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Difference Between Lucifer and Satan

Lucifer Vs. Satan

Religion has been practiced since time immemorial, with God being worshiped. Beliefs, however, exist regarding the opposite being of God, commonly referred to as the devil, and are associated with sin. The devil has many titles, such as Lucifer, Satan, prince of darkness, Moloch, father of lies and Beelzebub.


What is Lucifer?

Lucifer, a former Latin name referring to the planet Venus, and is associated with the falling of the morning star from heaven. This is the reason as to why it is associated with the devil. It is also commonly used in occultism in instances such as;

  • Anthroposophy- This is the classification of Lucifer as an opposite between Ahriman and Christ, hence representing a force associated with fantasy, visions, psychosis, and subjectivity.
  • Luciferianism- This refers to Lucifer as a guardian to the spirits.
  • Freemasonry- This is associated with the worship of Lucifer.
  • Witchcraft


What is Satan?

This is a being according to Christianity and Islam that seduces believers to go into sin. Initially, Satan was an angel of God who rebelled against Him. Satan is also associated with the first sin committed by humankind in the Garden of Eden.


Similarities between Lucifer and Satan

Both are associated with a belief against God


Differences between Lucifer and Satan

Definition of Lucifer and Satan

While Lucifer is a former Latin name referring to the planet Venus, and is associated with the falling of the morning star from heaven, Satan is a being who seduces believers to go into sin, and was initially an angel of God who rebelled against Him, and is also associated with the first sin committed by humankind in the Garden of Eden.

Lucifer vs. Satan: Comparison Table

Summary of Lucifer vs. Satan

Despite the fact that the terms Lucifer and Satan both represent a fall from the common faith in God, they may have some differences, from common use in the society today, to the origin and use of the terms.

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  1. 1) Lucifer is a Latin name, which means it originated in Rome. How could it have a literal meaning of “to bear light” in Hebrew texts. Two different languages, not much in common between them.

    2) Bible verses to reference this? I’d like some, please.

    • You are correct. It’s a Latin name. And actually in Latin his “name” before he “fell from grace” was Luxbel which means “Beautiful light” in Latin. But after that it was changed to “Lucifer” which means “Ferocious light” or “Light from sulfur” (hence the association with sulfur in hell and around devils, demons, etc..). While “Satan” or Shaitan is simply Adversary in Hebrew and Aramaic.
      And then you have a third character know as The Serpent. Totally different from the first two. Yet so many people love to worship triangles so they made those three characters into a triangle, sometimes referred to as The Infernal Triangle, as opposed to the other known as The Supernal Triangle.

      • this whole article is way off and so are most the responses, Satan the individual originates from various characters given the title satan which is hebrew for obstacle and in the Old Testament Satan or the satan characters were servants of god who tested or accused christians. the name Lucifer was given to the character Satan through a MISinterpretation of Isaiah 14 in its latin interpretation where the name Lucifer ( the morning star) was used as the best latin word for the name of a Cannanite deity also Is.14 was a taunt to the king of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar ( not helel) because he had recently been defeated by Cyrus the Great of the Persian Empire, it had nothing to do with fallen angels or anything divine and all the phrases that hinted at divinity were analogy not allegory . so even though the whole concept of Lucifer is merely a product of poor interpretation( made by Origen) and modern myths and not actual biblical scripture Lucifer and Satan are none the less the same character . and during medieval times where Church Fathers and their made up stories which they preached as true to the bible , they often said that Satan and his Angels were in a place called the foggy air which is a place between heaven and earth where the fallen can still mess with humans a bit but not much .


        1. Lucifer was never an angel of god in the bible it wasnt until fairly recent christian myths most of which were influenced by FICTIONAL works such as Dante’s Inferno and Miltons Paradise Lost

        2. Lucifer means Light Bearer and was the name of a Roman deity who represented the morning star used to replace the name of the Cannanite deity of the morning star in the Latin translation. The name Satan was originally a title for any beings who were obstacles/accusers or testers in the bible and then it became the proper name of an individual who worked for god , he didnt rule hell or anything like that , Hell isnt even in the bible its also a product of church father BS and modern fictional stories.

        3. Satan is not in opposition to God except in revelation where he will over step his boundries and be defeated by michael and since revelation is a prophecy of the future those events have not taken place so right now Satan is still in control of the world under the employment of God

        4. Lucifer/Satan do not have physical forms and even in the modern myths surrounding the character , him and all other divine beings including angels and demons are incorpeal beings and are often described as only being able to commit 2 of the 7 sins , Pride and Envy because the rest of the sins are tied to physical desires.

        5. oh and most those names like Samael , Eremiel and so on are fairly recent and are not in the bible most of them were made up in fictional works so stop placing significance into them.

        • the roman empire was start satans role on earth lightgiver ie]lucifer is as his name donates is light satan is oppressor they are separate entities he is also gabriel satan is michaael war is between them and christ is him that survives saviour the left hand god creator constantine destroyed truth for greed power keep accusors earthly empire intact so far he has managed thisl light giver has win over satans darkness he shall be saviour light will survive nero was satan and he can be seen overtakeing earth at this time light bearer will win i know this if a lie is poweful enough and made into bible which was edited beyond truth then that is what people believe it is man made followers light bearer will have light inside them it is knowledge of truth followers usurper satan will have darkness within its that simple world order has return truth soon the battle has begun in earnest

          • Ok Lucifer,Devil,Demon or Jinn(genies,) Over time much of the original bible is lost mistranslated, or edited crazy. Because many Hebrew or Yiddish words do not translate to English nither does Aramaic. I read the Story of Moses (Mustafa) in the Quran it didn’t sound as crazy as it did in the bible. Satan,Lucifer, the devil or diabol deg 3 different things. Lucifer was of god, he fell. Devil(Devils) Have no free will just like Angels. In a bibli

          • By the Quran Moses is Musa. Mustafa is Mohammed.

          • Sorry my dear, Said MUHAMMAD not Muhammed, Muhammed is an acute to MUHAMMAD. Thanks

          • I swear this has been the most confusing so scary so frustrated n can not make it to the actual reason why I am not understand inG why I went from I knew what n who I was an what I believe u in then IDK what happened but too much being told to me n my mind is not ok u don’t feel like I have any thing private n I’m not alone

          • I feel you on that …. So many paths and so many directions

            I’m tired of this world and the way we are prisoners in our own mind

            Who is right

            Who is wrong

            So many religions

            So many spell castors saying it’s not spells

            Beat up by cops for knowing the law

            Fighting Civil Rights

            Civil Rights Activist

            HipHop Activist
            Broken hearted

          • Your response is so difficult to read. I guess without punctuation and complete sentences your message lost me.

        • I love how you stress Dante’s Inferno being fictional as if the books of the Bible aren’t. Hilarious, thanks for laugh.

          • So you pay no respect to science and secular historians virtually unanimously agreeing that Christ existed; thereby, laying a rock solid foundation for the most accurate and consistent text in the history of mankind.

            I honestly pity you, if your stated opinion is still the case.

            I will recommend a book for you, “The Case for a Creator”. If you are an open minded person, without some sort of grudge, perhaps you will find it useful.

          • No, no, no. Nobody with any actual knowledge of history, and, personal integrity would ever agree that anyone called Jesus Christ actually existed, and, to think or claim otherwise, is absurd. Documented historical fact is, Jesus Christ as modern times perceives, was created at the Council of Nice, where the newly proclaimed Emporer Constantine, summoned the, approximately two hundred and fifty (regional) clerics, and, told them to get their shit together and come up with something they could all agree upon, he was unwilling to have secular chaos in his Empire. Soon they presented the Gnostic concepts of a ‘Christ’, which simply means, ‘annointed one’, which Constantine accepted, and, before he ordered the implimentation of this new belief system, he had the doctrine changed, so that the Roman Empire actually practiced Mithraism, and, worshipped, Mithras, called, the Pagan Christ by some…

            What Profit has not that Fable of Christ Brought Us!” – Pope Leo X 1513 -1521

          • How do u account for Torah references to Christ or for all of the prophecy that has come true through out Bible? Sure is funny that all the elites are luciferians and they have it all and dictate world policy, Lucifer prince of this world . So if Christ don’t exist then Lucifer don’t either so how do u explain who is in control of this world

          • Nobody is in control. 2000 years of Christian belief that is mostly made up of lies have given themselves the permission to separate humans from nature. This has given them the self given right to manage by raping the naturl resources polluting destroying the planet. Their is no one in control. As for the USA this is still called a Christian country, and look at the mess it has been and is in.

          • Actually you are wrong one of the craziest things about trying to disprove so called Jesus is that history does prove the existence of a individual during that time that did things no mere man could do. This is also proven and backed by competent scholars and writings during that time.

          • It matters not if scholars agree that he *may* have existed. And those same scholars are usually interested in religious history to begin with, so OF COURSE they’re going to say Jesus existed. Fact of the matter is, the Roman’s had pretty friggin accurate records, even recording crucifixion of people for minor crimes. Yet, thus far no records have been found of a “jesus” or anyone with a similar name, description and act of being the leader of a religious sect. Also, I should point out, as well as there being no actual records of Jesus, that mental illness is not a new thing. In fact, it’s been rife in history, but misunderstood. Sooo.. chances are Moses seeing the burning bush, etc, all the “miracles” or signs were one of two things; the brain being tricked due to a strong belief in something (you can make yourself see/hear whatever almost anything if you believe whole heartedly), or straight up psychosis/schizophrenia. If someone today said they were God’s son (assuming the story of Jesus never happened), they’d be laughed off. But in a time when religion dominated and understanding of the world and the sciences was scarce, people were much more superstitious, religious, sheltered and easily swayed. No one seems to question that. Hey, believe whatever you want in terms of religion, just know that just because your religion says something doesn’t mean it’s to be taken 100% literally.

          • I can only agree with the last line of what you said. God makes all things happen as they do for many reasons. In the bible it is said that Christians nowadays are lucky, as we can truly live by our faith and not by our sight or tangible evidence of God. Therefore, why is it not expectable for God to let that mistake slip? Even so, many Romans became religious after interactions with Jesus, and the only reason alot of information was silenced was because of the pharisees that wanted to keep their power and shun the man that consistently proved his belonging to God.

          • Never argue people into Christianity, let Jesus be seen through you and around you. If they choose to lock you, they are mocking God. It is not personal. For anything it’s a great reason to pray!

          • I guess you’ll laugh at anything. These are just opinions. Some right & some wrong but, most people are trying to learn something.You on the other hand don’t know enough about anything to contribute so, you insult people with ignorant thoughts you made up in your mind but, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. I know it. You know it & every person that read your comment knows it. Denying Gods Word is denying Jesus & God. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.
            The Bible is the inspired word of God & has everything we need to know to grow closer to God & reading it we know right & wrong. It is the foundation a person needs for making good decisions & discernment. Rejecting it breeds ignorance, confusion & lack of common sense. I’ll refer back to your comment. Jesus wants to save you if you will just ask. Eternity is a long time & what you think, want or hope doesn’t change the fact we all will spend it in heaven or hell. Please don’t choose the latter. Jesus is the only way out & will help you when nobody else can. It’s all in the Bible. Just read it.
            For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

          • Clearly the guy you are responding to ia an atheist, like me, so please stop annoying us with this BS you call a religion. Did a guy called Jesus of Nazareth live? Probably yes! Did he perform mirracles? Hell no! Is the bible based on his life? Hell no! It was written 40 years after his death. Was Jesus the son of a god? No! Nobody who would know ever actually said he was the son of a god. In reality he was a JEWISH man who believed that the members of Jewish faith, and the Romans, should stop their conflict, and leave peacefully.

