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communismCommunism vs Fascism

Though some people may term communism and fascism as the two sides of the same coin, they are different in their ideology and other aspects. Communism is a socio economic system that stands for a class less, state less and an egalitarian society. Fascism is an ideology that tries to bring together radical and authoritarian nationalism.

Fascism became popular between 1919 and 1945 and the term has become an epithet for all bad things. Fascism originally referred to the Fascists under Benito Mussolini. Communism became popular after the Bolshevik Revolution of Russia in 1917. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels is considered to be the bible of communism. The authoritative document of Fascism is “The Doctrine of Fascism.

Communism stands for a stateless society where all are equal. No one is rich or poor in a communist system. In Communism, it is the community that holds the production and the major resources. On the other hand, Fascism pertains to state and it considers state on top of everything. In fascism the state is all embracing. For the fascists, no human values exist outside the state. Fascism believes that everything is within the State and nothing is above the State or outside the State or against the State. Fascism believes in nationalism (includes economic nationalism), corporatism (includes economic planning), militarism and totalitarianism (dictatorship and social interventionism).

The Communists think globally where as the Fascists think only in a national level.

In communism, the state is the custodian of everything and it is the state that owns everything. On the other hand, in Fascism, the state has control over everything. In simple words, Communism means state ownership and fascism means state control.

Fascism is derived from Italian fascio meaning bundle. Communism comes from French communisme, meaning common.

1.Communism is a socio economic system that stands for a class less, state less and an egalitarian society. Fascism is an ideology that tries to bring together radical and authoritarian nationalism.
2.Fascism became popular between 1919 and 1945. Communism became popular after the Bolshevik Revolution of Russia in 1917.
3.The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels is considered to be the bible of communism. The authoritative document of Fascism is “The Doctrine of Fascism.
4. Communism stands for a stateless society where all are equal. Fascism pertains to state and it considers state on top of everything

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  1. Both entities have one thing in common; they are entirely UNAMERICAN!

    • Duh! It didnt happen in America did it?!

      • It is now under the joker. Dictator, fascist, socialist, communist are the same. Liberals like to make them different.

        • @Jeremy (June 24, 2012): “It is now under the joker. Dictator, fascist, socialist, communist are the same. Liberals like to make them different.”

          You… didn’t even bother to read the above article at all, did you?

          • I read the article and I agree, these are all just different phases of totalitarianism/collectivism/communism. Remember the art of marxist genius is doublethink ,renaming, revising, and obfuscation ,designed to confuse and recruit the liberal.

          • It’s funny to read the comments from the obvious left; “fascism bad, socialism meh”.. they all lead to totalitarian rule, -period. Anyone care to wager the democide statistics regarding socialism/communism vs. fascism since 1917? Lets just say Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Che’, etc. make Hitler, Mussolini etc. look like girl scouts. TOTALITARIANism is the only ‘ism’ you need to worry about, it resides at the bottom of the pit in which all these governing methodologies lead. The monarch-isms of evil that ruled the earth until that point are of the same cloth. No American leftist is apart from this even though they will argue they are not. They will call the defenders of traditional American principles of government fascists for our resolve to preserve the republic. They are dangerously ignorant of that which they hope to “progressively” implement upon us all. They are prone to believe every lie their party feeds them through the socialist press. (Which in fairness happens on the right to some degree as well..) Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama are all either willing, or blackmailed, puppets of the NWO elite. Totalitarian rule via the illusion of “elected” puppets is their way of controlling the mass of sheep (us) and so far it’s working.

          • This comment aged EXTREMELY well! 2019 and your case is proving true.

          • Colorado Dave! An excellent post. The Marxism of today really is essentially a rehash of the age of Monarchism. Old concept in new clothes. Proof? Look at the Dynastic regimes of Cuba and North Korea, for starters.

          • And the nationalism of today really is bountiful. Look at Putin, May, & Trump…they all share a core authoritarian tendency of rule. The political right is really now showing it’s true colors and pushing for a more traditionalist and ethnocentric society than we have seen in a while. Trump, Putin and May are manipulators and opportunists who deface democracy, not unlike anything we have seen in the past with the rise of totalitarian governments. The illusion of nationalism will not be tolerated. By the left or right that has any common sense. I love this irony, the liberals are now advocating for globalization and the neoreactionaries are advocating for a more nationalistic system. The world in of itself and our lives with in it is a cruel joke at times.

      • yes it did, it started in America, much of the ideas from the fabian socialists and national socialist got their ideas from American propaganda techniques and eugenics. As a matter of fact we cried for a “benevolent dictator” Before Hitler and Mussolini the word dictator wasn’t a negative. After all, Mussolini kept the trains running on time in the midst of a revolution

        • Fabian socialist came from Germany , when Hitler came to power the ran like chickens to america ..and here we are..Progressives lost control I believe, when Bill Clinton said this is a BIG fairy tale about Obama that is what i believe he was talking about . they were blindsided by him and couldnt say a thing cause from 1913 to then they had all the control. and now we have PURE EVIL as president and one in waiting in Hilary.. she wont change a thing Obama did .. she will help with his agenda next. nothing will; change but freedom and America .. we will be completely destroyed when she leaves.

    • Is being unamerican supposed to be a bad thing?

      • No it’s not a bad thing if you are not an American! Most of the world hates our success! But why would anyone want to be in America if they did’nt love it!!??

      • Yes, in a mildly fascist state, being unamerican is bad and can even be dangerous.

        • People that live in USA and are against what it stands for, fighting to change it are dangerous to USA. They should leave this country willingly or be expelled. There is a reason why so many people are willing to risk everything to be able to live in USA and for good reason. Unfortunately, these people who do not agree with what this country stands for, are the problem today, starting with Obama. Their ideologies go along the lines of fascism, communism and socialism. It’s a matter of time (sooner than later), that a martial law is going to be enforced and the party in charge will refuse to leave the WH.

          • Perfect examples of fascist ideology on this thread. You don’t agree with us, we want you out!

            Oh, the irony…

    • Remember that both Communism and Fascism have a common thread, they are both totaliterian in essense and the very freedoms that we as people have no longer exist. So in reality they create a form of servitude and are a hidden form of dictatorship. No person who respects and wants their rights protected could ever live under such systems.

      • Yes, both of these ‘isms’ are antithetical to individual liberty and individual responsibility. They are by definition un-American. American Constitution represents a liberal gov’t granting powers to the people and limiting powers of the governing bodies. Any policies that take away power from the people and place it in the hands of the gov’t takes us closer to Totalitarianism, be it Communism or Fascism.

    • And what is wrong with that Exactly? I am American yet I prefer Communism.

      • Nothing wrong with opinions and preferences. The problem with ALL forms of government and ideologies is that they are implemented and operated by fallible human beings. Any concept that involves the words “all,” “everyone,” “equality,” and other collective terms that imply it will apply to every person must be modified in practice to account for the human element. The ideas are great and each has its own points of merit. The human translation into reality is what always gets messed up. There has been an incredible variety of government and economic systems throughout history; obviously none has been perfect. Enough diversity of systems still exists, however, that it should be possible for a person who wants to live under a different form of government to go someplace else and try it out rather than insist on changing the system they currently live within. I say, Embrace Diversity! Enjoy being different and stop trying to make everyone and every country think and act and desire the same. The biggest mistake is to think everyone wants the same things.

        • KJ your comment is spot on! Yes all systems have their merits but it’s the people who implement them that stuffs things up.

          Also, why so much attack against communism in these posts while leaving out fascism? Surely that’s just as bad (hello….Nazis?) At least communism is based ultimately on compassion, whereas fascism is just straight-out greed. So why is communism considered so “evil”?

          • “why so much attack against communism in these posts while leaving out fascism? Surely that’s just as bad (hello….Nazis?) At least communism is based ultimately on compassion, whereas fascism is just straight-out greed. So why is communism considered so “evil”?”

            Nonsense. How compassionate has any communist country ever been, starting with Russia? Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense. Communism and fascism very often turn out to be nearly identical twins, be it Stalin, Mao or Kim Il Sung. If you think communism is “compassion”, I’d hate to see your version of cruel. You’ve obviously never lived under it.

            Since Fascism has largely embraced Leftist economic philosophies, I find it hard to understand how you say it is based in greed, any more than any other economic socialism, including communism.

            It just goes to show that you are brainwashed Leftist tool who has been trained Pavlov-style to salivate and howl at the thought of capitalism. In your mind, individual economic freedom is fascism. As if to say, Nazi Germany was the mirror opposite of Stalin’s Russia.

