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Methodists and Baptists are both Christian faiths that have a lot of similarities but in many ways, also have different views and doctrines. Both Methodist and Baptist believe in God, the Bible and the works and teaching of Jesus who they accept as   Christ, the savior of humanity.

In essence, they both believe in baptism and communion as fundamental sacraments but it is also where their differences lie. Methodists allow the baptism of infants, youth, and adults. They are not discriminating about individuals’ age and mental maturity. They also allow different forms of baptism methods as they perform them with immersion, sprinkling, and pouring. For Methodists, communion is welcome to all.

Baptists, on the other hand, perform baptism only to confessing youth and adults. Baptism of infants is not practiced since they believe that it should only be administered to individuals who are capable of understanding the true meaning of the rite and also capable of understanding faith. Baptists also perform baptism strictly by immersion. They practice closed communion where the table is only open for baptized church members.

In terms of governance, the Methodists have bishops where they have an Episcopal organization. Bishops assign pastors to various congregations. However before the bishop takes that action, a consultation with the congregation takes place. Methodist congregations are also linked to one another. Baptists are more independent in terms of governance per congregation. They choose their own pastors.

Baptists maintain the doctrine of the ‘perseverance of saints’ where an expression of ‘once saved, always saved’ prevails. Baptists teach that once one is saved, that person cannot fall from grace which is completely in conflict with Methodists views. Methodists believe that it is the person’s choice to be saved and one can fall from grace by not following God therefore losing salvation.

Based on observation, Baptists tend to be stricter and largely fundamentalists. Their sole basis for faith is the Bible and they consider it infallible. Methodists are more loose and broader in their beliefs. Some can be fundamentalists while some are liberals. They consider their faith based on the Bible, reason, tradition, and personal experience.


1. Methodists baptize infants while Baptists only baptizes adults and the youth capable of understanding faith.
2. Methodists perform baptism with immersion, sprinkling, and pouring while Baptists do their baptisms only with immersion.
3. Methodists practice open communion in which the rite is open to all while Baptists carry out closed communions.
4. Methodists have a system of Episcopal Hierarchy of governance while Baptists have congregational independence.
5. Methodists give the bishops the authority to assign pastors to congregations while with Baptists, the congregation choose its own pastor.
6. Methodists believe that it is the person’s choosing to be saved while Baptists maintain that once a person saved, the person is always saved and cannot fall from grace.
7. Methodists are generally less fundamental while Baptists are primarily fundamentalists.

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  1. It seem I have a lot to learn . I know for me I believe without a doubt that God is real and he sent His only son to die for my sins . This means I have already been forgiven it’s just up to me to accept that forgiveness. I will find the right fit for my beliefs this post as well as the comments have been very helpful.

    • Yes you are correct. The Bible teaches that if you believe In your heart and confess with your mouth you are saved. But you must accept Jesus sacrifice and accept him as lord of your life. that means commit to
      Living a life pleasing to him in accordance with bible. Usually best in bible teaching church.

    • Don’t follow religion, follow spirituality, you don’t need a church, meditation is the way to reach enlightenment, YouTube, Gallactic Federation, “religion is for those who fear hell, spirituality is for those who have already been there”-David Bowie, sending you love and light ❤

  2. Less Religion, More Jesus!

    • Read ,the trail of blood, a church history. You right, more Jesus and less religion but you should know the history of the church you worship God.

  3. Very helpful praying about leaving the baptist church and joining the methodist
    Needed to know some of their beliefs
    Which are similar

    • I have being a christian since 1983,in the Baptist church and could tell you that Baptist and methodistsee are not the same,they very,very far off from each others. and not to be rude, any one who said they are semiliar ,you are mistaking they are not.By the way I am from independent fundamental Baptist church, we don’t believe what methodist believe.

      • Yes they are very different.
        The Bible says No one can pluck you from Gods hand. Meaning once saved always saved. It also says God save any who believe and confess. You cannot save yourself or become lost.