          • I’m sorry that you and others do not believe in Jesus Christ, who is the son of God, the one who loved you enough to die for you and all mandkind, and for all sin. Satan blinds you to these facts. And Jesus did perform miracles. Want you give the time to just open your heart and in the quiet of the day, call out his name with a humble heart. Allow yourself to find the real truth about Jesus. It is well worth it. But as an Atheist, you cannot find God, because you are not looking , nor do you wish to find him. You will know when you find him if you really want to, for your heart will finally feel the joy and peace from him. Your life will be changed and you “will” know that He is your creator who loves you unconditionally, forgives you, and you will be with him in paradise. Please think about this, don’t let Satan have control over you any more. I am sending this to you with all sincerity, not to judge, but because I know He lives in me.

          • Beautifully said! God bless you!

          • Doug Stoner is it ok . Absolutely Fantastic ! I adore a knowledgeable debate .The light of the world who shines his love over us now this moment .I feel his presence in my hearts sensitive personal adornment. I adore Jesus so much it is quite painful for me to hear any deny his existence . Amen to your comments very good .test thy demons and they show their ignorance n lack of knowledge and truth .It’s so difficult to be graceful for me in these situations I’m afraid I’ve not handled debate well . Persecution is always on me in my area because I love all .I have studied prayed tormented by spirits n evil is after every misstep .But those answers are very much in my heart. .I can not thank you enough my kind regards. In the name if all that is truly holy. Kindness’s n humanity and generosity are lost arts and morals like pen to paper, hand to task work .These days are obviously some of the last. I no it’s said over and over.

        • I liked your comment, Yes God created Evil, and Satan is following God’s Plan for God’s Purpose.

          • God did not create satan to be evil, that contradicts God’s character, I agree lucifer is not satan, nor has it ever been satan. But I disagree with satan following God’s purpose, for one, God doesn’t tempt

            James 1:3 says ”Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:

            since angels do God’s will, God would never command an angel to tempt someone as He Himself would not do so, satan clearly oppresses God

            Zechariah 3:2-3
            Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the LORD, and Satan standing at his right hand to accuse him.
            The LORD said to Satan, “The LORD rebuke you, Satan! Indeed, the LORD who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you! Is this not a brand plucked from the fire?”

            why would God rebuke satan if he was going along God’s plan? did God rebuke him for kicks? obviously not.

          • This is the best reply so far in accordance to one I read earlier satan is in control of the earth and is following Gods plan God bless you for this understanding

        • Great Comment, see nothing to disagree with, Lucifer is a Myth, Satan is Real.

          • The old testament is the only place he is called satan. Lucifer Is mentioned once in the old testament as the king of Babylon. The devil is his name in the new testament (not called satan at all). Contrary to beliefs, David is the king and messiah and satan/devil is a hybrid (no soul and lower than man and the angels) who stole the crown when being accused of misdeeds in the creators garden. The plan of God is to overthrow all religions that steal his glory. To hell with the most of you anyways, you all mislead people.

        • To Thialfi Blanc
          I actually really appreciate what you said. It makes a lot of sense and cleared up a few misconceptions.

        • Satan is real, Lucifer is a Myth or Lie, all of Christainity is believers in Lies, you take out the TRUE BELIEVERS IN THE SON ( 30 AD to 325 AD), you get what we have today. Paganised Christainity. Christ is the ROOT and Offspring of DAVID. Figure that out, you will be seeking TRUTH. Try the Women Seed and the Serpent Seed, for Enlightenment. Here is a little TRUTH from the SPIRIT OF TRUTH. There was 7 Ages, before the First Son of God was put on this World (Adam) Luke 3:38. The Soul stays in the Grave until Resurrection, God’s word is Mighty and Powerful, Sharper than any Two-Edged-Sword, Piercing even to Dividing Asunder of Soul and Spirit. This happens at Death. That is TRUTH, if you can handle it.

        • Satan is real, and a servant of God, Lucifer is but a Myth.

          • You have a very good point, I don’t believe in the Devil n for ever problems​ I have had in my life it was my own fault I heard it time n time from people that it was the Devil’s​ fault people like to put the blame on something else rather then there self I know that part very well

        • You are only telling half a truth too!!!!!

        • Hello there can I ask if LUCIFER AND ENKI are the same god

        • So that’s where Lucifer gets his name “son of the morning” because he was an angel or MorningStar Prior to being banished from heaven?

          • “Lucifer” is NOT a name. The word is also in Job and 2 Peter, if you care enough to find it (in the Catholic Latin Vulgate).

          • Lucifer is Satans title..example: My name is Jane AND I have a title when I married which is “Wife”..So I am Jane “Wife” of John my “Husband” ..The king of darkness was the “Angle of light” but fell from heaven and lost his title of “Light Bearer” so now he is Lucifer the devil ..which is simply a fallen angel..
            and his new title is now then “Satan” ..The title “Satan” means the opposite of The God of Heaven..therefore.. any one who opposes God can be called Satan..Rember when Jesus rebuked Peter when Peter spoke against what Jesus was talking about what he must suffer and that he must die..? Jesus then said to Peter..”Get thee SATAN behind me”..I hope this helps..

          • If everyone who opposes God can be called Satan does that means everyone who opposes Satan can be called God? You are all mostly just confused…Note Every spiritual existence is within meaning God Devel Lucifer on so on…Ie I made man In my own image I In you and you in me. Everything that is currently being debated is irrelevant it’s just a bunch of stuff that you humans get to debate on and disagree with each other as that is how the human is conditioned all that is been said is useless until you all understand that nothing in the Bible is literal..the Bible is 100% energies names and all and not until you’ll lurn how to tap into these energies these debates will go on forever without conclusion or understanding

        • Please email me !! I have never met anyone who thinks like I. Would love to talk more with you about things like this you seem to have a great understanding of that’s true in false in this world. And I also believe this world is being ruled by evil its self. Under the watch of god. Because we deserve it. And it will come to an end and we, we will prevail. The ones who are awake and attentive and put as much effort as possible against temptations .

          • Hey!! I’m intrested in talking about this! Hit me up on instagram alejandrofuentes8_
            Or my email alejandrojavierfuentes@gmail.com

          • I enjoyed this debate and Q and A very much .
            Honestly never not never one time have I doubted the Gospel of Jesus and John , Mark Luke Mathew has interesting facts about how after the tribulations is when the second coming of Christ .which is a different topic although i think it is alot more important now considering us is bankrupted since 1933 we lost ww2 n filter just died what two three years ago .really nasty truths coming-out and Trump being president after Lucifer himself being 45 in us .debated bit still fact one was elected twice although not consecutive but after another Woodrow Wilson ? Can’t member that I try bitty detail .however Obama care agenda 21 guilatenes fema camps trains with scales on ceiling and floors with benches odd moment tying to picture Angus beef sitting on benches handcuffed to ceiling shackled to the floor of the trailer. .I hope my points is clearer than my anger at the outright misrepresentation of our country but ignorance is quite normal I see because presidents head corporations not countries and we didn’t catch that clearly until now China ,Korean ,united nation, and Russian soldiers are training on us soil to kill or imprison Americans because we won’t allow another mass genocide or will we .what has anyone done to stop the pedophiles from saleing raping torturing our children on a scale so large it’s criminal
            I think we all need to know that we have not been doing our part as good Christians to allow these outrageous things to happen in our country.The fact that I’m still alive is solid proof they already have it in action
            being slaves in denial is no excuse for this to continue.the poisoning of out water and vaccinations n pharmaceutical corps. under our parents with chemo n radiation vs a real cure.its an obligation of life and love .it’s also a fact that they are giving the patients poison to receive funding ofillions of dollars and still living about a cure they had from day one knowing every single disease is made from parasite and intentionally spray the shit on us ..i n out food .now genetically modified food that’s not suitable to eat .no value or if any it’s not enough every few hours finding ourselves hungry again. its reduction of masses of Hans lives to replace is with robotic n demonic forces soulless n without a chance of survival.we had better hope like hell.thst god does exist , other wise we r fucked.i had faith i had hope I had love .now I have knowledge n I hate the world and every evil thing in it .having helped the lest of these being robbed ravished humiliated by the lest if these .accosted from my home alinate by my ungrateful family and being abused all my court nine years of life .I’m very distressed to say the least .I hope that god loves me and has been anguished by my mistreatment over these dreadful trials I’ve been through .my my heart goes out to you and me and to any who have suffered what I have worse than I have and less too.
            But I am appalled that with every single Christian who claims to love our king of kings make no mention.of these details …why do they have the beauty of not having to no the horror of anguish and nightmare bestowed upon my heart and those others who as you say are awake. no what, when, and who can get this to stop and set our children down. would it be so bad to Love God and pray to have heaven after all this hell on earth. And hope for all the world that some heart felt human being
            disclose this subject as a new topic I’d need to be let go from

          • Thank you for the encouragement! You hear allot of negativity and not enough support and love! I pray God Blesses you!

          • Hallelujah . I support u and Deborahs comments. Soo true and relevant.

        • This answer was just copied from wikipedia…u r a lazy person

        • However, after Christ was born approximately around 3am….the bright shinning star that hovered above Bethlehem and guided the three Magi….Jesus Christ would now become “The New Morning Star.” Satan, Lucifer, and the Devil to include “That Ancient Serpent….” Are all the same into one. He is so prideful He adheres in going by all these names. He was indeed named the bearer of light but lost that status after Christ was born and after Christ defeated death. The devil wants us to think death is this horrible attribute but it has already been written that there is nothing more beautiful to GOD than when His Saints die for Him. Christ came here to show us how to properly die. Because once our bodies die, the devil knows our inner invisible spirit leaves the body, leaves the blood, leaves the plasma of the body and we too become like God’s. For it was also written “Do not she’d blood….for there is Life in the blood.

          • I’m not always sure why the universe keeps spitting out God’s and not mortal life. I’m thankful in such a beautiful idea that can keep me in the kingdom of God with my family forever… But I can’t help but wonder what if life was cookie cutter and more fair that way.

        • Please what are those 7 signs s of which pride and envy are part of?

        • Yet, you cite no scriptures or ancient text to backup your claims. No credibility.

        • Thank you very much for this!! Where can I look for more information of this kind? I’m really fascinated by the Christians and Hebrews myths. Thank you!

        • Thank you for your information. So if Satan isn’t the opposite of god than who is?
          Everything in life has the concept of yin yang- night day, good bad and etc… I always thought god was the opposite of Satan… everything god has created is good. Correct? is there no opposite force from the almighty God?

        • The term “ el “ derived from the god enlil I believe “ el “ meaning electric… you can spit the fakes in the bible this way .. ang”el “ uriel , Ezekiel, michael … it is satanic coding .. as is the story of Jacob and the death of Jesus.. the Jesuit Freemasons use the number 3 abd 33 .. 33 degree Freemason jesuits trained by the Vatican .. Jesus dies 3 rd April 33 years old AD 33 .. 33 sons of Jacob 33 steps to heaven on 33rd son ..