      • there’s nothing equal in a communist system.they say everyone’s equal but look at history.Its just controlled slavery

        • Right! The thing about Communism is it looks good on paper.
          Fascism, I don’t know…

          • Capitalism looks good on paper too. But as you said, the human factor implements if nothing else GREED! And that folks is Capitalisms driving agenda! If that’s not evil I don’t know what “ism”. Ism Ism Ism It’s all about Money and Power. Those who have it… None of these Ideals apply to them on a day to day basis and impact the struggles of the greater majority ” Us” or “the People” per say. Capitalism is Communism served with a smile while reaming Us at the same time. Giving Us the “ILLUSION of FREEDOM”! a much more sinister agenda that is Brainwashing our people while our Government proceeds on committing the same political crimes and injustices as any other government with Power and global influence only the justify their practices with good intent disguised as “National Security”(Communism) or in the name of “Patriotism”(Fascism)! Sound Familiar? Seems to me .that we are all taking the same Px of disaster, just slapping a different label on the bottle! WAKE UP MY FELLOW AMERICANS! We are all being BRAIN WASHED! As our “Rights” are slowly being stripped away from us right under our noses as more laws are passed every day as a means to empower them to gain more control justifying why we have less and less liberties. A contradiction after another while they are slowly but surely building a “prison” we live in every day life in American society. As our fears become their greatest asset to a means to an end.!! The People “Us”. will be the ones to suffer! Eventually, Capitalism will fail just as every form of government will and has. History proves it to be so…..Every time! WAKE UP EVERYBODY!

        • Right! George Orwell said it in Animal Farm “everyone is equal just some are more equal than others!” Long live the American constitution, freedom, pure and simple, the govt owes its elegance to the people…not the people to the govt! …And in the course of human events…

      • Yes, it is very easy for an American to say, “I favor communism” because you live in a free capitalist society. Ask the Russians that had to eat their kids because they were starving under the iron heel of communism. Sounds pretty fun huh? Horray Communism! Moron

        • Some people just prefer subservience, freedom is too much for them to bear.

        • If communism so great, how come you never hear about people leaving the US or Europe to flock to communist countries? But if those in communist countries try to leave, they are shot…so much for choices….

        • In America, you can at least say that you prefer communism for some reason; guess what happens when someone says “I prefer capitalism” in a communist state like USSR? Be thankful that at least you get to whine about your opinions freely.

          • You think Russia’s bad, why don’t you try coming to my part of the world: Cuba. We’ve lived in oppression since Bautista, and I have to say communism and socialism do sound good on paper, but regardless of the ideaology, the person in power will implement it however they please, and take it in whatever context they please, be it communism, fascism, democracy, capitalism, etc. it doesn’t matter what the idea is because at the end of the day, every ruler utilizes it differently. Take Fidel for example, a lot of people, especially in Cuba confuse him for a communist only, when in reality he was a socialist first, turned
            FASCIST. Communism is about community as a whole as it is defined, but again Fidel took the idea of communism and decided he wanted Cuba to be a fascist state with socialist ideas mixed in as well. An America being “free,” that’s a joke, the government consistently spends money they don’t have, and then forces the citizens to pick up their slack, and on top of that they let the private corporations run things, and then claim that “corporations are people, when election time is upon us,” yet these same corporations outsource to other countries, take away American jobs, and basically allow citizens in other countries to be slaves. I believe every country deserves human rights, and freedom, but not the illusion of freedom that America offers. Nobody really knows true freedom in America, except for prisoners. As for democracy, again it could work very well, if all these politicians didn’t have their heads up their ass, and could just work together for the sake of the nation, but that’s too rational for them to handle. They’d rather fight over every bill, and not get anything done. America should test out dissolving the government, and trying out a different ideaology, which is why I would like to see Bernie Samdwrs in office, even though my real vote would be for Rand Paul had he not dropped out. Be honest Americans, you would really rather see Donald Trump in office? He may be republican, and all for freedom, and warfare, and what have you, but true republicans like Rand believe in Reagan’s strong national defense policy. Invading other countries for essentially no reason whatsoever hasn’t worked out for us in the past, but having a strong military presence in America would keep threats away, and also allow the country to cut costs in that area, which as of right now is receiving more funding than public education. With that said, if some group of terrorists, American or otherwise threaten the country, then do what you must to protect it, but invading other countries, and intruding on people’s lives and well being are not the way to go. A little ideaolistic experience with the right leader wouldn’t hurt America in my opinion. Those are my two cents, and I hope I didn’t offend anybody. As for Russia, I’m sure it’s pretty fucking bad over there, but at least Putin believes in what he says, and doesn’t feed bullshit. It may not be ideal, but when he means what he says, and that’s worth something, especially in a leader. Again I hope I didn’t offend anyone. Open to having a nice, mature debate.

          • How do you or would you know Putin means what he says?

      • American or not, America still is a free country , so those that love Communism are minorities . They claim they want communism, but want to live in USA. If you claim to like/love/and want communism, you should go to a country that has it, live there for ten or more years like those people do, and than tell us how great the communism is. Theories and reality are totally different. Power is addictive, and those in power want more power, to totally control everybody and every aspect of each individual’s life. Does that sound like something freedom loving people would/should want?

        • The same can be said of Libertarianism or conservatism. Libertarians want no government right? All the big money industrialist and plutocrat libertarians want no or weak federal government and regulation so no one can stop them from abusing everyone else’s rights, Property, civil, work etc… Humans will always steal and corrupt any idea. Maybe we’ll evolve at some point. Fascists in practice are of the right even though it’s a collectivist idea. Right wingers can dismiss that all day, but they’re as delusional as a communist who thinks everyone will treat each other equal after capitalism collapses because of it’s own abuses. Fascists will take away everyone’s rights and make them serve in a feudal manner. America is increasingly fascist with a little socialist welfare cookie being thrown to the growing poor while the fascist plutocrats, right and left, make us slave increasingly hard for less and less. Eventually the society will collapse because no one gets paid enough to bring in significant tax revenue except for the fascist plutocrats. They refuse to pay any taxes so no tax revenue combined with the government subsidizing the corporation’s employees through welfare will bankrupt us. Then the right wingers and “libertarian” corporatists will initiate a subtle putsch, like they have tried before, and we will undeniably be fascists.

          • No, fascism is primarily a left wing ideology. Despite whatever Leftist talking points you want to pull out. The American right wing is based on classic liberalism; limited federal government, laissez faire free market economics and maximum power to the states and the people.

            But, like a typical Leftist, I notice you leave out all hope for goodness absent that all powerful federal government. Despite the fact that you readily admit the abuses of an all powerful government.

            America worked just fine until the Left took over in the 60s. Of course you see America as becoming more fascist. But…. it isn’t because the American right is on the ascendancy. Au Contraire… it is the left that is on the ascendancy. And with it… fascism.

          • You do not understand Libertarianism at all….libertarians don’t seek a free for all system of chaos, on the contrary…they seek the most pure form of government, whose main role is protecting individual rights for ALL. It is, I believe, what our founding fathers had in mind for the US. If someone wants to do something, individually or corporately that impinges on others freedoms, then it would not be allowed or would need to be modified for the sake of your neighbor. Libertarians seek to insure individual freedom and are high on personal responsibility and governing on a much more local level, which has shown to be much more fair and effective. Think of how things are in a small town. To most people cops are sort of nameless, faceless entities, who have no influence or connection to you or your circle of friend/family. But in a small community, the policeman maybe the guy that just fixed your grandma’s car. You don’t steal from the grocery store, because the owner was so kind and generous to bring over a carload of free food where your dad lost his job. If you do something hurtful or illegal, your offense will be the talk of the town by sundown and you don’t want to cause trouble in someone else’s life whom you love and care about. People know you, you know them and there is a sense of community and familiarity that self regulates a lot of behavior.

      • Jut because you are an American, you are against American values, and since you like communism, make yourself and us Americans happy and find yourself the ideal place to live, since you are not happy here.That’s why people move, until they find they ideal place, if they’re lucky.

    • Today, US America is as fascist as it gets. Communist societies exist in USA, you just don’t know about them. Look up one in Minnesota. A country that attacks other countries on false premises, including their own people, mixes business and politics, is arrogant and obnoxious as hell, lies to everyone, feels entitled, almost God’s Chosen, continuously breaks its promises, kills its own people in false flag attacks (9/11 The Inside Job), sprays them with chemicals (a.k.a. chemtrails or “geo-engineering”), fakes events such as Boston Marathon “bombing”, has military bases on false premises “to keep peace” (to control the world) and has a “Middle Eastern” agenda to control and globalize the entire world. And they call themselves “The World Police” or rather a Police State, which is nothing else but a Fascist Corporatocracy.

      Now tell me, does that hurt to have all the TRUTH told in your face(s) in just a few sentences?

      Now go back to your castle, do your homework and come up with a True Democracy. STEP # 1: get rid of money and greed, fix the corporate corrupt system, then put back the money (United States Notes) and the free market back in place, review and rewrite some laws and start from scratch again.

