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USA vs Europe

The United States of America and Europe are two of the most industrialized and economically advanced places on Earth. While Europe is rich in cultural and architectural heritage, the USA is more developed in terms of technology and business.

In Europe one can see buildings that are more than 75 years old which are low-rise whereas in the USA skyscrapers dominate its cities. The standard of living in most of Europe is also lower than that of the USA.

In terms of the currencies that they use, the USA has been using the same currency since it was approved by Congress in 1786. The Europeans, on the other hand, were using different currencies until the inception of the Euro as the common monetary unit of European countries except the United Kingdom in 1999 and its circulation in 2002.

The different countries that comprise Europe each have their own languages, and most of their inhabitants know several different languages. In the United States, although there are other languages spoken by its diverse people, English is the national language for all.

In Europe, street shops are very common. They are open air, and you can find most of what you need there like food, clothes, artwork, etc. In the USA, they have malls which are buildings that have shops that sell a variety of goods and services.

When it comes to food, each European country has its own distinct culinary flavors while the USA adapts the food that its immigrants bring from their home countries, beginning with those who came from Europe, the Italians, Germans, and the French, and including food from Asia and Mexico.

Europeans drink wine with their meals and let their children do the same. Families usually eat a home-cooked meal together while most people in the USA lean towards consuming fast food and ready-to-cook or ready-to-eat food, and they consume more beer than wine.

In terms of government, the USA is a federal government with three branches: the executive, legislative, and the judicial. All the branches can act on their own while at the same time regulate the other branches. The European Union, on the other hand, has the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.


1.The USA is a federal government while the European Union is parliamentary.
2.The standard of living in Europe is lower than that of the USA.
3.People in the USA consume more beer while people in Europe consume wine.
4.Food in the USA comes from different countries while each country in Europe has its own distinct food.
5.The eating and dining habits of Europeans are more formal, and they tend to eat home-cooked meals while in the USA people tend to eat ready-to-cook or pre-cooked meals.
6.The USA has been using the same currency (Dollar) since the 1700s while the Euro has only been in circulation since 2002; before that European countries had different currencies.
7.In Europe one can find street shops while in the USA one can find malls.

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  1. You forgot the two most important stereotypes:
    European girls don’t shave their arm pits and Americans are fat and lazy.

  2. this article is way out of date and the most inacurate i ever seen first of all europe has better living standard then usa but it depends on where in europe where you are.
    usa has more homeless persons then europe, usa has also lower income then europe and usa dont take care of its war veterans europe does.
    so check your facts and update more often

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