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Difference Between Remington 770 And 783

Remington Arms Company, USA, is the manufacturers of Remington 770 and 783 rifles.   It is one of the major producers of shotguns and rifles, and is known to be the only US Company that makes both firearms and ammunition. The company has earned a record through the years in bringing out low cost substitutes for its popular model 700 series. The model 770 is such a rifle derived from this series, while 783 is developed from the model 770 itself.

Remington 770

The Remington M 770 is a low priced, magazine fed bolt action, centre-fire hunting rifle, with Scope and components, marketed by Remington Arms. It is an option to the company’s prestigious model 700, and its upgraded Model 710. Its variants are the Compact and Stainless models. These rifles are available in black, synthetic composite and wooden stocks. The standard version weighs 3.9 kg, with gun length 108 cm and barrel length 56 cm. The gun comes with a mounted, bore sighted 3-9x40mm scope, and its magazine is capable to hold 4 rounds.   The safety is easy to actuate and has fine reach.


Remington 770

The Remington 770 is designed with 3 locking lugs, and its synthetic stock is characterized by a raised cheek-piece for quick eye alignment.   Its magazine, made of steel, is removable; the latch, which is also of steel, helps smooth loading and unloading. Though the rifle is very accurate, there is controversy regarding its reliability. Many criticize that there are instances of the bolt handles snapping off, the trigger becoming rough, the plastic parts breaking, bolt stiffening, inability to open and close after a certain number of rounds, barrel finishing sub standard etc.

Whatever it is, the hunting rifle has no exceptional features to make it noticeable from the like priced Stevens or Marlins. One might mistake it for the model 700 on a first look. But a close observation of the unique appearance of the trigger guard will prove it otherwise.   The M 770 is much related to Model 710, and the bad reputation and problems attributed to the 710 series hover on this rifle too. It can be recommended only for novice shooters. However, many users of this rifle are found to be happy with it, though it is neither a precision rifle, nor an assault file. For, the Remington 770 is engineered in a way to make it as inexpensive as possible.

Remington 783

The Model 783 is a premium budget, bolt action rifle that comes with a Super Cell recoil pad. It is a dual pillar bedding action rifle, having free-floating carbon steel contour barrel and adjustable Crossfire trigger system, facilitating shot to shot consistency. It is available in four variants, namely, .270 and .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, and 7mm Remington Magnum. The magnums boast of 24-inch barrel length, while others read only 22 inch.   These models weigh from 7.25 to 7.5 pounds. The black synthetic stock is made of nylon fibre to give strength and stiffness to it. The trigger guard, and front and rear sling swivel studs are moulded into the stock. The detachable magazine and the latch are steel, and it is easy to load the magazine with the cartridges going smoothly into the chamber. The standard calibres can hold four rounds, but the magnums hold only three.


Remington 783

In general, the Model 783, which stands between the much regarded Model 700 and the lowest priced 770, is an exceptional rifle with great performance. It is sleek, solid and well built. The secret key to its esteem is its design and techniques to make it cheap while focusing on performance. It is a wise choice in the present competitive rifle market where a bargain price can come below $ 300, when compared to its rivals like Savage, Mossberg, Browning, and Thompson Center.

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  1. I have found my 770 to be just as good a rifle as my 700 . My 770
    Is in 7MM while my 700 is in 30-6. Both fire well except the bolt is a little rough on the 770. Seems Time is getting to make it a little smoother with each round loaded and ejected . Both seem to stay in a MOA of around 2 inch at 100 yards with me standing and no bench support . Getting old not sure how long I can maintain a good target without a little shaking from old nerves and breathing control. While I am happy with the 770 I am most likely changing the stock out for a Boyd’s and a new trigger guard . I’m fine with the 770s trigger. My other hunting guns have about 2 21/2 lb triggers while it seems the 770 has about a 3 pound from the factory which does extremely well for me . All in all for $249 it’s a keeper . I hope others share my like for the 770.

  2. There nothing wrong with the model 770 I would put it up against my xbolts any day of the week

  3. i have a model 783 in 308 and a model 770 in 30-06 i would take either on a hunt. but the 783 has a much nicer bolt action, Maybe after more use the 770 will cycle as smooth as the 783, for the slight increase in price, I think the 783 is a much nicer gun. but I am keeping both of them. I might be picking up another 770 this week, one that is in 7mm, but only because its used and at a good price. so that should tell you, I like the 783 better, but the 770 is ok.

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