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Difference Between Village Life and City Life

Village Life vs City Life

I grew up in a village, spent my childhood there, until I graduated from high school.  Since there was no college or university in our village, I have to go to the city to further my studies.  I remember being so excited about the move to the city and what’s in store for me there, have been on mind all summer.  It was the first time for me to be away from the village that has been home to me, for all my 17 years.

As we entered the city, the contrast to the place I left behind and the one I am entering was very striking.  The trees that have towered over my village are nowhere to be found in this place of concrete.  And the cars!  There are just too many of them, different colors and models; there are other vehicles too.  The street seemed crawling with them.

We usually just walked around the village, sometimes riding a bicycle or a motorcycle.  In the city, people always ride on buses or taxis or cars that belch out smoke that made me nauseous.  In fact, after only a few months, I developed a cough which was caused by the unclean air.  Air in the village was so crisp and clean, and instead of the smoke, there was the fragrance of flowers and grass that I missed so much.

Another thing I noticed in the city was that people were less friendly than in the village.  In our village, everybody knows everybody and they are always ready to help each other.  People are also respectful of another’s property.  In fact, we do not lock our doors and we leave our windows open at night but we never lose anything.  In the city, people would rob you even if your doors are locked.

While there are a lot of big stores in the city and it offers recreations that cannot be found in the village, the simple things that we did to while away our time in the village were the ones that I am longing for.  A swim in the river or the sea with friends, fishing with them, or just talking among ourselves on a moonlit night, strumming the guitar and singing.

But if you are sick, the city is where you will find the best hospitals and doctors.  There are many specialists as compared to the general practitioner, who has been assigned to our village. Serious ailments would require us to go to the city for medication.

1. The city is oftentimes overpopulated while there are only a small number of people living in the village.
2. The city is polluted while the village has cleaner air and water, has less noise, and has many trees and flowers.
3. People in the city are less friendly than people in the village.
4. There are many buildings and vehicles in the city as compared to the village.
5. The city offers better education and medical care than the village.

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