      • “Now tell me, does that hurt to have all the TRUTH told in your face(s) in just a few sentences?”

        Where have you been? On Mars? Apparently you think you’ve said something here that is new to American ears. Unfortunately, you sound like every other Leftist anti-American who’s come down the pike over the last… oh, 50 years. We’ve heard all your Leftist talking points and theories about a billion times. They are moldy conspiracy theories.

        “Now go back to your castle, do your homework and come up with a True Democracy. STEP # 1: get rid of money and greed, fix the corporate corrupt system, then put back the money (United States Notes) and the free market back in place, review and rewrite some laws and start from scratch again.”

        In reviewing your “homework assignment” I see you left out some steps: the magic rainbow, unicorns, magical dragons and Luke Skywalker’s light saber. Maybe I need to smoke some of what you’re smoking… but I don’t get your economic theory — “Get rid of money…. then put back the money….”

        Here’s a hint for you: The United States was not founded as a democracy. It was founded as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC of sovereign states with a federal government that was limited in the scope of its powers. It was conceived as a nation where control was primarily in the state and local level, with each state having three branches of government that were mirrored at the federal level. The United States was based on Judeo-Christian concepts passed down through the history of England and Western Civilization as a whole, and modified with Enlightenment era ideas of individual liberty and equality.

        Democracy is a Marxist code word for “The Pre Revolution Phase where we collapse the society and prepare it for revolution and the post revolution police state”.

        America might seem fascist to an amateur like you. However, it is anything BUT fascist at the moment. The fascism comes later, when the left has erased all political opposition, and needs to marshall human capital to begin serving the needs of the state. The fascism comes after the economic collapse, when the masses need to be given 1) an enemy to blame everything on and 2) a new revolutionary purpose and 3) material security rooted in state-approved efforts.

        • So the Southern states weren’t anything like fascism? A certain group of people might disagree with you. Tyranny can rear it’s ugly head in any system. You two sound like a commie and a fascist going at each other throats.

          • Please reference whatever post you are speaking about as regards the southern states and fascism. I’m assuming it’s something I said? You can forget about me being either communist or fascist. I adamently oppose either of these Left Wing philosophies. I am a classic liberal in the American sense, thus an American conservative, believing in limited federal government with maximum power to the states and citizenry. I don’t support collectivism or state ownership or control in any sense.

        • USA is as fascist as it gets…. 9/11 was an Inside Job. Look up into the sky, what you see is CHEMTRAILS. The Boston Marathon was a staged event.

      • Well the Tea Party is very Fascist oriented in my opinion. When I read about both these ideologies, The far right Tea Party falls under Fascism. Any of our Parties that goes to it’s purist, most radical or most ideological form is one of the two of these. Fringe Republicans=Fascists, Fringe Democrats=Communist. That’s why I stick with the Center.

    • America is NOW a Corrupt (Corptocratic / Crony Capitalist) Constitutional Democratic Republic? In the UK some would like a constitution for equal Human Rights such as the right to marry another human, enter a public place no matter what skin/hair/nail colour.. WITHIN legal Human Rights we’d then define Civil Rights – such as the right to carry a lethal projectile weapon, and the right of the state to prevent it if you’ve committed a violent offence (for instance)… The right of a state’s citizens to not be killed by the state is a primary Human Right – as a Libertarian-minded Real Direct Democracy promoter, BTW. Corporations are NOT considered lifeforms and their rights fit into OUR Civil Rights..

      It’s a people-run Direct Democracy…

      Real Direct Democracy:
      Act I: U VOTE by policy, proximity & time on Treaties, Orgs, Biggies, Councillors, Local/State Department MPs + yearly small% BUDGET+- with detailed monthly ACCOUNTS.
      Act 2: Councillors replaced by your online IDEA & Development Proposal, Budget, Donation, Compensation and OPEN Contract Bid votes.
      Act 3: Hierarchical CONSTITUTION from current/new Laws + Penalties repeal/pass Turnout% + Majority% votes then voting. Human over Civil over Business rights. Private Online Votes. KEEP IT SENSIBLY SIMPLE + FUN

      …and what about _National Consumerism_ as an international / national investment and essentials public ownership scheme:::

      All National Infrastructure, Utilities & Extractable Fuel Resources ONLY 51% dividended equally to each nationalised citizen (except if in prison or unemployed and on state welfare, non-saleable), 24% by The State (if providing Welfare, non-saleable… a tax), 25% by Private Investors (saleable)..

      IT’S NOT COMMUNISM… Profits Shared, self-regulates cost/price rises, aids transparency, stops too many greedy shareholder profiteering off our National Essentials……

    • Any Idealogy that puts the “State” before the “Individual” is unAmerican..

    • Just a reminder that people living in America used to have a King. (King George)

    • Your article is based around what you want these to be. At no point in human history has communism actually come anywhere close to what you’ve outlined. Joseph Stalin was responsible for over 100 million lives. Communism has carried its course, and now you see the people in this country who call themselves communists are the most violent and hateful of all. This article is complete garbage!

    • Ok. I love how every single one of these articles that I have looked at are low-key sympathetic to Communism. Communism is a lie. A tragic lie that has killed more people than fascism ever did or could. Communism propaganda might SAY that everyone is equal and there is no class distinction, but that is only in the books. In reality, Communism has TWO classes. The elite and everyone else. The elite still live like Capitalists. THEY do not share their wealth or resources with the community unless it is for propagandistic purposes. Otherwise, they may as well be American oligarchs. Then everyone else has equality, all right, they’re EQUALLY POOR. Communism is designed to keep the poor poor. Capitalism is the only system in which you can actually change your status in society. Fascism may be bad, but due to the fact that it does not engage in pretty lies like Communism, people do not want it and thus it simply has not had the opportunity to do the amount of damage that Communism has done. Plus, at least in Fascism, if you are the right group, you can live a pretty much normal life and participate in the economy in a way that can uplift you and yours because Fascism IS usually Capitalist. Communism has killed MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people in EVERY country and regime it has been in/had. Mussolini’s Fascist state did not really start killing folks until Germany took over Italy towards the end of the war. Yes, Mussolini killed people, but not millions in a systematic killing program. Franco’s Fascist Spain was the same way. The only Fascist regime that really killed people was NAZI Germany. Meanwhile, Stalin killed more than Hitler between his army and the Ukraine alone. China has killed and continues to kill people to this day. With concentration camps existing in XI’s China TO THIS DAY for the persecution of those who dare to practice religion. Don’t fall for Communism’s pretty lies.

  2. this helps. I hate how people just throw out BOTH usually for their political opponents.
    ‘Your a socialist, communist, fascist!’

    • All three have the same major faults ,they all rely on dictatorial leadership ,central planning despots, and a police state to control the masses.And all are the enemy of freedom.

      • How? Communism enables the people to rule their land through democracy! Why would anyone vote for oppression?

        • @miko. I have a feeling you have no familiarity with freedom individualism or sovereignty . Or you have no ability to under stand the difference between these American values and the collectivist, totalitarianism of communism. How do you describe an elephant if you’ve never seen one.
          It is sad that you have no ability to distinguish between freedom or slavery.

        • It’s not the peoples land it belongs to the state,they have to get permission to do anything associated with it,communism is the ultimate oppression,those that dont know should’nt wish for it!

        • Who votes for Communism?

        • You are naive. People/the population has no say so about anything, they just become like sheep and follow what they are told and do what they are told.

  3. “In simple words, Communism means state ownership and fascism means state control.”

    . . . and you’re attempting to argue that there’s a difference? That’s almost absurd as your repeated insistance that we judge communism by it’s Newspeak idealism (Community control) vis-a-vis the de facto reality (totalitarian state control).

    • Consider this, communism is the tactic, facism the result. The new world order is international communism bringing the world together under one government where individual private property will be owned by a few international corporate family elites. The international army will be facist and no individual country armies will be allowed to exist. the same for one world bank which every one will serve in the feudal sense like the old kings of europe. Unless we stop it of course but we had better get going or the state police will become the international police state. There will also be one religion only alowed. the new charter will be the united nations charter which will supercede the constitution of the usa..we will resist somewhat but may be disarmed in the future and be denied personal property ownership..good luck america, soon facism will become very attractive like a black widow spider..

    • “In simple words, Communism means state ownership and fascism means state control”

      That is Orwellian double-speak, ownership doesn’t mean control?

      • In Communism, the state owns everything outright; in Fascism, a thin veneer of private ownership is maintained while the state exercises absolute control over industry. So here the difference between Communism and Fascism, which are both state socialistic governments, is that Communism is complete state ownership, while Fascism is complete state control.

        • State ownership (in communism) only happens in the short term because in the long run states will not exist. So it would be hard to argue about the true difference between state ownership and state control when communism’s end game does away with states.