        • But, why does it say in the Bible.. pray that you don’t fall in temptation? I understand that to mean any temptation. If I’m a Child of God and can’t loose my salvation why the warnings? What about Saul? Was he not a Child of God? Yes until his sin and God rejected him.
          I’m not a Theologin, but its how I understand it

          • If you were to be saved but then fell into deep sin again & turned & blasphemed against the spirit, murdering & committing adultery, I think believe you could fall from salvation but the Baptist would just say you were never truly saved so we could go round and round with this one.

          • That is correct. When you ask Jesus to come into your heart and save you, you repent of your sins and ask God to help you be more like Him. If you were sincerely saved you will begin following a new path in His footprints but “all fall short of the glory of God”. We sin, ask to be forgiven, & do better until our death. “By their fruits you will know them.”

      • Do you mind explaining the difference?

      • I have recently accepted jesus as my lord and savior.The Brooklyn tabernacle is where I worship. I’m learning about the bible.And I have to say that our pastor only teaches from the bible. No man can add or take away from it. The denominations are man’s interpretations and opinions. If it’s not in the bible,then it’s not the word of God.

      • Brother we are very similar only with slight differences I am a Methodist who was actually brought to salvation by Baptists.

      • Differences between beliefs depends solely on the individual churches. Many Methodist churches are still very conservative and don’t do infant baptisms while others are increasingly liberal and are evermore departing from scripture… and it’s why the church is splitting into possibly 3 separate denominations of Methodism (not including earlier splinters that date back to at least 1860.

        • The old Methodists were much like the Baptist, I’m told but that ended There are “Baptists” who are no more Baptist than a duck. I told my daughter when they moved to another town several years ago that at one time I would have told here to find a Baptist church and attend it but I could no longer say that. You must read scripture and listen to the preaching, as well as ask questions if you wonder about something said or done. Then, take that and hold it up to the light of the Word. It won’t take long to learn which one is Biblical and which one is not.

      • I’m a Methodist and certainly believe the only way to salvation is through Jesus God’s only son. God invites us all to be part of his family. It’s up to us to accept that invitation. We don’t choose him he chooses us. The main point to remember in any denomination….is that we all are saved by grace. Jesus sacrificed upon the cross for ALL. I do believe in baptism but believe you can go to heaven if you haven’t been. Perfect example is the thief on the cross. He wasn’t sprinkled or immersed. I believe the lord sets the table and should be open to anyone who confesses their sins and are willing to turn from their sinful ways. Do I believe once saved always saved? Let’s just say….I was a Baptist for many years, and switched to Methodist many years ago.

    • Read,The trail of blood. a church history.

    • So sorry, but there seems to be misinformation on this site. The only differences is we don’t baptist the infants because they have no knowledge of the Savior and must have this and acceptance as well to be baptized. Baptism is a symbolic gesture to the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist just as communion is to the blood and body of Christ Jesus. Communion is not a closed off event it is offered to all who care to attend and so do as many times in remembrance of Him. And though Baptist select their pastors they are all connected by the Southern Baptist Commission.

      • I was raised southern Baptist in Illinois & have encountered American Baptists, General Baptists, Independent Baptists & several other Baptist sects (sect just means a different religious identification, FYI). My dad was raised Methodist but converted to marry mother & many years later was ordained a deacon. I have seen some considerable differences among these sects with southern Baptist being the strictest & most conservative. Also as far as communion, I’ve never been in any Baptist church where EVERYONE regardless of age, belief, state of grace, religious affiliation was invited or welcomed to partake. Everything else in a service, yes. But not that. Again, I’m sure there’s variation from church to church & region to region. Remember: only the Catholic Church has every church do things the same everywhere—Catholic actually means ‘universal.’

        Just my experience.

      • Child should be dedicated to the Lord, not to baptize.

      • In the matter of security of the believer- when you are saved, you will not want to disobey God. We strive to live obedient lives. While we are alive, we are still flesh and blood so we sin but we can ask for forgiveness and it be granted. The key is that we must be sincere. We cannot fool God. So the opinion that Baptists believe we can be saved and live a hellish life is not true. By their fruit you shall know them. If you have truly been saved, you will strive to please God. We can judge a persons works but not their soul.

