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Baptist and Pentecostal are different groups of Christianity. One can come across many similarities between the two groups but still they have certain differences. Though the Baptists and Pentecostals have the same belief with regard to Trinity, the Pentecostals are seen to lean more towards the Spirit and Baptism of Holy Spirit.

The Pentecostals are noisier when praying than the Baptists. The Baptists sing mainly hymns and pray quietly. On the other hand, Pentecostals will sing and pray loudly.

When the Baptists think that tongues and direct revelation are no more relevant, the Pentecostals still believe in things like mystical spiritual language.

The Baptists think that contemporary music is wrong and Baptist women dress very modestly. On the other hand, Pentecostal women long dresses and do not wear make-up or jewelry. They are also against watching TV or listening to worldly music.

The Baptists believe that a faith has been saved forever once someone received Jesus Christ as the Savior. On the other hand, Pentecostals believe that one can lose salvation if the faith is not kept. Pentecostals believe that a person is not saved until he has believed, immersed, and received the “gift of the Holy Spirit”. On the contrary, Baptists believe that a person is saved once he or she repents and prays. For Baptists, once saved is always saved regardless of how he lives afterwards. But for Pentecostals, it is not like that and a person should have to lead a sinless life even after one is saved. Unlike Baptists, Pentecostals allow woman to become pastors.

1. Unlike Baptists, the Pentecostals are seen to lean more towards the Spirit and Baptism of Holy Spirit.
2. The Baptists sing mainly hymns and pray quietly. On the other hand, Pentecostals will sing and pray loudly.
3. When the Baptists think that tongues and direct revelation are no more relevant, the Pentecostals still believe in things like mystical spiritual language.
4. The Baptists believe that a faith has been saved forever once someone received Jesus Christ as the Savior. On the other hand, Pentecostals believe that one can lose salvation if the faith is not kept.
5. For Baptists, once saved is always saved regardless of how he lives afterwards. But for Pentecostals, it is not like that and a person should have to lead a sinless life even after one is saved.
6. Unlike Baptists, Pentecostals allow woman to become pastors.

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  1. Baptist do allow women to become pastors. I know many! :)

    • LOL, this article is wrong on many points main one Pentecostals don’t allow women to be preachers that is what the Baptist people do. Dressing modestly is wearing a long skirt and a shirt down to your wrists. The Bible says that a women is not to dress like a man but yet Baptist people let women wear pants and even wear them to church. EpicFail

      • When the Bible says that a woman is not to dress like a man it is not talking about pants. The scripture that many Pentecostals quote concerning this was written some 2000 years before Christ where pants were not invented until the fourteenth or fifteenth century. Before then everyone wore a dress like robe or garment including Jesus himself. That scripture refers to cross-dressers not women wearing pants.

  2. i dont believe some of that.im a baptist and i also worship at pentecostal churches.i will be honest and say pentecostals DO lean alot towards the manifestation of the holy spirit a little more than we do,but we also speak in tounges.we believe it as well.we shout and we pray openly in service with great joy and praise.and as far as believe once saved always saved,come on.OF COURSE NOT if you dont keep in the right path with God.women pastors for baptist?yes.God will use anyone who loves him for his glory.come on guys.fact facts FACTS!!!!!!!

    • what baptist church do you go to ? the one i attend if you lift your hand in praise is thought out there

      • NO the question is what Baptist church do you attend,, in a Baptist minister,, and I’ll like to speak with your pastoral board kicking people out of church

    • READ THE BIBLE!!!!!!!!!

    • im a pentecostal, but i converted from baptist awhile before. I love both but truth is that every church has it’s own doctrine. Don’t hate on them too much. It is a blessing to hear that there are alot of people who believe in the manifestations instead of tearing them to shreds. People don’t seem to realize that God never changes and he wouldn’t just disband a gift that he had given. Im a revolutionary that believes that just as in the bible, can still happen now if we have faith in it. Some people just don’t have the FAITH in those type of things, if God can heal the sick and raise from the dead even today then why can’t we speak in other tongues. I believe that if God uses them to speak to people and the blessings are real in the words then why can’t people believe it? People shouldn’t just totally knock it out of the air when they don’t even fully know.