    • Yeah, to me… Communism is an economic concept and Fascism is a method of enforcement. I don’t believe people are collectivist in nature… that’s why… when you have a state-controlled economy, you need state-controlled enforcement. Thus, Fascism is necessary in enforcing Communism.

      • we arent collectivist? what the hell is communication, language, history? nationality? family? what is religion or culture? where does meaning come from? we are interdependent not independent. we are people, not a person existing in a vacuum. there is no ego without the superstructure.

        • No, humans are NOT naturally collectivist in the sense that political systems are collectivist. Collectivist political systems FORCE humans into social contracts with each other that they would not otherwise make. Forced collectivism is the essence of totalitarianism.

    • just like baby blue or navy blue but both are still blue.

  4. I love communism. It is awesome. there are no hobos in comunism.

    • It’s great, isn’t it? Instead, everyone is poor, except the leaders.

      • Its funny how people who live in a Democratic country like America and enjoy all this freedom and liberty, say they dislike Capitalism and love communism. These Michael Moore types should move to communist Cuba and then tell me if you really like having all your rights and property stripped away from you. Capitalism is the best path to prosperity.

        • when you say that “These Michael Moore types should move to communist Cuba” many people would, however if i can remember correctly, WE PUT AN EMBARGO ON THEIR COUNTRY…

          and not even over anything big, but how they chose to distribute their countries wealth

          • Some people should leave America,definitely no love lost,if you crave tyrrany and oppression go for it ,but keep the satanistic lust for it out of my country!

          • If there is a will there is a way. You can pretend you’re going to Mexico or Canada, and from there buy a one way ticket to Cuba. No problem

      • well you should blame that on the states,not the ideology!

      • no its not that only the rich ppl were getting richer and poor ppl becoming poor

    • There are no hobos because those who refuse to work are freely handed everything they without lifting a finger.

    • Wrong,everyone is hobos in communism.Dont fool yourself

  5. i think that fascism and communism are equally stupid different ideologies and therefore, a lot of people`s rights have been taken away because of these big leader`s ideas. democracy is the best in todays government.

    • I like ur comment that,
      think that fascism and communism are equally stupid different ideologies,

      but i dont agree that democracy is fully the answer. A contitutional republic based on Libertarian principals and supported by a libertarian society would be. Libertarians are sometimes described as ‘economically right-wing’ and ‘socially left-wing’.
      Basically, free market capitalism and the freedom to act according to your own will provided that you dont interfer with others doing the same. The maximum possible freedom for the individual and hence the entire community as a whole, as only individuals comprise of the community.

      It is important that people do not confuse capitalism (free markets, private ownership, competition) with corporatism (private ownership, progressivly monopolised, special allowances for corporations).
      This must be the most misunderstood item of the current era.

      • Yes but “free market” capatilism as practiced in this country always leads to corporatism. We need strong checks and balances on corporations to keep them from abusing the country that helps them flourish.

        • Fascism is the union of the corporate world and a top heavy central government Communism and fascism are both socialist factions. The free market does not lead to fascism, only government regulation and legislation leads to fascism or the corporate state. Regulation and legislation narrows competition in the free market and the advantage is given to those who can overcome these regulations simply by paying the fines that the smaller business man can’t afford to absorb and stay in business. GE pays 10 million dollars a day for defying regulations they lobbied to put in place. A monopoly can only exist through government regulation in a society based on law. Mussolini coined the term, defined it, and he was a full fledged communist party member.

        • we are not in a free market society- the government regulates the everloving bejesus out of every single industry. just try and open a business. you could pave the roads with the documents you have to fill out, and would probably go broke just trying to meet regulations. which, believe it or not, depends on whoever is inspecting you- certain inspectors have “pet peeves” that they like to control. you never know just whats going to happen when you meet a new inspector. i seen a resaurant fail an inspection because they didnt stock their plates upside down. is it a law? no. but it was just something that “bugged” the inspector.

          • This is why all true Americans must get involved in our govt and weed out the despots and keep weeding and weeding!

  6. They are both very undemocratic in every way shape or form. Whether it’s within the state, or globally. It’s all about POWER and CONTROL over the lesser man’s life. While, the gov’t does need to have control to an extent to prevent chaos, it should not take away the natural rights of humans. That is where it becomes corrupt. Democracy, yes, has it’s corruptions, but that’s the people who corrupt its’ fault. The idea of democracy really is better, and quite fair, if used properly.

  7. You guys don’t understand what you are talking about.

    Democracy is a form of government. Communism and Fascism are economic systems. Technically, nothing is preventing a country from being a democratic communist country. Ostensibly, the PRC is and the USSR were Republics. Even Hitler was voted into power.

    @ Jeff: In Communism, in how it’s supposed to be done, no one is poor, no one is wealthy, the difference in wealth is 0. If you are comparing the USSR, which was the child of Stalin who wasn’t exactly a nice person, then this is true. Same with Cuba. North Korea is hardly Communist, but calls itself as such.

    @ Marsha: As said, Democracy is an apple while Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, and Fascism are oranges. The USA by definition is a social democracy – our economy is beginning to lead towards socialist in nature (which is not necessarily a bad thing), while our system is still democratic (while not a true democracy as you do not vote for your leaders, look up the Electoral College).

    @ Meagan: Who defines the natural rights of man? Either way, neither system intrinsically violates these rights. Implementations of these systems may (USSR under Stalin, Germany under Hitler), but the definitions of the underlying systems do not.

    @ Mark: That statement is intrinsically unamerican. America was built on the belief that anyone can believe in any system they want, and our government was set up to be flexible enough to express any system that is at the time best suited for the country.

    • Im sorry, but the USA is not by definition a Social Democracy. Its a Contitutional Republic. Those things are very different. Your founding farthers hated democracy. Check your history, check your bill of rights, check your constitution. Sure, it was founded as a constitutional republic, but it sure is acting like a socialist democracy. Probaby a reflection of the people of the times. Lucky your consitution still exists. Too bad that your leaders pretty much ignor it. I certainly agree that it is more social. Id say though, that realistically, the USA acts more like a Democratic-Socio-Corporatist state. Not what the founding farthers would have wanted at all. shame

      So… maybe i agree with u afterall :\

    • Try to vote them out of “Power”

      • The problem with a constitutional republic is the people get the politicians they deserve, ignorant populace equals a corrupt government.We suffer from this phenomena as we speak. It however is a far superior form of government then the social engineers who want complete control of the populis ,including eugenics, minus any form of competition in the market place.

    • “Democracy is a form of government.” “Communism and fascism are economic systems.” If the latter is valid, then what governs communism and fascism? Is there a higher system that ensures the manifestation of the two systems? None. Communism and fascism are forms of government as well that focuses on the economic systems of the nation.

    • You need to look up the definitions of these things before trying to educate everyone else on them. You don’t even have democracy right.

      Democracy is a political system where everyone votes on every issue and a simple majority rules.

      The United States is not a democracy but a Constitutional Republic. While it is true that when voting for president we are voting in the electoral college, we vote directly for our members of Congress. A Republic is a form of government in which the people elect representative, ergo, the USSR, PRC, and so on are not really Republics

      Communism and Fascism are both, in practice if not in theory, both economic and political philosophies because the both involve government control, so to say they are simply economic theories it ridiculous. They both give the state absolute control over all aspects of the peoples lives, thought they may claim different end goals, in reality there isn’t much difference between the two except the one has absolute government control through direct ownership, while the other allows private ownership, but with absolute government control.

    • The constitution requires that each state have a republican form of government, therefore the Constitution does not show flexibility in allowing any system to be set up.

  8. In the US, we have an interesting dynamic occurring, where we have one major political party for both the fascist (Republican) and Communist (Democratic) points of view. Both are struggling to pull the country by the use of their respective media propaganda machines to one view or the other. Meanwhile, neither of these systems represent the founding principle of this country – liberty.

    Let’s explore:
    Republican – private ownership of business, virulent nationalism, wants to control everyones’ thoughts – check!
    Democratic – public ownership of the means of production, everyone is equal, egalitarian – check!

    One takes away your personal freedom until everyone is fed up, then the other comes to power and takes your economic freedom and doesn’t have the balls to give your personal freedom back, and vise versa. Then the cycle starts all over again, figuring as long as people think they’re “voting”, they affected change. yes, that keeps the populice satisfied – until recently. One steals our money to feed the military industrial complex, then the other steals it to give to the unproductive free lunch crew and lawyers. Both steal to give to big banks. Meanwhile we are all going broke just like Germany and the USSR.

    Vote Ron Paul !!!!!!

    • Republic does not mean privatization, its means sovereignty, where everyone is equal under god, humans cant vote or take the rights of others (alienate) unlike in a democracy,communism,fascism all these have the same result, loss of rights and freedom and no Allodial title. In a republic govt job is just to lay out our rights, and let humans do what we please (freewill), if we violate someones rights, we shall be punnished under common law not statutory law, common law cannot survive in a democracy.