    • Deb. Read the Bible for yourself. Ask the Lord Jesus to open your understanding. It will require time and committment on your part.

    • I am a Methodist confirmed baptized member, though I was brought to salvation by Baptist while in a county jail. I love both denominations. I believe they are as close of denominations as there is to the early church of acts. You can’t go wrong with either. I tend toward the non judgemental acceptance of all that the Methodist Church has shown me & I like how we call all to the table of communion because it’s not for us to restrict anyone from the calling that Jesus instructed us to do.

      • The Baptist church I’m in and several I’ve visited, have ALL had open communions welcoming everyone and not a select few as this article indicates

    • May I ask why you are considering this move when the Methodist theology plays things a “little loose” with correct interpretation of Scripture?

      Example; where in the Bible does it state that babies are to be baptized? Of all the examples of baptism in the Bible including our Lord, you will not find one where any were sprinkled, or poured, they were full immersion baptisms and all were old enough to know what they were professing.

      As Christians, we know the Bible was written by men under the Divine direction of the Holy Spirit therefore we believe the Bible to be God’s words to us right? In Paul’s letter to Timothy, he discusses the hierarchy of the church, the positions, and whose to fill what roles. The main role of teacher, (Pastor), is to be held by a man, NOT a woman as many organizations use these days contrary to God’s word. Women are not to teach men and that’s according to God, not me, Paul, or Timothy.

      If you’d like to talk I am available and can help. I’ve nothing personal against the Methodists, I’m approaching this from a purely doctrinal standpoint and what the Word of God says.

      • I will pray for you in my methodist church .

      • Hey. I love your comment. I totally agree. If possible please email me. Brooks.marterius@yahoo.com. I’m a fresh believer and I’ve been reading the Bible. I haven’t stumbled across infants being baptized. I’m not quite understanding the logic in baptizing an infant. In contrast, I was sprinkled at the age of 6 in a Methodist church, pertaining the slightest idea of what I was doing. I have been attending baptist in my adult life. I visit different churches in search of a church home. I had never heard of a Pentecostal church until a few Months ago and there has to be a huge difference in this particular denomination

  4. Bring in the full tenth to my storehouse is that there may be food in my house,test me in this way says the lord of hosts ans see if I will not open up the floodgates of heaven and pour out a blessing for you without measure. Malachi 3:10

  5. Salvation is a gift from God! I believe if you are truly saved and have excepted that gift, God is not going to take it back. It is a gift! More Jesus and less religion!

  6. excellent article BUT it will not let me forward a copy. HELP – address above.

  7. Not much different between Presbyterian Methodist and Baptist

    • Read ,the trail of blood. a church history

    • There is big differences between Presbyterian and Baptist and I’m speaking of Baptist that goes by the Faith and Message of the Southern Baptist, that states ALL can be saved.
      The Presbyterian belief system is in predestination. That a believer was chosen by God to be saved. A Baptist of the Faith and Message believes that anyone and ALL can be saved if that person calls on Jesus to be saved, confesses of his sins and believes And at that moment you are filled with Holy Spirit.

      • Unfortunately there is a movement within the Southern Baptist denomination that embraces many Calvinist doctrines. The false interpretation of “being chosen by God” is quickly spreading through Baptist churches. My son came home from a baptist conference and proclaimed to be a ‘reformed baptist’. This false narrative rejects the notion that all people are chosen by God and Christ died for all people. Whether the intent is true or not, impressionable youths and young adults perceive being ‘chosen’much like Jehovahs Witnesses and Jewish Orthodox. If we are chosen without freewill to accept Christs free gift the Adam and Eve could not have freely chosen to sin either. Point muted. Forget the PHD Theologians who peddle this nonsense to our youth and young adults. Eternal life is a free gift freely given by Christs suffering and blood on the Cross. NOT predestined!

