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“God” and “Satan” are English words which are used by the Christian world to describe Perfect Goodness and Evil respectively. Other religions and beliefs have similar faiths, but the words used for the supernatural power which they believe in and the one that defies the goodness and brings evil to the world have various other names. Eventually, all religions and all believers believe in something which is controlling everything and have similar concepts as “God” and something which is generating all evil has a similar concept like “Satan.”

“God” is an English word which is used for a supernatural Creator. He is believed to have full control over everything happening in our world and is the overseer who supervises the whole universe. Many different characteristics have been attributed to God by theologians. Some of them are God being omnipresent, meaning present everywhere; omniscience meaning infinite knowledge; omnibenevolence meaning perfect goodness; omnipotence meaning having unlimited power, divine simplicity, and someone which has an eternal existence. Some other characteristics of God are His being incorporeal. Meaning He is immaterial and the single, most important source of moral obligations. The existence of God is a belief which each and every individual chooses to either believe or disbelieve. One cannot compile any proof of His existence or proof that God does not exist. Thus, it is a personal choice and belief and should be respected.

Satan in Christianity is referred to as a single entity who is the “opposer” of God. In other beliefs, Satan can be an evil person also, but Christianity describes Satan as the main fallen angel who fell because he rebelled against his Father, God. Satan was originally the accuser who was appointed by God to challenge and test men’s faith in Him, God. Satan is also called the Devil who is believed to have given birth to all evil in the world. The word “Devil” descends from Old English word “deofol” and Middle English word “devel.” It is the most common synonym for Satan. Traditionally, Satan is identified in Christianity as the serpent which lured Eve to the forbidden fruit. Satan is also referred to as “the deceiver,” “the prince of the world,” “accuser,” “son of the dawn,” “Lucifer,” etc.


1.“God” is an English word which is used for a supernatural Creator. He is believed to have full control over everything happening in our world and is the overseer who supervises the whole universe. “Satan” refers to a single entity who is the “opposer” of God.
2.God is believed to bring perfect goodness to the world; Satan is believed to bring all evil to the world.

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  1. God and Satan are two old chums from way back who are in an argument. God’s writing everything down and spreading the word about how bad Satan is. And Satan’s holding his tongue, not saying anything bad about the other guy. Query: If Satan and God were men, which one based on this simplified argument, would you say is the better man?

    • Well considering most arguments are resolved in a court of law and a few unrelated random crew are chosen to all agree together after weighing up all the evidence and facts that were used to prove if they are speaking the truth or not. As it appears God did document every bad thing Satan done, along with the fact he told many people every bad occurance along the way. Good did not make any of that information up or bend the truth or half told the story. Satan didn’t say a word at the time because it was the truth. Hence at court God came prepared with his documents of the truth at each hearing. Satan still hasn’t spoken as obviously God didn’t have any staff

  2. My problem about hell turns on Matthw 25 where Jesus refers to a lake of fire and brimstone for sinners. Can a merciful God inflict endless suffering on any creature now matter how wicked that creature is ? An omniscient all- powerful God could surely solve the problem of evil in a merciful way without acting in a petty vengeful way. If He cannot solve the prblem of evil except by acting maliciously He cannot be all powerful or all Good.
    So did Jesus lie or was he speaking allegorically or did Matthew take Him too literally?

  3. God and Satan have been at each other’s throats since ancient times.

  4. I just want to get ideas

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