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ps3Xbox Live vs PlayStation Network

The Xbox Live (abbreviated and trademarked as Xbox LIVE) is a digital media delivery and online multiplayer gaming service that has been created and is presently operated by the renowned Microsoft Corporation. On the other hand, the PlayStation Network (at times termed as the PlayStation Online and abbreviated as PSN) is also a similar digital media delivery and online multiplayer gaming service but is owned by the Sony Computer Entertainment. To make the difference clearer, the PlayStation Network is the market competitor for the Xbox Live.

The PlayStation Network is a free service and is precisely aimed for use with the PlayStation Portable Video Game Consoles and the PlayStation 3. On the contrary the Xbox Live is the sole online gaming service in the market that needs the players to pay a fee for a multiplayer gaming session.

Some of the major characteristics on the Xbox Live are,

  • Reputations rating – voted on by other players who take the decision whether to allow or avoid another player. The reputation defaults to 100% after a player has shown preference for another player over time
  • Mottos for exhibit on gamer profiles
  • Game achievements to be gathered during game play
  • Gamer-scores which is the sum total of the achievement points that a player gathers
  • Friends list that enlists the chosen friends of the player which can be a maximum of 100 friends
  • Recent player list that includes 50 players that the player has played with
  • Complaint filing system, which gives you the chance to report another user who has violated the Xbox Live Terms
  • Admission to content in the Xbox Live Marketplace inclusive of new game content, movies and games
  • Voice Chat

Major features in the PlayStation Network are,

  • Block List – useful in blocking other users from contact whom you want to avoid
  • Comments – for display on gamer profiles
  • Parental Control (this is very important and helps restrict children’s DVD, BD, and Internet Browser access with the effective security settings)
  • Players Met that enlists the last 50 players a user has played with.
  • System Update- PS3 and PSP
  • Trophy count is the sum total of the number of trophies that a player has won


1.Though both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are similar digital media services, the former belongs to Microsoft Corporation while the later to Sony Computer Entertainment.
2.Xbox Live charges a fee while the PlayStation Live is a free service.
3.The PlayStation Network has a Block List feature while the Xbox 360 has the Reputations Rating which is more of a voting feature than a direct blocking one.

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  1. This isn’t a comparison, this is a list of some of their features. I’m confused at why, for the 360 features, you picked some of the worst ones. Furthermore, you failed to mention the fact that PlayStation Network lacks many of the Xbox Live features. I’m not biased, but I think you certainly are.

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