  3. I grew up in an assemblies of God church and still consider myself to be Pentecostal. We definitely believe in speaking in tongues, but the clothing for women thing is outdated. Since I started in church (around 1980 – I am 36), women have always been fashionable. Various lengths of dresses, pants, and now even jeans in church. All the women I knew wore make up, had their hair styled beautifully, and were just breathtaking to me as a child, even the pastors’ wives. I am welcome at my church now even with my tattoos, facial piercings, and funky colored hair. :)

    • The Bible says to come as you are so sure they would accept you any way that you came. Once your saved and your a totally new person and you read your Bible and you know better then you would know women are not to wear pants. Different lengths of skirt ok but they shouldn’t be above the knee showing off your legs. I’m just saying

      • I dont understand the idea that women shouldn’t wear pants. As long as they are not provocative or revealing, I personally believe it is ok. What is worse, normal, non-provocative jeans, or a short, tight, revealing dress? Pants themselves are not evil things! The way that they are worn can be bad, and that goes for all types of clothing,

        • a long time ago women didn’t wear pants. You might think well they do now. You may also think well they created individual pants for women and for men.
          as i was saying a long time ago women wore pants. later women became rebels ( gay,tomboys) . when your gay or a tomboy you want to wear what men wear. so after a women wore pants it became well knowed. women started wearing them . so you see. that’s why we don’t wear pant because their technically meant for men.

          • I am a 100% Pentecostal/Christian and first of all woman wearing pants and all that other doctrine stuff is between the pastor and his church members. If you are a member then you are expected to follow the rules (after a while being there) Doctrine is something that is NEVER to be preach, but only to be taught to “members” of the church itself. My opinion: A woman wearing pants shows her shape, details…We all know according to the word ALL mankind’s desires is of the “flesh” “lust” (born into sin) therefore when a woman walks the street showing her shape and men look at her, then she is also responsible simply because she “being a Christian” has provided something for a man to desire which he should not! Understand that the “men” looking at her, desiring her ARE NOT saved so they do not know better, BUT…She “being saved” should know that the devil will use her as an instrument to cause others to sin! If the Bible says “resist the devil & he shall flee, then why don’t we also live by “Don’t allow the devil to use you as an instrument to cause others to sin…One reason why the Muslim community has the lowest rape rate in the World ‘A man cannot desire something he cannot see. One other thing, growing up I studied the “women wearing pants” thing and yes pants are for men and men only, but a women that started working in the coal minds with men in the early 30′s if I’m not mistaken starting wearing pants and even had some designed for her to work in ‘against the law and her work orders” By the way Jesus and ALL the other men did wear a “pants type garment…underwear” under their long garment” and the women DID not! The World, Religion HAS always been opposed when it came to women wearing pants but of course just like prohibition (legalization of alcohol) Which is ALSO SIN…Pants became acceptable but with much fight and even punishment. So with this be said, wouldn’t you give up being something men desire when they see your shape (in pants) for the Lord? Or does it stick on some like a parasite??? Have a blessed night everyone. http://www.thehouroftheanointing.com 24/7 Christian Radio & TV Broadcast.

  4. I wanted to add that yes, we are a noisy church. When I have visited other denominations, it doesn’t feel like church, no hands raised, clapping, dancing, yelling out hallelujah, no speaking on tongues on one side with an interpretation shouted out from the other side. Without that, it doesn’t feel right to me.

  5. Depending on your TYPE of Baptist or Penticostal, there can be a huge difference. IFB are severely strict. For women & girls, no pants, no make-up, no short hair or dying your hair, no exposing your shoulders, long dresses only, no jewelry (get the picture?). An old-fashioned Pentecost is like that also. And you sing only slow hymnals & no dancing or up-beat music, even Christian music. Modern Pentecost & “Happy-Baptist” are nothing like this. In fact, they’re very opposite. I have been to 4 Baptist, 2 Penticostal, & 1 Christian, & was snubbed by all of the Baptist ones. I had no idea why, & still don’t. I would also like to know this as well, because I was raised & taught that Baptist is the most laid-back, easy-going out of all the Christian religions. The one that I went to in the 80′s snubbed me because I wasn’t a town’s-girl & were very clannish. But the other 3 had no excuse for it, so if you have any answers, share them. Right now, I’m a member of a Christian church & they welcome everyone, praise, & enjoy up-beat gospel also. Baptist seem totally different now that when I was growing up.

