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There’s much talking about religions and faith in the world today. Everywhere you look, you will find people that are indifferent about God and faith, you will find people that are obsessed with anti-religion propaganda and you will find people that live their lives according to what they believe and what they proclaim. Wikipedia.org defines religion as ‘a system of human thought which usually includes a set of narratives, symbols, beliefs and practices that give meaning to the practitioner’s experiences of life through reference to a higher power, deity or deities, or ultimate truth’. This is mainly the basic definition of religion, which is also accepted by most religious leaders. This article covers the differences between Christianity and Hinduism.

Christianity is a belief in Jesus Christ, who was crucified two thousand years ago on Calvary, Jerusalem, which is now spread all over the world. Hinduism is a religion which is confessed by 70% of the Indian population, but it also has adepts in other countries too. Now, let’s remember that Christianity is the world’s larger religion, while Hinduism is number 3. The main difference between these 2 religions is that Christianity recognizes one omnipotent God in three persons, while Hinduism has in its roots thousands of gods and believing that all of them are a manifestation of one god and one omnipotent power.

Another major difference between Hinduism and all other religions (including Christianity) is that Hinduism is an ‘evolving religion‘. Its rituals progress. A religion which does not have a founder, like Jesus Christ who is the central and vital part of Christianity. So you can’t find a point in time when Hinduism first began, or when it’s spiritual practices first started.

A big and interesting difference in the attitudes of these religions and their followers is the fact that Hinduism tolerates Christianity while Christianity is totally opposed to Hinduism because any other form of worship that is not approved by the Bible is an anathema and a sin to the Christian world. The Hindu people live by a principle similar to ‘All roads lead to the top of the mountain’, while Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to get to Heaven, believing that ‘there is salvation outside a denomination, but there’s no salvation outside God’s sacrifice: Jesus Christ’. Christians believe that there will be a final Judgment Day when each one of us will answer before God for all our actions, Hindus believe that each person is judged and punished by his own karma.

A distinctive belief at Hindus is they believe that everything possesses a part of God, therefore God persists in both good and evil. Christians believe that God did not create evil, but instead, He created mankind free to choose, and that freedom includes the possibility of doing wrong.

1.While in Hinduism, it is believed that all the roads lead to salvation, in Christianity, they believe that Bible is the answer to all problems.
2.Christians believe in Jesus Christ while Hindus believe in a multitude of Gods.
3.Origins of Hinduism cannot be traced as it is an extremely old religion, while that of Christianity can be traced to approximately two thousand years.

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  1. An interesting thing is that in Hinduism they do not believe in multiple gods. Its the same God just different aspects of God. So what you were saying that its different roads to the same destinations. Just like there are many rivers but they lead to the same ocean.

    • WHY COMPARE CHRISTIANITY WITH HINDUISM? Hinduism makes better sense then Christianity. I am not saying this because I am a Hindu, I am talking facts. My close friend is a Chiristian, she talks about Jesus Christ being a son of god, dying at 30 years of age, then him realising he is god. DAMN! Christianity is bloddy confusing. You must be insane to convert your relegion into Christianity. Hinduism is better, clearer understanding and fun. You should be proud of being born as a Hindu. Hinduism is the most oldest relegion in this planet,which is a fact. Scientifically proven, get over it. God cant die thts rubbish, if he does in Christianity he did. He ain’t god. Hinduism has a clearer understanding, explains everything clearly. I am not disrespecting Christianity but get real people. Lord Shiva did plenty for the world too and Lord muruga he killed Tharagasuran for us, if you even know who he is He changed peoples lives around, done miracles. Because of his livew for his devotees. For the fact do you even know how many million Christians converted into Hinduism? CAuse they beleive in facts of life. How was the world like before Christianity huh?. Who did they worhip before Jesus was born. If he is the only way to get access to god. Jus because you are a Christian now dont tease hinduism keep your pathetic comments to yourself. Don’t beleive in fantasies such as healings and superstitious beleives. E.g. if you are a parent, your child have been raped and killed would’t you want to slay their neck off regardless of what, you wont forgive them. Christianity based just because Jesus asks you to forgiv your sinner bla bla bla are you going to forgive the sicko maniac who murdered your child? think about the facts people. GET REAL

      • hey vani
        i am mayank u talk about lord shiva who killed his beloved son ganesh just because he was seein her mother during …. and lord rama the lord of kamasutra . can u imagine a lord busy in his childhood with ras lilas and all bloddy things . customs of dinking cows urine and dung bloody shit man . u were saying that we are having a history of thousand of millions of years u people dont know anything even u believed in Christianity just following calenders u dumb little ass B.C A.D
        Hey Bitch go and see ur holy book and find how many gods are there and which one do u follow now and for wat u dont know anything. if u want ur answers just read the bible see wat bible says about u n me bible is the only single book in the world which have record in salling and if u dont understand mail me i tell u . if u have any problem in understanding mail me i explain u . ( Sinner) Bye

        • hey why u are raising the religious issues dont create problems…if u love or if u serve the people or if u help the poor or blind then you are the real god … no god no mantras only mother he is the god..this books all are wriiten by the peoples plze once ibeg u dont raise this issues we all are from one family..and show inequalities u are christian iam muslim iam bramhin

          • u r rite nani.only one God,different way f prayers.all religion asked to do good.do good n get bck good..

        • god forgot to create brain in u and so u r talking about Hinduism come and learn it u will stamp bible.

        • You are ignorant, as it said in article hindusim is tolarent to any religion.
          because for us christ is also a form of branch of same tree which leads to god.remember christ is son of god not god. grow up kid

          • Is it possible that GOD has son?HE (GOD) does SEX-is it possible?Why didn’t HE (GOD) took daughter-have u any answer?

          • Remember God can creat and destroys. God is all powerful, everything is possible to Him therefore he is called.

        • hey mayank ..your tone is unchristian….you must read the bible as well…

        • see brother mayank, our religion teach us how to respect others and has some moral values by any chance does Christianity tells you to address women’s as bitches….Is that the way how Jesus was communicating with women of his community. first you need to wash your own ass then you have to lick others????? If you find this community values are precious as mentioned above keep it with you…..

        • Hi I couldn’t help but need your comment and realise how narrow minded you are. Firstly let me remind you that god created diversity for a reason. And no religion teaches wrong. I come from a long line of hindus and over the years a few were taken to the christian faith by people that saw opportunity in their suffering. And in da process have turned family members against each other because of beliefs. I firmly believe if god had intended for me to have been christian I would have been born dt.

          • What is the different of hindu and christian religion
            My wife is hindu and i am christian

          • We are a free people. If someone in your family saw beauty in the Christian faith and remained there, they should be free to do so without interference and rude comments from you. If your family members felt a strong connection to God through your faith they never would have converted to another. Be happy that they love God, and are trying to live a good life.
            Humans bring fighting and division in our family’s and between one another, not God. Love one another and let people be free.
            Faith is personal, if someone feels drawn to another faith so be it. God knows our hearts. But one day you will meet Jesus, and you will be in awe and wonder, and your heart will be filled with a love that is so incredibly beautiful.

            May God Bless you and May he bring peace, tolerance, and expectance to your family.

        • Read bible you will come to know what worst it is… its even says a father can check virginity of his own daughter by fingering her Virgina..Disgusting

          • I must of miss that one, with checking virginity. I can believe, you may have not read the bible, and if you did what type of bible did you read. Now that said the bible does have some terrible things of man, saying they are doing the will of God. I believe you need to read the scriptures with a discerning heart of the love of God for us all. God is Love, so if it does not come from love it does not come from God, but man. All Religious scripture of the world, have the will of God within them. But they also have the word, and the will of man within them. I have no idea, what religion you are from, but I do not believe you are Christian. Well either way, my God be with you. I think you need to, rethink your statement.

          • argha this is frustrate. you uneducated swines be confusing my esay i hav to right tody. 🙁 i be tryn to have me good day you stipud peplole. Hindyism vs christmasanity interesting but u r makin this to hard to understainde. thnaks for you helps.

        • mayank a$$ on fire after seeing the truth..can u even explain that jesus was a god ? jesus written bible ? or even jesus ever told to start a new religion with a name of Christianity ? its was jews who started Christianity…… kid welcome to the religion world

          • Jesus never claimed he is God but instead he said “I’m the way,the truth and life”. Remember that Christianity has only one omnipotent God in three forms as the father son and the holy spirit. So Jesus is the form of son. God so loved the world that in the beginning when man sinned he promised to send his only son in order to deliver mankind from sin. Jesus came to this world in the form of human so that he could be sacrificed in the cross having his blood shed to the ground so that the sin of mankind can be forgiven. And with the Jews fact let me explain. In the Jews tradition when man used to sin they used to offer sacrifices but to forgive the whole mankind just a lamb is not enough.That is why God himself was came to the world as son,Jesus and died in the cross as a man so blood would be shed as a sacrifice.
            Please people if u haven’t read the Bible and don’t know the pre creation story or anything clearly about Christianity DONT argue on it because it’s creating unnecessary attributes towards the religion.
            God bless you.

        • You seem to be a Christian, but you seem to forget what Jesus Christ has taught us. Love as I have loved you. To me it seems you are not showing love, not even simple respect toward you brothers, of Hindu faith. You need to reexamine yourself, and Find the true Heart of love, and respect that Our Lord, Jesus Christ ask of us. I will pray for you, for our Lord Jesus Christ to come into your heart. To take away the darkness that is within you. Amen.

          • Dear Carl, you can,t experience something which does not exist. This earth is real so is our universe, we really dont know what caused it of course big bang caused it but dont know the underlying reasons. so I beleive there is something out there But its not any Gods as we know today. by the way. the world is much more than 6000 years old.

          • You are absolutely right. That is Jesus’s teachings.

        • mate the scientific proof behind Hinduism outweighs that of Christianity. God is 100% REAL there is no doubt about that,ancient scriptures deciphered show uncanny resemblances that Jesus is an avatar of lord Rama. I don’t discriminate against any religion as all gods are one. If u were created in his image in all aspects including European skin color than you are safe from hell? bullshit. The religion is true, however due to the fact that Christianity can be traced to its roots many scholars, people who have spent their entire lives studying this have concluded that over 90% of whats written in the bible was a method of mass manipulation. Dont forget the Europeans had an empire to expand and at the time there was no greater power than that of the one that no one has seen. Now im no expert nor am i a realist, but i am open minded and i know that we have been put on earth with a brain and that’s all we deserve. its a tough world mate but the resources you utilize determine your outcome in life, not how close you sit with a book. Many rituals in Hinduism are purely to thank and remember god for what we have no matter how big or little what we have is. With all that is happening in the world it is arguable that we are already in hell, hell is on earth. even though i live in a developed country what is shown via the media depicts a world where sinners go unpunished, if anything rewarded, the good ones get assassinated, the unfortunate get flooded, burnt, murdered. If what is being suffered on earth not already a test i dont know what else is. how many jesus’s will be crucified for the millions of sins that have occurred since. aspects within Christianity itself branch to a faith where a human like the pope can forgive and a faith where only god will forgive. all i know is were too little to argue about subjects so vast. if you were to base your arguement on documented scientific facts than hinduism will win hands down. but if you will argue purely through your faith than only you can win against yourself. dont call a woman a bitch because hinduism or christianity will both snap you in half for it

          • We can all look at each other scriptures, with a critical eye. Most of the time’s misunderstandings are cultural. At other times, it will be moral. All scriptures, including Vedic scriptures are mans attempt to understand God’s revelation, to mankind for that time period. With our,their limited, moral understanding for that time. What is Moral, today, was not moral yesterday or the other way around. Mankind’s Understanding is always changing to a higher, and Higher understanding of Gods will. Most of the times, I hope. God does not Change, mankind, understanding of morality, and God, Does Change, our understanding. One of the problems, religion face’s is a crystallization of their understanding of God. When a religion believes they, alone have the complete word, and understanding. Then their mind, are closed to newer revelation of God…… This goes on all the time, in all religions through out the world. Some are completely inflexible. Others are more, able to see a new revelation from God…… Most of the times, it is truly up to the individual to discern a new revelation, by themselves . But this Takes Courage., and an open mind…….. Through vaious religious scriptures, terrible things have been done. My they be a story, or truth, but what we read is mankind’s truth, not Gods Truth, most of the times. The Vedic scriptures, are not understood in the west, but more people are reading them, and finding value within them.
            It is very good to see, some one is reading our, my yours scriptures the Bible. Just like, any scripture, a sentences can and will be taken out of context, and misunderstood. All Scripture, are worth studying. For me God is Love, if It does not come from Love it does not come from God. Yes God is Real, God is the only true reality, all others are just a reflection, of the mind of God.

        • hindu gods r great and true.because before the birth of the yeshu in which religion christan people beliving … no anyone have the answer of it.in yeshu born 2000 years ago .but hindus god exist before the it and hindu religion have all evidence of it.to proud on hindu.

          • I believe you may be missing the point. The concept of the Hindu, and Christian God, is one of the same. Not a different, God, or Gods. When you as a Hindu, pray to, let say Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. It is the same as a Christian praying to God our Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit. Just different names, with different aspects of One God. The heavenly Host, in Christian terms, is the Angels of God, and God’s Saint’s, Prophets, Holy man of God. Or in Hindu, prospective, other Gods, of a lesser order, of Gods or Saints.
            It can at times get confusing.In Christian religion we do not, for the most part, pray to other Gods, Just to the Trinity aspect of God. The only exceptions, is in Catholic Faith. But even then, it will be partition for a pray for a prayer to a Saint, or angel to pray to God our Father/ Son, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit.

            Jesus Christ, is or would be consider Vishnu, God Head, of this universe. Whom was incarnate, or Hindu term, reincarnated; in Human Form As Jesus Christ, through the Jewish People, to give a New Message to the world. That there is forgiveness of your sins, and the resurrection, to a New Life, with God our Father, Brahma, for entirety. No more reincarnation, life, after life, after life. All you need to do is to believe, In the Word, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Vishnu, and his Message, and Faith of God our Father, our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The Trinity aspect of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, as one God with many aspects. It is a Gift from God, to all his Children of Faith in him. All you need, is to Believe, and you will be With God, and apart of God. I hoped I Helped! But that is, the simplest, form of understanding of The Christian Faith.

          • right brother to be proud on hindu . lord shiva is the father of this earth. and everything created by him also yeshu. muslim.buddha

          • before birth of yeshu people belives in god, because yeshu was son of god, while hindu religion started 1600/ 1700, years ago, christinity religion is old And worlds largest religion , while hindusm 70% part of INDIA only,hindusm person is supertiton , heavan & earth made by god, not any hindu devta ok,

          • Please friends, if you want to understand Christianity in a clear way read these
            To know the precreation and creation story – book of Genesis
            To understand and know who Jesus
            is – book of John
            To understand the rituals traditions of the early Christian church – Letter to Hebrews
            These books are in the Bible please read and clear your doubts

        • Hi mayank,

          Before you tell how many gods just learn..the physics..If you consider the God as a real force then you should know that there are diffent forces in the world like Graviational force, electromagnatic force etc..So Hinduism also says that there are different images of God.Every part of the universe has a role of its one and it all comes down to particle physics and Higgs Boson (It also have been explained in Hinduism) working together with the forces of nature to sustain this universe..And Hinduism does not say that Hindusim is the only religion to reach God.It says..other religions are in the world are valid..I am giving you one example..Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”………so describe who is selfish and which has tolerance..to others..

        • You give a v good reply.

        • Mayank ,first of all dichead you r converted christian as your name suggests …secondly go learn hindi properly as there are many demigods or devtas in hinduism not many gods…there is diff b/w god and demigod …even if u come to trinity saying they are titled as three gods …there is theory in hinduism saying shree Maha Vishnu is the supreme and he himself is the whole multiverse…And at last bitch go and learn to respect girls first and respect other religions …We didnt said Jesus is m.f** …saying Rama is lord of kamasutra shows your lack of knowledge and go read bible you will be ashamed of it yourself…

          • First of all
            They aren’t three Gods. They are three forms of one God.
            Just like water,ice and water vapour.
            Father, son and the holy spirit
            Father is the creator
            Son is the redeemer
            Holy spirit is the sanctifier
            The vast mistake you guys are making is that you think Christianity starts from Jesus but no. There is a long story before Jesus came to earth. That’s the old testament of the Bible.Jesus starts the new testament of the bible.and another thing to say is Christianity cannot be surpressed into a box because it is not a religion. It is a way of living. Living for the God who created us. Fighting against the evil of this world with the power of the almighty God and please don’t joke about faith. Because faith is a weapon. Next if u guys are thinking the Bible was written by Jesus Christ, no it wasn’t it’s written by God’s direct intervention to people who he chose.

        • Mayank, becoz.of ignorants like you, these fights still happening like Apes. Before uttering a word about Hinduism, just do research and then speak idiot. Ram in kamasutra? Then if thats true , I accept u have not taken birth to pig

        • Hinduism is not a religion. Hence, you cannot trace its roots.
          It is termed so, by those who wanted to depict theirs to be superior which reflects insecurity.
          Whichever religion you follow you will believe in the only GOD who did not create any religion at all. GOD never asked to kill anyone because, he is so powerful that if he may wish no more, the world will demolish. Stop fooling yourself.
          Ask yourself-
          1. Why pharma companies bought indigenous original breed cows to use their urine & ghee in medicines?
          2. Hindu people never gave any offers to join Hinduism?
          3. Why does any religion does not have a way to see GOD and to know who you are?
          4. Why seekers of truth land up following Hinduism – adhyatma?
          Religion is a political tool.

        • hey mayank, do you even know what Kamasutra is??
          and that was Lord Krishna, who done all ras-lilas.
          why this much hate???
          nobody is telling you to follow any religion, you do whatever you like man.

        • You also the sinner using dirty words for an unknown person if you are a true Christian and you follow Jesus then you should be calm and cool. Does christainty encourages verbal abuse and conversion????

        • Hey Mayank,

          Vani just gave opinion her polite way, but you man so much criticized her. I can see you which qualities did you get your parents. See you in hell. God luck, champ.

      • Please all understand why jesus came and died.there is no proof,no god for any religion except christianity.all people fall in their sin. They need to clean. How ? There is no salvation with out blood shed . So jesus was born and died. But he arose 3rd day . If you know any god like jesus. Mostly hindu god has many wives. No proof for that god. If they are god na teach how to live people. But jesus teach his people and live holy life. In hindu god is not holy then how their people live holy?

        • hi Jesuraj, there is no proof for jesus being born in the first place. it is said only in bible and they had huge confusion in the old testament IF you happen to read the Old Testament, you would not be saying such things and would not remain a christian too. So they updated the version and came out with a softer version of the Bible. Infact, Non of the saints who preached Original Gospels did really meet jesus. It is just an imagination. Of course it is up to you to belive it or not. Dont be deluded by religions

          • I am sorry to hear, that you have such a lack of Faith. I can understand why, You may want to try the Jewish historian Josephus, and the Jewish oral tradition Talmud. They do talk of Jesus, and as well as John the Baptist. Now to be fair there are some, that say it not true what was written. But it would be a start. You may also, like to read the Book of Saint Isa, and the Revelation of the Magi. If you are really daring try the Urantia Book. That is quit interesting, and you need to keep an open mind. Well Good Luck. My God be with you

          • Hey Samuel,
            Sorry mate, but that was the most ignorant piece of human opinion I have ever read in recent times. I’m not sure why you are so dogmatic about your opinions, which seem to have no basis except hearsay and personal speculation.

            May I make a few suggestions? Please go and study a bit of history.
            Do a bit of honest research on the Bible. Try to understand why thousands upon thousands of highly qualified academics, including historians and scientists, take the Bible to contain an accurate historical record.

            I am not trying to be insulting, as I was once a complete unbeliever myself, but I have had the opportunity to do a few decades of research, have lived and worked in Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist cultures, and have had more than a few decades of life experience, to firmly convince me that the Bible is true, and that Jesus Christ is exactly who the Bible claims Him to be….God manifest in the flesh.
            Christianity would have never got off the ground in the first century AD if there had been any serious doubt that Christ had died, risen again, and transformed the lives of those who witnessed him.
            By the way, Mathew and John were both eye witnesses of Jesus, and so were Peter and James. All of whom wrote books now included in the New Testament.
            John said “From the very first day, we were there, taking it all in—we heard it with our own ears, saw it with our own eyes, verified it with our own hands. The Word of Life appeared right before our eyes; we saw it happen! And now we’re telling you in most sober prose that what we witnessed was, incredibly, this: The infinite Life of God himself took shape before us. We saw it, we heard it, and now we’re telling you so you can experience it along with us, this experience of communion with the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ. Our motive for writing is simply this: We want you to enjoy this, too. Your joy will double our joy!” 1 Jn 1.1-5

            Try to be honest and objective Samuel, rather than holding onto preconceived ideas.
            Your journey will be rewarding if you take this challenge seriously.


          • Samuel,

            Actually if you do your homework there most certainly was a historical Jesus. This has been proven. Slowly artifacts and Jewish biblical historical sites are being uncovered.

        • praise the Lord.. brother.. excellent reply.. for confused minds.. yes.. as u said. Only Jesus Christ is Lord and savior for the whole universe

      • Ok, first of all (Vani) you don’t even know anything about Christianity and the way it works, so don’t come along and be saying a bunch of lies and things that you “think” you know about Christianity. Christianity was developed since the first day the earth was created when God created the earth. Hindus believe in different aspects of god which makes them look pathetic because that means that you guys don’t even know what to believe in with your ‘God’, And your wrong, Jesus isn’t a GOD.? he is the SON OF GOD who came to earth and saved everyone for all of your sins, and has given you the opportunity to have a close relationship with Christ Jesus and God.
        And yes, its called FORGIVENESS, you really try it sometime, instead of making other people’s lives miserable and criticizing them for once… And this thing about KARMA???? NOO NOOO ARE YOU FOR REAL?? like seriously you’re the one who is believing in all these ‘Fantasies.’ Well all i can do is pray for all of you people and hopefully you can see the reality in things, and try asking for help and see how much better your life is when you ACTUALLY know what to do with your life, and that is being the son of God and having a relationship with Christ Jesus out Lord, and God.