  9. Communist and Fascist are both evil. We see this in Hitler (fascist) and the persecution of Christians by the Communists (China, and Russia). This paper makes communism sound like peace on Earth and that is not the case. Communism has different levels of wealth and that will never change in any country no matter what they are Republic, Democracy, Fascism, Communism. Do not let these guys blow their smoke up your A**. Communists are human just like anyone else and the government there is not questioned. Everyone is only equal in the sense that they better not break the rules. It was actually sad that we were allies with Russia in the second world war. We should have let Germany and Russia kill each other off. I bet others thought the same during the Cold War. Democracy puts the state above the citizens by keeping the country poor and using that money to build military might.

  10. u know what guys in life,it is good that we share what ever we have because we cannot be equal.thus to such an extent i recomend that every body must believe in communism.Incommunism very few are poor as compared to fascism where only the state is very rich than every body else which is not good in the eyes of the lord!

  11. once again guys ,u know what? communism is better than any thing u may think of! i realy recommend it!

    • YUP! History proves it, Communism works every time…… OK some of the time…. OK!! so it NEVER-EVER WORKS!!!!! But hey, it has only killed over 120,000,000 people in 60 years (many of them unarmed civilians) so hey! what do we got to lose?

      • You know, it actually seems as though China may pull it off. It’s reaching the point in the communist philosophy that the state begins to return power to the people, as evinced by the fact their government is loosening it’s control over their economic freedoms and their social rights. It isn’t fast, but if you look at China now and what is was under Mao, and you’ll see a tremendous difference. Give it another 50 years and it may just be the world’s first successful communist state, which would be rather interesting indeed.

        • I don’t really know if you can consider China a great example for successful communism; their society is hardly egalitarian.

          • I don’t know how you even have any idea of what is going on inside China as a citizen,but I have done some reading and seen some independent documentaries done undercover and China is still a horrible,immoral country of death, slavery, hunger and demoralizing fellow citizens for being a Christian or having more than one child. Most live in desperate poverty while the elite live in posh luxury, ruling over and using people as possessions to be used to make money. Hmmm, guess some folks are more equal than others?

  12. Communism is like any other government format. Sounds awesome in theory but, bad in practice. Example: Democracy didn’t seem to exist with Bush in office.

  13. In a communist state, both your ass and your property are owned by the government, in a fascist/nazi state, its just your ass.

    A constitutional republic is the best government, the piece of paper is all that stands between us and anarchy. And a constitution (at least ours) is meant to prevent the people from voting in a dictator, especially if at other people’s expense.

    A democracy is the best goverment money can buy (literally).

    Comments by our Founding Fathers about democracy:

    “A democracy is two wolves and one lamb voting on what to have for dinner.” (Benjamin Franklin)

    “Democracy is the freedom for the people to elect their own dictator.” (John Adams)

    “Democracies have short lives and violent deaths.” (James Madison)

  14. Actually you are all wrong.

    The U.S is not a Republic, Social Democracy, Democracy, nor a Constitutional Republic (although very close) The first three have no constitution which we follow and the last has no separation of powers within the government. The correct answer would be a Constitutional Federal Republic- the federal indicated a state and national government sovereign of each other. This is a rare form of government since most of the “Democracies” of the world are Constitutional Parliamentary.

    In theory Communism (a economic system) sounds very good to someone who is socialist which i am not supporting nor denying its their choice. In communism like said above there is no difference in wealth between he who rules the country by whatever mean ( again Communism is an economic practice) and the lowest worker. The “Communist” countries we all know and love (sarcasm) are not truly communist countries. Yes the government owns all public property but there is an enormous gap in wealth between the workers and the elites. Which goes against the fundamental idea of communism. Mostly because countries who claim to be “communism” are run by a totalitarian dictatorship who lets face it keeps all of the money.

    Fascism is again an economic practice. In this system the government runs everything. Where in communism the government may let private CEO run the actual business. In fascism the government has department to actually run the business. The government keeps all of the money and the people are left with what ever the government set the wages as. In Fascism a doctor or what ever elite can still make more than a lowly worker (depends what the government sets the wages as) but everything whichever worker does the government is regulating it. The fascist counties we know like Nazi Germany and Italy under Mussolini (can’t spell his name and too lazy to look it up) they were closer to fascism than USSR was to communism although both Nazi Germany and Italy through in militarism and racial supremacy to add to the pot (even though those two are not necessarily economic systems)>

    The United States has been through a lot of economic systems from lassiez-fair in the beginning to the kind of welfare/social/capitalist society (kind of an oxymoron don’t u think) we have today. Don’t get me wrong we’re still all about making money but we are far from a pure capitalist society. We have so many regulations on business to make sure their won’t be the large country seized monopolies of the 1890′-early 20th century( that would be bad verrrrrrrrrrry bad).

    All in all in terms of economic theories i think as a country we’re doing ok, but the general population needs to be educated when it comes to the economy. No one can predict it with a high chance of success, but there need to be some foundation to build on or even use of common sense when people want more spending on their favorite programs while less taxes for them. IT DOESN”T WORK!!!!!. something has to give, either that or we fall into deeper debt to the Chinese and don’t get me wrong i’m not racist in any way but i don’t feel comfortable being in debt to a rival, rising foreign future superpower i just don’t.

    quick note government system wise our system is by far the best if you don’t want your freedoms taking away (even though their is an exception to everything) but their is this back and forth constant fighting that i can’t get over. yes i don’t want to be taken advantage of by the government (especially one who’s policy i strongly disagree of) but in the current system we have NOTHING GETS DONE. If someone tries something out and it doesn’t work right away we have a tendency to vote him out and replace him with the opposite guy who completely does a 180 in the government. I don’t think any country can handle that 5,6,7,8 times. We need i get it that people might be suffering but constantly looking there the freakn Hubble telescope for the littlest problems to shout out at the top of our lungs the instant they occur ignoring everything good that happened is unreasonable. Our country needs to calm down and THINK. this constant fighting over every single thing on every government level is making me sick. I would prefer if the government was a little more centralized (my personal opinion) that way we might be able to get things done in this country instead of arguing about it.

  15. OH. i get it now!
    communists believe in economic equality, and fascists believe in social equality.
    eg, under communism, there are no poor people, and under fascism, there are no minorities.
    so they’re both reactionaries to libertarianism, but one is left- leaning while the other is right.

  16. You cannot have “Reactionaries” to Libertarianism. Libertarians are inherent anarchists – they believe in a small or non-existent government. However, this sort of thought tends to create a situation such as Somalia, which is a state of pure anarchy (people and companies may do as they will without regulation).

    Communism is a variant of Marxist Socialism.

    Socialism: Labor controls wealth. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”
    There have never been any truly socialist states, though several modern Scandinavian states such as Sweden come close. For the record, Sweden has the highest standard of living in the world.

    Communism: State controls wealth. State is run by the people (ostensibly). The system is supposed to be a collectivist system where workers are organized under their own free will, to maximize output and to guarantee security and safety. Modern day feudalism, run by the workers instead of nobility. This is not normally how it happens, however.
    Soviet Union
    P.R. China (though China is drifting towards Fascism)
    Yugoslavia (under Tito)

    Stalinism: State controls wealth. State is run by one man, but runs it in the name of the people. Ostensibly Communist, but actual examples were not for the people or following socialist or Communist ideals. Rather close to Fascism.
    Soviet Union under Stalin
    P.R. China under Mao

    Fascism: State controls wealth via companies. State Capitalism. The state is more important than the people, the people are expected to sacrifice themselves for the greater good (the state).
    Kingdom of Italy (under Mussolini)
    Croatia (during WW2)
    Hungary (during WW2)
    Poland (under Piłsudski)
    Spain (under Franco)

    National Socialism (Nazism): Fascism, but with greater emphasis on state control of wealth. The concept of state is extended further to race and people, where the ‘race’ is deemed superior.
    German Empire (under Hitler)
    Republic of Austria (immediately before Anschluß)

    Libertarianism: The belief in a lack of government, or an extremely limited government. Practical anarchy. People and by extension businesses are free to do as they please, governed only by profit and self-materialism. Although popular in the USA today, this system has failed in the past – the US was heavily Libertarian in the 19th century (when it was simply called Liberalism, due to the change in Politico-Economic terminology), which caused several large companies to dominate the landscape, until the beginning of the 20th century and the beginning of government intervention. Somalia would ostensibly be considered libertarian, as it completely lacks a stable central government.
    Somalia (today)

    Social Democratism: Large government. Government is a democracy, usually of centralized nature. The government fully handles welfare, has national healthcare and national education. People are provided for, albeit via heavy taxes.
    Mexico (though unrest is moving it towards anarchy)
    Much of the rest of Europe

    Democratic Socialism: Social Democratism taken further. The government is still a democracy, however the government has far more control over the economy.