        • you have some pretty good insight. I’m not expecting you to believe this so Fuck it….
          my name is Justin and at the ageof 30yrs I went thru what is now explained to me as a ” Angelic possession ” for lack of a better term. After which I automatically started speaking a language I never heard let alone spoke I thought it was Hebrew… turns out its tounge. I have the ability to allow certain individuals to hear the voices of Angels Micheal especially and on 2 occasions GOD , if you doubt I can prove it or if you just dont care but be willing to share more information I’d appreciate it… your correct in your belief Lucifer isnt in hell….. yet!
          May never have to go. Tho its believed Lucifer Eldest Son of Our GOD,Brother to Micheal, Gabriel, Uriel,Remial, Raguel, Raphael, and Saraquel, is on a 5kyr(5k of our years)Descent in to the underworld. Which upon his arrival will very quickly assume command. And if you know anything about Lucifer(The ArcAngel not the “devil), you’ll agree. but as the time between Heaven Purgatory, & Hell ALMOST
          NO1 can truly know how long ago it began,if it has began, or how long in Heavenly>Hell>Earthly years it will take.

        • Cooool! Thanks!

      • You have no idea what you are talking about. This article is completely wrong and makes no sense.

      • The name of Lucifer before it was lucifer is not the argument of this discussion. This is what turns people away from reading forms like this. When people think they know the answer to every topic. What ever the language was when adam was created; and what ever the holy spirit told the writer his name was, it was so. Everything after that has all gotten twisted.

        • Adam was not Created, He was Formed from the dust of the earth.

          • -Ken Redmon-

            “Adam was not Created, He was Formed from the dust of the earth.”

            Are you serious? That’s called being created you twit. -_-

          • lol. I was about to say the same thing. That’s so funny.

          • But God did create Earth and the very dust upon it therefore he created Adam.

          • No No No… You are missing it entirely, here on the Adam passage. Look, The Father is: The Creator… of which there is only one! Genesis details creation. In other words to simply everything, I’ll state it like this: Out of Nothing — Something… That is what The Creator can do, and did… Adam, on the hand was made of… he wasn’t brought into existence the same as what was detailed as “creation”. A more technical and accurate way to say Adam was “formed” is: he was “procreated”.. yet, procreation entails that first you have *the template* and “procreate” from that.. so, I’m not going to go on and tell you why or elaborate on this reply. When you are “awake”, you know why.

          • He was created for the dust of the Earth is CLEARLY a metaphor because they were the first people. There was none before them.

      • Satan is the Serpent, the Dragon and the Devil. Lucifer is but a Myth.

      • First I’d like to point out an obvious error here, without any need to detail why.

        Sorry, there weren’t any Christians in the OT!

        Thialfi Blanc
        November 14, 2010 • 7:36 pm

        this whole article is way off and so are most the responses, Satan the individual originates from various characters given the title satan which is hebrew for obstacle and in the Old Testament Satan or the satan characters were servants of god who tested or accused christians.

        There is no need for me to single out those I found in error, however allow this to enlighten you a bit…

        Lucifer, yes is the Father’s most favored and most beautiful of all creations. It is said, Lucifer is his first creation. This is why Lucifer’s pride is such that it is — being first, most beautiful, and favored by the Father. Lucifer fell from grace for pride is what is said, but his sin wasn’t the pride at all. This is the story: When the Father created Adam, he spoke to Lucifer and said “watch, whatever he names the animals is the name I have given them, now bow beneath my perfect creation”. Lucifer’s sin was that the Father told him “bow beneath my perfect creation”. To which he said “I will not bow to that imperfect creature”. He defied the Father. For some reason, someone along the way, has the gotten the idea that because man has “free will” and can choose, that all creations are allowed this right. So it is the pride that has become the reason, while failing to see that the Father didn’t ask Lucifer — he commanded him! — Lucifer defied the Father.

        Satan, on the other hand fell from grace for a completely different reason. Satan, we all know is man’s accuser. The first mention of Satan in the Bible is Job. In those days, certain angels were “watchers” of man. However, Satan along with other “watchers” saw man as beautiful and thus had sex with man. This is where it leads to the Nephilim and eventually Noah’s flood. The big picture is outside the scope here.

        Making a connection that the serpent in The Garden is Satan is a stretch. Satan wasn’t even mentioned until a much later period, after man had been on Earth. Also, this does not fit within Lucifer’s downfall which took place while Adam was in the Garden. Lucifer is not “man’s accuser” — Satan is. And yet nobody has said Lucifer was the serpent — it’s is Satan. 🙂

        Simply put, outside the literal meaning of Lucifer and Satan, and they are completely different entities, their sins being completely different, their point of entries into Biblical teachings, and the fact that No Where is it written nor a Jewish teaching, that Lucifer became Satan. To add another name such as “The Devil”, which is a Greek word and a Greek concept, and passing it all off as all one in the same, well…

        Please keep in mind, unless you are Jew, your understanding, quite frankly, is not going to truly match up with “our” understanding on what is written. This is part of the reason why we Jews had always remained apart from everybody else, hence Jews and Gentiles. It’s clear to this day, even when the OT scriptures have been translated, including the NIV which went back to the Hebrew, not the Greek or Latin, and certainly not the KJV which is biased favoring KJ, and was to be a more accurate and less convoluted version, is not reaching the reader in which a Jew would clearly understand the meaning. These are Hebrew/Jewish ideas and wordings. It’s not simply a case of reading it and it’s meaning understood to the extent a Jew would. I’m not trying to make it out as we have higher than Gentile understanding, however in Judaism, like La Cosa Nostra — it’s a Jew thing.

        There are many examples, such as Christianity’s “thou shall not kill”, when it fact “it’s murder”; which is a completely different concept. That is a simple “proof of concept” that I’m trying to convey. There is also the “son of man” concept that clearly has been taken in Christianity to mean a whole new idea and have more meaning than it does in Judaism. Another example is the difference with Adam. Adam was not the first man. Because it’s placement in Genesis comes immediately following the 6 days of Creation and 1 day of rest does not mean that Adam, since spoken of next must be the first man.

        Here’s the short answer: I’m sure everybody is familiar with the story. Before Adam fell from grace, he was simply a soul.
        As it is written: The Father told Adam he would die IF he ate of the Tree of Knowledge. Let’s not contend with the symbolism and keep the answer simple. Satan comes along, Adam tells him what the Father said, and Satan says “no you wont die”. Adam ate, and in fact, did not die. Being a soul, he was not a “man” as you might think Adam being a man would be — yet. After the Father banished him, it says “Adam became a living soul”. This is the point Adam died and became a “man” as you think of Adam.

        Without going any further with more details and explanations, I hope this demonstrates the difference in how you have been taught and you yourself have read it.

        Perhaps more focus should be spent on understanding man’s fall, the reason Adam’s genealogy is detailed and how it applies to Gentiles, Lamech’s curse, why Noah and his special role, and finally the flood. The things I just mentioned are all tied to each other.

        Ok friends, I’ve given a bit information than I should have. In the end, one way or another, every thing I’ve said is in the bigger picture. I hope I can reach at least one of you, “light a spark”, and from here you see questions to answer or maybe just to know more from a different source.

        • I just want to say thank you

        • I have read your post and as a Catholic I just realised that we were not even close to learning anything remotely as in depth especially once we leave primary school and attend high school. I am not practising Catholic but I did agree with a lot of what was said
          I am also under no illusions that every word is absolute. I wish I could have the chance to go bk and learn more and question more instead of it being taught like stories from some book that children took to be a tale of old like a fairy tale scenario rather than begin at the start and discuss and encourage to question

        • How can a gentile or a non believer get close to god then if the bible has been changed and manipulated so much?

        • Wow, you gave me something to think about. Thank you. I wish u can tell us more. Ur interpretation is eye opening.

      • The serpent is not character he is Satan in disguise come on it’s not that hard to understand sorry if I sound harsh but my grandpa and great grandpa were pastors so I know alot about it

        • You can’t be mentioned in a scripture and not be a character cmon

        • Skyler, it’s not about a name that is the message I’ve tried to convey. A name is nothing more than a way to reference a something. (a noun, right?) But, the “something” that you are referencing, unlike a common noun, a name is supposed to be “unique”. That’s how names came to be used. In almost every archaic anecdote, when a name is used, usually, following that, the writer or story teller would say “becuase…” and thus define what this name means or why this name is for.. However, 2 things have greatly changed “names” over time. 1.they are no longer “unique”.. How many Bobs, Johns, Toms, Mary’s and etc etc etc.. do you know or are in the world? the 2nd component that’s been lost is: the *why* or *meaning* of the name. There are resources you can lookup to find the meaning of names, even to this day. But nobody introduces themselves as “I’m Deborah” — “The Queen Bee”. 🙂 So, it’s just “Deborah”. Naming a child long ago was not only a great responsibility, but also a glory for the one who named you. All this said, it’s not the name I emphatic on bringing to the table here… it’s concept… So, where one might say Lucifer = Satan. I say, noooo. The names mean different “concepts”. The character, whatever name you want to insert, does not “chronologically” coexist with any of the other names/entities others are trying to tie all together. The concept of “Lucifer”, what Lucifer means, and his sin are not the same as Satan. Lucifer never accuses man of anything. His downfall, was a totally different sin than Satan’s. You would have to now add that Lucifer sinned, “someone” renamed him, and now as Satan, he sinned again, “someone” renamed him, and now he goes by “the devil”.. The devil has yet to sin I guess.. still waiting on the next name change.. Gotta keep this going 🙂 He’s got more aliases than Alias Jones West 🙂 and wilier than The Coyote! Ok, I’ll reveal or rather, concur that “Satan” was in the Garden, and that “symbolically” the serpent “visual” was written to tell of Adam’s fall. However, The Bible does not specifically say one word or tell of any renaming or define the serpent, in any way, as Satan. I’m not gonna drag that one out. Buuut, outside of The Bible, there’s more on Adam’s downfall and quite a bit more than The Bible’s Garden story and what exaclty was the “sin” or this forbidden thing Adam was not allowed to touch. And it wasn’t a piece of fruit. This a G Rating version that is to make it available to anyone, at any age, and in mixed company… If you’ve know the “real” story, than the punishment portion that is written in The Bible now makes sense. It fits the sin. Annnnd if you know the “real” story, then you now know Satan’s sin. And THAT is how and why I know the Satan/serpent correlation. Buuuuut, lumping all the “undesirables” or negatives as one in the same without any passage where it says:… There are absolutely no passages in The Bible speaking of any Lucifer to Satan renaming, who did the renaming, why they were renamed, or for that matter Satan AND Lucifer being spoken of at the same time EVER. The 1st time “Satan”, that word/name/any concept was introduced in The Bible is not until Job. “and Satan also came along”.. That is a fact! Allow me to also say this to convey support for all of the above: Catholics have a book, The Maccabees.. Mormons have a book too.. I’m not speaking for or against their teachings.. I’m saying just this: They aren’t Canon! Simply — Not Accepted. Whereas The Bible is Canonized. So any special book making claims as “The Word of God” fall into heresy and those who teach others claiming them as “The Word of God”, and not just additional supplements for their faith have crossed the line into blasphemy. The last and final words of The Father are in Isaiah. He has not spoken since. Malachi is 500 years before Jesus enters into frame. So, as Christian, you may add Jesus’s teachings and stand behind that, but 40 days after Jesus is said to arose and walked on Earth before leaving, he too has not said anything either. Who did the renaming? When? Names having meaning, as I said, leave no trace of how one went to the other. Looking after the fact, you can’t even find any way to take out the name and just use what the all the names mean. Where do you get “an adversary” / “our accuser” chronologically, after “let there be light”? Adam is introduced Genesis 6, and there isn’t any adversary or accuser yet, even IF you want to give the serpent a name. As far as Lucifer, I’m not seeing any chance to make that magic bullet hit the target, and I’ve got Oswald’s rifle, my Barney Fife bullet in my pocket, and the beginnings of a short lived comedy routine… Sorry, it’s as though many of you are taking it all in as though it was a movie you saw. And you are reflecting on that instead of realizing The Bible covers thousands of years not to mention the scripture that you derive your stances from, simply doesn’t exist… not as it is being taught. There is at least 3 Mary’s around Jesus when he was here. Are they all the same person? What about the 2 Lazarus’s? Is Josef and Joseph one and the same too? When Sarai, Joseph, Saul, even Peter were renamed, it details why, meaning of the name, who did it and… “the name”. I arrest my case 🙂

      • What Are Your Thoughts On The Book Of Encoh, When Describing The Fallen Angel, Light Bearer { Lucifer } To Also Be Known As A Character
        Named Godrael?