  8. The closed communion is false in the Baptist realm. Every Baptist communion I have gone to was open.

  9. Baptists are geneally 3 point Calvinists. Many have open communion. Communion has no “real presence” issues or transubstantion issues. It is strictly symbolic no in

  10. I feel like denominations is just a label all that matters is you believe in god and Jesus died for your sins and your saved by the grace of god and he lives in your heart

    • Jamie well said , I believe you are exactly right , & I’m a Methodist but I love interacting & connecting with other denominations and I love non-denominational Christian Churches.

  11. Yes, me too!

  12. While some Baptists hold to “closed” communion, the majority hold to “close” communion, meaning that any believer who has been baptized (and not living in known, unconfessed sin) is welcome to participate. Membership in that particular church is usually not necessary.

  13. In my Baptist church, baptism is open to all that have accepted Jesus as their Savior, and it is an open public profession of faith. Communion is open,to all the accepted Jesus as their savior. Those that have not accepted Jesus as their Savior, are asked to not partake in the taking of the cracker (body) and juice (blood).

  14. We recently started attending United Methodist and my husband was bapitesd. I felt I wasn’t there yet and didn’t join him. What is wrong with me? I was Head Usher for awhile but withdrew since no one ever responded or offered to help. Still on the Worship Committee but I keep wondering why?

    • Give yourself some time. You may just be a little confused or intimidated by the change. Concentrate on the Lord, who is the real reason you are there. Don’t feel rushed, and please believe that you deserve God’s love. He’s in no hurry to see you baptised, He just wants to be close to you.

    • Ginny. The question is, “Do you WANT the Lord Jesus to wash all of your sins, to come and live in you, and to begin a new life with Him?” You personally have neither the desire, nor the ability to live the life He wants you to live.
      “He came to His own, and those who were His own did not received Him. But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name, who were born not of blood, not of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” John 1
      When Christ comes to live in you, His presence in you makes you a new person. You find yourself with a new attitude, new desires, new actions. The Lord Jesus told Nicodemus, “Truly, truly I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3
      “and the one who comes to Me, I will certainly not cast out.” John 6

      • Steve. I found your comment “You personally have neither the desire, nor the ability to live the life He wants you to live.” Very judgemental. I also, after searching my heart can say to you that you have absolutely no right to say what you said to anyone unless they have told you that. I believe that only God Almighty, our Abba, His son, Jesus Christ, our savior and Holy Spirit, our spiritual guide can make the decision as to what our heart, mind and soul desire and where w we stand in our quest of belief and acceptance of the gift of salvation by the life, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and an eternity with God Almighty. I pray that you as a simple man, just as I am a simple woman continue to pray for guidance from the Word of God.

    • “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy path.” Proverbs 3:5-6

      Trust that the Spirit may be showing you that there is a Method(ist) to their madness. They are essentially a cult based on works rather than grace… thus the fear of loosing your salvation keeping the congregation in step with their hierarchy. Another bunch of Jehovas’ Witnesses that control their congregations!

      • That is not true bedrock I’m a Methodist & our first and foremost teaching is the grace & love of the Lord Jesus Christ & faith first , then works , we believe in being doers of the word not just hearers- James 1:22 & if you truly have faith then you will do the works, faith without works is dead James 2:17&18 but it is not by your works you are saved. A lot of haters see what good the Methodist Church does out there in the streets & in the prisons & feel inadequate because they are not doing what Jesus commanded them and start making stuff up. That’s alright just educate yourself & start doing what Jesus commanded one step at a time starting with faith and confessing Him savior & Lord of your life , then continuing in works & love ♥️✌️

    • Believe me, I can sympathize with how you can get “confused” in some church settings. I’m a saved believer but our Baptist church went through some changes with a Pastor that wanted to “do his own thing”. I was the Children ministry Committee president. I resigned because I recognized in several situations where he used me to do his dirty work. We ended up leaving the church but I always wondered how many people he confused and turned away from the church.
      Bottom line, YOU are the church. Keep your focus on Jesus. Don’t look at what other people are doing. Concentrate on Jesus, study and plug into where he is working. You will find Him there.

