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How fitting it would be if you can just skip work and look after your wonderful child today. To bathe the child yourself, to cuddle, kiss and hug, and to just look after it as it falls asleep from the tone of your sweet lullaby. But your job demands high of you. Your job pays the bills so your next option is to look for services that take good care of your child. Of course, looking for someone whom you can trust with the security and welfare of your child is not an easy task. It is because when it comes to topics such as that, you would want to just do it by yourself, especially if you’re the parent. It’s not easy to trust someone these days but you really have to take that leap of faith and you also have to find out which of the two (babysitter or nanny) would you want to take care of your beautiful child.

Do not confuse the services that a nanny provides from those of the babysitters or the vice versa. In fact, if you have problems on who’s going to look after the kids, you should not interchange the roles of the two. A nanny’s job, although quite similar to the babysitter, is different in the manner that the tasks are slightly heavier compared to that of the regular babysitters. Babysitters also tend to overcharge when you make them do jobs beyond the ‘jobs’ that they’re supposed to do. Other than that, here are some of the different services of the baby caretakers provide to their client.

Babysitting is mostly done by high school or college students for extra income. Babysitters watch the kids for you. They feed the kids for you, change the diapers for you, and put them to sleep for you. They will do all of these jobs for you because if not for you and your absence on your home, they wouldn’t have a job. So it’s generally you, who hired them that they would want to impress. And what better way to impress you than to do a terrific job of looking after your kids, right? Sometimes babysitters love to interact with the people who hired them generally to create a light working atmosphere on your household. If you have older kids, babysitters could play with them, help your kids with their home works, cook food for your kids, read stories for your kids, watch rated PG movies with your kids, and several other stuffs like that. You can hire them through phone or you can find them in your neighborhood. Just remember to tip them well after their job so the next time you need them around they’d be more than glad to do it.

A nanny’s job on the other hand is usually done by adult women. They can either stay in your household and have their own room with their own bathroom, or they can go home late at night and just came back early morning of everyday. Their jobs include doing the laundry, preparing meals for everybody, cleaning the house, shopping with the family, driving the car to take kids to school and fro, answer the phone, and basically just make things work together around a family’s household. Nannies don’t get paid for tips; they are paid with salaries (with or without tax). Nannies get paid more than baby sitters because they do more job and they are absorbed as one with the family. You can get professional nannies on several home service agencies you can find in your phone directory or online.


Babysitters are usually high school or college students while nannies are older women.

Babysitters have light job compared to nannies who have to do everything that the parents can’t for their kids.

Babysitting services are only needed when the parents need someone to look after their kids in a short period of time for them. Nanny services are needed on a 24/7 service basis that is why most nannies live with their clients.

Babysitters are paid less while nannies are paid more.

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