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Difference Between No-hitter and Perfect Game

baseballA No-hitter vs. a Perfect Game

Are you fond of baseball? To the players and to the countless fans of the game, baseball has become one of the most popular ballgames today. In this regard, people sometimes hear some technical terms concerning baseball, like ‘perfect game’ and ‘no-hitter’. So what do these terms signify?

To the knowledge of a few, perfect game signifies a win from the pitcher, or a series of pitchers after the match has lapsed for at least 9 innings. In this situation, the opposing players must not reach base. To meet this unbelievable feat, the winning side must prohibit any player of the opposing team from hitting, walking, and making hit batsmen. The opposing side must not arrive at the base safe. The result is an obvious ’27 down and 27 up’.

This instance is very hard to achieve for any professional team, to the point where it is safer to say that more human beings have traversed the perimeter of the moon, than a baseball team achieving a ‘perfect game’. In fact, in the history of the Major League, this feat has only been met eighteen times. That’s why the team must have a very skilled pitcher, with a dependable set of defenses, to make a perfect game.

Hence, a game can be called as a ‘perfect game’ when it meets two criteria: The game should be a ‘shutout’ and at the same time a ‘no-hitter’. This term was first utilized in 1908, although its present definition has only been accepted recently, in the year 1991.

On the contrary, a ‘no-hitter’ is another term used in the game of baseball. It is also known in two alternate terms namely: A ‘no-hit game’ and a ‘no-no.’ In a game with a minimum of 9 innings, one team should not be able to make any hits whatsoever. When the pitcher of one team is able to pitch the ball, and eventually did not allow his ball to be hit, then he is said to have made a ‘no-hitter’. Like the ‘perfect game,’ this is another tough feat to achieve. This rarely occurs in a baseball game, and averages to happen only twice a year. Because it is still acceptable to move to the first base without making a hit, it is still possible for the team of the pitcher, who made the no-hitter, to lose the match. This is a fact, although its likelihood of occurring is slim. To date, there were 263 no-hitters made.

1. In a minimum of 9 innings, a no-hitter is described as a game wherein the pitcher pitched a ball and did not allow any player from the opposing team to hit the ball, whereas, a perfect game is a match wherein any enemy player has not reached base.

2. A no-hitter is considered very difficult to achieve, and a perfect game is even more difficult to achieve.

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