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Difference between Jehovah ’s Witness and Jews

Judaism is one of the 4 worlds most well known religions while Jehovah’s witness is far common. Jehovah’s witness originated in the US in 1870s as a student movement as an off shoot of Christianity whereas Judaism dates back to more than a thousand years when Prophet Mosses walked the Earth.

Jews are followers of Prophet Moses and the Jehovah’s Witness (JW) since they are Christians follow Prophet Jesus. JW believe that Jesus is the son of God and believe that he was the first created being. They are very vocal about their beliefs and like to embrace it and publicly announce it. They also believe that the concept of clergy is improper and there should be no religious hierarchy however with their prominent clergy consisting of Rabbis and religious hierarchy Jews completely disagree with the JW on this topic. Moreover, JW absolutely disallow blood transfusion by mouth or by vein. This is to the extent that they would let someone die in need of blood but will not transfuse. Jews on the other hand believe strongly in saving a life and donating blood if that is what is required. Therefore in Judaism, if a blood transfusion is deemed medically necessary, then it is not only permissible but obligatory. However some Jews consider the blood of non Jews to be tainted because of what they eat and therefore disallow blood transfusion from a non Jew.

One of the fundamental themes of Jewish ideological framework is belief in the hereafter and an important part of this framework is the concept of Hell. JW, contrary to most religious beliefs and that of Jews, completely disregard the existence of existence of Hell and the hereafter. It is intriguing because even their own texts refer to the eternal punishment and the torture that will befall those whose act is not straight.

Jewish religion focuses greatly on the geographical importance of their forefathers land i.e. Israel and their modern day controversies have resulted from this orientation. JW apparently does not have any religious affiliations with a geographical location.

The most prominent difference between the two religions is that Judaism stands as a completely isolated religion while JW is an offshoot of Christianity and is influenced greatly by Christian religious beliefs.

Major Differences:

  • Judaism predates JW significantly.

  • JW is very recent.

  • Blood transfusion prohibition

  • No clergy in JW

  • No concept of Hell

  • Geographical affiliations

  • Judaism is a separate religion and JW is an offshoot of Christianity

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  1. Was this written by a muslim? Jesus isn’t regarded as a Prophet by Christians, but is regarded as the Messiah promised to redeem humanity.

      • it was actually written by a Jew . you cannot compare Jew or Most cristians to JW or muslims
        JW and muslim everyday thank their creator and their prophet sent by God. JW have a concept about Hell,
        but is not what monitored religions example catholic has about Hell
        the word hell was intentionally wrongly translated from aramaic and hebrew.
        now you can tell which group is better just by looking at
        history, who financed and sponsored world war 1 and 2.. Jews..
        who promoted Brothels of prostitutes and homosexual brothels since over hundred years ago till present : Jews , what kind of people promotes and create Loteries : Jews , who is rothschild
        . a jew.. Who financed masacre over invasions using Nato , UN, and control presidents: Jews,
        who torture and murder inocent palestinians.. Jews..
        who are not longer son of God .. Jews
        im agnostic and i studied almost every religion and group and the most devoted to God are Muslims and JW

        • This person’s slander against Jews is full of ignorance and hateful lies.

        • If Palestine existed than please tell me were it was, what its form of currency was, who was its former presidents/kings etc.

          • You are going as far as to say there are no Palestinians or Palestine.The proof that they exist and existed is that humanity is asking you to stop taking over their houses and land with your stupid believe that they never even existed.

          • Actually, the name Palestine was the name the Roman Emperor Tiberius was the false name that was given to the Country in A.D. 137 after the Jews refused to submit to Roman Rule. They had previously called the Province Judea, which is the latin translation of Judah (Yehudi in Hebrew). That is where the name for the Jews came from. The Jews have also been known as the Israelites and the Hebrews. There had been two Jewish Kingdoms in this area as early as 1200 BC. For a time, they had been united as the Kingdom of Israel. There is ample historical and archeological evidence for the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah. The name Israel was the name of the Patriarch Jacob (grandson of Abraham and son of Isaac) after he had wrestled with the Angel of G-d. This is where the name Israel comes from and the Jews are often called the Children of Israel.

            As for the title of Palestinians, that was originally applied to all the residents of the province of Palestine, but only the Jewish inhabitants claimed the name Palestinian and later identified as Israeli, after Independence. The Arab residents identified with the greater Arab people. They only called themselves Palestinian after 1967 for Political reasons. Most of the Arabs present in Israel in 1947 came only after the Jews started coming back and building farms, cities, and businesses. There has always been a presence of Jews in Israel, even after the Romans

            During the time the West Bank and Gaza were occupied by Jordan and Egypt (won through conquest in 1948), there was no call for a Palestinian State, just a call for the annihilation of the Jews.

          • Evolution… Just leave that right here for a bit

        • What you are is a misinformed bigot. None of these accusations against the Jewish people or Judaism have any basis in reality.