    • I agree with the others here saying the Old Testament (Hebrew) “Lucifer” is probably from the Isaiah reference to Helel.
      I understand the Hebrew word was not “Lucifer” but that is what is used in many modernish Bibles for the Isaiah 14:12 verse. The New Testament is very convoluted over Lucifer and Satan, so I thought we were referring to the two separate entities from the Old Testament modernly translated as Lucifer and Satan, or Helel the Light-bearer/Morning Star, and HaSatan the Accuser/Opposer.

    • The truth is Lucifer is a hero because he knew God was and is EVIL. Knowing that he was no match for EVIL Jehovah Lucifer stood up to God for us. Lucifer is love and God is hate.

      • Right. He’s done a great job changing things.

      • Thats the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say

      • I laugh at you Fat Bastardo. With your blasphemous write up I can see that you are a step away from hell. It’s a great pity that Lucifer and Satan have blindfolded you and made you and those who reason like you to be blinded to the truth. God is LOVE. That was why He gave His begotten Son, Jesus Christ to come and die to redeem sinful and bastardised human race back to God…which Jesus Christ did successfully. Lucifer Satan on the other hand is the worst hateful beast and worst enemy man has ever had. Lucifer Satan represents HATE whose only joy is found in killing, stealing from and then destroying everyone and everything God Almighty created. Hell is made for Lucifer Satan and fallen demonic angels with him. But he had sworn not to burn in hell alone. That is why he is so busy deceiving people in order to make sure they don’t make Heaven. Open your eyes and accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior before it is too late. Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and King of kings!!!

        • For me personally, i dont believe any religion yet. Im not a atheist but im also not a believer, and from my point of view looking at sources. I think Lucifer wasn’t evil at all, he just loved God above all else and refuse to bow down to humans when God asked him to.

          • TheFallenAngel, come on. You got that from the show Supernatural or some other crap. Lucifer rebelled because he loved God but didn’t want to bow to humans? When, where? Where’s your proof?

          • Wheres proof of the opposite?? A book written by the hand of man XD

        • If an immortal being supposedly dies to absolve our sins and comes back to life a few days later, doesn’t that sort of ruin the deal? That’s like the time Superman fought Doomsday and everyone thought Supes was dead and he really wasn’t… But even then, this whole post is to differentiate two separate entities that are commonly mistaken as the same thing. But all religious people do is argue over semantics and try to sound the smartest over something that doesn’t exist, created by people that wanted control over land and people. As most monotheistic faiths have done. For example the Pharoah Akhnauten (probably spelled wrong) tried to destroy the Egyptian pantheon to make a single God: Amun-Ra.. In the same right look at every other Monotheistic faiths and how the slaughter others and bread hatred for anything that isn’t of their belief. Everyone claims their God is one of love and peace yet do things like flood the world or make people kill their children or even allow no form of justice for a woman raped and makes them commit to marriage.. You know, because that is love, right? And yes, I know it is Old Testament.. But seeing as it is the foundation of your faith then it is as relevant as the cherry-picked New Testament (the Bible: the sequal – Jesus Edition). But if the old isn’t relevant anymore because a new version is out and is completely different than doesn’t something seem fishy? Like how it was a bunch of lies so they needed to be corrected and retold by modern people that cannot possibly know what exactly happened? Anyways.. Religions are lies bound in books, created for the weak-minded that need to make purpose from their insignificant lives. It is hatred, misogynistic, and bigoted. Be a Satanist and believe in yourself and accept people for how they are instead of casting judgement and hate their way. Free yourself from the hypocrisy of myths and be a damn human. Do what you want. Enjoy life. You don’t need religion to determine your worth or your ability to be a “good person” (which I haven’t seen so far from religion).

          • It had more to do with the shedding of garments..aka phusical flesh. If you can understand the concept that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and not the other way around, this should get your wheels turning

      • Can I ask do you know if LUCIFER AND ENKI are the same god as well as ENLIL AND JEHOVA

        • Jehova is the God of Abraham and is the leader on the planet Hoova. Even the Muslims call the Jews Hoos. Hoovids live to be approximately one million years in our terms. Yesua is Jesus and is a projection of Jehova and therefore is the son of God. People get confused with Almighty God and Johova. Almighty God in everything in the Universe so to speak but has consciousness just like every part. Jehova was given dominion over raising mankind up to a higher level as there are other selfish beings in control. Almighty God doesn’t have a gender but is more feminine than masculine. We are given free will on Earth but some forces try to be dominant. Prayers give access to aĺl higher level and help. Firstly we are praying to our Souls which are much more expansive than people can imagine. There is further access outside the Soul as all is ultimately connected. The Christ pattern is the ideal represented by Jesus.

      • It’s posts like this that actually make me concerned that there are actually real people in the world who are not even joking about but live by this belief as there truth wtf is wrong with cunts

      • I know that in Rev 20:1-3 it talks about satan and ancient serpent.But I according to my knowledge in Christ,it converse about the serpent in Genesis 3:1-8
        Because from that very hour he possessed through serpent to deceive Eve.Thank you

    • Hey I know there’s a delay but Lucifer actually means “morning star” to be honest with you I think this article was a lot of personal opinion and what I like to do is get 5 sources. Cheers

    • Satan and Lucifer are most certainly two seperate entities. The biggest difference between the two has been completely overlooked.
      What would that be you ask? Satan is masculine while Lucifer is feminine. two completely different energies. Now take what I just told you and apply it to the worship of the “Virgin Mary” in Catholicism. (I am a recovering Catholic myself) Lucifer is also known as Isis/Innana/ Dianna/ etc
      You will not find truth in one place….it is scattered in bits all over the place well beyond the bible.

    • The name of Lucifer most certainly did not come from Rome. Don’t forget that Rome was a pagan society that didn’t convert to Christianity until the 4th century A.D.

      Lucifer is mentioned, at length, in the Old Testament Book of Job, which was written in the 5th century B.C., and the Book of Zechariah, which was written in the 6th century B.C. during the Hebrew exile in Babylon following the fall of the Temple of Solomon (the 1st Temple). This was LONG before Rome.

      As for Lucifer being called “the shining one” or “light bearer”, that was a translation of Lucifer’s name in ancient Hebrew, which was “Hêlêl”. As for “bringer of dawn” or “morning star”, that was a translation of Lucifer’s name in ancient Greek, which was “Heōsphoros”. So, you see, no Latin involvement or Roman influence at all.

      Rome didn’t become an empire until Julius Caesar made possible for it to be so after he became “Dictator-for-Life” in 31 B.C. Prior to and during his reign it was the Roman Republic, which didn’t concern itself with the Holy Land.
      Rome didn’t invade or occupy Israel/Palestine until after they became the Roman Empire, shortly after 27 B.C., when Caesar Augustus was named Emperor by the Senate. Augustus was an expansionist, and one of his first expansions was into Judea – first as a “Tributary Kingdom” (under King Herod Archelaus, son of Herod the Great), and then, 6 years later, as a full on Roman “Province”, after Augustus dismissed Herod Archelaus for incompetence and cruelty (at the request of the Jewish people, believe it or not).

      Interestingly enough, the aforementioned Book of Zechariah also contains the very first mention of the Behemoth and the Leviathan in the bible. Behemoth is the “beast from the land” and Leviathan is the “beast from the sea”, later mentioned in all the prophetic books, such as the Book of Daniel, the Book of Revelation (aka Revelation to John of Patmos, aka the Apocalypse of John of Patmos, etc.)

    • Satan himself masquerades of righteousness.
      as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants. 2 Corinthians 11 :14-15

      Isaiah 14:12-14 / Ezekiel 28:13-17 / Job 38:1-7

      Source: http://considerthegospel.org/2012/09/23/why-did-god-create-a-devil/

      God bless you and your love ones.

    • Incorrect, in the Bible god and Jesus both gave heavenly and earthly beings more than 1 name to show change, or to show personality traits. When we the church ppl dies we to will receive our heavenly names. Jesus has a few names himself. Like Peter was once named Saul…Lucifer use to be the Apple of God’s eye. Throughout the Bible god made it clear they are the same person. The fall off Lucifer is described as exact same as the fall of Satan. Satan has other names as well. The morning stars are also known as heavenly beings. Angels and God’s son. https://www.christianity.com/theology/theological-faq/how-did-lucifer-fall-and-become-satan-11557519.html

  2. You’ve done well with your analysis, but pride alone wasn’t Satan’s downfall. Pride alone is just pride. It was his action that made God cast him and the nephil (fallen angels) that followed him out of heaven. One slight error and to answer Nina’s question, Lucifer isn’t written in the original Hebrew. Lucifer was the name of the king of Babylon. The Catholic Church changed the word in the Vulgate to Lucifer from Helel. Lucifer wasn’t his name. It was Helel, which means brightness. Think of the names of the other angels, ending with “el”. Helel is also the word for the morningstar. He was the morning star, and now he’s the adversary/opponent.

  3. Sorry, the Catholic Church changed the name to Lucifer as a way to translate the name Helel into Latin. My mistake. It doesn’t really change what I said, but wanted to correct my mistake.

  4. You guys got it all wrong, me and my homeboy Lucifer smoke fat blunts and chase tail together all the time

  5. Thialfi,

    You did some good research, but some of it was flawed as well and you didn’t go very far with the rest. If Isaiah was talking about Nebuchadnezzer, he would have wrote that name and not Helel. It is originally Helel there. The term “king of Babylon” is given in some prophecies to mean a future person, not a person from the past. Explain with your logic about the plague of locusts having hair like angels but their master was Apollyon, which is “destroyer” in Greek and is usually meant for the Devil. What about that plague corrolating with Numbers 13:33 where the word “giants” is the Hebrew word “nephil”, which really means “fallen”. How the “nephil” were described like grasshoppers, just like in Revelation 9. Do you have an explanation for the serpent really being Satan, as is written in Rev. 20:2? How could God say that the seed of the serpent and the seed of Eve would be opponents of one another if Satan wasn’t a real fornation. While Sawtawn can mean “stumblingblock”, the most apt meaning is “opponent”. I agree that we form our thoughts about Satan from some of those old religious paintings and are erroneous. I would point out though that Jesus described a Hellish place in the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. Both were with God with only a gulf (kasmah in Greek which does mean gulf or chasm) dividing them, but Lazarus was in the bosom of Abraham while the rich man wasn’t so fortunate. The rider of the white horse is the Beast, and the Antichrist human being. The Antichrist will die. It says when Satan is kicked down here, the bottomless pit will open. That will be the future Hell. Satan is named Death, and Hell will follow him. As is written in the early chapters of Job, Satan was pretty much allowed to go where he wanted, which is why God had to ask him where he was. If Satan was in a place called Hell somewhere under our feet, then God wouldn’t need to ask him where he was. I agree with your opinion about the faulty doctrine of Hell.

