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One of the best books where you will learn more about the differences between North and South Korea is authored by Don Oberdorfer, in his work ‘The Two Koreas’. In it, he said that Koreans are on either side of the dividing line: “Brothers and sisters and cousins from the same heritage’¦ bitter enemies who have been waging fierce struggles against one another for half a century’.

This just goes to show how interesting it is to learn about the differences between these two seemingly different, yet essentially the same, countries. The division came during World War II, when Korea was occupied by the Japanese. The result of the war was North Korea, or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which has Pyongyang as its capital ‘“ and South Korea, which is the Republic of Korea, with Seoul as its capital.

The war saw the formation of a communist government which took control of North Korea, while South Korea became a more democratic country. Despite the fact that South Korea experienced difficulties as a nation, the 1986 international games held in the country, as well as the Summer Olympics in 1988, has brought back national pride, making the citizens in this region fare far better than their Northern counterparts.

Life in North Korea is one which involves starvation and poverty. Although a lot of people manage to escape by making their way from China into South Korea, many are still trapped under the communist government. Today, South Korea has emerged as a thriving nation, while North Korea is suffering from mass starvation and economic problems. The people in North Korea have been set to understand that Kim Il Sung is a godlike figure, and many North Koreans are treated differently by South Koreans. North Korea’s refusal to join the international community as a show of support to religious freedom is something that is yet to happen ‘“ thus the wide divide between the two countries.


1. North Korea has Pyongyang as is capital, while South Korea has Seoul as its capital.

2. North Korea is a country which experiences economic problems and mass starvation, while South Korea is a country whose citizens are happy, and its economy is slowly but surely thriving.

3. North Korea is led by the supreme leader Kim Jong-Il, while South Korea has a democratic, semi-presidential republic, led by the president and a prime minister.

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  1. Slowly thriving? you must be kidding.

    • this authoir might’ve wrote this in relation to big economically thriving countries (ex. USA).
      due to South Korea’s size, its economy is thriving slowly in comparison to that of the U.S.

      don’t hate.

    • you have to be fucking kidding me. of course their economy is slowly thriving. they have nothing to back it up like stocks, bonds, or gold.asshole piece of fucking shit cunt monkey cum dumpster dipshit bitch ass nigga ass waggon shit face crap head

  2. South Korea’s economy developed really fast, not slowly thriving.

  3. World progressives demand this hysterical provocation and western Propaganda be removed post-haste.

    The DPRK has a thriving economy under the peerless guidance of Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the immortal sun, prodigious humanist, invincible military commander and lodestar of the 21st century. By slandering the noble name of the DPRK you engage in the most vile form of psychological warfare for which you should shame yourself. When victory over the imperialist lackeys comes you will stand before a progressive court and be made to account for your crimes you vile running dog of the Obama\Bush type.

  4. slowly thriving
    everything was good except that.


  6. Slowly thriving? You know,

    for a country that was quiet, not advancing in technology because they preserved nature, full of really nice culture strong people, that went through a war that destroyed the country politically, causing a civil war that never ended and is now split into 2 different countries, South Korea thrived really fast. Look at Seoul, just look at what they became. lets not forget that everything was going on only about 60 years ago. South Korea grew politically, economically and technologically faster then any other country that went through what they endured. They are considered a First World country. Brazil is not a First World country. And they were in better shape than Korea 60 years ago.

  7. Korean War happened after WWII, ultimately splitting the peninsula between US and USSR. The author left a huge piece of history here.

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