    Social Capitalism: Government regulation and some control over the economy. There is some level of welfare, but many systems such as healthcare and education are privatized. This is the US today. Libertarians want to move it towards practical anarchy and deregulation. Republicans/Conservatives want to move it towards heavy deregulation and government subsidies to companies. Democrats/Liberals want to move it towards Social Democratism.

    State Capitalism: The forefather to Fascism and Communism. The state controls, either directly or indirectly, the economy of the country.
    Russia (today)
    China (moving towards this)

    • ding ding ding we have a winner. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Somalia is not an true anarchy.

      The population is divided among blood-related clans, and these clans have hierarchy and alliegances.

      It’s closer to several different ethnic nations within an undemarcated territory.

  17. It’s a bit sad really, both are based on essentially good values of equality and unity, yet in every instance it seems as though a government that starts out with only the best intentions becomes corrupted and deviates from it’s path. I for one fully believe that in order to achieve utopian society, the people must surrender their power for a bit, while the state restructures it’s beaurocracy. The state must then return the power to the people, which seems to be where most communist and fascist movments falter. In this, I would say that it isn’t the system that is stupid, flawed, or evil. I would instead say that it is our own human corruptability and incompetance that is the problem. To say that the anarchic system of capitalism and the inefficient process of democracy are good when compared to totalitarianism is fine, but to say they are good as an absolute is preposterous.

    • I agree completely. Everyone gets so caught up in the mud-slinging and often overlook the simple problem that the people that make up governments/societies/businesses are flawed and cause deviation from their original plan. A person may be knowledgeable and know how to make things work, but may also be greedy. A person may want to make everyone happy and spread goodness, but doesn’t know how to do it and end up screwing things up for everyone instead. Even if someone is very knowledgeable and also very good at heart, some unexpected event may cause their plan not to work as intended. It gets even more complicated when you throw in millions of people who are all trying to persuade others into supporting what they believe and having no easy way to really know what is truthful.

  18. There is no such thing as a Communist country–it is theory. A theory based upon the absurd notion of the innate goodness of mankind. The kind of theory soundly rejected by our founding fathers.

    USSR was Socialist, NOT Communist. Socialism is used to bring a country to Communism; so far it hasn’t worked (and it NEVER will).

    We need to disabuse ourselves of the goodness of Socialism since we are headed full steam into it. We need to stop calling the USSR, China, et al Communists–they are the visible face and evidence of Socialism in action. Wake up America.

  19. Communism is simply a wealth transfer, FROM Gentile Christians TO Jews.

  20. uh this article first says communism is a stateless system, then says it is a system where the state owns everything. uh which one is it (hint: the first one).

  21. The totalitarian philosophies of ”communism” and ”fascism” are simply two sides of the same evil coin-the result is always the same: Brigandage,slavery,genocide/democide,and internal as well as external war. All of which is exactly what the present U.S.Police State has been moving towards since before the ”New Deal” of the FDR regime. Why is it so terribly difficult for the present private insolvent de-facto foreign controlled and thus highly-colorable Corporate Organization of International Political Means of rogue and feudal character and habit;d.b.a.,”UNITED NATIONS/STATES” to simply obey the The organic laws of the united States of America (which are their only legitimate source of power) and simply shut the hell up and leave us alone-in peace.

  22. “please *do* them a favor”

  23. This is a poor article with obvious bias. The other commenters covered the main problems. No need to rehash. Marxism is derived from Hegelian dialectics. Hegel was nothing if he was not a fascist. He definitely wasn’t a communist. Marxists just coopted him and turned him into one. How ironic that the Soviet Union was the ultimate Hegelian Marxist conceptualization… I hope you understand why.

    The truth is this: Fascism is a perpetual socialist form. Whereas communism is the desired end result of the socialist process, explained through Hegelian dialectics. Fascism is that which encompasses ALL of the evils of Marxism, with none of the bogus promises of a communism that never comes.

    The only better thing about Fascists is that they know how to rule a country, rather than just be content to exist in endless bickering and hemhawing about the “better tomorrow to come” as communists are want to do. Marxists are idiots, despite the pseudo intellectual mumbo jumbo they are always spouting.

  24. Hello people I consider myself a bit of a Marxist. However what I am about to say is not biased in any way simply the truth. I think you people have capitalism and democracy completely confused and switched around. The real debate is between communism and capitalism, as they are to different economic ideology not specifically how to run a country. For example you can have a communist democracy it would be just people voting for the communist party that they support, rather than the capitalist party they support as we do today in most countries. So really comparing communism to democracy is just pointless.
    I urge you people to have a look at the communist manifesto by Karl Marx and come back and say that the idea for a free and classless society were we are not imprisoned by money would be a bad thing. I mean if we were all taken care off and given just as good education as the man standing next to us we could all have a bright future as opposed to some of us living in slums of on the streets.

    • “The real debate is between communism and capitalism, as they are to different economic ideology not specifically how to run a country”

      No. This is incorrect. The real debate is, to what extent is capitalism practiced in the nation? Let me illustrate with two extremes.

      In a laissez faire free market society, everyone has the right to own property and create a business and participate in markets. The government exists to regulate abuses that endanger freedom, to the maximum extent possible, particularly in balancing corporate power against small business and individual industry.

      Conversely, in a communist society, only the state may engage in capitalism, either internally or externally. The economy is centrally planned and managed, not necessarily in accordance with market forces, but usually in line with political considerations. The net effect is that the state assumes the character of a corporation and the leader becomes the CEO. Fidel Castro, for instance, is worth close to a billion dollars, primarily because of the state controlled tourism industry.

      Moreover, capitalism is essentially an economic concept. Communism is an all encompassing philosophy of life, based on Hegel’s theories of historical dialectics, the nature of the state, and the social aspects described in the Communist Manifesto. Hegel influenced most leftist movements, fascism mostly in the aspects of nation and God, and Marxism in the concepts of the supremacy of the state and class development.

      In many ways, Communism is a religion. Why? Because it is a utopian vision that has yet to be realized, according to its proponents. A faith proposition that is reached only by “scientific processes of government”. There have been instances where socialists claimed otherwise, such as in Stalin’s Russia. But it turned out to be a lie, and the general tendencies of socialists is iconoclasm. They abandon their past heroes and bury them in the sea of forgetfulness as the abuses and failures of the regime come to light, usually after the regime is replaced.

      Fascism is basically the freezing of a Marxian nation into a static intermediate form of revolutionary thinking, one that never leads to end-state communism, such as in North Korea. But one that nevertheless captures all the dismal contradictions and failings of full-blown Marxism.

  25. ‘Communism stands for a stateless society where all are equal.’ (paragraph 3).

    ‘In communism, the state is the custodian of everything and it is the state that owns everything.’ (paragraph 5).

    So whilst promoting a stateless society, communism maintains state ownership and custody of everything?

    Somewhat paradoxical at best.

  26. Let me teach you – I’m from Brazil, so my english is not perfect

    1-We communists believe that the means of productions should belong to the people, every private property has its origins in thief, you can’t deny it.

    2-We don’t make any promises about a pure communist stage following socialism, the transition from socialism to communism is like a bridge, but one thing is a fact- there can be no stateless communism with the capitalist menace.

    3-Countries like Soviet Union and Yugoslavia were more democratic than most of you americans think, they were based on the leninist concept of democratic centralism, where people vote on municipal representants (people, not parties), those municipal leaders choose the regional and so on until the top. Sure you can make it totalitarian, but you can adapt the system to make the top-leaders more open to new ones.

    4-We don’t want to put everyone with the same wage/salary, we want to minimize the differences, It’s non sense to gave everybody the same amount of money because people make different things for society.

    5-Soviet Union didn’t over because of the impossibility of economic calculation in socialism. In fact there are a lot of alternatives to make the calculuum. Soviet Union is gone because of lots of factors combined: economic crisis in a market socialism in the 80’s combined with separatism and treason in the party and the army.

    6-Capitalism IS TOTAL THEFT of the means of production by a few individuals, don’t matter if you buyed it, the people have the right over it. Why capitalists or defenders of this system should be treated nice in a revolutionary state?

    7-There’s no such thing as human nature, human nature is CULTURE, in a socialist state, values like love, respect and friendship will finaly defeat the greedy and paranoia-like competition that exists in capitalism, you know why? Because a socialist state provides good condidionts of life to its citizes, provides free health care, free and ultra-quality education, good streets, good public transports, no violence in the streets.

    8-In 1991 polls were made in the repuplics of the Soviet Union, and the result was more than 88% in favor of the existence of S. Union.