      • Another difference is that Methodist churches allow female ministers, Baptists do not, and I also understand that, depending on the church, they may limit womens’ leadership in other areas, too. Baptist churches also differ from place to place in how they regard divorced people taking communion or serving in the church as well-some will take the circumstances of tne divorce more into consideration,or whether the person had received Christ at the time of the divorce. I don’t think Methodists care one way or another, but I could be wrong, given the current schism in the UMC.

  15. Not all baptist believes in perseverance of the saints. Some believes in the preservation of saints. Eternal security does not lie in the persevering works of a Christian but rather lies in the promises of God the moment you received Christ as your Lord and Savior. Good works will determine our reward and blessings but it will never determine our salvation.

  16. Many who profess a religion and conform to laws have not understood that we are saved by the work of the cross and not by works. To confess your sins and repent and believe through faith that you are saved by grace. Ephesians 2:8-9

  17. The most important thing to me is is this church a Bible believing church? Does the pastor preach the whole Bible. If they don’t then I believe they will be blazing a trail straight to hell.

    The Bible is not some dusty old book written by so 40 old guys over a 4000 year period. It is the word of God, the Truth and the Light unto our lives. Without it there is no truth, and no viable doctrine.

  18. Per the Baptist belief once saved, always saved. I would like Baptists to explain this concept using the following scenario.
    A man becomes saved, and then later commits a mass shooting, killing dozens. He has no worries about his soul because he is a Baptist and believes himself to be saved, even after committing this heinous act. Is he still bound for heaven?
    Please elaborate – Thank you.

  19. If you wish to know what Baptist’s believe look up the Baptist distinctives:
    Biblical Authority
    Autonomy of the Local Church
    Priesthood of the Believer
    Two Ordinances – Baptism by immersion after profession of faith and repentance of sins; and the Lord’s Supper, which is for those who are born again. The Bible says that it is not for the lost.
    Individual Soul Liberty
    Saved, Baptized Church Membership
    Two Offices
    Separation of Church and State

    This is what actual independent Baptist’s believe in some form or another. We are not Protestants. We are not calvinists. many of us do not believe a person must be a Baptist to go to heaven. To go to heaven you must repent of your sins and trust in Jesus. We simply believe we follow and obey Jesus in a scriptural manner, such as the apostles did.

  20. I’m a Methodist who hasn’t been to church in over 35 years. I’m a semi retired licensed HVAC technician and current factory maintenance man. I’m a middle aged white guy working at a all black Baptist church, the only white person there. My motifs have less to do with religion and more to do with helping people out that no one else will. Also without charging large sums of money and being 100% truthful, loyal, honest, respectful at all times. The truth is my love of Blues, Rock & Roll, R&B, Soul, Funk music as well as my Military background drive me to do it. You can do and say whatever you want on Sunday. Are you the one donating your free time, knowledge, training, tools, equipment, blood, sweat and tears for the good of mankind? I already know the answer to that question. Jesus saves everybody..USSOCOM saves those who deserve it the most. Without your soul efforts nothing gets done. I didn’t hear the prayers for help. I saw the carnage of a building falling out of repair with lack of funds to fix it. Who else would do it and do it the right way without significant financial gain? The answer was no one but me. But that doesn’t end the help. I’m starting to get the vibe they want someone armed in the building that knows what they are doing to help secure it during services as well. Also possibly a guitarist to perform or play music. I’m down for both of the above if needed too. One man’s talents and skills used to help worship God and Jesus. Their prayers were answered in a roundabout way. Does it really matter? Negative Ghost Rider! Everybody Needs Somebody To Love! The only easy day was yesterday!

  21. I was wondering if you follow CDC guidelines? If you do, should I apply to attend a Sunday service should space be available?

