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hockey_pdNHL 08 vs NHL 09

The NHL 08 and the NHL 09 are both video games released by EA sports, a division of Electronic Arts Canada, specializing in sports video games. The NHL 08 was released in September 2007, while the NHL 09 was released in September 2008.

The EA sports releases games in series, distinguished by its year of release. The NHL series was introduced in 1991 as a series of professional ice hockey video games, with NHL hockey as the first installment. Each year sees an introduction of new features in the series. Recent games not only have the NHL series, but were expanded to include other leagues, for instance the SM-Liiga for Finland and Elitserien of Sweden.

The platforms for both NHL 08 and NHL 09 are identical, including PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows.


NHL 08

One of the most striking features of the NHL 08 game is the Skill Stick System, which makes it easier for gamers to have more control of the puck, and also provide a means to release the puck and control a player around a defender, and then retrieve the puck in order to do a ‘decoy’ or deke.

The NHL also has the ‘Goalie-Mode’ feature, which allows gamers to control their goalie using a new 3D person camera. Also included is the feature that allows for the creation of custom plays, where a user can work on creating a custom play by taking a team into practice mode. The NHL 08 has new communication enablers using the controller rumble, which allows gamers in multiplayer mode to communicate. In modes of game play, using ‘dynasty mode’ allows a gamer to create his dream team, and play through to the ‘Stanley Cup’. However, the current version of game doesn’t include the fantasy draft on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, but only on the PlayStation 2 and PC version. The NHL 08 also features enhanced customization features, most notably the Create-A-Team feature which now includes a color picker.

NHL 09
The NHL 09 carries similar features to its predecessor the NHL 08, but of course, with several new ones added. New features here include the defensive skill stick, the lift-stick option that’s played into the advanced user mode, and the dump and chase. The NHL 09 also features a return to the NHL 94 controls, an old style of controls particularly to aid beginner gamers. Instead of using an analogue stick, the old controls use face buttons to complete most of the game functions, like passing and shooting. The NHL 09 also has the ‘alternate jerseys’ feature, with verification code and extended rosters like the O2 Extraliga.

The NHL 08 was released in 2007, while the NHL 09 is a 2008 release.
NHL 09 has an old style controls option, while NHL 08 only has analogue stick control for shooting and passing.
Features in NHL 09 but not in NHL 08 include defensive skill stick, the lift-stick option that’s played into the advanced user mode, and the dump and chase.

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