        • chritianity was not created the first day earth was it was created many years ago to manipulate mass audiences under a monarchy. if you want to talk actual facts mate than use actual facts. calling hinduism pathetic is like calling jesus pathetic.

          “Let the dead bury their own dead.” (Matthew 8:22)
          4. “If you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one (a sword).” (Luke 22:36)

          5. “But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them, bring them here and kill them in front of me.” (Luke 19:27)

          6. “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:26)

          “Kill every male and every woman who is not a virgin.”

          Shocking Verses in Bible

          Let us examine some of what the New Testament of the Bible claims Jesus (peace be upon him) has said. These verses clearly contradict the image Christians like to project about Jesus as a peace & love advocate:

          1. “I have come to set the Earth on fire, and how I wish it were already kindled !…Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division.” (Luke 12: 49-51)

          2. “ 34 Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law – 36a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.” (Matthew 10: 34-36)

          3. “Let the dead bury their own dead.” (Matthew 8:22)
          4. “If you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one (a sword).” (Luke 22:36)

          5. “But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them, bring them here and kill them in front of me.” (Luke 19:27)

          6. “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:26)

          There are even worse verses in the Old Testament:

          Judges 21: 10- 24 :

          10 So the assembly sent twelve thousand fighting men with instructions to go to Jabesh Gilead and put to the sword those living there, including the women and children. 11 “This is what you are to do,” they said. “Kill every male and every woman who is not a virgin.” 12 They found among the people living in Jabesh Gilead four hundred young women who had never slept with a man, and they took them to the camp at Shiloh in Canaan.

          13 Then the whole assembly sent an offer of peace to the Benjamites at the rock of Rimmon. 14 So the Benjamites returned at that time and were given the women of Jabesh Gilead who had been spared. But there were not enough for all of them.

          15 The people grieved for Benjamin, because the LORD had made a gap in the tribes of Israel. 16 And the elders of the assembly said, “With the women of Benjamin destroyed, how shall we provide wives for the men who are left? 17 The Benjamite survivors must have heirs,” they said, “so that a tribe of Israel will not be wiped out. 18 We can’t give them our daughters as wives, since we Israelites have taken this oath: ‘Cursed be anyone who gives a wife to a Benjamite.’ 19 But look, there is the annual festival of the LORD in Shiloh, to the north of Bethel, and east of the road that goes from Bethel to Shechem, and to the south of Lebonah.”

          20 So they instructed the Benjamites, saying, “Go and hide in the vineyards 21 and watch. When the girls of Shiloh come out to join in the dancing, then rush from the vineyards and each of you seize a wife from the girls of Shiloh and go to the land of Benjamin. 22 When their fathers or brothers complain to us, we will say to them, ‘Do us a kindness by helping them, because we did not get wives for them during the war, and you are innocent, since you did not give your daughters to them.’ ”

          23 So that is what the Benjamites did. While the girls were dancing, each man caught one and carried her off to be his wife. Then they returned to their inheritance and rebuilt the towns and settled in them.

          24 At that time, the Israelites left that place and went home to their tribes and clans, each to his own inheritance.

          Numbers 31: 7-18 :

          7 They fought against Midian, as the LORD commanded Moses, and killed every man. 8 Among their victims were Evi, Rekem, Zur, Hur and Reba—the five kings of Midian. They also killed Balaam son of Beor with the sword. 9 The Israelites captured the Midianite women and children and took all the Midianite herds, flocks and goods as plunder. 10 They burned all the towns where the Midianites had settled, as well as all their camps. 11 They took all the plunder and spoils, including the people and animals, 12 and brought the captives, spoils and plunder to Moses and Eleazar the priest and the Israelite assembly at their camp on the plains of Moab, by the Jordan across from Jericho. [a]

          13 Moses, Eleazar the priest and all the leaders of the community went to meet them outside the camp. 14 Moses was angry with the officers of the army—the commanders of thousands and commanders of hundreds—who returned from the battle. 15 “Have you allowed all the women to live?” he asked them. 16 “They were the ones who followed Balaam’s advice and were the means of turning the Israelites away from the LORD in what happened at Peor, so that a plague struck the LORD’s people.17 Now, kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man,18 but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.

          1 Samuel 15:3

          Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.’

          1 Samuel 15:7-11

          7 Then Saul attacked the Amalekites all the way from Havilah to Shur, to the east of Egypt. 8 He took Agag king of the Amalekites alive, and all his people he totally destroyed with the sword. 9 But Saul and the army spared Agag and the best of the sheep and cattle, the fat calves and lambs—everything that was good. These they were unwilling to destroy completely, but everything that was despised and weak they totally destroyed.

          10 Then the word of the LORD came to Samuel: 11 “I am grieved that I have made Saul king, because he has turned away from me and has not carried out my instructions.” Samuel was troubled, and he cried out to the LORD all that night.

          2 Samuel 12: 11 :

          11 “This is what the LORD says: ‘Out of your own household, I am going to bring calamity upon you. Before your very eyes I will take your wives and give them to one who is close to you, and he will lie with your wives in broad daylight. 12 You did it in secret, but I will do this thing in broad daylight before all Israel.’

          many can argue that your religion- the original explicit version would have led humans to end the world themselves. jesus did not commit suicide but multiple extracts reinforce the misery that would have caused him too.

          i respect all religions and i am not discriminating against christianity however narrow minded persons who’s religion has taught them to be racist and only care about yourself and kill every one and if you dont your wives will be put with your best friend in front of you…. lol cmon feel humiliated before you discriminate against a religion that teaches of peace and well being before death and destruction

          • Yes, the bible, like all scripture, has within it terrible things that have been done in the name of God. Man’s Will, and word, not God’s. When you read the scriptures, you need to read it with a discerning Heart; for the love of God. For God is Love, and the Highest Morality is to Love as God has Loved us all. If anything you read, falls Short of This Morality, it is not From God, but from Man. All scriptures, are Mankind, evolving understanding of Higher, and Higher Morality. Our individual journey, is to the Perfection of God our Father. We all, have the spark of God our Father, perfection within us all. That Spark, of God is what Jesus was referring to, that he wished it was already set on firer. Jesus want to, to reach people, of a time period that was very complacent in their belief’s. He want to shake, things up, and wake the sleep dead, spiritual sleeping. Let the dead, in spirit, bury the dead. It was a time, when people in general had a crystallized understanding of Whom God is. Jesus, wanted people to contemplate God our Father, and our personal relationship with him, as Sons, an Daughters of God. Which Jesus Christ is one, with God, as the Son, and the Father, as the Holy spirit. Christ is Complete, as Man, and God. Son of the father. Christ is our Example, Big Brother, and God Head, of his universe, Father, and Co-creator. Their Will be done, on earth as in Heaven.

            We all need to realize, that scriptures, have stories in them. That were meant for an earlier understanding of Man. Some of the Stories, are taken from commonly know mythology of that time. Does not actually mean that the stories are true, but they can and do express a higher ideal, of either devotion to God, or a duty to God. in some shape or form. What in any understanding, from scriptures is from a time period, of different moralities, different prejudices. Different understanding, an evolving revelation of God our Father. Ancient Jewish Faith, could never, or hardly ever accept a concept of Son ship with Go. It would be blasphemous to consider, oneself as a Son of God. Even today, it is still a problem. Mankind, has a problem accepting that, we are the sons and daughters of God. Some have no problem accepting that they are the chosen People, and looking down on others as inferior. This goes on all the time. We are all chosen people, the family of God.

            God wants us to ponder, and wonder, and search for him. He want us to experience life, God truly lives through, and In his childrens lives… But he does it in a way, that you are in the drivers seat. Through his wise, and all seeing understanding of the creation of Free Will

            It is nice to see people, able to talk to each other, about God. With out insults.

        • Dear emaly. Vani is not wrong.and u too r not wrong. But please clearme with one thing. Can any one of you tell me when did hindu religion born. I m verymuch want to know the answers. I bealive that I don’t even understand myself fully then how to understand such a powerful almighty. So, I don’t want to comment with half cooked. Please understand your self first then condem any religion in tje earth. We have no write to condem any religion. Anybody can answer my question then I will follow you. That’s my promiss.my question is when did hinduhism born? I want to understand this first before I have right to open my mouth on other people. Thank you. Have nice day.

          • we dont knw exactly wen did hinduism started, bt it is way older than ur religion bro.
            just like there is no beggining and there is no ending.
            i think thats enough……..

            peace sells but who’s buyer…….

        • Did Jesus said he is son of god? Or his followers said? Who said? We are all children of god u fool. God is formless and everything is its manifestation

        • Emily, sprituality in Hinduism start from where it comes to an end in abrahmic religons. God has not created every person alike and there mindset is also different. You cannot make them think alike or accept things alike. Hinduism provide a solution to this diversity by various form of God. Every deity represent a different quality and power of one Almighty which is called Param Bhram. A hindu has a freedom to choose the way and deity according to his own nature and liking and still he is worshipping same Param Bhram. Even after this hinduism do not oppose any other religon as abrahmic religions do and give a messege for universal brotherhood and co existence. If hinduism was not so tolerent then it would have not allowed any other religon to groom on this planet. Sooner or later abrahmic religons will vanish because of their own exclusivness and contradictions among them. Hinduism is the only religon that stand on real and practical footings and neither scare nor lure its followers with hellfire or pleasurs of hevan. There is no spritual values in abrahmic religons. They keep silent on a basic human quest that why God do not give same age, opportunities and circumstances to every person ? This is explained and answered only by hinduism. We are not born as sinner because if science is correct then we all are not born from a single pair of adam and eve.

      • you are wrong about your assessment about Christianity. Christ did not die for rubbish. he died for the sins of mankind.
        secondly, all gods in hinduism are created by the self fish intend of man(its not me, but one of the most authoritative holy book”bhaghawat gita”).moreover, hinduism is a pantheistic faith. even the gods or the humans are unaware who is God. the gods in hinduism often fight with each other. cold war of the antiquities.. now ask yourself who is confused..you or your gods…there is no good and evil in hinduism (hindu philosophy) ..a character analysis of hindu gods and their incarnations will prove it beyond doubt. as there is no evil , there is sin and no concept of salvation..(if there is no evil…it wont be logical for you to slay a person who has raped your daughter..so hinduism is totally illogical confusionism)

        • It sounds like you as a christian, need to try to understand your Hindu brothers of Faith. You may want to try to understand some of their Gods, are similar to, and are Angels of Heaven in Christian, and many other faiths. Doing Battle, against Satan. I believe that will help. Also realize that the Hindu understanding of 3 aspects of God, Brahma, The Father of all, Vishnu The Son of God. Shiva, the Mother, spirit, Holly Spirit. It is very similar to most Christian understanding of whom God is in the Trinity of God. The other god’s, are our equivalent of Saints, prophets etc. Kind of similar to the prayers to Saints in the Catholic Religion, and many others. We have to realize that revelation of God, has been Given to All his Children of the world. Not just to the Christian Religion. We all have a piece of the puzzle of the will and the world of God. Try other religious scriptures, and you will see, the will and the world of God within their scriptures. All Scriptures has the world and the will of God. As well as the word, and the Will of Man……… It is Arrogance to think, we, and others Have the complete and total Word and Will Of God. No Book, or Books can ever contain the complete wisdom, majesty, and wonder of God. It is the arrogance of all religions, most that would believe so.

        • For all your rant about why things happen this way or that, simple answer is two words. Dharma and Karma. The day you read with real intent the Bhagwad Geeta you will understand this. Like we already said, we are not about my way or the highway, but we definitely know one will have to follow the laws of Dharma and Karma to get Moksha ( Nirvana). Think, and please don’t shout.

      • I am a catholic and I can sometimes find Hinduism confusing so I think if you were a Christian you might understand it better, and if I was a Hindu maybe I would understand Hinduism better.

      • the worst part is hinduism is mega ultimate confusing…why im saying that?? coz you people have millions of monsters, sorry i mean gods…and they all look like ultraman and power rangers monsters..no difference…

      • hey vani di
        i really respect hindu religion & other religions too. but ever have you thought about christians…….????? you should be shit about yourself.
        what are you thinking about us “the christians”…???
        we are proud to be born as christians.
        what your hinduism tell,no body understands.you all have thousands of gods & u worship different gods at the same time bcz of ur non-belief.we r worshiping only 1 god jesus christ. JESUS CHRIST died on the cross to free frm our sins .u believe or don’t believe bt we believe. nd what else have u talked about ur hinduism…..????? what hve ur gods done for this world..?? have they healed anybody…???? NO!!!! have they made anybody alive …???? NO!!!!! have they done anything…..??????? Noo!!! just NOoo………… but jesus did. have u heard that…?? JESUS did. so if u now also don’t believe i think u should go and read the bible u’ll get all d answers

        • Anisha. Did you withness the heeling with your own eyes? No!!.nobody has seen it then why this emotional. No. Its not healty. Have you even try to read bagawatgeeta. Try and the commen. We don’t have millions of god.but wehave millions of believe. Youmind you thoung. Now there are many people in ill , who is saving them. Healer or doctor. In this case doctor is the god. Do you agree!. Don’t ever condem anybody or any reliogn if you don’t know. Ok.

      • Jesus the son of GOD died and raised back from the dead to life..and lives forever..he taught of salvation, peace, forgiveness,love, he never killed any god..he taught as the truth..why shuld i worship some manmade fucking idols..which does cant talk,see,eat,or hear..if u want eternal life come to Jesus..not hindu.

      • Oh yeah because a giant snake protecting a man who has a giant flower grow out of his belly button is so much clearer than christianity. And I don’t have a religion, I believe in evolution.

      • And correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you also believe that the earth is on the back of an elephant which is being held up by a turtle……

      • Wow, you sound so angry. Yes it is hard to understand the Christian religion, from Hindu point of view. As well as any outsider looking into any religion of this world. I found it hard in the beginning to understand, Hinduism. But much study, I have found it to be beautiful religion. But I do at time’s struggle to understand some of the morality of the stories that are told. But we could say the same thing with pretty much any religious scriptures that has been written thousands of years ago. Morality of man, is an ever evolving morality to the highest morality of all. To Love, As God, has loved Us. Now that said, it would be extremely hard to Love all that way. Maybe even some, you could possibly come close. To turn the other Check, to Forgive through the Mercy that God has for us all. The revelation of God to his children, are always difficult to understand. As mankind move’s on, the understanding becomes clearer. I am so sorry for your struggle to understand the christian religion. Especial the difficult, to turn the other Check. To Love your enemies. It is a hard faith, religion to live up to. But in truth most Christian, Fail themselves to live up to the ideals that Jesus Christ as given us. Please try to remember, the revelation before this was an eye for an eye. Taking into context, of a God of Justice, which was part of early Judaism. You know the old saying, An Eye for Eye, Just leads to everyone being Blind. My prayers are with you. My God bless you, and give you peace. Amen.

      • First of all you have to understand christianity little better before you start talking foolishly. Jesus Christ died for our sins for the past and the sins we will commit in the future. There had to be a perfect sacrifice without any sin to save mankind and God could only think of his Son that was without any blemish. Anyway Hinduism is nothing but bunch of myths that the hindus created in their head. They looked at the sun and thought oh wow that must be a God ext. Worshiping idols is just plain idiotic, how can you worship something that isn’t alive or something that can give you salvation. Jesus christ is alive and sitting on the right side of God in heaven and he is coming soon to take all the believers that gave their lives to him and rest will be condemned and thrown into hell for 1000 years. What kind of religion degrades humans like the hindus, separting them in caste systems. And your leaders keep getting richer and richer and while the poor getting poor and poor. And it is not because they were incarnated into it that’s bogus why would someone want to come back to this awful world again, no matter how much you have you are still misrable somehow because of the sin that entered this world through adam and eve. Anyway read the new international version of the bible and it will make more sense to you. Give your life to Jesus he is the only way.

        • The Gospel of Jesus Christ, is the way to our Heavenly Father. But in all scriptures through out the world, there are mythology. Including the Bible, as well. It does not mean, we can not derive spiritual meaning from these mythologies. We need to look, at the scriptures with a discerning heart, of the Love of God for us all, and determine if these scriptures fit within the Highest Morality of God.

          Yes, Mankind has worshiped all sorts of things, of God’s Creation. But the spirit of worship is innate in the soul of man. As new revelations of God, come fourth, mankind’s understanding changes. From the Worship of God’s Creation, to the worship of God. Some religions of the past and present, still worship God in this form today. God does not, take it as an insult of an attempt to worship him. He see’s it, as immature child, trying in their own way to worship God our father. God is Not, a Jealous God. Whom would God, our Father be jealous of? Isn’t that mankind understanding of an imperfect Love of God, as a Jealous God. There is No jealousy from God. For Jealous Love, is an immature Love, and is not the perfect Love of God.

          I like to ask a questions. Did God our Father of all, need a ransom of our Sin in the form of Jesus Christ? Or Did we , mankind Need, this Ransom in order for our Sins to be forgiven by God? Was it the sacrifice, or our Belief in God our Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ? Or is it Both, we mankind needed, in order for Us, to believe that our Sins are forgiven? How does, any animal sacrifice, give you forgiveness of our Sins? Is it, our repentant heart, that gives us forgiveness of our Sin? Is there truly original Sin from Adam, and Eve? Or is it that the sin of the parents, are the combined Sin of their Children? Or is it that the actions of the Parent, effect their children, and their sin is on the parent only?

          This is the confusion, that goes on in the belief, in the Ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ, to non Christians, and even to some Christians..The Bible is full of scriptures, that says otherwise.

          Hosea 6:6 For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.

          Psalm 51:16 For thou desirest not sacrifice; else would I give it: thou delightest not in burnt offering

          Matthew 9:13 But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

          Hebrews 10:5 Consequently, when Christ came into the world, he said, “Sacrifices and offerings you have not desired, but a body have you prepared for me;

          Isaiah 1:11 “The multitude of your sacrifices– what are they to me?” says the LORD. “I have more than enough of burnt offerings, of rams and the fat of fattened animals; I have no pleasure in the blood of bulls and lambs and goats.

          Psalm 40:6 Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but my ears you have pierced; burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not require.

          Psalm 40:6-8 You do not want sacrifices and offerings. But you have made a hole in my ear to show that my body and life are yours. You do not ask for burnt offerings and sacrifices to take away sins. 7 Then I said, “Look, I have come. It is written about me in the book. 8 My God, I want to do what you want. Your teachings are in my heart.”

          There are many more scriptures, through out the Bible that indicate the same. Could it be that, Ancient man, could not understand God our Father revelation to us? Jesus Christ, came down to earth, to once and for all, replace, and to end the need for sacrifice.

          As a Christian, we believe that Jesus Christ, God was incarnated on Earth from Heaven, and Returned to God our Father in Heavens. It is not that far off, from the belief, in reincarnation, that most eastern religions believe in. I personally would not want to be reincarnated over and over again. That would be Hell for me, personally, but if God our Father in his infinite wisdom decided that it was for my best interest. Whom am I, to disagree with God our Father. But I pray, that I would not have to be.

          I do not mean, any offense to any one ,of what I have written. When you view Christianity, from the out side, it can and does seem confusing. It is this confusion, at times of all, that lead to a partial Understanding of the will and the Word of God. We all need to take that into consideration, when explaining out religions to each other. The answers, always lead to more Question. It will take all of entirety to know God our Father.

        • Babu singh.
          Your cristian does sperate into 3 major cast. We hindus divided by our carear groups. That’s all. M sure you r not singh.

      • i feel offended because i am a christian and i was born into a family of christians and i am proud to be one and i believe that the teachings of the bible is right we all have diffefent religions and you wont understand how someone with a different religion and FYI ressurection mean raised from the dead and thats what happened to jesus so he didnt die permently anyways

      • can you tell me how your god created the heaven and earth?

      • How daré u say that u say we can’t say anything bout Hinduism when u r saying stuff about Christianity

      • Both Hinduism and Bible have similar teaching

        From John Paul:In beginnin was word and Word is God

        From Hinduism:Sound is Lord shiva and Light is Goddes Durga

        Here sound from Hindism and Word from bible are similar.
        Weather you are hindu ,cristian or not dont talk ill of other religion
        then only you are follower of your religion.Many hindus and cristians
        fight with each other claiming each god is superior,but you dont follow there teaching.There are some cristians who have affairs ,do wrong cheat
        what is use of defending bible when you are not following its Teaching.There also some Hindus who have affair,do wrong and cheat
        what is use of defending Hinduism when you are not following its principles.Do you also not know that you to are God.Aham Bramasmi-I am the Lord.By knowing bible alone we cant come to truth because other religious books are there similarly by knowing Hinduism we cant know truth we have to read bible and Kuran.If truth is important and not ego read all the books and come to a sincere conclusion but not by your ego
        .I am Hindu but i neither defend Hinduism or Cristianity but only the Truth.And know that you also are truth.Truth can be got not by reading books also but through a Master like Jesus and Sai baba

      • Hello sister,

        I understand ur pain. But i want to explain u some thing.
        Kindly read this with patience and think with ur heart not with ur mind.

        1. Did we see god? No. Right. Have ur parents or grand parents seen god. May be we have seen nurse or doctor or our family members immideatly after we born. So, the poets who described your gods also didn’t see god. But, why have they described hindu gods as neelmeghsyam or garalakahanta etc. Because, they are poets. They describe every thing like that. If we want to say “its morning”. We say simply its morning. But poets say sun is in yellow color, clouds are blue, birds are singing, childern are playing, the cow said ambaa, the milkwala rang the cycle bell tring tring, like that they describe everything. All the people who wrote stories and puranas were poets. Actually god is spiritual power. But poets described hindu gods and the shilpi prepared statues of your gods.