    9-Lots of russians want USSR back, because life was much better. What we have now in Russia? Prostitution, Mafias, Violence, ethnic conflicts, neo-nazis, terrorism, alcoholism……..

    10-In every fucking european country that was socialist polls ALWAYS show how people miss it.

    11- About the numbers of death of communism, I can tell you that lots are lies and the number is not a mounstruosity like 100 millons of victims, you can google for yourself, there are lots of historians that contest these numbers.

    12-Capitalism is the worst killer ever, how many wars have humanity faced just because of control of lands and other stuffs?

    13-USA since the russian revolution has beeing blocking, telling lies, invading and so on every country that does not follow the “freedom of capitalism” Why? Because its how capitalism fight for itself, making more and more markets, creating brutal competition and invading those who do not follow these ideas.

    14-Technology: Soviet Union was a leading technological center, sure the US capitalism always will have more success in that area because of brutal competition, but we can have a healthy competition in socialism.

    15-Finally, communism is the most revolutionary, powerful, popular and progressive ideology ever, You can join us and fight for people’s power, no classes, no bosses, no stupid falsity or stupidity of capitalism OR you can’t be a good and passive tool of capitalism and defend it, but remember , unless you are from the burgeoise you just fighting against the people’s power.

    Long Live Revolution and Death to Capitalist Pigs!

    • Communism is responsible for MURDERING over 100,000,000 people in the 20th century and denies any kind of decent. As such it is a threat to the individuals right to act on his conscience and as such the greatest threat to individual freedom known.

    • I don’t need to be taught by you. You aren’t qualified.

  27. Kinda sad people talk like they understand but they don’t…
    Communism, rich and poor don’t exist. Fascism, it does. How can you call Fascism a SOCIAListic government if all the Social services are owned by the state and not shared to the general government. Communism runs through democracy, Fascism runs through Dictatorship. It’s like Black and White. Communist following countries put money into public services like education, healthcare, housing and unite the country with social harmony (China), Fascistic following countries put money into dominating imperial services like millitary, propaganda, nationalism, police (North Korea… a bit of USA). Ask someone in Europe where they would feel safer Hong Kong or Texas.

    Communism is the best possible ideology for the general public, too bad the general public listens to US Propaganda where they think China is a country where people ride dragons and get raised up to do well in the olympics because someone’s better at them.

    “Don’t be jealous of those who are more skilled than you, be inspired.”

    • Miku, you don’t understand very much either. An ideology that calls for the abolition of marriage, the aboliton of the family and the aboliton of religion CANNOT be considered the values of a free society. An ideology that wages war on various entities labelled “bourgeois” on account of their mere existence cannot be considered “just” or “the best ideology for the people”. How could any sane person argue otherwise? There is no question that Marxism is AUTOMATICALLY a totalitarian philosophy. It is impossible for it to be otherwise.

      “Democracy” is a Marxist term for “free” – so “Democracy” doesn’t necessarily coincide with a free society, just as anarchy doesn’t. Marxists don’t want Democracy. They want to USE Democracy as a tool for the dialectical development of communism through class struggle.

      Fascism is what socialists end up becoming when they get angry and need someone to blame for the failure of their entitlement statism. Communism has never happened, and never will happen. Communism is a ponzi scheme designed to benefit the ruling class that is intent on never allowing the state to wither away.

  28. So basically the article makes a distinction without a difference. Ownership IS control and control IS ownership. Communism claims that nobody owns anything, that is except the state. Well “the state” is not some magical entity that just makes things happen. In communist terms “the state” is usually the party-the ‘revolutionary class’ or whatever they want to call themselves-that are in charge. They are the elites, just in government. Either way, its all just another way for a certain elite few, people who think that they have the right to order the world according to their whims, to force their collective will onto others.

    • Idiots like Miku Hatsune (Lol) who come from a communist country have no sense of history,it is erased from all publications and media, so idiots like Miku don’t know that to enact a communist state a purge is required, between the Soviets and Mao almost 100,000,000 people were put to death. That’s a price Americans are not willing to pay for this phony utopia these idiots have fallen for.

      • In the long march of the 8th Route Army from Manchuria to Yunan under the Communist leader Mao Zedong 5 million Chinese perished because of a lack of food, But Comrade Mao always had whatever he wanted to eat, no matter what the price was.

        Comrade Mao, like Comrade Lenin was far worse than the Manchus of China or the Czars of all the Russias. Both were extremely despotic and cruel to the point of madness. Both came from upper class families and not the common people, so how could they ever lnow what it was to go without food or other essentials? To put it squarely both were dictators who fooled the ignorant masses in their respective countries into believing their fairy tales of creating a Utopia for them.

    • Not really, technically in true communism the elite phew are really the elite most. What I mean by that is the proliteriat or labour people make up most of the world’s population, in communism, pretty much everyone falls to the level of the proliteriat, thus making the proliteriat the “elite”, thus the elite is now 99% of the people and not just “phew”. In fascism the elite can vary depending on state/race.

  29. What if any is the difference between “state ownership” and “state control”? If something is owned it is controlled and if something is controlled it is owned.
    So the reality is that Communism and Fascism are just two sides of the same cow pie! Both on the Left of the political spectrum.

    • Exactly. My understanding is, Communism is the economic climate, and Fascism is how you control it. I guess the difference is, under Fascism, you can still have levels of class, even though it’s still state-controlled. Either way, a degree of Fascism is still required to maintain control.

  30. Seems to me that a degree of fascism is required to enforce Communism. Democracy is when each individual vote is equal in determining government policy. America isn’t a Democracy, we’re a Republic. We elect representatives to make decisions for us. Usually, when people have access to free ideals, people Democratically support a free-market system. Thus, in cases of Communism, a degree of fascism has to be used to prevent people from Democratically invoking Capitalism into their society. The Soviet Union and the DPRK are good examples… they use nationalism and supreme military control to enforce supreme statism. It may be a communist economy, but it enforced by a fascist elite state.

  31. Socialism is the elitist craft of using the poor to assimilate the middle class, communism is the police state needed to control the hungry masses.
    Fascism is using the state to force your will on others.

  32. Communism is bad. Capitalism is better, but still bad. Fascism is wrong. A regulated Free Market is the best, a free market where any company or corporation is limited in size and is not allowed to become dangerously large and powerful. Yet people forget that THEY, THE CONSUMERS can reduce size of corporations by reducing or eliminating unnecessary spending and redirecting their spending habits towards progressive and small business. Lose your sheeplishness and stop being ostriches! Buy small and from small!

    • “Communism is bad. Capitalism is better, but still bad. Fascism is wrong. ”

      Apparently you are one of these people who think that communism and capitalism are two points at either end of a scale of economics. No. They are not. Communism is at one end of the line. Laissez faire free markets are at the other end. Capitalism IS THE LINE itself.

      In other words, capitalism is everywhere. The only difference is HOW MUCH capitalism is allowed and who is allowed to practice it. In North Korea and Cuba, only the ruling elites are allowed to practice it. And even in some theoretical global communist state, where nations no longer exist, you would still have capitalism being practiced between actors of the state.

      “A regulated Free Market is the best, a free market where any company or corporation is limited in size and is not allowed to become dangerously large and powerful.”

      I thought you didn’t like fascism.

      “Yet people forget that THEY, THE CONSUMERS can reduce size of corporations by reducing or eliminating unnecessary spending and redirecting their spending habits towards progressive and small business. Lose your sheeplishness and stop being ostriches! Buy small and from small!”

      Democracies don’t produce situations like this. Democracies produce collectivism in all its brutal forms. That’s why your premise that the US needs to get “back” to be a democracy is ludicrous. What the US needs to do is “get rid of the democratizers (socialists)” and get back to being a republic of the Constitutional limits.

      • Maybe? I must say I respect all opinions and you may be right, yet I want to point out again in my weak English: I do not like Corporatocracy, where the “free market” becomes a small collection of huge and greedy corporations, and that’s when competition becomes non-existent and consumer has nothing to gain from it, but politicians can enrich themselves and sell their electorate to the toxic greedy fascistic corporations who desire all the power in the world and then even beyond it. Money and politics don’t mix and therefore LOBBY = BRIBEING = ILLEGAL.

        I don’t want the free market to be regulated, I just want to limit the size a corporation can grow (by a minimal regulation in that matter only) into and become a monopoly = corporatist state. Or you can call it government run capitalism/corporatism or fascism. Monsanto is one good example of corporatism gone bad. They want to rule the food supply for the entire world.

        Communism good for worker but bad for tinsel. Capitalism good for tinsel but bad for worker. Fascism is bad for both. Democracy is very convenient to lobbied politicians and large corporations. Thus a democracy + free market where no money is allowed in politics (lobby ban) and corporations have set limits is the best, by my humble opinion.

