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Differences between Remington 700 ADL and BDL


For those of you beginning gun and rifle enthusiast that desire to ask questions without exposing your ignorance, this article is for you! Sometimes it is in asking questions that the greatest learning takes place. This applies to all of life by the way.

The Remington 700 series has a long history, over five decades. So it is the numbers and the addendums that offer the differences. It is like a model within the same family types. Similar to vehicles! The “ADL” stands for “Average Deluxe” and the “BDL” stands for “Better Deluxe”. For the record the “CDL” stands for “Classic Deluxe”, although we will not discuss the “CDL” here.

The Remington 700 ADL was discontinued in 2005. It features a “blind magazine” instead of a “hinged” magazine. BDL models have a baseplate and ADL models do not. BDL models have a fore-end cap that acts as a re-coil buffer. ADL model does not have this. The BDL model has a hood over its front site protecting it from the elements; the ADL model does not have this. The BDL model is a bit fancier on the stock, which is actually a more rigid stock.

Blind verses Hinged Magazine

So maybe the next question is what is a blind magazine verses a hinged magazine. A blind magazine means basically that the ammunition comes out the same way that they went in. It is loaded from the top and can be unloaded by working the bolt open and closed. The hinged magazine allows you to unload the ammunition from the bottom by a hinged door just past the trigger. Keeping this clean and free of dirt on the BDL model is paramount to preventing the hinge from sticking or working improperly. Is one style better or worse than the other? It all gets down to personal preference and can I still buy one or the other. The reality is if a hunter owns both, either one can create the adventure that they are looking for on a great hunting expedition.


 The BDL model is a highly glossed walnut wood stock with what is known as a Monte Carlo comb. The ADL model has a synthetic or sometimes laminate stock. The difference between these two as far as weight is concerned is marginal and is not a consideration. However, the wood stock of the BDL model does increase the rigidity over the ADL Model. As far as accuracy is concerned, both are almost equally accurate. The reality is that the differences are not as important on the stock as one may think. However, that will get down to your personal choice on which rifle you prefer. Back when the ADL was manufactured, it was the cheaper, less expensive of the two Models. However, that was over 12 years ago. Obtaining the Model ADL will be from a second hand owner.

Converting from ADL to BDL

In my research on these two models, there was some discussion on whether or not these can be converted from Model ADL to Model BDL. The Answer is “yes”! However, one may want to ask oneself why would you want to do that? If the Model ADL was discontinued, then converting it would take away from its originality, mass produced notwithstanding! The other could be cost. Converting from Model ADL to Model BDL could be less expensive than buying a used Model ADL. The only last reason I could think of would be simply because you can. However, it is mainly a matter of changing out the stock, with the hinged magazine in the new Model BDL stock. Instead of trying to explain it here in this article, I have provided a YouTube link that shows in detail how to do this. Just click here:

It would be well worth your time to watch this 14 minute video. Not only does it show you how to do it, but it will clarify some of the differences between the Model ADL and BDL.

We trust that you enjoyed this very brief discussion on the differences between these two models. Either model will give you a great day at the range or on the hunt.

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  1. Did Remington manufacture the 700 BDL with a synthetic stock? I believe that is what I have. A model 700 7mm mag, black synthetic, Monte Carlo stock, hinged mag. No hood over front sight. Just curious, not really concerned as it is a tack driver and I love to shoot it!

  2. When tightening a stock to the receiver, I would recommend you stand the gun vertically on the butt of the stock so the recoil lug slack is taken up, then hand tighten, then torque the bolts.

  3. How do I know if my rem .700. 22-250. needs a new barrel

  4. Do what u want with your Remington Rifle.. I’ve had my Remington Model 700 .270 for 22 years now with a black Synthetic stock.. I mounted an inexpensive “Simmons” 3-9×40 scope on it when I got it at Walmart.. It’s a deadly weapon.. Killed many dear & hogs with it. I zeroed the scope in no longer than 125 yards.. My furthest kill shot was at 305 yards (buck). I love my rifle and will never sell it.. Never missed a Harvest with it.. Protect your Second Amendment folks and God Bless America !

  5. I’ve always been a 700 BDL fanatic and over the past couple year I guess you can say I’m a collector with 24+ I have a few questions that you may be able to answer.
    I have a 22-250 that was produced in the 60s and it has a yellow diamond imprinted in the stock I’ve been told they’re was a gun store in Pennsylvania that before they sold them they done trigger work on them and glass bedded them and I guess that was like they’re signature mark was putting the diamonds in it. It definitely does have trigger work done to it though
    Second question is how do I find the year they was produced by looking at the serial numbers
    Third is when did they start putting the warning label on the barrel I’m guessing around 1985
    Fourth when did they start making the bolt work when it was on safety
    Fifth when did they start recessing the muzzle instead of it being rounded
    Sixth when did they quit putting the brass pin in them
    Seventh what years did they make the enhanced or engraved models
    Thank you for any information you can help me with

  6. What is an estimated good price on a Model 700 BDL in 338 Win. Mag.? Has had fewer than 50 rounds thru it and purchased new. Engraved action and magazine plate and trigger guard on bottom.

    Like your thoughts as want to place a value in my books on it.
    Stan Wollard

  7. I have a 22-250 bdl vls high gloss laminate stock black ebony fore arm tip and Monty Carlos cheek rest stock and checkering on forearm and pistol grip. And a 243 adl vls same stock but no checkering and no black tip on forearm and both have check rest both have hinged floor plates can unload from the bottom. So that shoots your theory on adl vs bdl.. bought both rifles new in 2001.

  8. I have a Rem 700 in 270 bought around 2002 It is a stainless synthetic with a 24″ barrel, no sights and a removable factory clip 4+1.
    I can’t seem to figure out which model it is, I haven’t seen another one like it.. I can tell you one thing though, it puts all rounds in the same jagged hole!

  9. My fist gun was a .243 bdl with swing door and I have a ask 7mm he it right on the difference between them. The other day I saw a adl that looked like a bdl it was converted.

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