  22. One of the big differences between Methodists and Baptists that this article left out is that fundamentalist Baptists do not believe in ordaining women. You will never ever see a woman leading a congregational committee or preaching or having any leadership roles in a fundamentalist Baptist church. You will see women singing in the choir and playing the piano and caring for the children. I am a Methodist woman that has been dating a fundamentalist Baptist man for nearly 2 years. I have found that Baptists are very very rigid in their beliefs. Women are treated as subservient to men in this society. Women are expected to wear only very modest dresses or skirts to church. Women are not allowed to serve as political leaders either. Or have any leadership roles in society. And when a man is speaking the woman needs to agree with him and keep their opinions to themselves. This is a very old fashioned way of looking at relationships, but men are also expected to treat their wives with respect.
    As a longtime Methodist, I have always believed that Jesus is our savior, and he died for our sins. I love God and I have been going to church for many many years. But my relationship with my boyfriend has suffered greatly because he does not believe I am saved. He has questioned me over and over and over again, and no matter how much I try to explain my beliefs, he wants to know the exact date and time of day that I was saved. I try to explain to him that this happened over a period of time as I was going to church and my belief grew. This is not acceptable to him. We are attending a fundamentalist Baptist church on Sundays. I was quite taken aback about the differences between a Methodist church service and a fundamentalist Baptist church service. Every sermon in the fundamentalist Baptist church consists of them preaching, and sometimes screaming, at the congregation about being saved, how they won’t go to heaven unless they’re saved, they will go to hell, real fire and brimstone sermons that as a Methodist I was completely unused to. After leaving a Methodist church service, I feel uplifted and joyful and closer to God. After leaving a Fundamentalist Baptist service, I feel frightened and unworthy of God’s love, and I basically feel like a sinful person. In my Methodist Church, I would usually wear a nice pair of slacks and a nice blouse or sometimes a dress. I felt very comfortable in the Methodist church. In the fundamentalist Baptist church, they have a very very strict dress code for women. Women are required to wear very modest dresses and skirts, and nothing that will show their form. Outside of church, women are Not allowed to wear tight fitting jeans, or sleeveless tops, or leggings, or any top that fits too tightly and shows their form. It is very very restrictive. Women do not have control over how they dress, it is up to the man to determine how they will dress. So there are many many many differences between the Methodists and the fundamentalist Baptists.

  23. I am a Freewill Baptist. My husband grew up Methodist his entire life. We both attend a Freewill Baptist Church now. The Difference in Southern Baptist And Freewill Baptist, are Freewill believe, “Once in Grace, Always in Grace, if you live by Grace.” It’s like this very article describes the Methodist beliefs. We believe in “Freewill.” Southern Baptist are the ONLY Baptist that believe once you are Saved, “You’re always saved, and never fall from Grace.” FREEWILL Baptist are Bible believing, reading Christians.
    I continued On, reading the “differences in Methodist and Baptist”, in the article written. My husband is not a Liberal. He is Conservative, like myself. I find it hard to believe Methodist, call themselves “Bible readers/Followers” and anyone could call themselves liberal.
    Sam Sex marriage is an abomination against God. It is CLEAR as The Day is long in the Bible scriptures. ABORTION is MURDER, it is against GOD as well. Anyone who claims to be a Bible reading, born again Christian ✝️, that “claims” to believe this is ok, is mocking the God. Plain and simple, and needs to re read their Holy Bible.

  24. There is absolutely differences in teachings. One thing is clear for all. We cannot listen to the words of man.
    The lord is against homosexual relationships. Sodom was destroyed for this. There is no such thing as a rapture. You will be there or already passed. READ YOUR BIBLE. Satan comes and Jesus will come ONLY after the son of perdition sits in Jerusalem. Don’t be fooled by words of man or ways of man. Burn the vials, trumps and lamps into your minds and you will not be fooled. As I tell all Christians, don’t listen to me or any man. Read it for yourself. The lord will guide you. No pastor or preacher can forgive sins or always be right. Only Gods word gives you answers. Stay in your fields and remember that Jesus will not return in the flesh, Only in
    spirit. If your church changes doctrine, then they become a synagogue of Satan. The lords words have not changed so, if your church changes their meanings of the Bible then find a new church.

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