        2. Ok. Lets accept ur gods are real. Can u tell me any of ur god is in right structure shape or good gods among the 3 crore. Did u know tirupati vekatesh tried to flirt with bb nanchari. The muslims tried to kill him and he ran away. Most of the gods have more than one wife. Even rama suspected his wife like a normal human. All ur gods fight with each other for nothing. They are egoistic, does not have unity. If they exist for good of mankind. Why they are fighting, womenising, killing eachother. I think everybody likes hanuman, vinayak etc. If u are blessed with a son and he is like a monkey. Will u be happy and thank god that he has gifted u a little hanuman. Or a little elephant. Or a little four headed kids. Can u imagine what will happen. Everybody Will run away with fear. Because human bodies with animal heads are monsters. So, u say monsters created humans. Think once. With ur heart.

        Jehovah who is the god and the ultimate power created human in his shape. So, we resemble god.

        As scriptures said jesus’s birth is a holy one. Born to a virgin who became pregnant with the power of holy spirit.

        He came here to change the covanent. He converted punishments to love. At the time he was on earth, it was filled with great sin. He made a covanant of love with his blood. Holy blood. He wanted us to repent, accept our sins and leave them, get baptised and start a new life. A holy life. You know people use to sacrifice animals for their sins to be forgiven. But jesus sacrificed his life for all the humanitys good. For us. Have unread all the quotes of the gratest people in our country and world, including gandhi. They followed the word of jesus.

        He became the lamb that was sacrificed on cross bled for our sins to be forgave and gave us a chance to change.

        Christianity is not a religion as u people think, its a fellowship.

        Jesus wanted us to follow what he said, so who follows the words of jesus will become christians.

        He told us to love each other, give to the poor, care the orphans, leave ur sins, dont go back to them again.

        Leave all worldly attractions, like riches, comforts, desires, money, beautiful wife or husband, movies, games, buildings all, everything which created by humans is a waste.

        U should be given sufficient for living a happy life. If u are earning more than that give it to poor. Dont waste it on ur luxuries or entertainment.

        Christianity teaches u the way, truth and life of humans.

        So, be a humans, stop worshipping idols.

        Trust the living god.

      • Dear Vani,

        You have insulted a religion a lot. You know nothing about Christianity. Your religion i.e. hinduism has no start, as Christianity has Jesus as start. Your god killed own son, can u believe this? Most of hindus go from one god to another for prayers to be answered. But we Christians believe firmly in Lord Jesus for our salvation n prayers to be answered.

      • God died because he became a man and had a human body.However the Bible does say Jesus was resurrected and is alive forevermore and that proves he is God.

      • I think you are as nasty as nasty can get. get real women as all your cousins/family and friends are converting daily to Christianity.
        they are tired of jumping around like monkeys saying they have trance….lol.lol lol. what nonsense, trance – drinking blood, smoking dagga, and having a nip of mainstay, anyone can get into trance by doing this. get real, who prays to a snake….hahahaha, ok shiva’s one form is a snake, come I’ll take you and leave you in a room with a cobra…you just be good and pray to the snake, he probably wont bite you but might just bless you…..bullshit and get real woman!!!

      • I am 27 years old. Why I am telling my age I will tell. You all probably more aged and significantly more knowledgable. In world all religions preaches one thing stay togather and love each other. Then only mankind will be perfect. In animal world(We are too but little difference) it won’t harm its own kind. But it does harm other to survive. Same way they always protect eachother that is the cycle of animal kingdom. They have mighty brain but great instinct.
        In modern world is more accessible and knowledge is open for all. We have brain to analyse everything sorrounding us. Also our brain capacity is not same. Everyone has lack of knowledge even me. Because of that and lack of that instead of love and protect eachother to protect our knowledge we are comparing and fighting against each other to proof who is God. Whoever born here he is definitely not god and will born will not be god. God will exist in our brain in a form of belief until human races will be finished.
        Christianity, Hinduism and all other beliefs and religion is just make us right direction which will lead us good life and give other same good life.
        Our beliefs always make us powerful. Since the time of we got our life everyone hurts someone’s life in different way but just to bring happiness or just keep others happiness.
        There was so many advance culture before our era that either destroyed or perished.
        As per my knowledge era of Mahenjodaro, era of Piamids, era of Nalanda etc all gives us knowledge about our growth and destruction. Veda one of the oldest book found in this earth till the time. Nowhere it is being mentioned that they used to follow this religion. They worked or forcibly asked to work together to built their empire to make a shelter against all a natural calamity.
        Those should teach our this era to resist ourself to blame each others believes.
        Still we are doing the same.

        Few question I have for all of you guys to ask yourself :
        1. Do you love your family and if so the how far you can go to protect them? If you religioun said that your son or daughter is a evil do you kill them to protect others or will you try to save ?
        2. If you have true faith on your own religion what making you to join this kind of community? Is it to prove your religion great and ultimate ?
        3. Why you guys are counter arguing on each other where every religious book is teaching you to keep peace and love?
        4. Did anyone think about how they came? Did everyone care or respect there mom and dad or forgot everything by devoting yourself for salvation and thinking about she will get by her own?
        These are very few question. Non of them can be justified by any religion.

        Don’t think I don’t have believe on any religion. I am Hindu because I born as and I am comfortable with it not because of my culture because of my parents who taught me difference between good and bad. They forced me to do something for my good and also encourage me what I love. They were sometime evil and sometime saviour to me. Also they always try to make good habit as they like if their thought is good. If not they will make evils who will always fight to prove himself better or best.

        Relegion is like that. The teacher must be good to teach to keep humanity alive. Not for sent everyone to heaven. Veda, Bible, Gita, Quaran everything has same message to save humanity in earth and also make it great place to leave for out future generation. But we have started differentiating and keep on going to dominate based on our religion.

        Now coming to Religion. In world history Hindu monks does not ask anybody to follow there path they always requested to take a path that makes your family safe and happy. Till the date only in India family still having faith in joint families because they still respect each others views.

        So instead of arguing on each other keep faith what you believe or pass it to future generation which will enrich your family with knowledge. That will make everyone together.
        I married a Girl, Who is Christian. She is always afraid that if her family will come to know about it then she might loose her mom dad. Because I came to know 90% Christian won’t allow anyone to be happy with other religion. But I was surprised that my mom was present in ceremony and smiled all the time asked me once you are happy or not?
        I said yes. That matters to her. But her family or non of the Christian will never agreeing on that because it is sin to marry a different believer as per Bible. Does it really matter if love is there between two person.
        In Every Religion love, peace and wisdom these are the final inspiration as per my knowledge. All other things are just our wishes which we pretend to follow or simply in the name of religion.

      • Hi vani may I ask u which book do u believe in?? Do u believe in the Vedas bcoz the Vedas never mention the many so called gods u people believe in….n okk even if it is the oldest religion…could u pls ans then yy didn’t ur gods reach to other parts of the world but oly revolved in India n basically more popular oly in India I think we must get the history clear…n Jesus never realized late that he was God he knew it bcoz he was born just for one purpose …I think u need to get the right understanding of christanity n then she by listening to a friend doesn’t necessarily gve u all the information about a religion .

      • first off fam, you need to chill. READ THE DANG BIBLE STUPID!!!!


      • I think you, u don’t know about Jesus Christ that is why you said these all. I would like to inform you that Christian belief is not started when Jesus born. It was there before Jesus was born. Jesus christ did not come to the world accidentally, there is only one purpose to die on the cross for you and me. He died to save us from sin and eternal damnation. He is incarnated, he has created all things, he was there before the foundation of the world. Can a blind save his blind friends? I am sure they will fall into pit. Can a sinner save his sinners friends! Never. Only Jesus can save sinner because in him there is no sin. (his birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension are unique). Believe in him. If not read Bible.

      • You wrote a whole damn essay just to pis on Cristianity….
        Its 2018, we keep all opinions to ourselves.

      • Bro Christianity is not confusing. actually u did not now much about this that’s why u r telling this kind of thing and Jesus is exist before he born and ur question is very good but their is ans ur all question in the bible. some time we don’t understand what is the actuall meaning of bible so we think like this bible is confusing

      • At no point i an changging my religion.
        I am having discussion with my cristian friend and trying to explain the same.
        I am proud of that i am hindu, born hi du and die hindu.

      • Ok then tell me how n from where did ur Lord muraga cam or Shiva or Krishna bla bla bla… B4 looking down to any religion think twice who is the founder of Hindu religion Is it khrishna, is it Shiva is it kalima watsoever…not many Christian converted to hindu but many hindu converted to Christian knw the truth

      • Yes that’s it ur god never dies for u ppl he never care damn thats the fact but ur god he was crucified very brutally he was died coz for ur sins …u ppl even don’t the names of ur so called (33 crore) do u?? U hv departmentas for a particar thing like wealth,money etc even u get confuse believe it or not but we hv one enough we believe in one instead
        Of 33 different

      • Sorry but Hindusiam is very confusing not Christianity

      • Sorry Hindusiam is very confusing not Christianity

      • If you read the bible you will know what’s right and what’s wrong. According to you maximum population down on earth is hindus. You better check it out. According to you entire world is a fool. If Shiva is a God who kept him name Shiva. Means he’s Got father who kept his name. Then whats his father’s name. In Christianity God is the light of the world. When Moses asked God when he appeared in the form of light who are you. God said I AM WHO I AM. Means he has no name. God’s only begotten son was sent down on earth in the form of human to save the world and human named him Jesus. God is a power and we are his children. God love is unconditional he loves all human kind.God don’t need to 12 hands and sword to protect himself. He himself is power.There is no other power greater than God’s power. Don’t expect God to come to you to prove that he is God. He only sends messenger like now I’m God’s messenger to you. If you’re faith is strong he’ll appear to you. You can see
        Lot of miracles down on this earth you can check on net, YouTube, Google bla bla. Remember God loves you even if your against God the creator of heaven and earth. He’s not an Allien He’s the power of entire universe. God bless you and forgive for they do not what they do.

      • Kindly have the proper knowledge of Christianity before speaking anything about Christianity.God bless you

      • The major difference between the two is that, In Bhagwat Gita lord Krishna, who is the form of Vishnu and Ram the supreme Ishwar, Parmatma of Hindus says,” I am the Supersoal, O Arjun, seated in the hearts of all living entities. I am the beginning, the middle and the end of all beings. (Ch.10-Taxt 20)
        While Jisus says he is son of God and Krishna says he is god.

      • You’re so stupid. Jesus was 100% man and 100% God. He took on all of the sins that were within the world. Jesus gave everyone the ability to do what they wanted, not what he wanted. He could have easily stopped his crucifixion, but he did not need to. Hinduism is simple???? There are millions of gods. That makes absolutely zero sense. The more arms the more powerful, wow so damn cool. Hinduism’s ideology is insane and makes absolutely zero sense. Study Christianity and try to disprove it, because I guarantee you that you will not be able to do so.

      • Just a piece of advice, before making an argument against another religion get your facts straight. You don’t have to agree with any other religion, you have that right, we all do. But Jesus loves you and thanks for sharing :).

      • The death of Jesus was part of a divine plan to save humanity. The death and resurrection of this one man are at the very heart of the Christian faith. For Christians, it is through Jesus’s death that people’s broken relationship with God is restored. This is known as the Atonement. But he didn’t just die but he was alive after 3days that proves he has won the death where no god has been alive after death, they just gave the name of reincarnation i.e. they can’t win the death.

      • You can’t make your religion look better by belittling other religions. This actually make you sound ridiculous. You should learn about other religions before saying disrespectful things about them. People like you are a root cause of religious violence in this world. Please stoping boasting,spewing poison and hatred and build religious tolerance.

      • I agree. Hindusim makes much more sense. I was born LDS/Mormon. Thought that religion was ridiculous and changed to Christian. Since doing my own research and using my own brain I believe I should have been born Hindu. We should be judged but what we do. Karma makes sense. CHRISTIANS THINK EVERYONE WILL BE SAVED BY THE GRACE OF GOD… That makes zero sense. So you can be a horrible person and through the grace of God you will be saved?? That is stupid. How do Christians think they are so right?? So God didn’t exist before.. How stupid have people actually become. Christianity gives men a easy way out to be horrible people. So I guess thats why most people are Christian…

    • I Like what you said, Truth rings the loudest.

    • Why so many Gods? Is it not enough to have only one? Other religions speak of one God only and not many. We are assailed by such doubts. We eat to satisfy hunger, the stomach becomes full, there is no trouble or hunger. Then why can’t we take cooked rice alone? Why should we eat so many side dishes? So, if we eat, it is just not to fill the stomach, but we want food tasty to the palate and pleasing to the eyes. Whoever is attracted to a particular God he worships that.

    • Did you know that Hinduism believes in multiple of gods so if you are not of the religion Hindu stop saying things about gods that you do not know.

    • It is totally incorrect to say Hinduism has a pantheium of gods. They are all the same of one god in different forms.
      Who was the god before jesus before jesus was born
      Did Jews accept him.
      Yes man kind can make mistakes god will forgive but not to the extent where you do evil acts and can get away as per Christianity.
      Well when is the judgement day ?
      Hinduism is a philosophy and a religion for man to live on this planet.
      The great sage from south who praised the lord in his tamil Huns did mention about gays he did not seclude as they are also creation of god.
      Hindus say god fearing as he is keeping account of all good and bad deeds

      • Hinduism is not a religion it’s only guiding the right paths come from Vedas. Neither it’s written any where I’m God. But Bible it’s written. God bless you.
        God loves you unconditionally.

    • I ate steak for dinner last night lol.

    • Love everybody without enmity.
      Pray for those who hat or curse you.
      Guard your eyes which is the window of your soul.
      Stay away from arguments.
      Cleanse your heart before the sunset.
      Accept all your mistakes and live in the way Christ lived in this world.
      The way of His Love doesn’t permit to harm others.
      The basic principle of his decipline, made me to accept him as my Savior.

  2. Dave is right and this point is often misunderstood as there is even a “parallel” to the Christian trinity to confuse matters more. There is one God in Hinduism, altho they understood it very differently than the Abrahamic God. Christianity has an *actual* trinity and other religions do not regard Christianity as monotheistic.

    It might also be more accurate to say that while Hindu’s believe there are many paths to God, enlightenment, consciousness… they don’t necessarily believe that all paths are equally complete or evolved. But they are not all or nothing types.

    In addition there is no hell in Hinduism (while beliefs vary in different Hindu sects, there is nothing permanent or physically punishing as the Christian/Islamic hell.)

    Philosophically, Hindus understand human evolution thru learning and greater consciousness as an essential part of spiritualism. In that respect Hinduism is closer to Judaism whose traditions of parables and the teaching of practical application, where questions are welcome, is — and it seems always has been, almost more important than the actual dogma of the scripture. Christians see it’s righteousness as solely obedience to ritual and Gods law, stricture is taken more literally and they believe spirituality is static; apart from human acquired knowledge.

    There is also no original sin in Hinduism.

    • There is No original Sin, concept in most Jewish, and Muslims denominations as well. Christianity, are one of a few, religions that believe in original sin concept, of the Fall of Adam, and Eve from the perfection of Gods Will. Their are more, and more Christian, question this concept, of Original sin. Even certain Churches, Greek Orthodox, and the Russia Orthodox churches, teach something of a different understanding from the Saint Paul’s understanding, through the Catholic Church, and other denomination.

  3. Hinduism came before Christianity and even Jesus was saved from the cross by three females.Furthermore,Jesus came to Kashmir(India)…and he became the disciple of Maha Avatar Babaji.
    We hindus accepted him as a saint and for your information(Parker)….we hindus have 9 Billions saints..If we ever wanted to create a religion for each saint…by now..there will be 9 billion religions in earth…sorry to say that we hindus are not cheap as you guys are right now…you Christian guys are going around converting people…but hindus do not do that…you guys give those poor guys food and convert them to be a christian … just 2011 years has passed after Jesus was born… but hindu’s cultural poems and written presentations was minimum 15 thousand years ago…!!!Jesus did not even create Christianity he was a Jews…and his language was not english…but…Latin…you guys pray to him in his suffering death position at the cross…how stupid is that..eerrgghh…!!!Christianity was created by an emperor after Jeus was death… Until now Jesus’s memorial place is located in India…Once a christian leader came to India to convert the indians to christians(that was sooooo idiotic)…but…he fell in love with the hindu lifestyle,tamil language and all…so when he was death…he asked all his friends to write a quote saying that ORU TAMIL MAANAVAN INGU URANGURIRAAN(it means a tamil student is sleeping here)…he did not only changed his religion but he also change his name to ‘Veeramaamunivar’…So obliviously hindu is better than christianity…WITH THAT I KINDLY END MY SPEECH … THANKS …!!!

    • Jey, I do not know much of Hinduism so don’t know how to refute it that well, but your perception of Jesus/Christianity is very off. Christianity did not start with Jesus. It started with the first man and woman God created on this planet. They were Christians. Christian means a follower/believer of Christ. And although God in flesh did not live his life out on this planet till 2,000 years ago, Adam and Eve had a relationship with him. The book of Genesis tells of how they walked with the Lord God in the garden. (When the Bible mentions the Lord, it is referring to Jesus – God in flesh). And yes, Jesus was born from Jewish descendants. The Jewish religion and being a Jew (as in someone’s race) are different things. The Bible talks about how Jesus’ own people, the Jews did not receive him, hence them crucifying him. They thought the promised Messiah to deliver them was going to be an actual king who would sit on a throne and deliver them from the rule of the Romans. Jesus’ purpose and mission on this earth was to save mankind spiritually. The reason Christians go around trying to tell others about Christ, is not because we think we are better than everyone else, (the Bible tells us how we are all equal in God’s eyes and He loves us each the same), is because we believe there is but one of two places we go to after we die and will spend eternity there. And this is taught from the first and oldest written books in the Bible, not just when Jesus came to earth. The system in the Old Testament is different from that after Jesus came to earth. But the means was the same. Belief in the power of the Lord God to save you from eternal death. And while Christianity is very exclusive in their beliefs, as in believing there’s only ONE way to heaven, it is all inclusive. Not a one person is left out if they chose to believe in him, no matter what they’ve done. Adolf Hitler and Mao could have become Christians and gone to heaven too if they called upon Jesus Christ to save them. Whereas just about every religion, if not all, that teaches some sort of heaven or paradise, you have to work your way there or be as good of a person you can to cancel out the wrong you have done. Jesus’ sacrifice was all-sufficient. You just have to believe He is the only one who can save you. And once you do, there is this immense joy and peace that rushes into your soul, and it’s as if you can hear the angels in heaven singing and feel this amazing sense of “welcome home!”…no more void, no more working towards salvation, no more worries of what happens to us after we die, etc. We are complete through Christ to spend eternity in heaven with God. Salvation is free and it is for anyone who will simply believe in the saving power of Jesus. Jesus claims many times how he is God. Not just a messenger sent from God, not just a prophet, not just a good man and a good teacher, but God Himself in flesh. So even though his ministry on earth was some 2,000 years ago, listen to this claim of his:
      John 8:58 – ” ‘I tell you the truth,’ Jesus answered, ‘before Abraham was born, I am!'”

      Here’s another (there are very many verses in the Bible that tell of his Deity)
      John 14:6-11 “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.’ Philip said, ‘Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.’ Jesus answered, “Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you are not just my own. Rather it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves.”

      Jesus has a lot going for him that no other person in history can even come close to. There are over 300 prophecies in the Old Testament concerning one man that would later come into this world. Mind you these books were written by many different authors through a spanse of several thousand years. And Jesus fulfilled every one of these prophecies. From where he was born, and what line he would be born from, to how he would die, to how much money he would be betrayed for, to none of his bones being broken which was typical of his type of death, to his being falsely accused, to the location of his death, to him rising from the dead, to him ascending to heaven, and the list goes on and on. How did this one poor lowly uneducated man accomplish ALL the prophecies and not one of them gotten wrong? Don’t you think it’s quite a huge coincidence? There are other supposed prophets after Jesus (that ended up branching off into different religions or at least still steering away from the truths taught in the Bible) who also fulfilled certain prophecies. Mohammed for example. Except there are very very few prophecies in comparison to how many Jesus had, and some of the prophecies never came to pass with him and some were off. If you’re a true prophet from God, there is no room for error like that. So bam, false prophet!

      I find cultures to be fascinating and different religions intriguing, especially since I grew up in a foreign country surrounded by a different religion than where I reside now and what I believe now, but I know what Jesus has done for me. I can’t deny how through his name, he transformed me. He loves me and died for me so that I could be able to stand in the presence of an all-righteous God, and I want to tell everyone about him so they can experience his amazing grace as well.

      And in response to Parker something you mentioned, a Christian’s righteousness is not due to obedience to ritual and God’s law. Jesus after all came to do away with the religious laws. The religious superior leaders of his day thought it was about obeying the law and strictly obeying them. They were missing the whole point. Jesus said there are no greater commandments than these: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. A Christian becomes righteous solely from believing in Jesus to save them. Not our works or good deeds, not being a part of traditional rituals, etc. The Bible says our good works are like filthy rags, yep our works are like used tampons and pads in the sight of God. Our works don’t make us fit to stand in His presence. Christ alone redeems us and justifies us before God the Father.
      Christ saved me from myself, and his death and resurrection was meant for each and every one of us. We were created to make a choice. And in the midst of us, are evil spiritual forces very hard at work to keep us from making the right one, to try their damndest to lead us astray and keep us lost. Sad thing is, everyone of us doesn’t believe or care that we’re lost until that hour that we finally believed the love of Christ was meant for us. If one of you become saved one day, you will understand the extreme difference of your spirit and mind before and after this lasting tranformation. And you will become so full of happiness that you too will want to tell others about how Jesus rescued you 🙂

      • Very Good explanation of whom Jesus Christ is. But you must also realize that Hinduism, was the First religion in the world that recognized the three aspect of God, in One God. If you ask, a vedic priest, what he believes, they would tell you that their is ONE God. Brahma,the father of all, Vishnu, The Son of God, And Shiva, the Mother, Spirit, Holly Spirit. Karma as Good or Bad, Sin. Hinduism believes that Vishnu, are reincarnated into various avatars. Very similar to the Incarnation, of Christ on Earth, approximately 2000 years ago. In truth we are all praying to God, and or aspects of God. My you Believe in one God, only. Or many aspects of God, aka the Trinity. Most Hindu’s believe, when they pray to god, you can pray to a particular aspect of God. They brake down God, into many aspects. Jewish version of God, was A God of Justice. Christianity Version of God, is a God of Love. We are all praying, and Have Faith in God, may you be Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, or any other. If you pray to God, you are praying to the complete aspects of God. Faith in God, was counted as righteousness to Abraham, Moses, and to all the prophets to all of God’s Children. Are you aware that most of the world, religion do not believe in per say original sin. Not even Jewish people, believe that today. In past they did. Christianity, most still believe in this concept of original sin, from Adam and Eve. If you ask a Muslim they would say the Sin of Adam and Eve is on them. Not on all of God’s Children after them…….. Even the Greek Orthodox Church, Believes that Adam and Eve sin, effected their Child, but is not directly the sin of all of God’s Children……. Try reading some of the other religious scriptures, and you will see, a common message coming through and from all religions of the world. We are all God’s Children, every last one of us. It is our Arrogance of our various religious faith’s, at times blinds us from the truth of Gods Will.

