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Difference between Remington 700 and 770

Remington 700 vs 770

When it comes to choosing a new rifle to purchase, the options seem endless. In truth, you cannot really decide one a particular brand or model until you determine what you will use the rifle for. If it is for hunting, then you must find out what caliber or ammunition you need. Luckily, some rifles such as the Remington 700 and 770 come with a variety of caliber options that are ideal for small game hunting or personal defense. The company was established in 1816 and they distribute guns in over 60 countries around the world. If you are looking for a reliable rifle brand, then look no further than Remington.

Remington 700

The Remington 700

The Remington 700 is a bolt-action rifle that has been popular since 1962. It comes in various barrel lengths and with a bolt face that is recessed which keeps the base of the cartridge closed off. You can get a 700 with a 3, 4, 5 or 6 round capacity depending on the caliber and model that you choose. On average, the gun weighs around 8 pounds when empty and the standard barrel lengths are 20, 22, 24, or 26 inches long. The weight, round velocity, and firing distance all depend on the 700 model.

Remington 700 Model Options

One of the great things about the Remington 700 is the large selection of models that are available. At any given time, Remington usually has over 40 models on the market. You can choose the frame material, color, barrel length, caliber, round capacity, features, and more. For example, the Model 700 Tactical Chassis looks like it is ready for battle, and it is. The black frame is designed for superior precision and reliability. The chassis is aluminum which is lightweight and durable. The Tactical series comes with a barrel size of 24 or 26 inches. You can purchase it for 308 Win, 300 Win, or 338 Lapuna Mag ammunition.

Another popular version is the Model 700 CDL DM. It is a beautiful gun with a wood frame and designer carvings. The CDL DM also comes with a mounted scope for more accurate shooting and it features an external trigger adjustment system that allows you to change the amount of trigger pull weight.

Remington 770

The Remington 770

The Remington 770 is also a bolt-action rifle, but it is particularly great rifle for beginners due to its simple, yet accurate design and its affordable price. It is easy to use, comes in two different models, and features a boresighted, 3-9x40mm scope. The 770 is available with a 22 or 24 inch barrel and weighs around 8.5 pounds with the scope on it. You can choose a model with a 3 or 4 round magazine and you have a large selection of cartridge choices. Pick a rifle for .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, 7mm – 08 Remington, 7mm Remington Magnum, 30 – 36 Springfield, .308 Winchester, or .300 Winchester Magnum rounds.

The frame is compact and made out of stainless steel for durability and it comes with an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold. It features a durable magazine latch, a raised cheek piece that helps the shooter align with the scope more quickly, and a molded sling to assist with holding and shooting the rifle.

Remington 770 Model Options

Remington offers their 770 rifle in two designs: The Model 770 Stainless, and the Model 770 Stainless Camo. The two models are identical other than their appearance. Basically, you can choose between a flat black finish or a camouflage finish. All in all, the Remington 770 is the best choice for new hunters who just want an affordable gun with all of the basics. Those who want more options and flexibility can find a Remington 700 model to fit their needs.

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  1. Is there problems with the bolt action on these guns

    • The 770 is, form what I’ve heard, gritty and heavy, I have one in 30-06, and it’ll take whatever I can hit pretty much in the world, definitely in N.Amercia. But the 700 has an adjustable trigger, I have been shooting since childhood and never had a trigger give me issues hitting a running target.

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