        • P.S. I must correct myself – communism is not good for anyone, although some workers may like it 🙂 and I’m not one of them 🙂

          Don’t forget that a PERFECT socioeconomic system has no name, because it is too complex in order to name it. Yet you could call a perfect socioecosys: – Fair Society and Market or FSM where everything is FAIR by all and any standards and all decisions are voted for by all participants of a certain IQ. Which means criminals, alcoholics and most animals would not vote, yet their rights would be protected.

          Perhaps it may sound a bit communistic (or Scandinavian), but in a society where profit and money is removed, there may be elimination of corruption and greed and a new kind of barter introduced among people.
          Yet there would still be small businesses that would be selling necessary goods at a certain rate of profit, not to allow them to grow into greedy unlimited corporations, but to have them the extra money fro their needs. I maybe wrong, but I have some ideas, which may already have been repeated in history.

  33. So… here is my question. What is the difference between ownership and control? The article is at pains to explain a difference and uses this choice of words. But dosn’t one imply the other. You cant have control with out de facto ownership, and De jure ownership gives control.

    • There is no difference, except in the fantasy world of Marxists. It’s one of the disingenuous claims they use in order to fool their legions of starry-eyed utopia seekers.

      And ask yourself, how does Marxism abolish the family, marriage, religion and private property without repression, and keep it that way under communism’s alleged stateless society? Magic? Pixie Dust?

  34. In theory there may be differences, but in implementation there is not much difference. Both in practice end up as totalitarian regimes controlled by a small ruling class and mass violations of human rights. The “window dressing,” as they used to say, might appear different, but once you open up the door and go in you will find the same dreary and brutal police states.

    • Fascism is what socialism becomes when socialists need to hold on to power. Fascism is the kissing cousin of Marxism, and the two always want to get married.

      Both systems are rotten, but fascists at least have the honesty to state their motives plainly (at least thus far in history) and hold their banner high. They are overtly arrogant, not fearing any objections to their demands.

      Marxists, on the other hand, are disingenuous and intellectually dishonest. Their “critical theory” nonsense is nothing more than sophisticated divide and conquer whining, and they corrupt all national institutions in their quest to subvert the state with no regard for the will of the people. They always claim superior knowledge, and their theories explain everything, after the fact. And they don’t even have the integrity to defend the “revolutionaries” of their past. Rather, they disavow all past disasters and blame anything and everything else.

  35. People really need to learn the difference between ideology and reallity

  36. Le’me’tell’ya… BAD is GOOD under the CRUEL LAWS of MAMA NATURE… therefore…. fascism to POPOLI (people) is GOOD for MAMA Natura, and vice versa. Because any shit coming to POPOLI, keeps those scum parasites (da pipole) at bay, and Mama Natura enjoys keeping the scumbongos at bay… you garit? So… war, famine, starvation, death, disease, STD, flu, AIDS, ebola etc. which is bad for sheeple, it is very good for Mama Nature, because those control the population of the parasitic humans, keeps low number of degenerative occurences in scumbag humanoids such as USAus Humanus, which has big butt, chemtrailed sky and huge diarrhoeaed territory and humongous house in exchange for famine in other so-called thirdworldley parts of the world. Mama nature knows what she needs best.

  37. Today, USA is a fascist country.

  38. Totalitarianism is a political system whereby absolute power is concentrated in the hands of one party. There are no civil rights, nor are there any elections. Socialism is an economic system whereby the means of production is publicly owned. In other words, any raw material used to produce goods, or services and most importantly – the profits derived by said, goods and services – are publicly owned and absorbed by the state. Capitalism is an economic system whereby the means of production are privately owned. In other words, any raw material used to produce goods, or services and most importantly – the profits derived by said, goods and services – are privately owned and absorbed by individuals. Communism therefore, is the political system of totalitarianism paired with the economic system of socialism. Likewise, fascism is the political system of totalitarianism paired with the economic system of capitalism.

    • You are almost completely wrong on the definitions, but your spelling ability is wonderful.

      Capitalism is NOT necessarily defined in accordance with the dictates of Karl Marx. His definition is a self-serving one designed to support the rest of his “theory”. Capitalism is NOT merely the private ownership of the means of production.

      Capitalism is the expression of human economic behavior that is universal to all social systems and modes of government, varying only by degrees of economic freedom allowed for individuals. From complete laissez-faire free market systems on one end to complete centrally controlled totalitarian systems on the other end. Capitalism IS, essentially, expressed whenever humans engage in commerce activities, to work and to buy/sell/trade with other humans engaged in the marketplace.

      Capitalism exists EVERYWHERE, at all times. It cannot NOT exist because humans cannot enjoy the myriad social benefits of production and work, without producing and working to create them. Capitalism is as universal to humans as photosynthesis is to green plants.

      Socialism is conceived as a dynamic “reform” of human society based on the teachings of Karl Marx and others. History is perceived as a linear, “dialectic” (historically inevitable) path to communism. Socialism asserts 2 notable dogmas: 1) that economics is the fundamental expression of human history and existence and, 2) that capitalism is a recent aberration of the industrial age that exploits mankind for the benefit of a few elites. Socialism is a utopic worldview similar to a religion, in that it posits an awaited-for “perfect state of existence” and the “perfectability of man”. This “perfection” is theoretically to be brought about by gradually eliminating the social abnormalities and false relationships created by capitalist culture – such as marriage and the patriarchal traditional family, religion, bourgeois pursuits, hyper-individualism and inherited wealth.

      Socialism, in real-life terms, is human revolutionary activity dedicated to ushering in a communist utopia. Any “socialism” that does not serve this end is NOT socialism.

      Communism is the theorized end state of socialist revolution. It is by necessity, totalitarian and authoritarian, since human economic behavior must be molded and controlled in accordance with the tenets of Marxism. Religion is abolished. Marriage is abolished. Parental authority is abolished. Private property and inheritance are abolished. All human capital is owned by the state. Communism is essentially a return to monarchical feudalism.

      Modern Fascism is usually purported to be a “socialist” revolution that is rooted in distinctly anti-Marxist ideals like nationalism, xenophobia and glorious warrior class culture. Modern Fascism is a mixture of private and collectivist economic policy. But really, fascism can be anything, as long as it is militaristic, nationalistic and xenophobic. Left Wingers love to call it a “right wing” thing. Right Wingers love to call it “Left Wing thing”. Objective people recognize that modern fascism tends to grow up in mismanaged socialist countries – when whatever emergencies or failures cause politicians to resort to corruption and mob manipulation to hang on to power, or cause revolutionaries to grab for power. Bread and circuses. But on the other hand, there can be fascist tendencies in non-socialist countries as well.

  39. All these comments be like, “der herr herr fire bad isaac newton was a witch NAZIS”

  40. One word for all of you to research. Kleptocracy.

  41. Anyone interested in this topic can learn a lot from Gary Allen’s book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy. To summarize, fascism is national socialism while communism is international socialism. Most importantly, in Mr. Allen’s view, they were both developed to suit the specific purposes of the international banker/globalist agenda and were solicited and financed by the same group. The evidence is compelling and comes from original or primary sources. Many related concepts and associations are discussed. One has not thoroughly explored this topic without considering these ideas, even if only to discard them as many have. Either way, you will have something new to discuss and share your opinion on.

  42. Anyone forget we are Americans and have the right to think what we believe in not just what other think or what our country thinks?..Some people are so clouded they don’t seem to see that believe in what YOU want to believe in not what everyone says is right cool or whatever we are Americans and have the right to disagree if you don’t like what people have to say keep it to yourself and learn what freedom of speech is and stop getting but hurt because people don’t hold your “personal” point of view.

  43. 1) Communism stads for a class-less, state-less society.
    2) In communism, the state owns everything.


    • And nationalism has in principle nothing to do with fascism. Fascism exists when government rejects democratic principles and achievements. It can be based on a belief OR corporate interests.
      Frightening eh?
      So when you say fascism, you should not just think of Hitler and the German Empire of yesteryear but you should take the definition for what it really is.
      So the Obama government was a fascist government. This will be revealed in the coming years.

  44. Just ideas the worst part of all of them is human corruption. Even our country is broken bc of it. Capitalism holds money over morals and vacuums money to the top an in democracy it allows money to buy political power, I like the ideals of the fascist design more than democracy or ours anyway…. we let everyone have a voice even uneducated or those who have no idea of what they are voting on… it allows our system to make decisions and no one is responsible for… democracy will always breakdown because of the lack of responsibility when it gets off course the structure doesnt allow for efficient repair an no ones to blame. To big cumbersome requires grease to move an its beaurocracies chew up and waste resources even tho everyone sees it its not fixed. Fascism can go very bad very fast but the deciding factor of fascism will rest squarely on the shoulders of the head of state, an if that person is moral and intelligent he has without exception the full power of his people highly efficient an the obvious problems arent excepted their fixed even if it requires moving mountains.


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