    • we give food and clothes to poor backward indians(Hindus especially) because u failed to do so…u tagged them as untouchables. its true we convert.out of love for mankind.we are instructed to do so..we are not instructed to leave our pregnent wife in the forest(lord rama an incarnation of lord vishnu did that) or have sixteen thousand wifes and create war between families(lord krishna did that)..we serve and will continue to do..we are one third of humanity surprisingly the fastest growing not merely due to spawning..if we were like you or instructed to do like you..u wouldn’t have existed. but we personally do not belive in violence but apologies for politicians who create war..they prefer to follow Gita not bible.

      • Heh moby. Hindus r not beggers. U doing it for ur own benefi and if you do not know about bagawatgeta, shut your mouth bcos u r talking rubbish. U don’t understand ur parents y they do what they do, so don’t talk about hinduhism. Go n read the bagwatgeta fully and try to understand what ifit is actual meaning. U people nothing else to hah? Go n use ur brain for better cose.

    • Hinduism is a beautiful religion, and is the oldest living religion on earth. Now I have heard of stories, of Saint Isa, aka Jesus Christ coming to India, and studying with some Buddhist, and Vedic priest. Also of stories of Saint Thomas, coming to India to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe he has been burred, and is in shined in India. I am sure St Thomas had, and has a great love of the People of India. Please try to realize, that we are all praying to God. I know it can be frustrating, talking to fellow Christians. Especially the ones that have such, a frustrating nature, and such a strong conviction. Not all Christians are that way. Most do not understand Hinduism, and at the same time most Hindu’s do not completely understand Christianity. I truly believe we both should read each others scriptures. The revelation of God, are not just limited to one religion on Earth. God has given to all of his Children, many revelation of whom God is. It is the arrogance of most if not all religions that believe they have the complete and total understanding of whom God is. No Books or Scripture can ever contain the complete understanding of God’s, Gods word, and will. If you look at the aspect of the 3 aspects of God in the Hindu, and Christian religion is very similar to each other. There are many other aspects that are similar to all religions of the word. We are all God, God’s Children. Have Faith, and Live Well.

    • You don’t know who’s God so please don’t complicate if you don’t know. You are just a small ant down in one corner and you have no right to judge God. Hinduism is not a religion it’s only guiding the right paths it’s written by Vedas but no where it’s written I am God.All the hindus have different answer about Hinduism. In Christianity there’s only one God who’s the creator a million years ago. In Hindus all the God has names means they have father who kept name. In Christianity God has no name God said I AM WHO I AM. No other religions it’s mentioned.

    • I’m with you. I was born Christian and after my own study and research I find it embarassing. So God didn’t exist before? I’m no longer part of an organized religion but I live my life through the laws that were originally placed. You should feel blessed to be born into such a great religion. When I gave up mine because I felt it was wrong I was banned from making contact with my Christian family. They felt I was evil because I believe in Karma and reincarnation. What great Christians. They are scared of anyone that see’s things different. They dont like you educating yourself. You juet need to turn a blind eye and have faith. Sorry but God gave me my brain. I responsible for using it.

  4. To Parker,what do you means by Hinduism does not believe in sins.. heaven…and…hell
    We got a Book named GARUDA PURAANAM…it has everything about sins and punishments…we have also know what sins and good virtues has leaded us to this birth…and then there is also a sacred book called OOLAI CHUVADI which will tell the secrets about this,previous and coming birth…we have researched and experienced this ….!!!

    • Mr. Jey , I can understand how barbarian you are by reading your simpleton claims which have no evidence. First of all let me introduce myself ….

      I am an Indian, born in rich hindu family and then converted into Christianity and experiencing Grace and love of jesus christ every day in my life. I am not poor to take food and money etc. from Christian missionaries and behave like a christian without knowing anything about Jesus christ. Before you talk some bullshit rubbish remember that there are many Christians in india who knows very well about both Hinduism and Christianity. There are many hindus who turned into Christians but there are none who turned from christian to hindu afterwards…..and they wont…never

      1) Who said Jesus came to Kashmir ( in India) and met some Maha Avatar Babaji and also became his disciple… this is too hilarious to imagine..Do you know anything about jesus ? and what he done for you and me on the cross ?…his birth place atleast ?? …you better know history and then talk or else keep your mouth zipped…However, How many so called Fake Baba’s you see daily in NEWS. These BABAs are attracting innocent people and making money for themselves.

      2) None of your Million Gods has done any miracles or healings Like jesus did and moreover jesus crucified himself on cross for everyone sin’s not just for Jewish people…even for your and my sins as-well..but the good thing is my sins are forgiven by the blood of christ (bcoz i believe in him) and I don’t know whether your god(s) forgives your sins or punish you for doing sins……for your reference compare bible with other hindu holy scriptures…..each god has different unique style of doing bad things, your god (s) steals , have 1000 +wifes, kill people, encourage war etc. ..if GOD does sin why wouldn’t followers do it ?… Hindus can create new form of god and worship whatever they like …. they can worship idols, rocks, cow…..funny isn’t it.

      3) the person whom you mentioned that married a hindu girl dint turn into Hinduism, he turned the woman into christian instead…..

      Finally, Christianity is not a business nor Christians are sales men of jesus either…they share the LOVE and GRACE of GOD which they are experiencing every day in their life….It is upto the people to believe it or not and no one force them to believe….. By the way world doesn’t end even if you and other Hindus doesn’t convert into christian…

      Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me – John 14:6

      • let God do whatever He wants. Do karma sincerely and devotedly without any anticipation, control your desires when you can see your power of God instead comparing Hindus God or other God. It leads unwanted friction among people, live for each other instead waisting time in arguing unwanted topic. getting or not getting is the state of mind. if mind says whether get or not got both are same, there will be no tension or worries. think about end or write all activities of you for a week and then read when u will realise that what u hv done for the past and its result. the answer or outcome will be zero.

      • u ppl also making money…..ur just telling god is everything….if u workhard he ll help u….simply sitting studying bible nothing is going to com….without hard work how bill gates become multi millinor…he was just sitting and studying bible ah…u just do tat let me know u will become richest man in d world…..everything is not bible……even if u want ur baby to b delivered….u should go to hospital….u just make a girl sit inside a room give her bible let me will god comes and do delivery for her….u should belive god…but not this much…..if u do like this he ll never never help…..if ur hungry u should have some money to get…..if u just study bible for 3 days without eating anything u do it for one month….u will die man u bullshit….i am not blaming christinity its good oly ur making it complited …..very sad about jesus

      • You r no diffrent from muslims. Did your god teach you to speake like this. Ohh m sure not your god but may b your parents. Poor thing. Hem…..

  5. christianity is “man made religion” of “faith based ””prophet’ centric
    religion based on theme ” mortal soul’ and ‘resurrection of bodies’ with no belief in “karmas” (deeds) and ” Reincarnation” holding only one scripture ” Bible” to fool them. They now wage a philosphical war against ” hinduism” which is ” god given “”dharmic and karmic ” based religion based on theme ” immortal soul” and ” reincarnation of souls ” and ” mortal bodies” with its age of religion – unknown, who started, when started with many many scriptures to prove it validity.
    christians believe in trinity – father-son-holy angel – where is the figure or image of father god who is the supreme- where are the souls lie after death- they say holy angel or holy spirit live in the heart of only believers of jesus while hinduism say god himself live in the heart of ‘antharyami ‘ as ‘ supreme soul ” (Paramathma) inside every souls – only who realise the god inside will get salvation.

    without rebirth and karma, christianity can not given any answer to
    the questions as to why somuch differences among people, inequality
    inequity, social disparities and good persons suffer and punished, cheaters,rapiest,murderers escape easily with their money power. is it not due to the previous birth good/bad deeds – karmas

    hinduism believe the theory of evolution – cycle of creation and dissoultion by undergoing a process of evolution permanently and not a one time affair of permanent hell or heaven. christians has no scientific answer to any thing as they believe a ‘dead god’ who himself was crusified along with two robbers and murderers- how can you call this as sacrifice. Hinduism say god is omni-potent and omni presence ever pervading in every form of life present in our hearts too. christianity is the fools and idiots belief .

    • You sound very frustrated, and rightful so. A lot of christian, and other religions have arrogance in their belief. I can understand why Christianity seems so confusing. Let me try t explain. But first I like to say that Hinduism, is a beautiful religion, and it is the oldest of all living religions in this world. Hinduism is thee First to have the trinity concept of 3 in one God. Now let start there. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, it the same as our Heavenly Father, The Son Jesus Christ, And The Holy Spirit. to varying degrees of understanding. Now realize, just like in Hinduism, there are varying degrees of understanding. It is the same, in all religions of the world. In Christianity, Joshua Ben Joseph, is the true Name of the mortal/ but divine Son of God, (Vishnu) was incarnated, as Man. Similar to Vishnu, reincarnation of let’s say Rama. But in this instance, it Was Joshua Ben Joseph, Aka Jesus Christ. He was sent on a mission to tell the world, through the Jews about our Heavenly Father, aka (Brahma). He Jesus Christ has come to spread the spirit of Truth to the world, through the Holly spirit, aka (Shiva). Jesus Christ mission was to tell His children, that God the Father has Love, and mercy for all his children, and through Jesus Christ, Aka Vishnu, avatar Joshua Ben Joseph that through belief in Him, God, 3 in one God that their is salvation for all his children. Now there are varying messages that come out of the Bible, as Blood sacrifice for forgiveness of all your Sin. Most Christian, believe in this sacrifice, by God to God. As a ransom, of mankind sin, aka Bad Karma. To Free your Soul, from Hell, Sheol, aka Death. In the Hindu understanding Death, and Rebirth, again, and again. It is a free Gift, from God to all of mankind. Please realize this is more or less a simplistic view point. I could go into it further, but for the sake of time, I will leave it, at this point.

      To to your Question, Why do people surfer various types of Good, and evil Karma through out our lives. Some more then others. Let me try to explain the Christian point of view. We have all come into this reality of imperfection, caused in essence by God’s Creation of Free Will To all of Gods Creation. It is through this process of free will, are the possibilities of evil intent in man’s hearts and minds. This evil intent, through arrogance of God’s Creation. Has caused such suffering of our Brothers and sisters. Through the imperfection, is perfection of Gods Divine plan for us all. This is the short version. I can go into more, but it will take much time, and effete. But the bottom line, the Christian point of view. It is mostly our own selfishness, that causes the suffering of others. Ignoring the suffering of others, brothers and sisters is not the will of God. People at times, die of accidents, and this is also, part of the law of Nature it self. Being struck by lighting, earthquakes, genetic defects, sickness etc are not gods vengeance on past sins, karma. But cause an effect of possibilities that natural occur at times in this reality of imperfection.. As well as careless mistakes, made by mankind. Now to be truthful, this is more of a modern day understanding. Their are Christian, that do believe, in the vengeance of God. I personally do not believe in God’s Vengeance. For Me God is Love, and in love their is no Fear, or hate. Just like in all religions, there are various interpretation of Religions Scripture. I personally believe, we all need to search all scriptures with a discerning Heart of Gods Love. If it does Not come from Love, it does not come from God. For me it is that simple, for others not that simple. Well either way, I hope I helped. Please forgive my fellow brothers of the Christian faith, and others. For they do not know, what they do. If you believe in God, Brahma, Heavenly Father, Vishnu, Jesus Christ, Shiva, Holy Spirit you do in my opinion have the Free Gift of God, of forgiveness of all Sin, Bad Karma. You will have internal Life with God. So their it is. So next time, when a Christian say’s to you, do you accept Jesus Christ in your Life, as your savior. Please say to them, I accept that Vishnu, the Son of God. Came down as an avatar, Joshua Ben Joseph, Aka Jesus Christ for the Salvation of the world. They can not say much about that…. See you Heaven, when it is our time.

  6. Do you have a son? If you were God the Father, and you are all knowing, knew that there were many paths to “The top of the mountain”, would you allow the crucifixion of your son to give humans just “one more path”? There is only one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus, but everyone is invited, He is not a respecter of persons. He is alive and willing to come into your life and your heart and love you, all you have to do is ask. It’s a free gift, unearned.

  7. I am Hindu. I want to change my religion. Jew- barabaric religion. They cut skin of penis of their 7 days old boy without anasthesia. No to jews. And they must be wrong somewhere that is why Hitler hated them. Christianity- only 2000 years old. Jesus got born to a vargin. How come? Jesus was God. How come God got killed at the hands of jews that so mecrilessly by putting nails all over his body. If Christians God can be killed so mercilessly what the hell can he do anybody? No to christianity. Islam- only 1400 years old. It is a worst religion. They cut skin from vagina of girls without anasthesia and of boys too. Their founder married with 6 year old girl. visit http://www.islamisbad.com. It tells submit your brain to their mad god and live insane whole your life on earth. So that you will go to heavan. Where is your heavan? Live life like in hell. Make others life hell. Who saw hell after death? Any of you here or your relatives came back after death to tell you how heavan or hell is. Please bring them to me.Muhammad was so sex obessive demon that just at a look of nail of female he used to get sex desire that is why he asks even his mother,sister daughters in his homes too remain covered all over in black cloth. Her nail also must not be seen. Fuck him. We are all born naked. We must live naked. We wear cloths to protect us from insect bites and cold. Artists draw painting looking at buetiful nude female model. They do not do sex with her. http://www.myspear.org
    Buddhism,Jainism, Sikhkhism are all Hinduism. My Hinduism is best of all oldest of all. Do the research properly. Lord Vishnu is our supreme personality of Godhead. There are many menifistations of him.Learn Sanskrit. Read Ved, Puran, Gita. You will know Hinduism. Jay Shri Ram.

    • hitler hates them bcoz hitler says jews are the one who killed jesus so he was aganist jews and i am a history teacher for ur kind information

    • Hey miss!keep your mouth shut about Islam otherwise I will not stay quiet.”UNDERSTAND”

    • Stay who your are, your perfectly fine as Hindu. But looking into other religions, is a good way to understanding your fellow Brothers of Faith. You may even Find information, that has the will and the word of God, gods similar to the vedic scriptures. I have within your own religion of Hinduism. The more religions you look into, the more that you will find the similarities. All Scriptures has the will and the Word, of God, as well at times the will and the word of man.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pueVNbuZ2A4
    This is more than enough world for you.
    Do not kill animals birds. You will go to your hell for sure. Because they have faces. Better than you. They fill pain. Forget killing cow. Human female gives child birth in 9 months 9 days. Cow gives birth to baby cow in 9 months time.
    Learn. Read. Understand.

  9. I know only one thing, no religion taught us to hate or denigrate other religions. I’ve read Bhagvad gita, Bible and Qur’an – but I could not find a word from Krishna, Jesus or Allah against each other.
    On every blog related to religion, there are spiteful comments. Can’t we all share our knowledge about religion and discuss it peacefully? Do we have to show the other religion to be “bad” in order to prove ours to be “good”?
    Let’s just live with peace on this beautiful planet created by lord.

    • You’ve got it totally wrong. You don’t pay attention when you read the Holy Books. The Qu’ran DENIES Jesus as the Son of God and it’s considered blasphemy. It denies the SCIENTIFIC and HISTORICAL DEATH of Jesus on the cross, why claiming that it’s scriptures are inerrant. We know Jesus DID die on the cross, that’s the most authenticated FACT in History. We fundamental conflict between them. Jesus said “I am the way to the truth an life, no one can come to the Father except through ME”. In other words, no religion can save you other than His blood. If you still disagree then you know nothing about the true meaning of the two books.
      Christianity also is in conflict with Hinduism (the Scriptures are! Maybe not their made up human versions).
      GITA 13.20: Know that prakṛiti (material nature) and puruṣh (the individual souls) are BOTH beginningless. Also know that all transformations of the body and the three modes of nature are produced by material energy.
      Genesis 1:1 (the first sentence of the Bible) : In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth.
      2 Corinthians 4:18 “So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.”

      If you deny the writing of Scriptures, you’re jolly well creating your own religion, but if you accept the Scriptures, you see Fundamental Conflict. Stop sugarcoating all religions into one. Jesus, at least, is against your notion.

  10. It is absolute foolishness to say no christian converted to hinduism! Why do so many foreigners flock our temples, get converted in order to attain moksha? Why do you people live in india and critisize the hindus? If India is called hindustan, the land of the hindus, there should be a reason? If hinduism is baseless and filled with crap why does it still exist? India should have become christianstan right? And for your kind information if you’ll are true christians you’ll wouldnt be here arguing and justifying! A true christian is supposed to be at peace and not waste time counteracting? And we hindus dont pray to the deity itself! It is a point of concentration where we believe we can invoke god. Why do christians have jesus’s image as a photo? Shouldnt you’ll be punished for hypocripsy? Praying in front of it? Christianity within itself has so many conflicts between catholics and protestants? First clear the spec in your eye before you do so to others!

    • Not all Christian believe that Hinduism is with out the will and the word of God. It has the will and the word of God, within it. All scriptures have the will and the word of God. But no one religion, and or scriptures can possibly have the Complete word, and will of God, god’s etc. Hinduism has part, of the Answer, as do all religions of the world. It is our arrogance that would believe, that any single book or books can contain the complete revelation of God. Hinduism is the oldest living religion in the World today. Most people do not know, that the Vedic scriptures was the beginning of the Trinity concept of God, with three aspects of one God. It has taken, Tens of thousand of years for some religion to accept this concept of God. Now some may on believe in only one aspect of God. Others many aspect’s of God. But Most people, do believe in some short of aspect of God. We are all praying, to God. Not to demons, etc. God Know’s the truth. It is people in their arrogance, that say different. Many of Christians, have looked to the wisdom of Vedic scriptures for the wisdom and the world of God. I am One, of many.

  11. Definitely, what a splendid site and instructive posts, I surely will bookmark your site.Have an awsome day!

  12. hey its mayank
    again i read many of u and came to conclusion that u people are just mis guided u people are just unaware of truth see i tell u how 33 millions god came to existence …. u people are thinking that mayank is a ass but read carefully i have something these gods are the fallen angels from the heaven they are not god , see u have seen many times during navratri many girls are blessed with devi and all but have u ever find it holy or a time of great peace , everytime when ever v have a celebration for gods we have seenbig accidents n people dying n all .WHY? just bcoz these angels need sacrifice they never bless u they can only give u money but happiness or a peace or a world without worries sorry they cant just bcoz its not in their hands if u want to answer me first go and pray to ur god for eternal life even u people dont understand eternal life its not a life without death . first go to ur customs and find answers if u dont have come to me i ll give u answers from bible never ever try to make bad words for any religion just bcoz u r confident for ur religion first explorer n than say anything

  13. which god will protect a small girl from getting raped,does rama,allah,jesus respectively protect girls from getting raped if the girls parents are worshipers of them?or do these gods watch these rapes and enjoy live porn?

    • Hey everything happens in one’s life is the result of his actions.OK.But if a girl gets raped without any big reason it means that ALLAH is taking exam of that girl and of those people who are involving themselves in this evil activity,whether they sop themselves or not.On the Day of Judgment they will be punished severely or they can be punished in the world as well in any way.So don’t be hopeless and are you raped?If not than why aren’t you thanking God or you want to get raped.

  14. Hinduism is completely misrepresented in this article. If your going to compare two religions at least do the research. It’s like you took your personal opinion of Hinduism mixed with hearsay and decided to write an article comparing it to your own religion. Not to mention you didn’t even show the history that Hinduism and Christianity share. Tons of Christian rituals come from Hinduism and early Christian bishops, popes, and monks all praised Hinduism and though that we should look to India for guidance and inspiration. Not to mention, Hindus don’t worship a multitude of gods. All gods are a representation of Brahma. Plus the holy trinity was taken from Hinduism. In my opinion we need to learn from other religions like Hinduism not drive a wedge between us by pointing out false differences between religions that, apparently, you aren’t an an expert in or even well read in

    • Equivalent of Christian and Hinduism

      Shi(va) ya
      Ya shu(va)

      Oam namasi (va) ya
      Oam(e)n masiya


      Word is god (om)
      Amen (yashuva)

      Sun god (fire)
      Sunday god (regression)


      Equal to adam ( sakthi(eva) in his body)
      Equal to adam about his birth

      Imagine body (shiva)
      Original ya-shuva in other galaxy and controlled the human body like avatar movie. (yashuva)

      * religion different by their culture and their nation.
      *forgive me it is not correct but put it your research.
      * ending research do good thing other like yashuva (redeemer) – (conscious to needy person)

      Read more: Difference between Christianity and Hinduism | Difference Between | Difference between Christianity vs Hinduism http://www.differencebetween.net/miscellaneous/difference-between-christianity-and-hinduism/#ixzz1um4mHXcz

      • also Hinduism is not so insecure and obsessed with domination that it fears those who worship another religion. If your the creator of all living why create us to plant sins in our minds why manipulate us to spread the word of violence and torture and misfortune why flood an entire region to save a man and his animals and kill all others, why not eliminate sins from life all together, does this mean the so called devil is more powerfull. the planet is on brink of destruction in all aspects does this mean that jesus crucified himself to enable us to worship the devil. why not stay and teach right from wrong, why not create an empire where evil does not thrive. Bhagwan gave us a brain and all the resources we need to thrive and cultivate and not worry about preaching as why would the creator of us not know how much faith we have, why would we be given choices in life if our fate is already written, why can we say jesus gave that man the lottery but then say the devil made me shoot that guy. so many contradictions. im at peace living with hinduism, i take responsibilities for my actions and by living the way the ramayan teaches i am at peace and prosper in everything i do. my non discriminant religion teaches me how to live and i listen knowing that im in safe hands.