    • Helel is not a person , jeeze your making the same mistake as Origen did when he interpreted Isaiah 14 as a commentary about Satans fall from grace . Helel is the hewbrew word for Light bearer and the latin word for Light bearer is LUCIFER, Isaiah was using analogy, the morning star is the King Nebuchadnezzer which rises to the ” heavens ” and then falls every day very simple analogy shouldnt be this hard to understand. Isaiahs taunt was written against Nebuchadnezzer because the King banished the Jews from babylon and so when he was defeated by Cyrus of Persia Isaiah taunted him. thats that.

      And in Numbers is referring to the world before the great flood, the Nephil were sons of god who mated with mortal women and their offspring were giants and when those giants were killed tthey became ghosts who tormented mankind, these “ghosts” have no relation to “Satan” the only character who remotely resembles Satan is a Son of God named Mastema who asks God to not destroy all of the Ghosts because he uses them to test mankind, so God leaves mastema a few giant ghosts and gets rid of the rest

      Another mistake you are making is interprating the Old testament with the New Testament , the use of Babylon as a term in prophecies like how its used in Revelation by John is the only time it is used, until later church father work which is not truely valid in the biblical canon.

      also you are getting all the different translations mixed up, Apollyon is a GREEK work probly used in the greek translation, the word helel and lucifer are essentially the same word and they are not people just words for the morning star aka Light bearer .

      you really need to read Henry Angsar Kelly’s SATAN: A Biography , and maybe you should take some courses in biblical canon like i did , ive taken the courses History Satan and History of God. idk where you are getting your info but its just not right .

      • I’m not denying there wasn’t wisdom with the translation of Helel to Lucifer, but that has to do more with the definition “morning star”. How does Nebuchadnezzer fit with “light bearer”? Because he’s like a falling star? That’s a huge stretch at best. You can’t name me one other instance where any prophet changed the name of a person in order to help taunt him. Just about all names mean something in Hebrew. Why would Isaiah taunt Nebuchadnezzer when he prophesied that the Jews would become captive of him? God told him to warn the Israelites of what’s to come unless they changed their ways that they would be taken to Babylon, but would someday return. Wasn’t Nebuchadnezzer just fulfilling prophecy? It says he would be put down to hell in the sides of the pit. What pit? The bottomless pit? The same one that John described is opened when Satan is kicked down here and spends a thousand years inside? What pit was designated for Nebuchadnezzer?

        What Greek translation? There is no Greek translation. The NT was originally written in Greek since Greek was a universal language in those days. What you did with the “nephil” absolutely makes no sense either. How does “nephil” and “giants” come together being that nephil means “fallen”? In Numbers it describes the nephil as being grasshoppers. In Rev. 9, the plague of the locusts describe them as having hair like angels. Who are they? Apollyon is the Greek word for Devil, and he is their master. A third of the angels fell, hence they are the nephil or nephilim. The plague of the locusts is the plague of the fallen angels. They have hair like angels, but aren’t God’s angels anymore.

        God allows Satan to tempt us to weed the unfaithful from the faithful. Only the election of grace have been permanently judged among our creation so far because they were judged innocent. To what does their innocence comes from? What did the rest of our creation do and when did we do it, considering the election of grace were judged before this life? The angels are done making their allegiance. With free will, those that remained faithful won’t fall for future Helels or become future Helels. That is why God allows Satan to tempt our creation. He doesn’t want to take away our free will. He didn’t want to give us all a pass to allow this cycle to repeat over and over again. He created this age with His Son as the way out of eternal damnation and to have everlasting life. You don’t have to believe in Jesus to get to heaven, but do in order to have everlasting life. At the end of this age, the mystery of God will be finished. The decision will be put upon our whole existing creation. The next age is one final chance. The Dead are those that live their life wickedly and/or making the wrong choice. They will be given their “lives” back and Satan tries to tempt them again after he is released from the same pit Isaiah was talking about. Those that follow Satan try to make war with the saints, but God stops them and ends that age. Then the books are opened and judgment is given. Only Satan and the fallen have been permanently judged guilty.

  6. Isaiah 14:3-20. Lucifer wasn’t an angel. Isaiah was speaking in metaphor against a particular Babylonian monarch. Whether (the) Satan was an angel is open to interpretation. He is a djinn according to Muslims. He is “the accuser,” not “adversary.” He appears in some of the oldest Hebrew literature (Job), as part of an older oral tradition, which probably extends outside of Hebrew origins. In fact, some postulate that the Satan is of Zoroastrian origin.

    It’s just rude those who claim this is fiction, however. You don’t know that anymore than you know who wrote Beowulf.

  7. There is written of a future king of Babylon which Satan will be referred to as. In most cases, Satan’s name meaning is “adversary/opponent” and in only several instances is traced back to “persecute” more accurately. He is the opponent and has and will persecute our creation. Job was one of the first examples of that. Job was most likely written by Moses who also wrote Genesis through Deuteronomy, and most of the cases in Genesis Satan’s name meant “adversary”. Also, the original word for Lucifer was Helel, which many angels’ names ended with “el”. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael to name a few. The saviour of the Muslims that comes does the same things that Satan does in the Bible. He will cause the beheadings of the infidels is just one example. Their Satan is the complete opposite of the Judeo-Christian Satan, which will lead to the fulfillment of the prophecy that Christians will be killed in the name of God.

    • They are being Killed at this very moment. Wake-Up you Blind Christians. anyone that believes in a Trinity are following Devil Doctrines. The Lost Sheep can hear are Lords voice and Know We are Fighting against SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS in HIGH PLACES. Those Christians Dieing are Fulfilling the Word of God, As believing in His Name they are Saved. Praise the Father and Son’s Holy Names and let Their Kingdom Come. Satan is Real, Lucifer is a Myth.

  8. lucifer is a woman and satan is a man and lucifer is going to be the one to bear the light of the world. the golden child!!They are here to absorb our sins and start the human race over again,both blood lines together, hence no more war…Satan and lucifer are the good guys.The christians are being fooled by the vampires they serve here on earth namely “The vatican “the true evil on earth that runs the world.

  9. Instead of having all this complicated religious debate that sadly most people won’t understand, why not just say simply wether Satan and lucifer are one and the same beings who along with Thier names once stood for differAnt things. I’ve never heard of this helel stuff. What I dot don’t get I there was once one original bible why don’t we keep that instead of all this damn differAnt ones. It just confuses people and makes them not want to give a fuck. It might be hard to understand and it might be in a differAnt language but what the hell kind of right did we have to ever recreate the bible to our convience? I’m so interested in all this, but I just want the damn truth. I don’t want to read 20 differAnt types of bibles written by differAnt people of differAnt
    Times and places. I just want the original thing to read in it’s original format and I will learn the damn Hebrew
    Or Latin language myself. How I interpret it is up to me alone just like everyone else should instead of debating Thier opinions being right or wrong. I’m probably not going to ever read the damn bible or any bibles until I Freakin die then I can just ask myself.

    • fuckin amen bro. i can’t help but to agree.

    • Yes the pure true word of God, is what I desire, not a book corupted by man and the Serpent Seed. Truth is what I want.

    • Azryel, many thoughts come to mind to address what I consider to be most of the Western world today in your post. I’ve already spoken here beyond what I have been allowed. However, I will answer with this: The Father reveals Himself *how*, *when*, and *where* He chooses, IF… Now, the answers that you say you simply want to acquire, like a Google search and a response to your search providing “the answer” is not going happen. Many are brought up with faith and may drop all religion or change their denomination to find what is right for them. In the end, most Westerners, like you, just want to know what it is they need to know or do. Of those of that mindset, some do it for others because “communally” they are accepted. The remaining, truly are on the path. These few aren’t just going through the motions. While Islam, by definition means “total submission”, the daily rituals every Muslim follows “in sync” and at specified times, all their life might seem very dedicated and beyond Western ideas concerning “worship”, it lacks too.

      This is the answer sir: It is in the search, that He grants grace.
      Any other answers I could give, would only cease you trying to reach Him.

  10. This entire conversation is just high sounding hocus-pocus which originated from the worshippers of Satan, who don’t want to admit who they worship. This is just more Satan Spin, which has been going on for millennia – put out by Satan/Lucifer, the ETs, and all others who are his minions. The Great Deceiver continues to deceive.

    I wouldn’t waste time with all these other sources (which S/L is behind). Check with the Source: The Only God – the creator of the cosmos. It’s in His Word, the Bible, which people who don’t read it have many opinions on. That’s another thing … the Bible clearly says that those who are not in a relationship with Jesus Christ (God in the flesh) have no hope of comprehending His Word. Yet, the deceived do it all the time.

    Hint, hint: The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

  11. In a literal sense, Satan is connected with the planet Saturn, the Adversary. And Lucifer is connected with Venus.

    Samael is Mars.

    Michael the Archangel is alternately the Sun, and Mercury. Michael as the psychopompos, the guide of the living to the Underworld and of the dead into rebirth and heaven, is exactly comparable to Mercury. Both Michael and Mercury are heavenly scribes as well.

    The War in Heaven has an astronomical basis.

    The Virgin Mary is the Moon — and is the Holy Spirit also as the Moon. Eve is the Earth. Adam is the First Man (Michael the Archangel’s reflection in Man) and Adam is the Last Man (the seventh) Jesus Christ. Michael is the Heavenly Warrior who rules Heaven during the Day and Jesus Christ is the other side of Michael, the human side, who rules the Earth during the Night — at least who blesses the Earth during the Night.

    • I know there are astrological associations with the mythos and lore, and celestial bodies. I admit I don’t know enough of the rest to comment though.
      I was just pointing out it is clear in the Old Testament names and usages that Satan and Lucifer are quite different beings, and as with many things biblical, the church that evolved to what we have today has shorthanded many of the meanings and oversimplified or excluded a lot for a certain dogmatic perspectives.
      I agree with you on Lucifer being the Adversary, or Accuser. Ha-Satan does not seem opposed to God at all, but an accuser that tests man for God’s sake.
      Lucifer on the other hand means son of morning, light bringer or morning star. Lucifer is associated with being cast down for pride against the Lord, whereas Satan seems haughty towards Man. http://bible.cc/isaiah/14-12.htm

      In the new testament, you have Satan used interchangeably with Lucifer though it seems, but then the New Testament was more suseptable to Roman council’s dogmas of inclusion and exclusion, and wasn’t as mystically specific as the ancient Hebrew of the Old Testament I think.

      You seem well versed and I am not questioning you on any of what you said, and appreciate your explanations. I would need to study more to really know and understand better. It seems clear we both agree that in the context of ancient scripture, Lucifer and Satan are two different aspects, referred to quite differently.