  6. I am and always will be Primitive Baptist..you may call it hard nosed hard core what ever you like..we just take the Bible. No we don’t play music in church we sing hymnals and we praise God…as far as being quiet when we pray and worship it is how ever God leads you if we want to shout or be happy as some people say there is nothing wrong with that ..that is just proof the the lord is blessing you. No the particular church that I attend does not believe in women preachers..we also don’t speak in tongues and i do believe because the bible says if you speak in tongues without am inturpriter then that is a no. We dress modestly in what ever type of clothing we want as long as we are covered…and to say that you can get saved without the Holy Ghost..well thats just ludicras..and offcourse no one is perfect you will sin after being saved but you will know it and you will repent..God will repramand his children…And anyone who wants to attend our baptist church is more than welcome and you will be acceppted without judgement. Now as far as this comparing religion I feel its stupid as long as we all have a common goal and live by the word and Believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he died for our sins and was resurected..and you have been saved and recievd the holy Ghost then its all good…You must believe for yourself it is your relationship with the Lord that will get you to heaven not someone elses.

  7. This author is completely wrong. I have worshiped in both baptist and pentacostal churches. First of all pentacostals and baptists do have the same belief of trinity and being saved by faith of Jesus crucified, repentance and prayer. Pentacostals dont believe baptism in the holy spirit is required for salvation but is a gift from God that will help draw you closer to him and help with your service in the Lord. Pentacostals dont put more emphasis on the holy spirit, they believe the holy spirit is how God moves people on this earth. The emphasis is on the cross and Jesus crucified as is the baptist. Both allow women preachers in certain circumstances and how a woman dresses has changed with the times. Pentacostals do not believe someone has to remain sinless after they are saved. This is impossible as we are all sinners and will continue to sin. Repentance is what keeps your salvation. Once saved always saved is ridiculous. If you turn away from Jesus and denounce your faith how are you saved?

    • Very well written!!! Absolutely True

    • Very well said. I was raised in a Baptisit. For the past couple of years I have been going to a COGIC and recently became a member of one last month. I can honestly say I dont notice a BIG difference in the two, other than the church I’m at now calls to the Altar every Sunday. The worship service is about the same. We read from the same bible, sing the same sonsgs, pay tithes and offerings. I can say I feel more at home at this church but I dont think that has anything to do with it being Baptist or COGIC. I love the Lord and I love all that goes with it. I was taught love, Jesus, God at both and thats what matters to me. God Bless.

      • Oh sorry I do notice one difference. The church I attend now (COGIC) believes in the power of healing. Not saying Baptists dont, Im just saying if you come to church sick the pastor will lay hands and pray for your healing. This is done at the Altar every Sunday. Everything is done through the power of prayer. I know the Baptists believe this too I just see it more at COGIC.

    • The belief in the Trinity depends on the type of Pentecostal. I am Apostolic Pentecostal and we believe in the Oneness or Godhead rather than the

  8. very well said Jeff 11/30/2012!
    I have struggled with the church all my life. I come from a very dysfunctional family with abuse in abundence and God/Jesus and my bible that was given to me (the little tiny one they used to give out) was my salvation, even though I understood none of it except the comfort I felt. And I would go to church thinking I would find peace but instead I seemed to find politics, and understand that now as an adult but did not as a child seeking the need to find the peace of my God/Jesus in His santuary. I have always gone to Baptist church and have gotten the snubs and lots of other things I would just rather not discuss. I had an eye opening seeking my home church when I entered the Pentacostal church not even realizing it was a Pentacostal church recently. I have never fealt more at home and at peace then I do in this church with these people who do not match the discription above. These Pentacostal that I know so far love Jesus and come together to praise together and be joyful. All that matters to me is that I can go to my Gods sanctuary with His people and sing His praise, pray and do as much in His word as I can and feel this peace and I didn’t find it with the Baptist but with whom I least expected it, Pentacostal.

  9. I’m Pentecostal and
    1. never seen a women pastor
    2. I it doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific length
    3. most don’t believe in the trinity (UPC an Apostolic)
    4. we also believe all spiritual gifts are still active
    5. Nobody is sinless therefore impossible to “lead a sinless life” you have to do your best and have a good heart but perfection is impossible as everybody sins.
    Where do you get your info?

    • in our church there are women pastors the wives of our male pastors it does’nt matter if ur a man or a woman pastor, what matters is you serve God.

      next is we believed that once you live in a sinfull live u will always be sinfull unless u have repented to the Lord and never again live your life what u had before.

      if you repent and accepted god, obeyed and lived by his will until he returns to earth you are saved. but if u have repented but still continues to live in a wordly life then is up to him (God) to judge you.

      were in the ending times guys, so why not just continue to serve God, accept him as your personal savior and father. confess and tell that you are a sinner and you are willing to give ang surrender your life for him. he is the alpha and omega after all.