    • It was not just, Hinduism misrepresented in this article, blog. It was also Christianity as well. There are many aspects, of Christianity that are not represented here. But it does give, a starting point to go further on. I find some of the commits, very immature. Other’s just, wrong concept, of understanding. With others, just arrogance, pride. We all have much to learn about God, God’s. Trinity aspect of God 3 in one God. Most religions, do not know much about other religions. We all pray to the same God. We just call God, a different Name, names.

  15. First of all, hinduism is not an “evolving” religion. It is more like a father of all religions.

    It is said to be one of the oldest (perhaps the oldest FORMED religion). Ex: all the vedic scriptures date back to even 3500 B.C.

    Christianity came around 30 C.E. HUGE GAP.

    If Christianity was the only way to reach God, then God himself did not give you enough brain to ponder the thought that there was him before the existence.

    Now that is out of the way, RELIGIONS are made to have a better connection to GOD. Not fight over like little children claiming “my religion is better” because:
    1) It is simply not your religion
    2) You cannot prove anything

    I am not saying that God does not exist. I believe in GOD. Not jesus, not vishnu, brahma or any other name. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME representation of the same GOD.

    Yes I can believe that God has tried to convince us that he exists by sending multiple prophets throughout history but that does not make Christianity any better than Hinduism.

    I like to say that all religions are equal but it is just simply not true. More topic on this causes wars (as we have read in world history books). Religion is suppose to make your life better, NOT CAUSE WARS.

    Priests, pundits, and “interpreters of God” have ruined Religions.

    I don’t believe in Religions and I only believe in God. I have experienced God but again I cannot prove it. Somethings are not meant to be proven.

    Lastly, ACCORDING TO HISTORY and LOTS of RESEARCH, it is obviously clear that Hinduism is the father of all. You don’t believe it but that does not mean it is not true. It had concepts of Karma, Yoga, “Trinities”, Astro-sciences, and much more before any other religion.

    If you say that you don’t believe in “Karma” and think it is some fantasy bullshit then test it for yourself. Karma is the concept of CAUSE & EFFECT. Use your common sense and apply to real life if you don’t “believe it”.

    Also, “Yoga” is not the same thing which is practiced today around the world. Yoga means “union” and it was the WAY OF LIFE. There are probably million different types of Yoga out there. Don’t think of Yoga as a form of exercise. It was literally the way of life and cycle of life. It is very complex to explain since it applied to non-living things.

    I am not here to preach so please don’t get all nazi on me. I am just saying the facts since I am a PhD professor in theism.

    Again, you don’t have to believe in any of this. You can do your own research. You have a brain so go apply it and quit being lazy.

    Remember, God does not discriminate-people do (EX: religions).

    • Bravo, very well said! People need to start thinking for themselves; and understand what the true word, and will of God. Our relationship with God is a personal one, with God. The more that we institutionalization of religion, the more we are separated through ideology, and the dogma of all Religions of mankind. We must stop and think, and search for God for ourselves, in the context of a higher, and higher morality of mankind. We need to be ready to hear, the next revelation of truth From God. The spirit of truth is in us all, and the Highest Morality is to Love as God, Has Loved Us All!.

  16. not satisfactory answer

  17. “Christianity was developed since the first day the earth was created when God created the earth” – This is the biggest joke I ever hear……..

    Bible is the book of Stupid….hey bull shit Christianity people why you are spending billion of dollars to convert Hindu to Christian…….? Because Jesus is nothing….just like a dust bin…………

    • Thanks.But it is in your view.But don’t forget that first of all u should see yourself not to other & plz it is my request learn bible,ask questions,know about it detially & u can see.But don’t cheat ok……

    • Siva wrote

      “Bible is the book of Stupid….hey bull shit Christianity people why you are spending billion of dollars to convert Hindu to Christian…….? Because Jesus is nothing….just like a dust bin…………”

      The Bible says:
      Eph_4:29 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

      Joh_15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

      Shiva, why not show something BETTER or WISER from the Vedas, Upanishads or Gita…

      • the bible also said
        “I have come to set the Earth on fire, and how I wish it were already kindled !…Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division.” (Luke 12: 49-51)

        2. “ 34 Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law – 36a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.” (Matthew 10: 34-36)

        3. “Let the dead bury their own dead.” (Matthew 8:22)
        4. “If you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one (a sword).” (Luke 22:36)

        5. “But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them, bring them here and kill them in front of me.” (Luke 19:27)

        6. “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:26)

        lol i doubt you can find anything worse in any religion other than your own. peace and prosperity were the least of concerns amongst the monarchs who wrote this book. all respect to god and his true worshippers from all religions, but those who are so insecure as to compare flaws of religion which by the way is only found in one ahem dont deserve the knowledge for peace and prosperity. god is one, religions are different. religions pre dating Christianity all teach us to accept one another not to discriminate. without the vedas you wouldnt even have a language to communicate your nonesense.

        • Your Right, there are terrible things said, in the bible, that are mans interpretation of Gods Word. Luke 19:27, is not part of the revelation of other quotes, from Book of Mathew, Mark and John on the same subject. The word of God, understood by the apostles of Christ, were and individuals understanding. We are all limited, in the understanding of God. The problem, comes from the believe in the inerrant word of God, in All scriptures of mankind……… Religion, and their Scriptures, is an ever evolving concept of the will and the world of God. Mankind, needs to understand, that the scriptures of ancient times, is the best understanding of the will and the world of God, of that time Period. God Truth is Changeless! Man’s Truth, is always changing, toward the Higher Morality of the will and the word of God. It is our own Arrogance, that makes us believe, that one religion, or group of people are the complete understanding of God our Father of all… The Jew’s thought in their own arrogance that they have the complete word. Then a New Revelation, came In Jesus Christ…. Even Christian today, are crystallized, some , in their understanding of God’s will. I truly wonder when Christ comes again, will these Christian, Believe it is Christ, or the Devil, or demon that the Jew’s thought Christ was 2000 years ago.

          You can take any religious scriptures of the world, and find the will of Man within them. If It does not come from Love Of God, it does not come from God……! Any Religion, that make’s themselves out to be, The only Children of God, is the works of man, in their understanding. Jesus Teaching, are simple. Your Heaven Father, love’s you. You are all Sons of God. We are all one Family, including the Heavenly Host. In Faith, in the Gospel, of Jesus Christ, Faith In God, is salvation. We are all Children of God. This simple understanding, has been rejected, and changes into the will of Man in all religions in one way or another.

          No One Concept, scriptures, Books understanding can every contain the Complete, Word, and Will of God. The concept, of sacrifice, from God to God for the sins of the world, are a understanding of Some Christian today. The concept of original sin, propagates this understanding of the times of Ancient man. Ask your self, a question, how does the sacrifice of Animals, give you forgiveness of sins? Is the sacrifice, or a true repentant Heart, that allows you, through God’s mercy to forgive your sins.? Why was Cains, sacrifice, rejected, and Abel’s accepted? Mankind understanding are always limited, in the belief’s of this very moment; as well as in the Past, ancient times. When religion becomes, crystallized, in their belief structure. They will always, fall short of the will and the world of God. Revelation’s of God, is an always changing concept of mans understanding the will and the word of God. Scriptures of world, are an incomplete understanding of The will and the word of God. Our journey, to our Heavenly Father is a personal, one with God. Not an institutionalized, crystallization understanding of God, through a particular religious order. It is our arrogance, and our Fears, that causes of to thing otherwise…….. Look at what is Happening Today, with Religions of the World, in the Violence, and hated towards each other. These religious War’s, and that is what is. Are not the Will of God, or the devil, it is out own, arrogance in the belief, of the Inerrant word of all Scriptures Today.

  18. Even the greatest of modern Indian philosophers, Sri Aurobindo Ghosh of Pondicherry recognized a serious flaw in Indian eschatology, namely, a lack of emphasis on the attainment of the ‘Divinized Body.’

    The following is a summary quotation from an online article entitled ‘Supramentalization: The New Creation’:

    “According to Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa, the world in which we exist, and not only the physical world but all the subtle or psychic and spiritual worlds as well, is a world dominated by ignorance and nonconsciousness; by what Sri Aurobindo called the Inconscient, the utter lack of Consciousness in matter and in the lowest existence. It is because of all this Ignorance and Inconsciousness that the world is so imperfect, so ruled by negativity, so full of suffering and disharmony.

    “Previous spiritual teachers, thus interpreting the nature of the world as one of ignorance and suffering, saw the only solution to be a radical transcendence of this existence, through a return to the Absolute; what the Hindus call ‘Liberation’ and the Buddhists ‘Nirvana’.

    “But Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa suggested another, far more magnificent, but also far more difficult, alternative. Rather than go from Here (this world) to There (Nirvana, the Absolute), why not bring There down Here? In other words, why not draw the Divine or Absolute Consciousness – what Sri Aurobindo calls the ‘Supermind’ or ‘Supramental’ because it is totally beyond mind and mental activity – down into this world, into this gross physical world of matter, into one’s physical body (the individual centre of inconscience), and by doing so transform, perfect, and Divinize it.

    “The result would be the ‘glorified body’, the Supramental Body, the Divinized Body, the Perfected Body free of illness and imperfection. With this there would be the elimination of ignorance and negativity. Suffering would be replaced by Divine Harmony.

    “And, this having been achieved in the individual, the next stage is to extend it out to the world as whole, and so bring about a collective evolutionary transformation.

    “It should be emphasized that this is something absolutely new, especially in the Indian tradition.

    “And since one is working to change this world, rather than simply to transcend it, one must contend with, and therefore one must understand, the occult-psychic and ‘spiritual’ forces which do not want change, but rather seek to perpetuate their own rule. That is why, out of all the Indian philosophers and teachers, only Sri Aurobindo really attempts the analysis of the situation from an occult, rather than – as is the case with Buddhism, Yoga, etc. – a merely psychological viewpoint”.

    Thus we see that Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa not only acknowledge the conceptual shortcomings of the Hindu perspective, but also of all the Eastern schools that have been influenced by the traditional Indian point of view, particularly with regard to the condition of man and his everlasting destiny. Sri Aurobindo and Mirra’s concept of Supramentalization is quite unique, and is far closer in several key respects to the Christian viewpoint.

    • Dear friends,

      Stop quarrelling and debates which religion is the best, who is God and etc…This will be no ending issue because everybody have their own understanding about their religion. Be open minded! Is this you all learned in your Holy book or practise in your religion? The person who respect other religion and follow all the lessons in his religion and not betray to his own religion is a true devotee. That’s why God send the Prophets, Saint’s, Holly man to teach and lead us how to live in this beautiful world. That’s why we have many types of human with difference religion, believes and understanding but in generally we all are human beings with souls which created by God. Is anybody can tell me what religion is animals? Why they can live happily and peacefully in this earth according to their ecosystem even though they don’t have ability to think? If animal can, why we gifted with ability to think by the God, behave worse than animal by insulting each other religion, believes and God? Come on friends, lets make our present day and life a wonderful day by sharing and caring each other. “God is Love”. Don’t worry about what happened in past and what going to happen in future. Everything had be and will be happen as decided by God because only the the Creator knows everything! Let’s make this world like Heaven in our present life…

      • Dear peacemaker

        Surely God is more than Love.
        What is a revelation worth that cannot see God above nature.
        That cannot see beyond the sun, moon, stars, fire, water etc…

        Surely we are more than animals.
        What is a revelation worth that cannot place man above the animal kingdom.

        The Bible places man above the angels and animals, having dominion over all creation.
        It describes man’s fall into sin, losing this superiority and dominion.
        We are now what you see. As having merely an animal life.
        It also describes man as worth saving by God Himself and placed back into this position of dominion and authority.
        It finally describes man as sons of God, ruling and reigning with Him in all eternity.

        What is man that You are mindful of him and the son of man that you visit him? You made him little lower than the angels, You crowned him with glory and honor…

        • God is our Savior, May you believe in one aspect of God, or multiple aspects of God. When the complete word, and will of God comes to mankind. There will be no more religions. All would be one, in the Family of God. You talk of these beings, from a different dimension. That are against the will and the word of our heavenly Father. That was and is true, but do you really believe that our Heavenly Father, would leave us orphans? Not so! Yes even the heavens have imperfection of the will and the word of God. God Created, all of creation with free will. Once all of his children choose to do the will of God. WE Will truly know, the perfection, and the wonder, the majesty of God our Father. Once our will is to do, God’s Will. We will all be of one mind, one desire joined together in God’s perfection.. Satan was Arrogant, and in his arrogance’s he rebelled against the will, and the word of God. Pentecost was, and is, an important moment in the history of mankind, and the heaven’s, Universes. It was the Love of God, through his son Jesus Christ, that once and for all showed all the celestial beings , and mankind the love of God For us all. Satan was against mankind, he has been bond, for judgment. The evil that you see, now is the Arrogance of mankind, just like Satan. It is our Arrogance, that lead us to the path of destruction of ourselves. Christ, in Christian terms, is Vishnu in Hindu terms has already put a side Satan, and all that have Fallen. Christ has shown us the way to our heavenly Fathers. He is that bridge between man, and God the Father. He has shown the world, that physical death, is only a beginning of the journey to our heavenly Father. Some are still, in Fear, but no one can take us out of the hands of our heavenly Father. So Fear not, for God our Father is With us All. We are all The Children of God. Some fall away, and seek their own will. But one thing you must understand, anything is possible for God our Father. We have on our side, a complete Celestial, Spiritual Host, of our brothers and sisters. Helping us to reach the fulfillment of God our Father’s, Will. The Kingdom of God, is The Family of God, and it is placed in all the hearts, and minds of all of Creation. Fear not, For God, is on our side.

  19. We can share our point of views and thoughts though we are not yet raising in our conciousness. Quarelling will only make us looks like crowd.
    sorry i am not advising anyone but still how come a hindu can say that his path is the best like a christian says his belief is the best. we are talking why dont we stepup and test which is the best….are we ready to live like a Jesus Christ?….Or like Krishna?…..no we wont…then to Quarel…….

    • Which tests do you suggest?

      • The test, that he is referring to, is to live the Life, of Christ, Vishnu intended for us. all to live. If we all did, we would be doing the will of our heavenly Father. World Peace, would happen. Peace on Earth, and Good will To mankind.

  20. i’am christian, but christian has also different religions in it. jehovahs witnesses, catholic, mormons, iglesia ni cristo, baptist, and much more depends on what country of christians you are. Not all christians donot CONVERT other religions like exmple HINDUs but of christian to christian. Exmple of from catholic to mormons, like whats happening here in philippines. Sorry for my bad english.

  21. Hey stupids!I am Muslim.We follow our Holy Prophet’s (P.B.U.H) Sunnah.
    We never say bad to the religions of other people.Now-a-days rumors are being spread that Muslims force hindus to embrace Islam,its all lie.Hindus are spreading rumors.Every human on earth has been given life from Allah to pray Him and there is ONLY ONE GOD in the world,ALLAH.QAll of us must worship HIM and pray to HIM.This is all I wanted to say.

  22. Oh! yeah I respect Jesus because he is our Prophet but I don’t except him as god.I also respect the gods of hindus because our Prophet(P.B.U.H) said so.

  23. Mayank, Hats off to you ! keep it up Yaar !

  24. Vani, be mindful when you comment any thing in future , its for your good !

  25. As a christian, I am shocked at how some Christians on this blog defend their faith and represent their Lord. I totally agree with the Hindu bloggers that it is totally unacceptable and those involved should seriously re-evaluate their faith in light of scripture.

    I am also amazed at the Hindu response to Christianity on this blog. I thought that one of the characteristics of Hinduism, that makes it unparalleled among world religions, is its acceptance and tolerance of all belief systems. It has no founder or creed etc. The devotees can have any aspect of God they like and believe any philosophy they prefer. There is no right or wrong. All roads lead to the same place etc. Then why all this verbal intolerance against Christianity? Is your tolerance only theoretical?

    The Christian God revealed Himself to man. Man is not free to make up his own idea of how God should be like. This revelation was consistently the same since the very first day and this was that God is light and there is no darkness in Him at all. He loves righteousness and hates lawlessness. He owns the universe and humanity will after death answer to Him. All unrighteousness will be punished. All goodness rewarded.

    The revelation of the Hindu gods seems to originate from the minds of the devotees. If the devotee can think up another aspect of God, then another god is formed. Hence, during the Vedic era, there were only about 33 gods. Today, there are about 300 million and the number is growing.

    In Christianity, the mediation of Adam, Abraham and David, living thousands of years apart, revealed the same God. This consistency in revelation shows us that this revelation of the christian God must be true for how did these people get the same messages living worlds apart from one another?

    Consistent, Accurate Revelation makes Christianity unique and trustworthy. I will not bet my life on anything less…

  26. “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” – 1 Corinthians 2:14 –

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12 –

    To put it bluntly, the so-called “gods” of the pagan traditions of the world – including Hinduism – are actually demonic, interdimensional entities masquerading as deities. Totemic spirits, for instance, are seducing, paraphysical creatures. These are the same deceiving ethereal beings behind the UFO/Alien Phenomenon and the cult of Transhumanism.

    In this connection, I invite everyone to ruminate on the following quotation gems from none other than Dr. Jacques Vallee, arguably the world’s leading scientific authority on the UFO & Alien Abduction Phenomena, who has also done extensive study of similar phenomena throughout history:

    “It appears that we are sharing this planet with another race…This race is invisible to us, is more intelligent than we are, and is hostile to us. It is trying to control our destiny by influencing our imaginations.” (Note: this is a summary, not a verbatim quote.) – Dr. Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia –

    “I would like to step outside the conditioning maze and see what makes it tick. I wonder what I would find. Perhaps a terrible, superhuman monstrosity, the very contemplation of which would make a man insane?” – Dr. Jacques Vallee, The Invisible College –

    “Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception.”
    – Dr. Jacques Vallee, Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults –

    If this view were merely the position of Christian researchers it might well be dismissed as so much narrow-minded religious paranoia. But when we find that this conclusion is supported directly, and indirectly, by world-renowned secular experts who have no interest in supporting Christianity generally, then we know that we have discovered amazing truths:

    (1) That there is an invisible race of Inter-dimensional Beings (IDBs) on a level of existence coinciding with our own.

    (2) That this race has been actively involved with humanity down the centuries, and has woven the drapery of pagan religions and mythologies.

    (3) That this race is unflaggingly hostile to humankind, but operates from behind a screen of deception.

    (4) One of its primary goals is to promote a New One-World Religion –
    godless, amorphous pantheism – which is integral to the plan for the domination of humanity as an exploitable psychical and biological resource.

    (5) These predatory IDBs will eventually succeed in convincing almost everyone that there is no need of a personal Saviour.

    • I can understand why, you believe the way you do. As Christian, and many other religions, we are indoctrinated into a belief system that at times can and will limit your understanding. If you ever decide to read other scriptures of all the religions of the world. You will see, a common message coming through all scriptures. The Love of God For Us all. Look for the similarities, not what is different. Your will be amazed at all the similarities, in the description of our Heavenly Father of all. You are a christian, because you were born a christian. If you were born a Hindu, you would be a Hindu. The Revelation’s of God, can only be understood. As much as the person individual able to understand, the will and the word of God. That includes, The great Prophets of old. They will have within their understanding of whom God is. Their own prejudiced, and their own understanding from their own religion of birth. For example The Jewish, people, Two Thousand years ago, believe in original sin, from Adam, Eve. As well as most Christian today. But if you ever studied today with most Jewish people, they do not believe in the concept of Original Sin. The Same goes for People of the Muslim faith, as well as Hindu’s. These religions believe that we are all responsible for our own Mistakes, Sin, not for others. Also That God, is the Only one that could forgive Sin. Christ, as part of the whole of God, is God , and Does forgive sins. Christian belief, so how are they wrong, other religions wrong.. Faith in God, Is faith of God. My you call him Jesus Christ, Allah, Vishnu, or What ever. We have many religions in the world today, many because we have varying ideas of whom God is. God, is God. We are not praying to demons, or false gods. The Bible, is a book’s of stories of mans evolving concept of whom, God is. No one Book or Book’s Can ever have the complete revelation of the wonder and majesty of God. To think otherwise is being Arrogant. God is Love, their is no Fear in Love. Respect, is important, and the will to do God’s Will. To strive for God’s perfection, of his will, is our journey.

      Question, When Christ, comes again on earth, and teaches us all. Would There Be One Religion on Earth, or many as there are today?