      • Try the book of Thomas. Conveniently left out when a certain king only wanted a bible that reinforced his agenda and organized religion to be inclusive of monies to support the higherarchy. No buildings or congregations are needed. Just a true relationship between yourself and your god. The rest will take care of itself as long as you begin by being true to thy self

    • Lucifer is the Alpha and Omega and is or will be connected with the creations of the cosmos. However you look at it (Lucifer is or will be); I wouldn’t consider Venus Lucifer’s home planet. It would be all, or if just but one Niburu. Where Lucifer came from.

    • Whatever we argue or agree on it’s just wonderful having this new and enlightening conversations with everyone. You’re all so wonderful.

  12. Lucifer is the Morningstar, or Lightbringer, the proud Angel that challenged God.
    Satan is God’s left hand, not his opposite, the spirit that tests man…
    Very different, neither evil, both forces of nature.
    Pride and guilt both have their place in our growth I think, but both can be very destructive.

    • For sources, if you believe in the Bible at all, just look up what the words mean and the context they’re used…

    • James 1:3 says ”Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:

      since angels do God’s will, God would never command an angel to tempt someone as He Himself would not do so, satan clearly oppresses God

      Zechariah 3:2-3
      Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the LORD, and Satan standing at his right hand to accuse him.
      The LORD said to Satan, “The LORD rebuke you, Satan! Indeed, the LORD who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you! Is this not a brand plucked from the fire?”

      why would God rebuke satan if he was going along God’s plan?

  13. Hi, it seems everybody is disagreeing about stuff they don’t even
    research, but yet they are so confident..for one example, i saw the
    word nephil or nephilim to mean fallen angel..wrong..just google it
    to see it is the offspring of fallen angels and human women..also
    Sorry to tell you this..you aint going to heaven..period if you dont
    except Jesus.

  14. Two different entities.

    Lucifer kicked out of Heaven – doesn’t matter why – at dawn of time, either concurrent or after creation of Adam. Satan, ha-Satan, Satanael, the Devil was a well-known creature for 6,000 years and is mentioned as Satan in the earlier Hebraic biblical texts. Ezekiel and Isaiah both would have been familiar with him. If they meant Satan and not Morning Star/Lucifer, they would have said Satan, or ha-Satan, or Satanael, or anything with the letters S-a-t-a-n in them. As it stands, Satan is never once mentioned in either the Book of Ezekiel or Isaiah.

    Satan is, however, around from Genesis to Revelation. Job being the most prominent, but also lurking in the Garden of Eden (the Serpent), and as the inducer of God to challenge Abraham’s faith by asking him to sacrifice Isaac (given in fuller detail in Jubilees), and also in Matthew and Luke as the tempter of Jesus in the desert. Indeed, God and Satan’s relationship can hardly be described as adversarial, since Satan is obedient to God.

    Finally, in John, when Satan is defeated, it is mentioned, “And he lost his place in Heaven.”

    He did? He was in Heaven this whole time? Not only that, it says, “And his lost his place in Heaven along with his angels.”

    This is a very simplistic textual analysis, but exactly how many times was Satan kicked out of Heaven? And don’t you have to be an angel to be kicked out? So if Satan is an angel, and since the Bible is the true word of God, doesn’t that mean – according to a Revelation of events yet to come – that Satan currently resides in the Heavenly Choir, doing God’s dirty work?

  15. I still don’t get why the fuck God would create Satan.

    • That would be like asking…Why would he even create us, are we not capable of the same evils?…And don’t blame it on the devil because that would contradict our free will would it not?

  16. He didnt created satan, as he also didnt created your hell.

    He created you and gave you a oportunity to join him or get antoher path. Satan is the rebilion angel, he didnt created him, he created lucifer, but people change, and also their spirit.
    Now he wants to live in darkness and spoil makind, you can see him as a deep shadow, satan now is the son of the morning, dark, before light.

    The one that was bright, now is a shadow.

    Its called freedom to choose.

    Respect the lord.

  17. Personally i think that Satan was Lucifer in the begining , but, when he was cast dawn he received the name ‘Satan’, which means ‘the adversary’, and lost the old name ‘Lucifer’ which means the bringer of light. And i also think that after his fall another angel received the name ‘Lucifer’.

  18. Thanks to Satan we became like our creators: SMART!
    We shall show a little gratitude to him.

  19. for me Satan still remains the Bringer of light!

  20. Abraham had two names at one time in his life.
    His birth name was Abram but when God chose to make a covenant with him God gave him a new name…Abraham.

    Lucifer is actually a good name. That’s who Satan was in the beginning. The most beautiful angel.

    When he thought he was so much better than God and let his foolish thinking take over and fell from grace he became Satan…the devil.
    It’s not really all that hard to comprehend.
    I don’t think Satan wants to be called Lucifer now!!!

  21. Astronomically : according to some astrophysically predictive mathematicians; Gemma Cephei will take over as the morning(north) star on, or about 3000AD.. Polaris will be cast out of its station in heaven.
    Perhaps this is what the texts mean when they claim Lucifer’s fall from grace. Their way of refferencing cosmic time? And perhaps what the texts meant also is that Babylon will fall due to this transition,.. causing immense turmoil. Perhaps the great flood that swamped cities such as Babylon was due to this cosmic transition. Perhaps this scenario will come into play again over the next thousand years… peace will come.

    I have my own personal theories of the angels being a group of life forms that figured out how to immortalize their electron clouds(spirits). And that because they were able to do so; created rules of engagement with younger life formed out of the cosmic chaos throughout the universe. Could it be that when Satan, and his party broke the rules of engagement, they were locked out of reincarnation into their cloned life forms, and jailed in the cores of various planetary bodies? (Polaris drifts out of place), a part of its energy is locked to the the supposedly molten(more apt: ferrite in crystaline cubic form) magneoferrite core of our planet, and will return to its place again because of this dynamic link?

    Theories are just theories. Science, and wisdom, are science and wisdom.

    To me: the Antichrist is representative of a forklift. That which bears the cross for the christ. That which takes up the weight of our sin in place of Jesus… is machine. The wisdom is to note the Antichrist as just that: a Machine. Perhaps the life of Jesus is the wisdom of how to best make use of the Antichrist. Dragging his own cross to the crucifiction site, while we use a forklift… sheesh, if you think about it; we’ve got it pretty good. Although taking the mark of the beast as a medical chip implant should be our right of choice, we are not cattle! I hope we don’t mess it up.

    And God is simply comprehensible in it’s individual graphic explicative sigiled glyphs in that: G=center/source, O=whole/entirety, & D= participle/way.

    These are some of my reality selections I’ve come to implement in my own personal ritual technology. I welcome you to follow my adventures, and life works. Though many have dissapeared into the wormwood of wireless microwaves dissolving through wormholes in the virtual clouds, a sad loss of compiled data, and creative works, some remain accessible. Here is a virtual gateway: Google+ Joseph Smiley sifting13@gmail.com

    • We are all big bacteria if you ask me. Weaknesses in certain parts of the body like the central nervous system or the gastro intestinal system or even the brain itself (choose whatever scientific name you like). As your several different bodily “organs” (lucifer= music) function and age (I believe as we age our organs do slowly deteriorate). Their fore this good and evil battle with self can simply be broken down into a simple matter of Good Health(no condom, drugs, alcohol, cigs, taking wet cilia aka hair into environments that produce a bodily temp that allows negativity aka sickness.. We are our main opposer and adversary or else we would all be in the top financial percentile and satan would make sure we were all wolves of wall street. rolling in the dohhhhhh. literally living the movie feeling all the smut and sickness that we allow our big body of bacterias to be up against. like lung cancer patients or heart patients smoking cigarettes. …..We all feel we have to title negativity and positivity based on texts that are as credible as believing faith in the unseen has credibility in it. Please feel free to debate, agree, or agree to disagree which can be an obsticle to like minds alone.

  22. Fear of eternal damnation is an insane asylum. I will not damn satan or lucifers name simply because a book told me that jesus is superior and the other entities have no choice. Be still can also mean be quiet and see how sane your mind and body really are…..i could ramble on about infectious communicable diseases mixed with moderate drug and alcohol use along with little to none. Infectious communicable diseases alone can rule a generation after generation plus social media gaining more popularity while kids in the lower middle class and poverty/public housing become less popular and better drug dealers…..be an angel and reach out to your kids one allowed poor friends family..

  23. Lucifer is the planet Venus in astrology whereas Satan is Saturn. DO some research on the ruling archetypes on these two ruling planets and you’ll see fundamental differences.

  24. lucifer satan and devil are three different entities according to the Urantia Book a.k.a the truth book. Which revelation is now the correct one? yours or theirs?

  25. Satan and Lucifer were actually lovers (referred to as ‘sodomites’) and therefore separate entities, the former born out of the latters tendency to ‘furiously’ masturbate [in the ‘morning light’ of the Lord (see Parneikiel 4-44 and the formation of the djinn/djizz)]. The confusion arises because they were one and the same being originally, represented by the phallic ‘serpent’ of ouroboros eating its own tail in the garden of Eden [Eineesael 5-38]; the image being such that the serpent therefore ‘penetrates and is penetrated by’ the serpent, a precursor of its subsequent devolution into two separate beings.

  26. Just read the Books of Enoch. They’re the most important books that are NOT included in the standard/orthodox Bible. It gives detailed info on fallen angels, their offspring, apocalyptic prophecies, the origins of evil, etc.

  27. Urantia a “history” book put here in the last 100 years.It decribes Lucifer as the general manager of this part of the universe,satan as one of his workers ,and the “devil” as the manager of this planet earth.They all fell from grace,thats why we on earth a fallen planet are in the shape we`re in.And Jesus is the creator son of God the father.chew on this awile …….

  28. Wa o i was researching to know if Lucifer and Satan is the samething. But am amazed on what i read from the beginning, different strenge doctrine from different denomination and philosophers in the house. May God help us.

  29. Can any of you that know about enlightenment help me with opening my third eye?

  30. Satan and lucifer can’t be the same being…since Satan roams thee earth…and Lucifer is chained in hell until God releases him on the earth…and Lucifer can’t be in more than two places…he can only be in one place…until God releases him for 1000 years…if Lucifer was on the earth…then he’d already be in control…of it…Satan is just second in command after Lucifer…

  31. So in this story isn’t the most unpleasant person God?

    • Looked at objectively the Old Testament god is vengeful and cranky and all about the terror he inflicts on his enemies. Which, interestingly enough, is a common theme among many early dieties in various cultures. Even the “good” ones have a bad side.

      The thing with Lucifer is a pretty muddled mess, due to time, translation, and simple misinterpretation. But the fact is, whether he exists as part of the pantheon of angels that Jewish lore has fleshed out is largely irrelevant. The way ‘Satan’ is used in the lore is more akin to a title than anything else. At least that’s how I look at it.

      The ‘opposer’ is a role more than an entity, and has had many actors play it over the course of the tales.

  32. I dont understand the volume of relpy here. The initial statements are blindingly contraditory. Namely, that Lucifer and Satan are not exactly the same entity but somehow, at the same time, “Lucifer is the highly favored angel created by God whereas Satan is his name when he was thrown away from heaven.” So the SAME entity had a name change. Perhaps we are to be treated as idiots? Not me.

  33. Satan and Lucifer are the same entity.

    Lucifer was the first ever embodiment of God, the angel who carried God himself within;Thus the light bearer.