        • JESUS CHRIST is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. No-one come to the FATHER except thru him. All that reject JESUS CHRIST the MESSIAH in this life time will be rejected GOD the FATHER (JESUS )in the life to come. And all who reject CHRIST will be thrown into the lake that burns with fire along with the false prophet,and the beast

        • Your studies didnt go so well…
          You are a recist… Probably muslim.
          What a bunch of rubbish.
          You need to continue study hard.
          Btw there is no such thing as palastinians, what there is is muslims who lived in the country Jehuda, a jewish country
          Palestine was a name made by the Roman empire after the big jewish revolt.

        • You are completely wrong and should be banned from ever talking about religions and how they work. You should be ashamed of yourself, enjoy hell.

  2. Some Christian sects do believe Jesus is a prophet. Not all but some.

  3. Many people will say stuff. I have never dealt with a Jew. Cause of geographical location and what not. But the witnesses, if y’all wanna know something, just ask them. You can take your own bible with you as well and you’ll see that it’s the same scriptures only that they’ve rightfully added in Jehovah’s name. And they are not a recent group. In Isaiah, a book of the bible, god which is Jehovah said that his worshippers are his witnesses.
    So y’all be certain of what you say. These people are profound and zealous about true worship.
    I’m not a Christian, but from what I’ve seen, without the influence of the damn internet, these people are true Christians.
    As for the Jews, I only like that they’ve included God’s name.

    • And who is sitting here bad mouthing others?? You!! What religion are you? I’m a Jew and abd quite proud of it and I will say nothing derogatory of another’s belief or religion. Check yourself first.

  4. This person is a misinformed bigot. None of his accusations about Jews as a People or Judaism as a religion have any basis in fact. He needs to stop reading White Supremist and Antisemitic literature.

  5. U know guys ive been thinking about God nor i dont harm or jealous to anybody..but which is a true religion? Are we going to be saved from hell If bcoz of religion or bcoz of our dids?

  6. Pretty sure this was written by someone that doesn’t like Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    First of all, the author of this article put a denomination (JW) against an entire religion, not aware that said religion (Jewish) has denominations (Meaning they might consider themselves as Jews, but they all think the same; The correct thing to do here wold be to put, for example, Karaite Jews and Jehovah’s Witnesses. You wold see a significant change in the article and ALSO you wold see just how much in common both denominations are, though, they act a bit diferently in certain things)

    Also i find it outright insulting calling us JWs as “offshoot”. Not just once but twice, both as firm statements! What, we “missed the target”? Is that what is the author implying? We we’re aiming to be Christians but we missed the target and became something else? Pfff… pathetic.

    Now look at the third final excerpt of the text, it says “JW […] completely disregard the existence of existence of Hell and the hereafter. It is intriguing because even their own texts refer to the eternal punishment and the torture that will befall those whose act is not straight.”

    Now, about the “hereafter” i don’t know what the author means, it doesn’t specify. If it means ressurrection and then living in paradise here on Earth, then yes we actually do believe in “hereafter”. If it means dying but then live somewhere else after we had died then no, we don’t believe in “heareafter”, the Bible doesn’t say that. On the contrary, it says that “the dead know nothing at all, nor do they have any more reward, because all memory of them is forgotten.”

    But i’m more ticked off is not the part where it says eternal punishment, because i can see common folk get the wrong idea about this one, it’s supposed to be “eternal punishment” as to mean “Permanent Destruction”, but it’s “the torture that will befall those whose act is not straight.”
    How self contradictory is that? Even the own author said that we don’t believe in the “hereafter” nor in “Hell” so the possibility of being tortured is out of the question, yet here it is saying that now we believe that people will be tortured? WHAT?!

    This is where my suspicion flares up, this is why i consider this author to be an apostate and not a person that doesn’t know what he/she is saying. Because everyone knows that what this article says is absolutelly STUPID!

    NOW! In defense of Jehovah’s Witnesses — even the name of Almighty God is at stake here — We won’t allow people to perish just because they don’t allow blood transfusions. In fact, the Bible tells this as a fact in Genesis 9:4, Leviticus 17:14, Acts 15:20, because of what Leviticus 17:11 and Colossians 1:20 say!
    And NOT ONLY THAT! But i’ll have you know that it was thanks to Jehovah’s Witnesses that it was discovered that Blood Transfusions kill more people than actually save, AND the Bloodless Operations saved exponentially more lives than cirugies using blood! In short, cirugies WITHOUT Blood have an EXPONENTIAL rate of survivability and healling compared to cirugies WITH Blood.

    It was such a revolutionary medical doctrine that EVEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S ARMY ADOPTED THAT METHOD OF PROCEDURE, BLOODLESS OPERATIONS ARE THE DEFAULT FOR THE USA ARMY, The supposedly Greatest military of the 21st Century!

    Do i sound mad? OF COURSE I AM! Many cannot see it, but i see through it, this author has definetly second intentions, way too passive aggressive in his/her speech, and i’m no joker nor any bozo walking arround, you can’t fool me! I see through your deception.

    Well at least i ain’t a coward, i’ll still wish you a good day and bid you farewell, but i won’t be seeing these types of articles ever again, that’s for sure! Absolutelly ludicrous!

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