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Difference Between Muay Thai and Kickboxing

boxingMuay Thai vs. Kickboxing

Martial arts are a series of physical techniques and disciplines that are used by a person for self defense and the like. To date, there are already many martial art forms popularized across the globe. Two of which are Muay Thai and Kickboxing. However, these two arts are usually regarded as one, when in fact, they are two different disciplines. So how do they differ from each other? Read more to find out.

Foremost, kickboxing is only a more recent form of discipline compared to Muay Thai. It was actually derived from Muay Thai. It combines Muay Thai’s kicking techniques with the fearsome karate, and to some extent, boxing in the Western aspect. To put it in simple terms, kickboxing purely makes use of punches and kicks. Historically speaking, it was a Japanese businessman, named Osamu Noguchi, who first laid his eyes on Muay Thai around 1950, and then devised the art of kickboxing shortly after. It was through filming that he visually observed the art of Muay Thai.

Although both Muay Thai and Kickboxing focus more on the striking aspect rather than grappling, Muay Thai is already a traditional art practiced in many countries across Southeast Asia. This martial art practically makes use of kicking and punching, and sometimes striking the enemy using the knees or elbows. The usage of the elbows and knees is the key feature that separates it from the modern day kickboxing. No wonder Muay Thai has been dubbed as the art that uses eight limbs.

In terms of training, both disciplines have different strategies for their fighters. The kickboxers usually focus on heightening their overall stamina, not to mention, improving the power of their kicking and punching strikes. These goals are achieved by constantly developing the kickboxer’s limbs, in order to harden them, and make them more durable. On the other hand, Muay Thai is a serious principle that concentrates on increasing the efficacy of the fighter’s attacks, although they are also trained to become physically stronger, and achieve a greater amount of endurance.

1. Muay Thai is an older form of martial arts compared to Kickboxing.

2. Muay Thai incorporates kicking, punching and striking with the elbows and knees, whereas kickboxing only concentrates on punching and kicking.

3. Muay Thai fighters focus on improving the efficacy of their attacks, whereas Kickboxing deals more with the attack power and endurance of their fighters.

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  1. awesome post. Muay Thai is an awesome Martial art discipline to take up.

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