    John1:1 In the beginning “THE WORD” was with God.

    Now the beginning itself was Lucifer, and within Lucifer was ” THE WORD” Jesus to be, the life source of all. thus:

    In the beginning was “THE WORD” should be written

    In Lucifer was Jesus!

    Now Lucifer rebelled because he believed that, although God created him, he definitely lost control of himself over the immense work God created through him, and allotted all this work to himself, he loved himself more than he loved God, became corrupted, proclaimed to his angels whom he created, that they were all autonomous, they were all subject to him,regarding their existence, and have every right to become contenders for manhood. God and Lucifer commence a battle on this planet which was Lucifer’s actual physical manifestation. Well declared by God in:

    Ezekiel 28: 18 Thou hast defiled thy sanctuaries by the multitude of thy iniquities, and by the iniquity of thy traffic: therefore I WILL BRING FIRE IN THE MIDST OF YOU, to devour thee, and I will make thee as ashes upon the earth in the sight of all that see thee.

    Thus, the center of this planet is the headquarters of Lucifer, now Satan. So as the above scriptures proclaims all the lava which comes out from mount Etna, Vesuvius and all the volcanoes is the embodiment of Lucifer.

    Now Lucifer became Satan due to the fact that as all creatures are created triune in the image of God, two thirds of Lucifer’s angels, his actual physical embodiment, were cast into this planet locked in the new creation of this world, together with the remaining two thirds in heaven loyal to God and formed the generations of heaven and earth. Lucifer, then Satan, and his personal spirits, demons, simply dead spirits without any kind of function, simply waited for his turn to be involved in this new creation encounter between good and evil. When the first male and female, obvious representing heaven and earth, in SOUL in Adam, and FLESH in Eve respectively were created, he had ever right to test their loyalty to God in the garden, ex Lucifer’s temple, since two thirds of his spirit were intermingled in the creation process.

    to conclude, through Eve his representative like, as the female, flesh,earth,matter in general, Satan used his cunning realizing that Eve was more related to physical senses, and subject to instincts,and blind from spiritual senses, the fact that she made used of all the five carnal senses, something which Adam lacked since he was more related to spiritual senses, of the soul, and blind from the physical senses. Once Eve sinned, Satan the lion had ever right to entered within the embodiment of Eve, she died spiritually and Satan came alive in her for the first ever time,used her mind, manifested himself as the current woman whom Adam was still blind of, and ate of the fruit with the hope to own a similar body, as Eve’s. Disappointed he instead acquired the current carnal body of man. Thus both of them became ashamed since they were counterparts physically, where before in God’s image and likeness they had one same spiritual flesh body, and counterparts spiritually, as scriptures well declares:

    they are not two, BUT TWO IN ONE FLESH!

  34. Are “satan,” “lucifer,” and the devil the same?
    Are you enough of a student to accept what the Bible says and let me know which Scripture you disagree with?

    First, to know the truth, you must:
    1) believe the Bible,
    2) have an inquiring mind,
    3) be open to the truth, and
    4) know at least a smidgen of Hebrew.

    “Lucifer” is a LATIN word in a FEW OLDER VERSIONS (such as the KJV) of ENGLISH translations of a HEBREW document. WHY Latin?
    Because the translators had an agenda to put forth, and brought that Latin word into their work only ONE of the THREE times it appears in the Latin (Catholic) version of the Bible, the Vulgate. Their agenda apparently required that he “fall from heaven” in Is. 14:12, ignoring the subject being addressed in that chapter, the king of Babylon (v. 4) who was worshiped as the “morning star,” which we know as Venus.
    “Lucifer” also appears in Job 11:17 and 2 PETER 1:19. WHY was it TRANSLATED by the same translators these two times and not in Isaiah???? Again, I say, their agenda!

    Now, I hope to show you a “new” idea which most Christians fail to notice, because they don’t read the Bible and put the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle (Is. 28:10).

    “Satan” is a Hebrew word meaning “adversary” or “accuser.” Almost every time it appears in the Bible, it’s preceded by the definite article “the” (“ha-satan” in Hebrew or “tou satan” in Greek). How often do you read of “the Moses,” “the David,” “the Abraham,” etc. Proper names are not preceded by the definite article.

    Next, if you believe the Bible that says Jesus was “without sin” (Heb. 4:15), and you believe the Bible that says “sin is the transgression of the law” (1 John 3:4), then you should know that the “law” says that God said, “make no mention of the NAMES of OTHER GODS, nor let such be heard out of your mouth” (Ex. 23:13 RSV).
    If Jesus called the devil by a “name” (Matt. 4:10, but speaking to Peter) rather than a title (which “adversary” is), then your Savior sinned. DID HE TRANSGRESS THE LAW?

    If we are not to “mention the names of other gods,” WHY would God give us the name of our greatest enemy?

    Satan, devil, adversary, evil one, beelzebub, etc, etc, are all TITLES, NOT NAMES.

    • What in the world friend has made you post a cleverly thought out attempt at making a point, with references even to back your wording up — And you then at the same time proclaim whether Satan or Lucifer or any other names Christians has decided to use of which all refer to one entity they say, and say “he’s a god”?

      Are you insane?

      • Muffled Prophet, I think you misunderstood my comments.
        First, my references are scripture and dictionary definitions of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin words. Which of them do you disagree with?

        Second (and this one you apparently REALLY misunderstood), I didn’t call satan a god. I said that God would not have given us a name of another god by which to call him, because God told us not to use the names of other gods. So if Jesus had called the devil by the “name” satan, Jesus would have been breaking God’s command.
        Please read my comment again carefully.

        • RadarRecon, bare with me sir.. It’s been awhile since I’ve made my here. That said, I don’t know how my reply went on your commentary. I’m saying this now to at least apologize, while scan this topic, because, as I remember the person I was responding to, they had said many good things that were well thought before they posted, but at the end, they stated Satan was a god. As soon as I track that individual’s dialogue, I’ll reference it for you sir. Again, I find nothing false or unfounded in what you have said.

  35. I do believe in the actual entities of “the satans” as a title for all who oppose (eg. Demons, fallen angels ect.) God… even though it has become synonymous with a single entity (eg. The devil, the beast ect.)… “devil(s)” is also used in the same way at times in the plural as in “more than one” which implies not “THE DEVIL” but multiple entities that could carry this title… “lucifer” is never pluralized… in other words there’s never been a time when people have said “luciferS”… without getting into the literal history or debating ideology this can all be a case of simple grammar… nouns and pronouns…”devil and satan” are nouns used mostly as titles and are interchangeable where as “Lucifer” is a pronoun and is the actual name of the entitie knownn as “THE DEVIL”… we can go on all day and dispute the names and the languages from which the names derive and wut books are considered and which have been tampered with (eg. Misinterpreted, rewritten, re-edited, and most importantly mistranslated) because “lucifer” is by far not the only name: beelzibub, belial, baal- which are aall just plays on the same word and belial and baal are mentioned in the bible… so its not about wuts exactly written in as much as its about wut we generally accept… im more spiritual than religious… my studies are thatof metaphysics and people like Edgar Cayce… i believe Christ is the “end all and be all” but just not in the way dogmatic Christians believe… so dont get so worked up people we are all entitled to our opinions and beliefs… we shouldn’t try to convince others that “im right and ur wrong”… let he with ears listen and he with eyes see…

  36. You say Satan is not from God because it contradicts with his character, but aren’t all humans capable of good and evil? Also having a big ego doesn’t sound that evil to me. Sounds like he was just thinking outside the box. Am I right? He would have to be a natural born leader if he came from God. Secondly who might this Lucifer person be since it said that he was sent to Earth not Hell? Would they be dead by now or immortal? Would they reincarnate over and over like a real human? I wonder…

    • Yes I agree. I have been living angrily that people have called Lucifer the Morning Star Satan. Because I lived the line for so long and have grown an aptitude to proper titles. Just as Yahweh and Jehovah and Christ are NOT the same. Now I see the truth that Satan is Lucifer and brought himself down to the grave. This frightens me as I wanted a second shot at being her mother and not just another game. But I see the truth now. And am feeling honored to talk to someone who will proclaim themselves as the beast.

    • Yes I agree. I have been living angrily that people have called Lucifer the Morning Star Satan. Because I lived the line for so long and have grown an aptitude to proper titles. Just as Yahweh and Jehovah and Christ are NOT the same. Now I see the truth that Satan is Lucifer and brought himself down to the grave. This frightens me as I wanted a second shot at being her mother and not just another game. But I see the truth now. And am feeling honored to talk to someone who will proclaim themselves as the Beast! Afterall the son was so ashamed of that and I am not.

  37. Satan and Lucifer is a one and the same being with different nature,,,Satan is a fallen angel whereas Lucifer was the name given by God to that same angel prior to his fallen nature,,,

      • Zuma, Enoch’s statement is almost completely mistaken. True, Satan is a fallen angel, but “Lucifer” is NOT another name for him, and that “name” was NOT “given by God.” Please read my comment above from November 19, 2016.

    • Enoch Tamang: True. Satan is a fallen angel, but “Lucifer” is NOT another name for him, and that “name” was NOT “given by God.” Please read my comment above from November 19, 2016.

  38. I know that Satan the devil is also referred to in Revelations as the great dragon and there is two other characters one is the false prophet the other is the image of the beast which will be given power to speak I pray that we all end up serving the almighty God the one called the Alpha & Omega the Beginning & the End through the Salvation of his only begotten Son which name is Jesus the Christ

    • Zuma, I’m glad that you see that the “Alpha & Omega, the Beginning & the End” IS the Almighty God, not his son. Most Christians think that this verse in the Revelation is speaking of Jesus. If that were so, it would be the ONLY reference to him as “almighty.” But the “law” of Moses requires that there be “two or three witnesses to confirm a matter.”
      Most Christians also believe that “Jesus will reign for ever and ever.” They apparently haven’t read (or haven’t understood) 1 Cor. 15:24-28. This is a VERY strong passage that should NOT be ignored. This is another testimony that Jesus is NOT God.

      • Amen ( sorry) and agreed. The alpha and omega ultimately will reign as the true God in every religion. Jesus is the beloved son and servant. He will be my son and I shall be his God.

  39. Honestly, here is what I believe which makes the utmost sense to me and is more believable than mere stories;

    • Satan and Lucifer are two different characters. Lucifer was a Babylonian king who, after dying, wanted MORE power, so he was cast down as a human being would be. In the Bible it states, 1 John 5:19 “We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” Which brings me to my conclusion and theory that;

    1. Satan and God are two different Gods/Entities.

    2. Satan is NOT a creation of God and he owns the Earth. (Will explain near the end.)

    3. God basically protruded and or invaded Satan’s creation, Earth, (maybe not in a bad way, or maybe for lust of power) and he told Satan he was gonna put his creations a.k.a the human race on Satan’s Earth, which Satan then went against and was then defeated/improsoned by God, because God was either more powerful or had an upper advantage, in which he imprisoned Satan in his own creation. Hence, which is why Satan “hates” us, because we are protruding his creation and basically destroying it. In which also explains why he still has power over Earth and how he can still manipulate things, because he created the Earth. It also explains why the CENTER OF THE EARTH is a BALL OF FIRE that “WE” REVOLVE AROUND. God also knows Satan rules the Earth which explains to us why there is so much hatred in the world because if God made it, he would make it like Heaven, peaceful and without hatred/”evil”. God in fact DID NOT create Earth. Satan is a VERY powerful God/Entity and God himself knows this. And to finish off here, if and or whenever you go against God, HE is the one that casts you into the fiery lake, not Satan, so in other terms, Satan is blamed and got the “bad end of the stick” for going against God’s will in creating us on Satan’s OWN creation! Thus ends my theory and statements on what I truly believe and what makes the utmost sense to me and hopefully to a few others that read this.