      Let us not quarrel or see the diffrences about other religions, what matters most is we are obeying,recieving,praying,loving,thanking and living in the will of God. it is for our safety.

      oh yeah im a pentecostal in the philippines.

  10. Actually, I know of 2 versions of Baptists who believe Christians can lose their salvation – Freewill Baptists and the Baptist Union of Denmark. The debate has been going on for centuries – it’s called the Calvinistic/Arminian debate.

    I’m not Baptist nor Pentecostal, but rather evangelical with a touch of Charismatic. According to Matthew 7:21-23 and 1 John 2:19, I believe those who appear to have lost their salvation were never born again in the first place. I believe they were just religious and later stopped being religious. There is a major difference between religion and salvation.

  11. READ Deuteronomy 22:5. A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this. Read that in any version you want it says MODEST!!! And Pentecostals don’t allow women preachers.

  12. Why does some baptists does’t dance in their church ? Because they belive it is naked.
    Well if it is, then why did David danced to to God ?

    God gave us talents, all the talents you have came from him. Then why not use that talent to thank him. I’m a Pentecostal here in the Philippines and im also a member and a dancer in our church.

    if you want to know all about our church, you can leave a reply here so that i can give you the website :)

  13. oh and one thing, Major difference is we Pentecostals dont believe in Trinity.
    we believe in only One God. (father and son holy ghost)

    • That is what the Trinity is. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God in three person. The three person distinct yet there is only one God. He is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
      Just wanted to clarify. =)

      • Then you are a Oneness believer too.. The Trinity says the three are co-equal, co-eternal, and co-existing. Oneness says God existed (Father), then was manifest in the flesh (Son), then was resurrected and imparted His spirit to us (Holy Ghost). The three did not all exist from the beginning like the Trinity says.

  14. I was raised in the Baptist faith all my life. My husband has grew up in the what they call Pentecost holistic. His mother claims to be a preacher. I was raised and still believe that a woman can not be preacher. Since my marriage I’ve been told by his preacher mother that my faith and how I believe is not right. I have tried to be understanding but why should I? He only wants to go to churches his mother approves of. My thoughts on this is: why should I be a part of there faith that puts down all other faiths and believes? What kind of so called preacher puts your personal faith and believes in god down? That is the reason I only will go to Baptist churches. I refuse to accept Pentecostal holistic.

  15. Jeff:11/30/2012, has it exactly right. Read your Bible people! There are many scriptures that deal with one losing their faith or falling from Grace. Also don’t always beleive what you read. Always, and I mean always look at what the scriptures say. There are three basic ideologies within protetantism. Calvanism, Lutheranism and Armenianism. There are simularities between all three. The diferences basically are” the once saved always saved”, and “pre-destinationism”. I happen to be of the Armenian camp. Which rebukes those two thoughts. GOD does not pre-determine ones fate. As well, one can fall from Grace. The only rebuttal Calvanist have is “you were never saved to begin with”. Sorry folks, but you cannot know the condition of ones salvation or their heart. Only GOD knows that. Again, READ YOUR BIBLE if you want to know the truth! Some scriptures for you Calvanist to ponder on. Lev 10: 1-2, Luk 8:13, Acts 5:3-4,9, I Tim 1:19-20, Ex 32:33, Deut 30:17-20, Ezek 3:20-21, Mat 5:13, Gal 5:4, John 8:31, I Tim 4:1, II Pet 1:10, II Pet 2:20-22. Those who do not overcome will have their names blotted out of the Book of Life. ( Rev 3:5, Ex 32:32-33, Ps 69:28).

  16. I’m an “old school Pentecostal Minister” and we do have MANY women pastors all around the World. Maybe this “new wave” more liberal” style Pentecostal don’t but that’s not what Any old school REAL Pentecostal church believes. The problem with the so called churches these days is the “anything goes” attitude thing and the preaching of the gospel of convenience and not the gospel of Jesus. We “the old school” will always say “If it ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it”

  17. This is so inaccurate. Pentecostals believe that when you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord and that the Father raised Him from the dead you’re saved. There’s no such thing as a person living a sinless life, only Jesus is capable of this. But when we accept Him his Mercy inspires us to repent and His Grace covers us from sinning we are no longer slaves to sin. We are free thank you Jesus

  18. this is pointing out one sect of Pentecostalism… Pentecostalism is much more greater than one sect. We arent a denomination…we teach an experience as given in the book of acts…. that experience IS relevant and is happening even today… that expereience should not be just for one group, it is Gods will to pour it out on everyone who knows and believes it… they will recieve it!… you can not deny it.

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