  27. All Religions, scripture have the will of God, god’s. All Religions, scripture have the will of man within them. Hinduism is the oldest living religion on earth. It has receive a revelation of God. In Christian, Jewish, Islam terms, A heavenly Host, The lord of Host, Is one God. But with a multitude, of celestial, spiritual Beings. Aka Angels,etc. The Trinity, is an aspect’s of God, as one Deity. Both Hinduism, and Part’s of Christianity agree with each other on these Aspects of God. Hinduism, have in their, our, Trinity Brahma,Vishnu, Shiva. Christian Trinity, our, God The Father, The Son of God,Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit. Some Ancient Christian scripture Talk of the Holly Spirit, as a Female origin. As well as archaeological evidences in old Jewish temples of The God of Israel, Yahweh, Had A Wife Asherah, Mother.. This is the beginning concept of the Jewish religion of the holy Trinity. Which was later on rejected, by the Jewish Community, as well as the Muslims. But you can find hints of it, in the old testament to this day. Some Religions, do not accept the Trinity concept, when other do. No one religion, or Scriptures in this world contain the complete understanding of the Will, and the word of God. It would Be arrogance to believe, that any religion has the complete revelation of God. If we did, we would all agree, and world peace would be per-claimed through out the world. I Truly believe, we all need to better understand each others religion, in order to try to understand the complete revelation of God To All His Children Of The World. Yes We Are All Gods Children! We are All Searching for the will, and the Word Of GOD. Our understanding of whom God is, are always evolving Higher, and Higher Morality Of God! The Highest Mortality, Is To Love, As God Has Loved, us. We need to interpret the word, and the will of God. With a discerning Heart Of the Love, and Mercy that God has for all of us, and I mean all.. If Scriptures does not have the Love Of God with in it, it is not From God. God is perfect love. If it does not contain the perfect love of God, It is the Work’s of Mankind. It is that simple for me, For other it is not that simple. Jesus Christ message, was simple one. Love as I have Loved You. The Kingdom of God, is The family of God, which we are all part of that Family. God, is your Father, The Son, and Sons of God are your Brother, The Holly spirit is your Mother. We are all Brothers, and Sisters. The Kingdom of God, is the Family of God. All The World, and the Heavenly Host are our Family. We are all are the Son’s and Daughters Of God. The Concept of the Chosen People, is not completely correct. We are all Chosen, by God. Our duty, is to help our brothers, and sister toward the will and the word Of God. To know, our Heavenly Father. Even when we are truly in the presence of God our Father, it may take all of eternity to truly know the wonder, an majesty of God our Father. The creator, of all of creation. . It is our Arrogance, that leads us down the path of division. God’s Truth is never Changes. What man knows today, will change tomorrow. God’s revelation to his Children, will never end. When we think, we know the complete will and the word of God. Is when we truly do not know the complete will and the word of God., All Religions, people of the World, are prayer to God, not demon, the devil. We all have a piece of the puzzle, of the will and the word of God. It is our duty, to work together as brothers and sisters, the children of God. That is truly God’s Will. Love, one another is doing God’s Will.

  28. Again, the main problem with popular Hinduism is that it’s an idolatrous religion whose gods/goddesses are demonic, extradimensional creatures.

    • The Jewish leaders, of the time of Jesus Christ, thought the same about Christ. They Thought he, the son of God was a Demon, or the Devil himself. Christ proclaimed, to be the Son of God, God. He even told them, they are God’s aka sons of God.

      New International Version (©1984)
      Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are gods’?
      New Living Translation (©2007)
      Jesus replied, “It is written in your own Scriptures that God said to certain leaders of the people, ‘I say, you are gods!’

      English Standard Version (©2001)
      Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I said, you are gods’?

      New American Standard Bible (©1995)
      Jesus answered them, “Has it not been written in your Law, ‘I SAID, YOU ARE GODS ‘?

      King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
      Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

      International Standard Version (©2008)
      Jesus replied to them, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, “You are gods”‘?

      Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)
      Yeshua said to them, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I have said, “You are gods”’?”

      GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995)
      Jesus said to them, “Don’t your Scriptures say, ‘I said, “You are gods” ‘?

      King James 2000 Bible (©2003)
      Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, You are gods?

      American King James Version
      Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, You are gods?

      American Standard Version
      Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, ye are gods?

      Douay-Rheims Bible
      Jesus answered them: Is it not written in your law: I said you are gods?

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      Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

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      Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

      Webster’s Bible Translation
      Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

      Weymouth New Testament
      “Does it not stand written in your Law,” replied Jesus, “‘I said, you are gods’?

      World English Bible
      Jesus answered them, “Isn’t it written in your law, ‘I said, you are gods?’

      Young’s Literal Translation
      Jesus answered them, ‘Is it not having been written in your law: I said, ye are gods?


      New International Version (©1984)
      “I am not possessed by a demon,” said Jesus, “but I honor my Father and you dishonor me.
      New Living Translation (©2007)
      “No,” Jesus said, “I have no demon in me. For I honor my Father–and you dishonor me.

      English Standard Version (©2001)
      Jesus answered, “I do not have a demon, but I honor my Father, and you dishonor me.

      New American Standard Bible (©1995)
      Jesus answered, “I do not have a demon; but I honor My Father, and you dishonor Me.

      King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
      Jesus answered, I have not a devil; but I honour my Father, and ye do dishonour me.

      International Standard Version (©2008)
      Jesus answered, “I don’t have a demon. On the contrary, I honor my Father, and you dishonor me.

      Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)
      Yeshua said to them, “A demon is not in me, but I honor my Father and you dishonor Me.”

      GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995)
      Jesus answered, “I’m not possessed. I honor my Father, but you dishonor me.

      King James 2000 Bible (©2003)
      Jesus answered, I have not a demon; but I honor my Father, and you do dishonor me.

      American King James Version
      Jesus answered, I have not a devil; but I honor my Father, and you do dishonor me.

      American Standard Version
      Jesus answered, I have not a demon; but I honor my Father, and ye dishonor me.

      Douay-Rheims Bible
      Jesus answered: I have not a devil: but I honour my Father, and you have dishonoured me.

      Darby Bible Translation
      Jesus answered, I have not a demon; but I honour my Father, and ye dishonour me.

      English Revised Version
      Jesus answered, I have not a devil; but I honour my Father, and ye dishonour me.

      Webster’s Bible Translation
      Jesus answered, I have not a demon; but I honor my Father, and ye dishonor me.

      Weymouth New Testament
      “I am not possessed by a demon,” replied Jesus. “On the contrary I honour my Father, and you dishonour me.

      World English Bible
      Jesus answered, “I don’t have a demon, but I honor my Father, and you dishonor me.

      Young’s Literal Translation
      Jesus answered, ‘I have not a demon, but I honour my Father, and ye dishonour me;

      Sean, Is it possible, we as Christian, are Calling God our Father, of a different name’s, from a different Religion, as a demon, or the devil? The Jewish leaders, of Jesus Christ time, did the same. Is it possible that the heavenly Host, have been trying to teach mankind. Of the One True God our Father, Our Brother Jesus Christ, Holly spirit aka Mother spirit. The confusing concept of the Trinity to all of mankind is a delicate balance. Religion of this earth, has been an evolving revelation of mankind’s understanding of whom God is. In the Beginning, Mankind worshiped all sorts of things. The Sun The moon the stars the planets, Trees, rocks, animals, so on. Each step, mankind makes, is closer, and closer to the Truth of Whom God Is. Don’t you see, that all scriptures, is mankind’s evolving understanding of the spirit of God. Try reading the bible, with this type of understanding. That the Bible, and other scriptures, are Mankind’s Evolving Consciousnesses of the Spirit of God, the will of God. Each Step, coming closer, and closer to the Will and The Word Of God. With new revelations of God, from God to his children. God our Father, revelation has not stop, at , and from the time Of Christ. It continues on, in New revelation, through the Holy Spirit, to all God’s Children. Expand your mind, and cast away all your fear’s. For God our Father of All, has not left us orphaned. No one, including Satan, can take us out of our heavenly Fathers Hand’s!

    • Did you ever wonder, why Satan rebelled against God? Is it because God created all of his Creation with Free Will? Even in the heavens, with the Heavenly Host. Now God our Father did not, create evil, sin, mistakes. By creating his children with free will. He, has gives to his children the privilege of finding God’s perfection within their own understanding, from imperfection. He does not want Mindless worship. It is the journey, to God’s perfection, and the experience that comes with it is God’s will. Through imperfection, we will come to perfection of God our Fathers, Will,and Word. Even heavens it self, have with it, it’s own imperfection, caused by the choices of his Children. War has been, apart of the heavens, and the earth. God has given, the right to be wrong. Free will,Not with out consequence. Each heaven, comes higher and higher towards God’s perfection. Once we reach God our Father of all perfection, our will, will be God’s Will. We will Be One, in God our Father Of All. As Christ is already.

      Is it possible that Satan, has not reach God’s will, and understanding? In his Arrogance, he has per-claimed his own, will as perfection. Taking with him 1/3 of the heavenly Host. Rebelling against, the ruler of This Universe Christ himself? Not accepting, the Trinity of God. as God? Unable to see beyond, to the Father of all? Is it, Satan’s Lack of Faith, being created into a universe of free will, and imperfection, and unable to have true Faith in God our Father? Or is it, that he is insane, and the evil that he created in himself has now overcome his reality? Either way, I feel sorry, for him, and all that have fallen, into the pit of despair, hell.
      I have studied with the Russian Orthodox Church, and one of their fundamental believes. Is that all we be saved, including all of the fallen, Satan himself. I wonder, and ponder this thought, and I find myself. Questioning, if I am saved, through my Faith in our heavenly Father, and our Lord, Jesus Christ, Why, can not all be saved? Maybe, all things are Possible with God. But it is our Free Choices that determines our own consequence of our own actions.

      I truly believe, that Pentecost was the time that Satan, has Been bond, and restricted to await final Judgement. The Fear that many Christian have, are mostly unnecessary. We have, God, on our side, as well as 2/3 of all of the Heavenly Host . So Fear Not, and Have Faith, and try to realize, the Love and the Mercy God has for us all. If a child, pray’s and worships in a childish way. Does God our Father, truly take offense?

    • whats wrong with ancient depictions of god. how do these depictions harm man kind or cause people to commit sins. so i dont see the problem.

      the bible teaches “I have come to set the Earth on fire, and how I wish it were already kindled !…Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division.” (Luke 12: 49-51)

      2. “ 34 Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law – 36a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.” (Matthew 10: 34-36)

      3. “Let the dead bury their own dead.” (Matthew 8:22)
      4. “If you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one (a sword).” (Luke 22:36)

      5. “But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them, bring them here and kill them in front of me.” (Luke 19:27)

      6. “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:26)

      although i believe in god and all religions i can only imagine the hatred and disgusting face of the person who manipulated others by writing this shit in the old testament. now this a problem as it actually teaches to do wrong. not because theres a strange picture because this paints a f***ed up picture

    • That is what you believe, as well as many others. Jesus Christ, was also Called, a Demon, and the Devil himself. No religion, has a perfect understanding of whom God is. The will of God. One of the problems with mankind’s understanding, is the idea that their scriptures are inerrant, with out error. That is Not True. There are many Contradictions, of the word of man, understanding of the will, and the word of God; through out all scripture of the world. That includes Christianity. The Jew’s thought they Had the complete, understand. Islam, thinks they have the complete understanding, so on.

      Try to look at all the world Religions, scripture as a progressive understanding of the will and the word of God. With each revelation of God to mankind bring a new understanding of God’s Will. In this world, universes, Heaven’s, of imperfection, was created, with free will. Having free will, means the potential for error, evil exist. Even the Heavens Have had War! Imperfection! God the Father, is perfect, with out error, or evil. The first Cause of all of creation. We, all of his children, including his Heavenly children are in various degrees of perfection of the will and the word of God. Some of the Son’s of God Have reached perfection of God’s Will, and Word. They are one with God, as God. Jesus Christ, is and have reach this perfection, and is One with God, as God.
      Through out the Bible, there are many scriptures referring to the Sons of God. Some of the scriptures talk, of the fallen angels, aka sons of God. But others, are spoken about through out the bible. Example , Melchizedek. King of Peace, a son of God, that had no beginning. The High priest, the King of Salem. Who Abraham gave tribute 1/10 of his war spoil’s. Why would Abraham Honor, such man? The Order of the Melchizedek.

      Ask yourself, how does a blood sacrifice, of an Animal, or any animal give you forgiveness of Sin. It came from Idea, of mankind, in the form of repentance of one’s sins. It is not the sacrifice, of an animal, it is a True repentant Heart. John the Baptist, brought this understanding, to mankind as well. Christ teaching, is the Key, the Bridge to our Heaven Father.

      One Thing, the Hindu’s, and other religions have , that most christian do not have, is a humble heart. They do have confusion, over many aspects of God, or God’s. But we too, have confusion over whom Christ is. Jesus Christ Talk, about many heavens, many mansions. Many progressive understanding. From a fearful, God of Judgment, and wrath, vengeance, Justices. To a new Revelation of God, the Father Of Love, and Mercy, forgiveness.
      Abraham, was justified by his faith, in God, as many others. Is it possible that Jesus Christ message in the Bible, Believe in him, was believing in the Word, the gospel of God. The New Revelation Jesus Christ, was Teaching all of mankind. Christian, some pray directly to Jesus Christ, As God. Others Christian, only pray directly to our Heavenly Father. The Trinity Concept of 3 In one God, was from Hinduism. This concept, is as has been apart of Hinduism, before Abraham. Other religions, Islam, Jewish, pray only to one God The Father. They look upon, Christianity as pagan worship. Even some Christian, look upon other christian as pagan worship, or not Christian. The Same with other religions Too.

      The Truth is that, all religions borrowed, from each others beliefs, and rejected others, as untrue, and not worthy of consideration. We are all searching for God our Father, the will and the word. We are all understand concept’s of God our Father, as to how it relates to our own understanding. Many through religious, institutions, and scripture. Relying mostly, on what other people, Priest, Clergy etc. tell us about God. Jesus Christ, has Given us a concept of God, As our Heavenly Father. The First Cause of Creation. The Concept of a Father, is a personal one, as son, of God. This type of understanding, is still, not completely accepted by most Christians today. Some would even consider it Blasphemy; as the Jew’s Did, with Jesus Christ. They rejected, the concept, and replaced it with their man made traditions, and scriptures. That still goes on today, not just in Jewish, Faith, but in all religions through out the world.

      Is it your fear, of Demons, the devil, that has created this concept in so many minds? Have faith, not Fear! For our Faith has cleared the way To our Heavenly Father, Through the Gospel, the new Revelation From , The Son God, Jesus Christ. The Way And the Truth, Is Through Jesus Christ. Eternal life, as son’s of God our Father of all. Have no Fear, for God is at our Side.

      • Jesus is God manifested in the flesh. Our only hope for knowing God is to know Jesus Christ.

        “One Thing, the Hindu’s, and other religions have , that most christian do not have, is a humble heart.” – Carl

        Go tell these religions about Jesus and their obligation to receive Him for their eternal happiness and see how humble they are. Now that is the real problem, that little word ‘obligation’.

        In Hinduism there is no consistent concept of a Holy God and what He requires of us. In fact, you are free to design a god that suits your own liking. Thus, in their first revelation, the Vedas, there are about 30 gods, Today, this number has evolved to a massive 330 million aspects of god(s). Some gods who were worshiped in the past, have now been shifted to the background and other gods are worshiped. The choice is yours.

        Hinduism also lacks discernment of truth, for in life and in business, the Hindu devotee surely knows that there exists right and wrong, truth and error, facts and fiction and that managers would discipline or even fire those who refuse to do things right. Yet when it comes to truth and error in religion, they have absolutely no concept of it. Hence everyone’s idea about God is correct no matter how contradictory or even absurd. All people and all philosophies can find a home somewhere in Hinduism. No-one can therefore be corrected or even judged. Hinduism is therefore a very tolerant religion but this is only because they cannot (or will not) discern truth from error. This kind of tolerance is wicked for who will tolerate murderers, liars, thieves or even lies? Only wickedness can. If they had any discernment, then they would surely discern those that are in error and would also feel compelled to try to corrected them or even judge them in hope of bringing them to their senses. Hinduism is therefore a religion for those who are spiritually licentiousness and lawless.

        The consistent, unchanging and steadfast revelation of the holy God of the Bible makes it safe to say that the God of the Hebrews is the God of the universe and that all nations should feel and seek after Him that they may find life and it more abundantly…

        • You do make a compelling (augment), for a lack of a better word. But that same judgement, can be applied to any religion, and or their Scriptures. That includes Christianity, as it is known, through most institutionalize, crystallized understanding. It all comes back to the fundamental, Ideals of the Inerrant word of scriptures.

          If you study any religion’s of the world, with a judgmental attitude. You will always find, immorality, inconsistencies, complete misunderstanding, and the Corruption of the word, the will of God. I do agree contradictions, that are in all Scriptures of all religions, of a higher morality are the word, and the will of man. The quest for God, our Heavenly Father, is fraught with, mankind’s limited understanding of the will an the word of God.

          All Scripture, Must have a personal means test of truth. For me, and I am sure for others, the Highest Morality, The Love of God For Us All. To Love As God, Our Heavenly Father has Loved Us, all, his children. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. That same Gospel, can and does show it self in other religious scriptures through out the world; in varying degrees. Hinduism, the Vedic, Vadas scriptures, does have have, the word, and the will of God. You need to keep an eye, for the similarities, of the higher moral teaching’s. If you have, ever sat down with a Vedic Priest, he would tell you, that their is only One God. With many aspects, the Trinity concept, of the 3 in One God, is a ancient belief, of Hinduism. Now some, Christians, do not believe in the holy trinity. Disagreement, of scriptural meaning, has been an on going struggle of mankind. The one thing, That all religions believe, is that their is a God.

          Abraham, was Justified by his Faith in God. God, is Called by many Names. If you have Faith in God, my you be Hindu, as many aspects of God, or Christian, one God, or the Trinity concept of God. Is it Not, your Faith, in God, that God, Christ mercy is extended to all. Is it possible that Jesus Christ, was taking about, believing in him, was the Gospel of God Your Father of all. To Believe In Him, Christ,God. No one goes to Father, accept Through Christ, , as our Bridge to our Heavenly Fathers. Through the concept of The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

          Please Try Reading some of the Vedic Scriptures. If look for similarities, you find it. If look for Ugliness, in any religion, you will find it. That includes Christianity……. There are many things in the Bible, that is the will of Man, and not the will of God…… Try to look at all scriptures, as an evolving higher Morality of God, in ancient , man’s understanding. This Goes for Mankind, today. Mankind’s Knowledge of God, is forever Changing.. God does not Change, mankind understanding does. The Scriptures, and all religions are a reflection of the that changing, revelation of God. We as Christian, Hindu’s, Muslims, Jew’s, all faith’s need to look for the Next Revelation of God. We need to Keep, and open mind, and have Courage of Faith.

          The apostles, at the time of Christ himself, had that leap of Faith in Christ, Jesus. Some, if not must of the Jewish people, refused to believe in Christ as the Son of God. But they did believe, in our heavenly Father. The concept of the Son ship of God, was Blasphemous to the Jews of that time, and even reflected, in the scriptures of the Old, and new testament. Even in the apostle Creed, in most Christian Church’s today. (In Jesus Christ his only Son,) This is same disagreement with as other religions through out the world. The time of Jesus Christ, the Jewish people, thought he was a Demon, or the devil. Are We Doing The Same Thing, Today, with other religions of the world………..??????? Are we really doing the will of our Heavenly Father? Is the Christian, religion a religion of many Gods, Within the concept of the Trinity. Other Religions, Like Jewish, and Islam, look at Christianity, as Pagan religion. Even Some Christian Look, At Other Christian As Pagan.

          The Truth is, all religions came through the concept of Hinduism. The Believe in many god’s, our many aspect of God………. Trinity concept, was the next revelation. Christ, In Christ, as God Head of this Universe. Well if you look at it that way. It does should, Pagan. Just a Thought, I mean no insult, to you or to anyone.

          We all, Have an obligation, to Help, all our Brothers, and Sister of Faith. To a higher Understanding of the will, and the word of God our Father. But we always need to temperate it with humility. Realizing that own understanding of the will of God, should be always examined, every day of our lives. To Be ready, to receive, a higher Truth, and Morality From God our Father of all.

  29. Please read Quran in any language on http://www.tanzil.org for beater understand Islam.

    • I have read, and study the Korean, for many years. I have found it very similar to the Old Testament of Bible, Torah. It is a revelation of God, Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Mohammed. But like all scripture, from all religions are an incomplete understand the word, and will of God. No one scripture, book, books can ever give the complete will and word of God. God’s Revelation to all of his children will never end. Our understanding of God, could never be complete, until the day we are all in the presences of God our Father of All of Creation. The First Cause, of Creation it self. It may take all of entirety to Truly know God. God only know’s, when we will truly reach the will and the word of God. But, one thing I know, when we all know the true word, and the Will of God. We would have true peace on earth, and the heavens. God’s perfection, can not be perceived in total, from a state of imperfection. From a state of imperfection, even if God gives us a complete revelation, we will not understand the complete word and will of God. Mankind always, misunderstand God’s complete revelation of whom God is. We can only hope, and pray in Faith of our Heavenly Father for true discerning Heart of the Love of God For us All. God is Great, God is God, God is Love, and mercy for us all of his Children. We are all God’s Children, all of the world is God’s Children. It is in our own arrogance that we believe, we alone are the children of God.

  30. Have any of you guys ever read Mahavarata or Ramayan or Vagabath Gita?

    Since it’s quite long I’ll just give you quick run down of Mahavarat, it’s hilarious.

    Pandavs(The supposed good guys) and Krisna(the avatar) break more rules and use coward, underhanded tactics more than Kauravs (the supposed bad guys). It’s the same of Ramayan. The ‘good guys’ in hindu scriptures are actually massive dicks, and the gods basically help them out!

    Here’s a short list of ‘dick moves’ during battle of kurukhetra. Unless stated otherwise they were ALL committed by Pandavs or Krisna.