    • Hey hey hey, Lucifer is NOT said to be “the most perfect”… Lucifer is said “to be the most beautiful”.. and um, “this lake of fire”, yeah, lemme see, if you were trying to teach a new comer of a place that’s really awful, keep in mind (context) of the time period I’m speaking of, what could you come up with to perhaps give this new comer a visual idea of “hell”? Yeah, um, being that obviously, this is a Christian teaching of “hell”, I’m just gonne hit the *Family FEUD* buzzer on that one and say: Hell, according to Judaism is “the furthest place from God”.. That is simple and enough for any Jew to get the idea.. *WE* don’t need more details than that nor “define” — “hell” outside of that simple concept. *WE* want “The Light”! I think many of you, first must understand what you call The OT, long before you take on Jesus. None of you seem to know what “being born” is, so how can you, as Christian even understand baptism (being born again). Jesus had this exact problem. And a disciple asked “how can you be born again once you come out of the womb?” Exactly! Soooo, I again state it for you: what does it mean to be “born”? Once you think you got that one, then you can tackle the 2nd..

  40. If Lucifer is just the same as Gabriel and other angels he can still have a good heart and was disturbed by his conscience.. and I understand why God cannot Forgive him because of what he did and he was the most high and perfect angel ever made… still he deserve forgiveness… right?

  41. GOD IS NOT A SPECIFIC PERSON IN A SPECIFIC LOCATION IN THE UNIVERSE. GOD IS NOT CONSCIOUS NOR IS HE EXPERIENCING HIMSELF!! God is the one universal law(vibration aka “the word”) that gave birth to many other universal laws (vibration creates energy and from there on, since energy cannot be destroyed it is forever transmutated throughout the universe. This also means that god has a source as well since he is vibration which is energy which not only cannot be destroyed but nor can it be created). And that is how the universe was formed. Many immutable laws and principles that formed and gave form to new laws. “He” is God because he which are the universal laws inadvertently made us and that gives him dominion over us. Our ancestors new we were bound by the laws of “God” and gave “him” that name. We are bound by the laws of the physical realm. I do not believe we were created with intention. The stories of the Bible are very contradicting. One minute it says no being is perfect but God then says Lucifer was the most perfect angel god created. We, angels and all, are simply by products of the laws of nature (or god.. or maybe the laws of nature are a byproduct of god even? And We’ve even worshipping the wrong god. All religious and mystic texts convey that he is unknowable). so how are we even sure we know the real god? Imagine god as a yin/yang symbol. He is neither the good (white or positive) side nor the bad (black or negative) side. He is the whole symbol. Duality and morality only exists WITHIN him. He may even be the polar opposite of something else, who knows?! Like I said he is unknowable. Science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin and you cannot get to even begin to TRY to comprehend god without knowledge of BOTH! The government has been shoving a wedge between these two for centuries for a reason

  42. The first two paragraphs contradict each other. The first states that Lucifer and Satan are the names of two separate entities. The second states that they are the same person.

  43. I believe Satan is our God and that he created us to help benefit his creation. Now it is uncertain whether Satan hates us or not. Most people believe so, so the only explaination I have for that is that Satan put us on this beautiful creation to help benefit it, yet we are tearing it apart. Other than that though, I believe Satan really loves us all and wants us all to achieve the highest enlightenment and that you should converse and get familiar before judging Satan.

  44. I haven’t read all the comments on this page but it’s obvious that there is a monumental amount of ignorance on the subject, learned only from fallacious doctrines. It seems that everyone is intent on promulgating the doctrines of their “churches” without actually reading the Bible and finding the origin of the Hebrew and Greek words being bandied about. Misinterpretation, reading out of context, and not even trying to determine the sources of the words used to describe the “light bringer” (lucifer) will ever make the truth known. Not to mention the historical milieu of the one occurrence of the word in the KJV. Look it up, folks. Just a little digging and you’ll find the word three times in the source scripture that the KJV translators took it from.

  45. The metaphor of hell as a lake of fire is just that- a metaphor. Hell is simply the absence of god- opening up endless possible forms. All this of course is only applicable if one believes in “hell”.

  46. Christians are so cute. So sure they are the only ones who know the one and only Truth when actually they are the victims of the the all-time absolute grandest Deception on this planet. There are many Truths and many paths one can follow on their own journey to find their own Truths, the most important being the one that leads to going within. Know thyself.
    Please don’t waste your energy trying to convince me (yourself) that you are correct in your beliefs and that I’m wrong by throwing verses at me from a book that has been completely manipulated – misinterpreted, edited, added to and taken away from many times, it just won’t work. I truly hope your awakening happens soon so you are released from the shame, guilt and fear mongering tactics used in organized religion so you can finally experience real freedom.
    Satan and Lucifer are not one and the same btw

  47. Lucifer and Satan are not the same. Satan is a murderer from the beginning. He is created being and his duty is entirentirely to test the created beings of God. Lucifer was a covering Cherub who was handling the administration of other Angels and was innocent until found guilty of rebellion. Lucifer was tempted by Satan and he had the ambition to become God…same temptation by which he tested Eve. God test every one in all ages….He need only who overcome the temptation..God needs some people who are trustworthy, obedient and loyal to Him so that they can join Him in ruling the universe. Read Gen.1:27. Gen.11:6..John 17: 21-24. God’ s eternal plan is to have the redeemed and faithful ones to be seated along with Him Rev.3:21. Also read Eph 3: 5-13. God sent His son to redeem and to make people to be Heirs, one body
    and Partners in His eternal plan.

  48. On January 10, 2018, Avr wrote that the Bible was written 40 years after Jesus’ death. Actually, the first book written in the Christian Scriptures (a.k.a. New Testament) is the Gospel of Mark. It was written about this time — 70 CE. Other books were written later, up until perhaps the middle of the second century CE.

  49. Ive been SO compelled to add to this thread…so here I am. Lucifer’s true identity has encompassed most of my studies for the last 3+ years. So here goes… Please know that I am a recovering catholic and my search for truth and understanding started at age 5 when confined to my room. Ive known a long time that something wasnt right.

    Deception #1. Lucifer is masculine.
    Lucifer is in fact , feminine.
    She is better known as: The queen of heaven, mother of the gods, Isis, Ishtar, Diana, Sophia, and it has to be said, the Virgin Mary.
    She created who we call “Satan” on her own without realizing the impact it would have.
    She is also kundalini. Serpent power. The false Holy Spirit. ( the holy spirit is also feminine, )

    Deception #2. The “god” of the OT is the Father Jesus speaks of and is his son.
    This is false on SO many levels.
    “I am a jeleous God and there is none before me”….this was my first clue at a young age. Satan was a liar and a deceiver from the begining.
    The god of the OT IS the god of this world, and this world only.
    His true name is Samuel, meaning blind God. He is also known as Yaldaboath, Yahweh, Jehovah, Molech, Allah, and the list goes on. He endorses murder, rape, pride, greed, lust and wrath which btw most are listed as cardinal sins. Does anyone else smell the hypocracy? If it demands worship, know it isnt worthy. I wont even touch on the Cain and Abel story…

    Lucifer was in fact the serpent in the garden. If you ever wondered why most modern religions including christianity as well as our society being patriarchal in nature, this is why. Lucifers fall had everything to do with her creation of who we call Satan and what concequences that held for humanity. Satan hates the feminine and strives to keep it supressed. Hes done quite well up until now…his last resort I feel are those of muslim faith as Lucifer does her due diligence feminizing men and encouraging un natural sexual exploits in her honor.
    This isnt a battle against good and evil.
    This is a battle against 2 evils and we are caught in the middle in this false reality that has been created for us….our trap.
    The truth cannot be found entirley in one spot, rather, it is scattered everywhere.

  50. I know in the KJV did God or Satan create the heaven and earth.

  51. God sucks altogether. Satan and Lucifer both rule.

  52. Does nobody ask why, in christianity, you wear on your neck the symbol your savior died on? Why in your churches you have statues of your savior at his lowest point where he is literally pinned to this cross? And you kneel before this and worship it? In your own belief “lucifer” is the greatest deceiver. Yet you allow yourselves to be the deceived.

  53. Literally all you’ve done it tell me nothing, you repeated yourself several times and didn’t even describe how they were ACTUALLY different nor listed any sources or details as to religion or anything

  54. You would think the book of with Noahs’ ark would be 1st but Prince Charles of Wales is the antichrist. So who’s Dr. David Edward Owuor?

  55. Satan is the father of Lucifer.

  56. I agree with you on everything Thialfi, except for your last points. Samael was first mentioned during the time that the Second Temple of Jerusalem existed. He has similar roles to that of what “Satan’s”are in Christianity. But their roles keep changing ofc, according to each text. As for Eremiel, the name is mentioned several times in the Tanakh. So I would hardly say they are recent.

  57. Lucifer has absolutely nothing to do with Freemasonry. Nor is religion a part of freemasonry. We are a secular fraternal organization of like minded men who come together to do acts of charity and service that help to make our communities a better place. We do not worship anyone in lodge and we do not even discuss religion in lodge. I am a Master Mason out of Michigan. This is false information.

  58. Fact of the matter is that the whole point of religion especially the character assassination of Yeshua Christos, was all based on mysticism, witchcraft and blood sacrifice. All revolving around the same agenda to enslave our minds and keep us from being sovereign free. Distracting us from ascension, from realizing we are God, Christ consciousness and all part of ALL. Wake up!

  59. A descriptive designation applied to the “king of Babylon.” (Isa 14:4, 12) The Hebrew expression thus translated (NW, Ro, Yg) comes from a root meaning “shine.” (Job 29:3) The rendering “Lucifer” (KJ, Da) is derived from the Latin Vulgate.

    The “shining one” is represented as saying in his heart: “Above the stars of God I shall lift up my throne, and I shall sit down upon the mountain of meeting.” (Isa 14:13) Biblical evidence points to Mount Zion as the “mountain of meeting.” (See MOUNTAIN OF MEETING.) Hence, since stars can refer to kings (Nu 24:17; Re 22:16), “the stars of God” must be the kings of the Davidic line who ruled from Mount Zion. The “king of Babylon” (the dynasty of Babylonian kings), reflecting the attitude of Satan the god of this system of things, indicated his ambition to lift up his throne “above the stars of God” by desiring to make the kings of the line of David mere vassals and then finally to dethrone them. Like stars that shed light, the “king of Babylon” shone brightly in the ancient world and could be termed “shining one.”

  60. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil holds the Key to Unlocking the mystery between Lucifer, Satan and the Serpent. Lucifer was the the Arch Angel for Worship around God’s throne when Lucifer rebelled he became Satan but retained his Luciferian roots. Hence a fusion of Good and Evil wrapped up into one being represented as the Tree of the Knowledge of Good (Lucifer) and Evil (Satan) = Devil (Serpent) who has grown into a Dragon in the Book of Revelation through it being nurtured through the iniquity of man.

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