly with Hapkido, the provision of the kicks gives you a better chance at offense but if you are not trained properly in kicking then you should not use your legs in fighting. Thus, you should try to work hard on improving them even if it means that you have to refrain from using your hands and other body parts.

Overall, Hapkido is a more liberal and aggressive martial art than Aikido because of the range of basic fighting skills like the use of kicks, hand strikes, elbow and arm locks, and even the use of weaponry. This makes Hapkido a good martial art that observes both defense and offence as it incorporates soft and hard techniques. Conversely, even if the roots of Aikido are grown on techniques meant for military usage, Aikido prioritizes defensive techniques rather than offense. It tries not to start an attack.

1. Aikido was founded in Japan whereas Hapkido was founded in Korea

2. Aikido was developed earlier than Hapkido.

3. Aikido concentrates more or defense while Hapkido is a more aggressive martial art because it incorporates both offense and defense; at times it even utilizes weapons like ropes and swords

4. Hapkido makes use of a plethora of kicking styles unlike in Aikido wherein it is somewhat discouraged because of the greater potential of injury due to falls.

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