    1. using women as shield because bhisma can’t attack, because it’s against the rule, then striking behind the women and killing bhisma. Pandavs: 1
    2. Krisna turns sun dark, so the opposition thinks its the end of day and they retreat. Then pandavs attack and kill half the enemies. – But that’s ok, coz krisna’s the avatar and he’s allowed to cheat? Pandavs: 2
    But when asswathama goes to pandavs camp at night and kills ppl, suddenly it’s NOT okay, and he’s cursed with bearing all the sins and sorrow till the end of kalyug? There’s actually NO JUSTICE in that! Pandavs : 2, Kauravs: 1
    3. Not to mention you go to Drona, lie and tell him his son’s dead (which he’s not) so he gets depressed and then you kill him when he’s defenseless. Pandavs :3, Kauravs:1
    4. You already mentioned Karna, why does a man so virtuous get cursed – half of them orchestrated by krisna, because krisna wants HIM to die on kurukhetra? Pandavs :4, Kauravs:1
    5.Even duryodhana (the supposed ‘bad guy’ – who tbh is roughly the same as the good guys) is killed by a hit below belt, unfair and illegal. Pandavs :5, Kauravs:1

    Keep in mind the kaurav crime commited was the actually the last underhanded tactics in the war – poor asswathhama got so tired of pandavs killing his family and allies unfairly eventually flipped – I can’t blame him!

    It’s like getting Hitler and Stalin to fist fight, and then Stalin won because gods liked him thanks to him red costume and vodka. And god’s mercedes broke down yesterday so he’s feeling pretty angry abt german engineering right now.

    And btw I’d loooove to hear a hindu’s theory on how krisna brought the sun down or ganesha’s head was replaced with an elephant’s and everything worked fine!

    You can’t can you? You’re pretty defenseless when someone with actual knowledge of your scriptures comes along. The other guys have just been shooting in the dark.

    P.S: I’m not EVEN a christian. but at least the prophet’s less of a jerk than krisna. MAN that guy’s a dick

    • Yes I h ave read Mahavarata or Ramayan or Vagabath Gita, and many others. Like all scriptures of the world have a certain amount of mythology within them. But all mythology has either a purpose of telling the story, or some short of truth to an actual event’s. At times, it can be distorted, and twisted, by time, and oral traditions of telling of the various stories. Our Bible scriptures, have stories, mythology, even taken from other sources, and or religions.

      Some believe that the story of Noah, was an actual ancient story taken from a the story of Gilgamesh. Check it out. There are many other stories, that came from oral tradition, passed down from many generations. Unfortunately like all stories, mythology, scriptures can and does get distorted over time. Different names, are given, but the story line remains the same, or similar.

  31. “But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.” – 1 Corinthians 10:20 –

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12 –

    You fail to grasp that throughout human history mankind has been manipulated by beings dimensionally, psychically and technologically superior to us; and the so-called ‘divinities’ of the pagan traditions are simply these astral creatures at work. NONE can escape their infernal clutches EXCEPT those who seek refuge in Christ.

    • Was not Abraham, justified in faith of God our Father, and was he not he Saved, as many others, Moses etc. Is is not the mercy of God, our Father, and First Cause, and Creator of all, the way and the truth. As Jesus Christ, has given his testament to mankind.

      Do you really believe, that our Heavenly Father, and our Brother Jesus Christ would leave, any of his children, in harms way?From another disobedient child of God. You need to open you mind, and have faith, not fear.

      Christians, are not the only children of God. We are all children of God. You need to come to a realization, that not all scripture is the word of God. The Bible Like all scriptures, have the will and the word of both man, and God. You need to read scriptures, with the discerning Heart, of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the highest Morality of all Love as God Has Loved Us, All of God’s Children. You need to stop, thinking that you, and other Christians are the only Children of God. The Jew’s think, they are the only True Children of God. The Muslims think they are the only True Children of God. We, you are all arrogate, in your beliefs. Arrogance is Pride, Pride has all sorts of evil intent. Have Faith, for in our Faith is true Salvation, and Mercy. Try to realize that God’s revelation to his children does not stop, at the Bible, scriptures. The way and the Truth and the Life, is the journey to our Heavenly Father, that our Lord Jesus has Shown us the way. Expand your mind, to the love of God for all his Children. Stop this ancient, understanding of Mankind, and let the Holy Spirit of truth to bring you to the Word of God………… Respect God our Father, for in true Love, there is NO FEAR. Most institutionalize Religion’s of today, are Crystallized, in their belief structure of God. With all sorts, of Creeds, and Believes, that represent, ancient mans understanding of the will and word of God…… The World needs to expand, their religious Believes, and understanding the will and the word of God. If we do not, the world will remain, in true darkness, and stagnate within their own Arrogance, and ignorance. The Gift, and the curse of free will is evident, in this world today. You can blame Satan, for all that is going on, or You can take responsibility of your own actions, and inaction’s. Evil, error, mistakes are not doing the will of God, and God’s Will is to Love as Jesus, God the Father Has Loved Us. Jesus Died, on the Cross as an example of his LOve for Us all. His resurrection, is the prof, to mankind of Life after Death.

  32. It’s amazing how people with Hindu sounding names are abusing Hinduism the most here ( neo-converts maybe). This is probably because of the propaganda fed by Pastors in Central and Southern India. I once went to a Church In Central State of Madhya Pradesh and the pastor there was busy abusing Hinduism in front of poor triabls who had recently converted. I felt pity at both the pastors and the poor tribals. Obviously the pastor was a man of shallow understanding and in no position to teach something as complex as faith and religion. Please don’t expect faith to be simple, otherwise why would god give us long lives if the riddle was so simple. I am a proud Hindu who believes in Dharma, Karma and Yoga, but I never had disrespect for people who were trying to find their salvation through different means. This is simply not the way of Sanatan Dharma and off shots ( Buddhist, Jains, Sikhs) . Please contrast this with what you follow.

    • I believe, it is the x smoker, factor. Usually an X smoker, after they have quit, they Hate the smell of Tobacco. It is a lot of times the same for Religions; especially if, that new religion has had a profound effect on their, life.

      The message of Christ, is a compelling message of Love. If you love as Jesus, God our Father has loved us. You become, reborn in the spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit. You then reflect, on your passed ways, and realize how far you were from the will and the word of God. Now some people, forget where they came from, before they received the spirit of Truth. Their intolerance, of others become at times fanatical, and extreme. They forget, that as you Judge others, you will be Judged. If God, can forgive you of your Sins, error’s Mistakes. Why can he not forgive others.
      We need to have more tolerance for each other, and forgive each other sins, errors and Mistakes. We must realize, that our relationship with God our Father, of All is a personal relationship.

      This X smoker, effect, at times becomes, not Love. But Hatred, and intolerance, of others, form of Smoking (religion), or perceived error, or sin. The most important Factor, that God Judges, mankind is their motive, and Content of their hearts. For Love, will cover a multitude of Sin, or Error, Mistakes.

      To Judge a religion, is to look at the Highest Morality of God. If it Fall’s Short, of the Love of God For Us All. It is not From God. Our destiny, hopefully, is towards God our Fathers, perfection. The spark of God, is within us all. The Kingdom of God, is within us all. That is, what most religions have in common, not all. Hinduism, Believes we are all god, or a part of God’s Perfection, is already here. Christianity, believes we come from imperfection, and our Goal is perfection of God’s will, and word.
      Some Christian’s believe, that Hinduism, promotes immorality, in their concept of God, Gods. That they portray, reflect human, immorality within their scriptures of their God’s. But what some Christians believe, is also reflected immorality in our own scriptures, and God, not all. Hinduism, is man’s attempted, of higher enlightenment though an evolving understanding through death and rebirth. Christianity is the realization, that man can never do it alone, with out God. The resurrection of an New life, eternal with God. No need for rebirth, and death again, and again. That is the message of Christianity. It is your Faith, in God, lord Jesus Christ, that brings you to Higher understanding……. We all pray to the Same God. For in truth their is only One God, and Christianity, and Hinduism do agree. The various aspects of God, I believe is in essence, the Trinity of the one God, in multiple of God’s as the children of God. Maybe, we are all, in a way a Trinity, in embryo form of God our Father of All. Just a thought, and I do not mean, any disrespect to any one.

  33. i was born a christian. However i found it very difficult to comprehend and i began question it. Christianity says, that you can only reach the father through jesus. But what about people living in remote countries, who have never even heard of christianity? What about babies who die soon after they are born? are they all condemned to the depths of hell because they didn’t know about christianity? What about the people who lived before jesus set foot on this earth?
    I was very confused, so i caught up with a couple of friends of mine who told me that they do what ever jesus did. That also got me thinking about eating meat. i must admit that i have a soft spot for animals. My friends said that christians eat meat because jesus ate meat. that seemed to make sense to me, but then i thought: jesus resurrected himself from the dead, but christians cannot do that. He also parted the waters as he crossed an ocean but christians cannot do that. The bible also taught us about a lot of things including peace. so tolerance would would automatically fall under peace, but when i went to my church on sunday i found that my good christian friends were condemning the other religions claiming that they were all a bunch of crap.
    So i decided to do my own research and looked into a lot of religions and found that hinduism fell under my liking. Like you’ve probably heard, it is very confusing. But the more i read the more, i seemed to like it and the more it made sense. Hinduism has only one god. That god has form, shape, size or gender. God has many manifestations. Hinduism believes that are many ways to reach god or attain salvation. also another interesting thing about hinduism is that there is no conversions like christianity. You just follow the beliefs of that religion. Also the practice of respecting cows seemed absurd to me initially but then it made sense. Cows yield milk. With milk, you can make butter, cheese, yoghurt, and many other things, which are considered as delicacies. Milk itself contains calcium and instead people are butchering the poor creature. Interestingly, cows are one of the few creatures that cannit survive on their own. they need to be milked frequently otherwise they develop a disease (forgive me i cannot remember the name) which can be fatal. i did research and this has been found to be true.
    One of the best things that i love about hinduism is that you don’t need to die like in christianity before you meet the father. In hinduism, realising god with deep devotion can lead you to see god in this human form.
    A good place to start for westerners such as myself who are interested in this wonderful religion is ISKON. I found that a lot of Westerners who were interested got answers in ISKON.
    Anyway good day to all of you. God bless you all i wish nothing but the very best for you all. May you spread peace and joy wherever you go.

    • It is good to look into other religions, and there scriptures. You will always find a common thread in all religions to varying degrees. I personally have found that eastern religions are more accepting of a new revelation of whom God is. But like all religions, they have or had a renaissance period of enlightenment. Also like all religions, they become crystallize in an ever increasing stagnation of an institutionalize religion.

      This usually comes about, in an every increase parade of religious rituals. This is usually where the rituals, become more important then the quest for God himself. All short ‘s of religious observant’s become a cascade of distraction, and at times a point of contention between people of similar faiths. The Book of Deuteronomy, is filled with such laws, religious observant’s. Some make practical sense, as far as daily living, but are of little use of spirituality.

      Eating of Foods, Meat, vegetables etc, have more to do with geographical location, and climate of people, then true religious observances of the ordinance of any religious faith.

      India, being a typical warm climate area, with a large population would gear themselves to more a vegetarian diet, because of an increased growing season. As well as venation, of the Cow, has more to do with practicalities of daily living. They would get more out of a Cow, alive then if it was slaughtered for it’s Meat. .

      Colder northern climate regions would have a much shorter growing season then their brethren of the south. Because of this fact, food, Vegetables, and Grains would be seasonal for the people, and their domesticated farm animals… The Fall Slaughter of animals, was a necessary process to thin out the herd, for winter survival of the people, and their live stock. Plus the necessary fats derived from meat eating, gave
      them an edge in surviving the cold harsh winters .

      The veneration of the Cow, in India, and the revolution of eating such meats. Is very similar to westerners veneration of the K 9, dog, and their repulsion of eating dog meat.

      Well good Luck in your continue studies of Hinduism. I can understand why you are looking else where for answers of various questions of Christianity, quest for God. The Bible, like all scriptures are very limited, and do not give complete answers to all questions. Especial, about Children, that die, early in life, and people that have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, etc.

      You maybe interested, in what many believe is a new revelation. If you are open minded, it may help answer some of your questions about Christianity, and Jesus Christ himself.. But like anything else, answer always lead to more questions. Well, try the Urantia Book, you need to keep an open mind when reading. It is not perfect, but it comes very close. I have to warn you, most Fundamentalist Christians believe it is the works of the devil himself. Well, my opinion, they give to much credit to Satan, and not enough faith in God. Even Jew’s of time of Christ called him a demon, or the devil himself. It is on the internet, and I believe it will help. Well, God’s Speed, and may God bless you, and keep you. Have faith, and the Holy Spirit, will guild you into all truth.

      Try some Meditation, if you have not already. Learn Kriya, is a special, Technic, to higher meditation. Jesus Christ Meditated, and prayed all the time. For some reasons, meditation seems to be lost, by most christian churches.

      • i tried meditation i was depressed.Jesus was peace Why would he do that stupid practice.Jesus was love hope why would he waste time in that practices invented by demon possessed hindu people who believe in rubbish lies that will lead to nowhere hell.the more studied hindism the more confused and empty i was. I turned to jesus and he gave me peace wholeness love that hindism didn’t.all Hindu men i date gave me pain disrespect.I never want marry a crazy Hindu.ur caste system crazy.u treat poor ur own people with no love respect.poor people no better that rich.u worship animals creation and bow down to idols dead like u all.ur racist too only want Indians marry ur own culture woman.u go hell if u reject what christ done on cross.he given us everything his body blood and made a way go Heaven.u curse jesus mock us.

  34. No lionized defender of Hinduism is willing to consider that it is a religion inspired by wicked beings from another dimension of reality masquerading as ‘divinities’ and inducing a false experience of ‘enlightenment’ in devotees. Also, transmigration of souls is the DUMBEST, MOST LAUGHABLE doctrine in the world.

    • Lionized status, hmm, Popular status, or understanding. I can under why you think they way that you do. I was once, where you are now. What change my mind over the 40 plus years of bible study. Was the concept, and the belief, in the inerrant word of God in scripture.
      I use to hear, from the fundamentalist, that you either accept the complete word of the bible or you reject the complete word of the Bible. I personally struggle with this very concept, and I like many others, have come to an understanding that scriptures are not, the complete understanding of Whom God is.
      The Bible like any other other scriptures, have the word of God, and man. This realization, will never completely become absorbed into all of mankind. Until the fulfillment, of Christ promise to come again. Only at that time, will we begin to understand the will and the true word of God.

      Nothing I can say, to you will ever change your mind. It is your choose to believe, and it is your God give right, of free will. But, I like to remind you, all new revelations of God, from the prophets down to Jesus Christ himself. Were receive with, disbelief, and for most a death sentence.

      Just to make this clear, I am not prophet, or anything period. Just another confused, Child of God. God is not a God of Confusion, but His, God’s Children are, and have been in a state of Confusion for a long time. It does reflect, in the religions, and scriptures of the world in the past, and today.. That includes Christianity. Faith, is the Grace of God, to his children. May you call him, Allah, Vishnu, Father, so one. We all pray to one God, with many aspects. Our Faith is in God.

      Is it Fear, that dictates your Faith, or should it be, your Faith that over comes your Fear?

    • Well, we have already said, your teachings are too shallow to understand Hinduism. Form is not central to divinity, it is the divine which is central. Good luck to you in getting your Moksha. By the way, people just die and either burn in hell or enjoy heaven appears to be more lunatic to me. And the fact that some say you can enter heaven only through one specific route is laughable, seems to me that your GOD is megalomaniac.

      • All of our understanding are limited, no matter what religion we are in. We each have a piece of the puzzle that is God. It can be frustrating at times, dealing with different religions, and there perceptions. We need to try to understand, but not all will. We are all Children of God. Hinduism, can be a wonderful religion, but like all religions only have part of truth of whom God Is. I truly believe, all should look into other religions and scripture. There are many religions, but truly only One God. With many aspects of whom God is. We all prayer to the Same God, or aspects of God’s. We have more in common, then some may realize. We all should try to understand the various teaching of whom God is.

      • “Well, we have already said, your teachings are too shallow to understand Hinduism. Form is not central to divinity, it is the divine which is central. Good luck to you in getting your Moksha. By the way, people just die and either burn in hell or enjoy heaven appears to be more lunatic to me. And the fact that some say you can enter heaven only through one specific route is laughable, seems to me that your GOD is megalomaniac.”

        God is the one who determines the mode and avenue of human salvation, not puny, mortal man. Hinduism is an overly anthropocentric religion with little knowledge of the salvific and sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit.

        I now reproduce the following due to its timely relevance:

        “But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.” – 1 Corinthians 10:20 –

        “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12 –

        You, like most deluded persons, fail to grasp that we live in a predatory cosmos, and that throughout human history mankind has been manipulated by beings dimensionally, psychically and technologically superior to us. Additionally, the so-called ‘divinities’ of the pagan traditions are these pernicious INTERDIMENSIONAL creatures in disguise. Why is this so hard for so many to grok? These beings will soon enough openly manifest themselves upon the Earth plane, and NONE will escape their infernal clutches EXCEPT those who seek refuge in Christ.

        • Why would God, our Father create this type of Universe you believe in? I believe that most Christians, look at the books of Daniel, and Revelation as something that has not already occurred. You may want to look into these books in a different point of View. Being a Preterist, I view, and many others, as Most of the book of Daniel, and Revelation has already occurred. Pentecost was the turning point, in this universe, and others. The Wars, that the bible talks about Was World I and II. The Beast, that was refereed to in revelation, was the Empire Caligula, Anti Christi, and Hitler in WWII.. It was a time of great, persecution of the early Christian during the time of the Book of Revelations. This is why the book of revelation, was written so obscure to fool, the Empire Caligula at this time. The early Christian knew this fact, when they heard the revelation of the Book of Revelation.
          Now I can be wrong, But it is my faith in the Love of God, for us all that over comes my fear. Through out History, mankind has always misinterpreted scripture. The Fear, that most, some Christians have in my opinion, and many others is misdirected. For there is No Fear, in Love. A fear based religion, is ancient mankind understanding of God. They mankind has always, feared there environment. Earth quakes, and floods etc.was interpreted as vengeance of God on his disobedient Children. Fear is what Jesus Christ come to over come, with Faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Bridge to our Heavenly Father, and the first cause of Creation it self.
          I use to be, where you are today. The scriptures, are not with out error, misinterpretations do occur. Why didn’t the Jew’s at the time of Jesus Christ recognize him?
          God created, this universe, with free will. It is through this free will we have a choice to believe or not to believe. The confusion that goes on, through out the world. Is our attempt to understand God, from a point of imperfection, to understand the perfection of God’s will. As mankind’s understanding of God, increases, so will our understanding of God’s perfection of his will. Our Journey is through Imperfection to Perfection of God our Fathers Will. For our will, and God’s will to be One. As Jesus Christ has shown us the way, to our heavenly Father. God Knows, we are all going to make mistakes. God our Father, Judges us by our content of our Hearts, and Minds. What was, or are, our true intent. God knows, our potential, beforehand, and our thoughts before we know our own. The Grace that God, Has given us through Faith in him, is the mercy that he has for all of God’s Children. No one, can take us out of heavenly Fathers Hands. That Faith, is our Armor, against all that try to circumvent God’s Will. Which is Impossible! In the long run. All error, sin is a temporary, In God’s perfection.
          In order for us to have free will. Imperfection was, and are part of the universes that God our Father has created for all of his children. It is through these experiences, is how our Heavenly Father teaches his Children. How would we know, perfection if we never experienced imperfection.? How would we Know, God’s Will. from man’s Will? The answer for me, and others, is the Love of God has for us all. Christ, gave us the freedom, to realize, we are forgiven of our Sins. This was part of the revelation of Jesus Christ, God to all of his Children. Very important part! In our faith, and Repented heart, there is forgiveness, and mercy for all.

  35. . lord shiva is the father of this earth. and everything created by him .i am not saying any religion worst.
    those who want to see the power of lord shiva come to amarnath to see the magical lingam.
    come to rameshwaram and
    see the real floating stone. ramsethu . god is only one lord shiva .and which religion beliving on it this also great .. Hindu love you

  36. . lord shiva is the father of this earth. and everything created by him .i am not saying any religion worst.
    those who want to see the power of lord shiva come to amarnath to see the magical lingam.
    come to rameshwaram and
    see the real floating stone. ramsethu . god is only one lord shiva .

    DATE : 26-10-2012






    • Marriage can be a very stressful time, for anyone. You need to take time, in prayer and meditation on our Lord, and savor Jesus Christ. Through our Heavenly Father, will give us the spirit of Truth. Remember brother, for in your Faith is true salvation, people can and do make mistakes, sin. It does start from our own thoughts. I will pray for you, and your family. But you must also realize, to try to use practical sense when dealing with Family. With the Highest Morality of all Love, as God, has Loved us all. Regret, is a terrible thing, but be assured in your faith. For God does forgive, all Sin. He does know, his children at times will stumble, and fall. God will Be there, to Pick you up, and bring you into his loving Arms. You are Loved, and through the Love, and Mercy of God is Our Salvation. So Fear not, For God Love’s you, and he knows you heart.

  38. Before the born of yeshu in which god your christan people beliving ?and

    • Which God Do you Believe in before Jesus? The One, and The Same, Jesus Christ, is one aspect of The same God. The creator of All, aspects or in Hindu terms God’s. The Holy Trinity, is the 3 in one aspects, of one God. This is an understanding that are similar, in both Hinduism, An Christianity.

      The Christian, understanding is you can never reach enlightenment on your own, With out God! It is your Faith, that grant’s all, to true enlightenment, and salvation. Jesus Christ, is one part of the Whole, true aspect. It is not the name of the aspect of God, Vishnu, Jesus Christ. Brahma God the Father, Shiva, the Holy Spirit. That is truly important, in may opinion. It is all the same, God, the one and the only God, that existed before time itself. The God of no beginning, and no End. The alpha, and the omega. ? This concept, is at time’s hard to understand, even for most Christians. The Trinity, aspect of the 3 aspects, of one true God, is and has always been a confusing, and debated aspect of Christianity. But in truth, this aspect of God, has been an ancient understanding of most Hindu’s. The origin, came out of Hinduism, and adopted within some of the Christians today, but rejected by Muslim, and the Jewish faith.

      The Ten Commandments That originated out of Judaism
      You shall have no other gods before me.
      You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand {generations} of those who love me and keep my commandments.
      You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.
      Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your manservant or maidservant, nor your animals, nor the alien within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.
      Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.
      You shall not murder.
      You shall not commit adultery.
      You shall not steal.
      You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.
      You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.�

      Hinduism, is the first religion, until a new revelation of God, came forth from Judaism. Out of Judaism, a new revelation came From Jesus Christ, Vishnu, and Christianity emerged. It is the same God, with different understanding.

      My question, I personally wonder what will the next revelation be? Will we hear it, or even recognize it when it does Come?

      Christians like other religions feel it is their duty, to promote Jesus Christ teaching to others. It is not done, most of the times for selfish gain. It is done out of Jesus Christ message, the ultimate Commandment. To Love As Jesus Christ, God Our Father, The Holy Spirit Loves Us. That is the Highest Morality, and covers All of The Ten Commandment, and much more. The motivation, of the Higher Morality is Love. Love, as God Has Loved Us All his Children. That is the motive of most Christians, trying to spread the word. Simply put, You can not do it on your own, God, Love and Mercy will lift all to God our Father. Through Jesus Christ! It is that simple! Mankind, needs God, to become enlighten, Saved. You can never reach, purity of heart, and knowledge with out God. If you believe, in God, your Faith will be your way to God, through Christ, Vishnu.

  39. It doesnt matter what the sriptures teach.what matters is what the followers are doing!christians go to poor wretched people in India andconvert them by enticing them with money and this is a true fact ..jesus was great but how evil some christians are!
    Hinduism on the other hand is undoubtably a peaceful religion.

  40. It doesnt matter whats written in the scriptures,what matters is what the followers are doing.Christians go to poor, wretched people in india
    iand coinvert them by enticing with money tand this is is an unarguably true fact.Being a muslim also i feel hinduism is a undoubtably secular and peaceful religion

    • Yes Hinduism, is a Peaceful religion, and all the World, religion.s can learn something from our fellow brothers and sisters of Hindu Faith.

      Christianity has an does convert, people to the teachings of Christ. Which is part of the answer to God our Father. But in truth you can never buy, some one into a religion, or belief structure. You can only present, the teaching, and through these teaching the truth will ring the loudest. The spirit of Truth, can be understood, by the willing whom are seeking the truth. Each religion has had a part of the Revelation of God our Father of All. Each of us hold the key, to understand of the will and the word of God It is Mankind’s will and word, that distort, and promote discourse between all the Children of God. The Highest Morality of God, is to Love as God, has loved us all. If any scripture, or teaching, religion goes against this Perfect Morality of God. It is not From God, our Father of All, it is from man, and it is limited, to mankind’s understanding. No religion should ever use cohesion, to convert. May that be, Money or by War, by the sword, not matter what the religious scriptures say. If it does not come From Love, it does not come from God.

      • Carl you wrote:
        “No religion should ever use cohesion, to convert. May that be, Money or by War, by the sword, not matter what the religious scriptures say. If it does not come From Love, it does not come from God.”

        I totally agree with you but this should also include not forcing people NOT to convert as you well know our peaceful Hindu friends in India are doing…

  41. Keep questioning, don’t accept things just because it is written somewhere. Questioning leads to getting better as it leads to understanding, understanding of everything… it is endless. We humans will never understand everything, understanding a point leads to more questions and we will keep going forever. As it goes in a famous Vedantic proverb, when you try to understand ALL/ONE, you realize that the ALL/ONE is neither this nor that. Trust yourself and try this with an open mind and you will find yourself in the same dilemma faced by an innocent and fertile mind: “neti neti” 🙂

    If you just follow things written somewhere then you will become a slave. Have you realized that slaves never question, they just follow like a sleep-walker. Ones who question they are not slave anymore. Open your eyes, wake up. Open up your mind and decide things for yourself. That’s the summary of Vedantic/Sanatan wisdom.

    Most of the religions were outcomes of contemporary socio-political rebellions/corrections against existing systems. Nobody knows how Hinduism came into existence, but without doubts it didn’t fall from sky, it must have been created by contemporary humans to solve contemporary social/political problems.

    All new things start shining, they look perfect. In course of time everything gets old and weak. Humans, yes we humans, start exploiting anything that is popular. Naturally the shine wanes away and instead of serving people it starts destroying them. What follows is no brainer. New systems come to life or say evolve.

    I might be wrong, totally wrong but this is what I have discovered so far by constantly questioning myself and the phenomena around me. After all my mind is my mind, it can’t be yours. My experiences are mine, it can never be yours. I took birth with it and I will die with it, erasing all with death. So I need to get better by polishing my thoughts ever and forever till I meet my end.

    As an old Brij proverb goes “Adhajal gagari chhalkat jaaye” =>
    “A not filled vessel always spills” =>
    Little knowledge is dangerous.

    Have fun! 🙂

    • I like what you have written, very well said. Our quest for God, should never ever end. We all need to search for God, in our own way. Always questioning, moving closure, to God’s Perfection, and understanding. Sharing all we have with our Brothers, and Sisters. To Love each other, the way that God loves us All is the Highest Morality. We are one Family, in God, our Father of All, creation.

    • Ahuteki,

      You wrote: “If you just follow things written somewhere then you will become a slave.”

      I take it you are a Hindu. It is also very plain from your comment. Did you ever question Hinduism? Did you ever study and investigate the life and claims of Jesus Christ as revealed in the bible with a humble heart wanting to know the truth and challenge your Hindu thought?

      What, for example do you make of your consciousness of your own private sin? The fact that you are a liar, a thief and an adulterer at heart etc? What does Hinduism say about it and what do Jesus say? Did you ever consider the holiness of God, His justice and his anger against all unrighteousness. If He is not angry, then He cannot be holy. Did you ever seriously consider this or is the topic too hot to handle for you? If so, then who is the slave?

  42. Be practicle ……….
    May I knw Frm religion wot we get?? evry religion teach us 2 become gud man . religion dnt say 2 prove our relation is better Thn others Thn why we r fighting 2 prove that .

  43. The problem is that the ‘gods’ of these pagan religions are actually extraterrestrials/extradimensionals pretending to be gods–it’s that simple.

    • And how do you know the FATHER of your Jesus is not an extra TT himself? Comon grow up. We all know Gods are supposed to be everywhere, that makes them extra TT correct?

      • Yogi, Sean is a fearful Christian, he believes that all but, Our heaven Father, and our lord Jesus Christ, are demons. This is the point of view, of most Christians, not all. He is stuck in a mindset, that does not enable himself to believe, that God our Father of all, has many names, in many religions. Brahma , Vishnu, Shiva. God our Father, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit. The trinity concept. They are the same, they are the one, the true God. Our heavenly Father, was never created. He was, the first, the only non created God, Sons of God. Sean believes, that they are inter dimensional beings, that are the demons. Trying to sway us, from the truth of Jesus Christ, . He believes, that the war, of Good, and evil is still at hand Literally . All that do not come to the father through Jesus Christ, will be Lost. This is why, Christian try to spread the word, or our Lord Jesus Christ. In a way, they are trying to spread the word, to help all of mankind. For lord Jesus Christ, Vishnu in Hindu terms is the way, to our heavenly father, Brahma.

        • Carl you wrote:

          “For lord Jesus Christ, Vishnu in Hindu terms is the way, to our heavenly father, Brahma.”

          Please show in your scriptures where this is written? Try the Vedas or the Puranas? It is just something that was made up by, I think Prabupadah from ISKON in Durban to confuse the lines between Christianity and Vishnu in order to make Christian mission work harder.

          But then, that is the nice thing about Hinduism. There is no absolute truth. Everything is true. You may therefore go sit and meditate outside and design a god after your own liking, give him a name and worship it. You will not be corrected and say that you must worship the gods revealed in the Vedas, will you? Gods that were important in the Vedas became unimportant in later centuries. How is that possible! Not so in Christianity. Its revelation is consistent through all centuries…

      • How do we know?

        We know because the Bible declares that there is an entire host of metaphysical beings — thrones, dominions, principalities and powers — evilly disposed towards humanity. They are masters of deception. See Ephesians 6:12.

        As Mr Deshpal (Paul) Sandhu writes in his e-article titled ‘What Is The Real Matrix?’ Part 3:

        “The Bible describes a hierarchy of the satanic energy grid as:

        1. Thrones
        2. Dominions
        3. Principalities
        4. Powers

        (a) ‘Powers’ are spirits that attach themselves to individuals, and travel with them. This does not mean that the person is demon-possessed; it is an influencing energy, like an aura, that surrounds a person and clouds his mind; that influences the person’s emotional and mental state.

        (b) ‘Principalities’ are spirits that dominate a given geographical area. This is why different towns and cities have a personality of their own. Germans in Dusseldorf may be serious and industrious, whereas Brazilians in Rio may be much more lackadaisical and live for fun, not work.

        (c) ‘Dominions’ are regional spirits that rule over a wider area, over nations and regions. These are the spirits that give nations their character.

        (d) ‘Thrones’, of which Satan’s throne is the most powerful, are global spirits that rule over the systems of the world, particularly economic, political and religious. They devise systems of banking, of commerce, of education, politics, religion, and all aspects of the human systems of governance on this planet.

        . . . .

        “This is the Real Matrix, a prison for the mind that has been very carefully crafted and that covers every square inch of the planet and extends into space for only God knows how far. It is a network of sight and sound, of images and emotions, of passions and sentiments, a babble of sounds and of sensory enticements that shroud a person’s mind like a cocoon around a pupa. Every person born on this planet is plugged into this Real Matrix, into this Satanic consciousness…. It literally takes an act of God to free them from this prison and reveal to them the ethereal, the spiritual, the higher dimension within which alone can they find the purpose of their existence. This act of God is very much an unplugging, as that of Neo in the movie: unplugging from one consciousness, that of Satan, the flesh, the body, the natural to that of God, the soul, the ethereal, the spiritual. Just as in the movie Neo could not have unplugged himself, neither can we; this power belongs to God alone and is executed by His only-begotten Son Jesus Christ–believe it and be freed. Don’t believe it and remain a slave in the prison for your mind that you cannot see, hear, touch, taste or smell; but the Real Matrix is everywhere. The Real Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth, and the god of this Matrix is Satan, the liar, the deceiver, the murderer, the enemy of your very soul.”

        I could not say it better myself.

        • I agree Satan has this world in deception through media education false religious beliefs and culture bondage.only prayer gospel preaching can free minds of people and set slaves free.only bible truth will set them free from sin and lies.Iam a forgiven exslave of satan.jesus set me free.his love power broke open my spiritual prison doors.i studied hindism and buddism found truth peace hope and answers in jesus.

  44. Do you guys know that everyone have their own religion and they respect it so did you know that god will not give you any happiness if you are not respectful to others religion. Every religion have their own important things so there is no religion better than other. That does not mean that just because some Christians thinks that Jesus is god’s son that it means that Christians are idiots and Hindu religion is fantastic. No! And I respect what god says I respect the Bible, The Gita , The Quran e.t.c God wants no violence no bad things about other’s RELIGION! God wants PEACE!

  45. Que. Hinduism Buddhism Jainism Sikhism then why not Christianism ?

    Ans. Because when the Christianity was born, on that time “krishna Niti” was followed by all people around jerusalam or Middle east because this part was under the rule of lord Krishna who was a “Krishna Awataar ”
    that is why who tried to born Christianity named him “Christianity “originated from “krishna niti”

    Que. What is GOD
    Ans : G = Generator means Hindu God “Brahma”
    O= Operator means Hindu God “Vishnu”
    D= Destroyer means Hindu Goad ” Shiva”

    Christianity made his god like this from Hinduism concepts

    Que. 33 crores God
    Ans. its not 33 crores, it is “Type’

    So many things here, not possible to write which can prove that there was no Jesus in history..it was only a story for making fool

    • Really, your just as bad as Sean. Vishnu came down as avitar, many times, why not again as our Lord Jesus Christ, maybe the last time, or again, as Christians believe.

      • There is no relation between Jesus and Vishnu. During the 4000 years prior to His birth, God prepared the world for the coming of Jesus through the prophetic word. By the time Jesus was born, his birthplace, tribe, work, suffering and death and many other detail was already known. The purpose of God doing this is that we can know who His anointed is.

        Jesus therefore stands on the testimony of 40 prophets living in different generations and who came from different classes of life and everyone added to the puzzle of His life. We had a good sketch of Him BEFORE He came.

        It there something like that for Vishnu? As far as I can make out his avatars has no historical basis unless of course if you can show it?

    • VPS,

      Have you not noticed that there are just about no historical, geographical or narrative information in the Hindu scriptures? It is mostly poetry, worship and rituals etc…
      It is believed that the Hindu scriptures are very old – but without proof yet some scholars still place it as far back as Abraham. If my memory serves me right then the earliest Hindu documents are about 200-300 years before Christ.

      You say there was no Jesus in history, well that is your unscholarly opinion and you call the rest of us fools? Take off your bias and do your homework…

  46. No, because the Hindu concept of ‘avatar’ is different to the Christian concept of ‘incarnation.’

    What will you do when the world is invaded by demonic beings (‘extraterrestrials’) in the future and Vishnu cannot help you?

  47. Is it really that Different, reincarnation, or incarnation. Christ was incarnated, as a man, on Earth, in Hindu terms, an avatar of Vishnu. The Son of Brahma, the Heavenly Father, Shiva, the Holy spirit. Can Christ, Vishnu, Help us all.? I think so. Your fear, is your stumbling block, of Faith in Christ.
    John 10:29 NKJV My father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all: and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s Hands. That includes Demons etc……. So fear not, you and all of us are in our Heavenly Fathers Hands. Let me ask you a question, is God’s love Conditional, or Unconditional. Is it Not, the Grace of God, a Free Gift from Our Heavenly Father to his children. We are all God’s Children. Even if Some do not recognize their Heavenly Father. Our Heavenly Father know’s his Children. As a Father, he believes in his Children, even when his children do not believe in him. All Things are possible with our Heavenly Father. My you call him by a different name, or not.

    • Carl, you are misrepresenting Jesus. You have taken statements from Him that agrees with Hindu philosophy. Why not take all His statements?
      He never called the Heavenly Father the God of everyone on earth. He said that the condition to access the Father is through Him alone. He also said that the father of many are the devil! He made a distinction, you don’t!
      God loves all people but He set forth certain conditions if you want to be saved. Salvation is conditional. There is no concept in Hinduism of the lost state of man.
      There is also no concept of absolute holiness, no concept of sin or of repentance. Everything is relative. The God of the bible demands integrity in the inward parts. Big difference.
      If you want to live your life like you want to and still be religious, well then any religion will do but if you want to be holy and righteous then you will be confronted with Christ and His Cross.
      Grace is a free gift only to those who come to the Cross, the rest are still in their sins and will be banished by the loving heavenly Father Himself according to the scriptures…

      • Oh I meant Dean, sorry Sean, he usually comes back. Yes, God wants us to Love each other. He is teaching all of us, exactly that. There will always be the goats and the sheep. The ones that do their own will. The sheep that do the will of God, or at least try. We will all fall short of the glory of God. God forgives all sins, it may take all of time to get there. But God exist out side of time itself. I believe.

  48. Sean you are a tradionalist in your religious views. That believes that God’s love is conditional. I don’t, that differences. God’s Love is Unconditional Love, which is the highest form of Love. Jesus was trying to teach mankind exactly that. We Acient mankind was trapped in our beliefs, as we are today. How does a Blood sacrafice of an animal give you forgiveness for your sins. This was ancient mens understanding of God’s Love was conditional. A scapegoat of sort’s. Christ was to put and end, to all of this Blood sacrafice. No need, for it anymore. It was Christ example, that we should live our lives. Love as God, Jesus has loved Us. Unconditional, Love, the highest Form of Love. Wanting nothing in return.

  49. This is exactly why I cannot seem to find which religion to follow and why I will teach my children that religion exists, but the way they live their lives, the values and morals that they instill in themselves and their children will be what God (the one and only) will respect. Religion was made to separate us and I will not allow it to. God is God. God doesn’t care about what book we read, or which “church” we go to. He wants to see that we live a decent life, one filled with love, care, and one where we help each other. He wants us to be kind to one another, not yell and curse each other out because of the religion we choose to follow.

    There is one God, and too many religions, they can’t all be right and they can’t all be wrong. There are good and bad people in every religion, but when are we going to realize that religion separates us? When will we come to the realization that the only way we can make Him proud is by spreading kindness, helping the poor, feeding the hungry, and sharing the little we are blessed with in this short life?

    My friends, I am only 36 years old, I have two beautiful boys and it scares me sometimes to see that we live in such a tormented world, one with condemn, hate and anger. I know I am only one person, but I hope and pray while I type this message that God will forgive each and everyone of us for we have all sinned and continue to sin.

    May God bless us all!!!

    • Amy I agree with you, God does want us to do those things. Without Jesus sacrifice how can we ever truly have peace? If God truely loved us wouldn’t he give us peace? Can you honestly tell me you’ve dont enough good things in your life to earn your spot in heaven? I worship Yahweh because he is the most righteous and holy God. Yahweh is the epidemy of yin and yang in perfect harmony. Without Jesus though we would be dead to Yahweh but it was his plan from the beginning. If God had never drank his own cup of wrath where would it have to go but be poured out onto us how could we possibly avoid it.

  50. Hi,

    There is no such thing like God or Satan We are the one who created god as well as Satan. Become a good human.


    • Bible teaches in Colossians 1:16 For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. (We Humans doesnt create god)

    • If this is so then how do you explain life? DNA is useless without a cell and a cell can’t make more cells without DNA. Don’t even get me started on metabolism.

  51. The main difference between Hinduism and Christianity:
    1. Christians believe one and only one Son of God – Jesus. Hindus believe in mutiple, periodic ‘Avatars’ or Sons of God – Krishna, Rama etc
    2. Christians believe in one life on earth, Hindus believe in reincarnation (many lives on earth)
    3. Christians believe in ‘original sin’, Hindus believe in Karma

    For all differences/similarities see http://www.hinduismexposed.com

  52. Jesus was an Avatar of Ayyappa, Son of Krisna and Shiva (when Krishna was a Woman named Mohini)…

    • That’s ultimate rubbish u mean to say ur gods r gays n gays can gve birth pls get ur knowledge right yaa…

    • Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
      Bible John 14:6
      Read bible before replying

  53. Infact religion is related to our soul which needs empathy, love, care, support, and all structures are to maintain good and peaceful discipline from micro, mezzo, and macro level of human development spiritually, mentally, and physically/materialistically. No one can live in air, live by air, by water or any nonliving things but our physical body is like a radio or any electronic device where soul is the battery. In order to activate and function well, like we charge the battery to on a radio, we recharge our soul, mind or spirit through various ways and its all objective. Faith is entirely an objective and while in implementation process where we need group of people as an organization to make our work easy and comfortable. When we share our common goals and vision, we can definitely achieve our goals whether spiritual or physical. Its all about tolerance, zero discrimination, and suppressing any barriers to attain the common objective called harmonious co-existence as human being. Its all about freedom of our soul with responsibility. When we organize as faith-based, contradictions may arise but when we really want to progress as an individual, society, and as a nation, Respect to each other definitely matters. Respect is the only common way to bring all together than go very extremist with hatred. All are born equal only capacity and skills may differ. No offending to anyone. Thanks

  54. All the religions lead to same destination i.e. the eternal abode of eternal God.. “I am False , This World (Universe)is false. Only he(eternal God free from bondage of time)and his world(where he receive his devotees and their love)is truth(real truth)”. There should be no discussion in the differences between them. (but similarities between them). Yes you should all be united and teach the atheists the importance of religion..
    You should crave for reasons behind every thing in this material world(Probably you are in human form for the same)( Some will regard reasoning as science which is imagined to be different from religion). But they are just the same. I have many points to prove to the atheists the imp. of religions. Ill mention just one based on matter and antimatter.. You all believe in souls (atman)(probably yes). So what is it . In Bhagwad Gita Lord Krishna tells us that soul cannot be burnt by fire.It cannot be damped by water and so on which is just opp. of material body which can be burnt , damped ,etc. Which suggests to us that souls(real self)(which originated from God)have opp. characteristics to that of material body(which is supposed to die one or the other day ) Science also describes antimatter and matter to be different in all aspects .But showing dual nature it suggests that antimatter and matter are destroyed when in contact. Matter can be destroyed and antimatter is opp.of matter then how it can be destroyed .. So, the conclusion is that souls , eternal living God and his eternal abode are antimatter (which are not this material)and cannot be destroyed by anything . So, we should leave the thoughts of looking good or making this material(which can be destroyed) body look Beautiful but should constantly think upon God to reach his eternal abode(by salvation by following yoga and vedas). One more thing Jesus was not God but son of God (as mentioned in Bible) and is personal (having a personal form i.e. he is not light , love or speech . For more info. go to the link below.

  55. The article ( as it stands now), is one of the best in minimal expression read, except for the error at the end.

    Christianity is in recent recorded history as pls, as Judaism in that Christians were Jews, whom accept/ believe truth of Jesus Christ is the Messiah. As a result the Gospel or Good News was proclaimed to all the world: Jew & Gentile. Christianity holds to Old Testament & New Testament, non devoid of one another.

    Also, in terms of the ” beginning” tradition passed down ( unchanging unlike in Hinduism) held to the beginning of Creation & Old Earth Great Flood…but formal recorded history is judged by non Christians as beginning in Judaism recorded history.

  56. is it true that Hindus believe in multiple gods? if it is so they why we say that there is only 1 god and has different types?

  57. Jesus loves you all..stay blessed

  58. Hinduism is the most funny and babyish religion in the world. The lord Vishnu had 9 avatars and one is as Krshna, so this Krshna, watched naked woman bath, tease them, throw stones at them and ran away with their cloths while they were bathing. Also he would returned those clothes to them after they had pleaded with him. It says this Krishna guy marries 16,108 women. lol – yes, krishna is worthy to worship, 😉
    Then Saraswathi, she was a daughter of Brahma and after some times she married his own father and became a wife of Brahma. how pestiferous is it? they are more story,

    check and laugh

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