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Catholic vs Christian Bible

The Bible is considered one of the most-read books of all time; though people are not aware of the fact that there is not just one Bible but more than one Bible followed by people of different faiths and beliefs.

Christian Bible
The Christian Bible is also called “The Holy Bible.” The Christian Bible underwent canonization, which means a set of books were chosen to form one Bible. It is believed that when the first Christian Bible was being formed, the Christians had adopted a book called the Septuagint as the Old Testament. The Septuagint was the Greek translation of the original Jewish Scriptures. The Old Testament developed over time.

Similarly, the New Testament developed over time as no defined set of Scriptures was left by the apostles. The development of the New Testament was a result of a compilation process stimulated by doubts and disputes within and outside the Church. The Christian Church kept and followed all the books that were in the Septuagint; they did not follow the revisions which were being made by the Jewish rabbis in their Scriptures. After removing a group of 15 Jewish books, they formed the Hebrew version.

For Christians, the Bible dictates faith. They follow what the Bible says, and whatever is not mentioned in the Christian Bible, is not considered worthy of faith. It is solely based on The Holy Scriptures considered the written “Word of God.” The Christian Bible is all that is required by a Christian to understand holiness and salvation if followed.

Catholic Bible
In the Catholic Bible, the Old Testament is based on the Septuagint. The Old Testament has more books on which the Scriptures are based. It includes books like Baruch, Judith, Sirach, stories of Susanna, Tobit, stories of Bel and the Dragon, etc. The Catholic Bible was not one book in its earlier years, but in the late fourth century these books were compiled together to form one book. The Catholics did not remove books and Scriptures form the original Septuagint even when they were considered inappropriate by many other believers and groups.

For Catholics, the teachings of the Bible are not the only things they follow. They also follow and believe in certain Catholic beliefs like purgatory and Roman Magisterium. Magisterium comprises the Pope and bishops, and all the sacred Scriptures are accessible only to them. Catholics believe more in the preaching of the Church than the preaching of the Bible alone.


1.The Catholic Bible has developed from the Septuagint, and it has many stories and Scriptures which have been kept as original in spite of opposition from others.
2.The Christian Bible, or The Holy Bible, underwent canonization and kept the original Scriptures, but with time the 3.New Testament went through certain changes in the Scriptures deemed inappropriate by others.

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  1. Hello all,

    Spent a few years studying this issue of translation.

    The Bible means “book of books.”

    The Apostle Paul quoted the Hebrew Bible in his speech to the Jews while being captured in Jerusalem. “Old” and “New” Testament Scriptures were used and circulated throughout the 1st Century community we know by internal references in Apostle Paul’s letters.

    In the 5th Century, the Catholic Pope ordered Jerome, a monk to translate the Bible into Latin which become the “Latin Vulgate’ The “official bible” of Roman Catholic Church. Jerome used the Septugiant for his Old Testament source, which included Deutrocannocical books that were rejected by most Jewish rabbis.

    It should be noted that many Christians communities existed outside the Roman Catholic Church.

    Greatest translation of the Bible is considered to be the King James Bible or Authorized Version as known in the United Kingdom.

    • I agree with you because Roman catholics are not true Christians. Roman catholicism was formed when emporer Constantine tried to suppressed Christianity and failed. so Christianity grew instead, so he dicided to merge its believe systems with it like the Rocicrucians. Roman Catholicism is based on ancient mystic religion founded in Egyp, Sumeria and Babylon.

      • The Catholics are the original Christians, every other Christian sect branched out from them. All Catholics are Christians, not all Christians are Catholic!

        • Please,

          This is not about religion, It’s about the Jesus essence teaching and Historical facts,

          As per Josefo, contemporary Jesus Historian, the follower of Jesus wasn’t call Cristian, just followers of Jesus,

          I would appreciate if you can study deeper, you can appreciated more the message of Jesus and his propose to died and connect us with our Eternal God.

        • How can u put a name of “Catholicism “ on the gospel? Jesus told the disciples to preach the gospel. The apostles; especially Paul told the 7 churches (see their names) what to preach. Christ said no argument amongst us. Follow the gospel & we won’t argue if baptism is for infants, if a man on earth forgives our sins. Read the gospel

        • Catholics are not the first Christians.

          It is written they were called Christians in Antioch. Not Catholics in Antioch. Catholics want to claim they are the first but it isn’t true.

      • No you got it wrong the Catholic church was formed by Christ and at.peter the first pope

      • I find it hard to believe in any “self proclaimed Christians,” that question ANY other Christian faith. If you truly believe that Christ is the son of God, born of the virgin Mary, taught of God and faith throughout his life, and died on the cross only to rise from the dead and forgive all mankind’s sin, isn’t it silly to argue who’s Jesus is the best Jesus? If you truly believe in that aforementioned, who cares what you put on the marquis? Silly and unfortunate. And possibly missing the target completely.

    • how stupid protestants are. The kjv is the “greatest translation” of the bible? How about the rest of the planet that doesn’t speak English? How about the Latin translation used for millenia from the original languages? What of the Greek? How about the Syriac Pesheeto?

      The KJV is a relatively new version, poorly translated, although using nice English phrasing and parsing.

      • Can someone advice me as to which Bible the Catholics should Follow. I am a Roman Catholic and all this time I read and study The Holy Bible, now I realize am I reading the wrong one, me being a Roman Catholic.

        • You are reading the correct bible. Keep reading it and you will find all truth in those pages. But more than anything you need to be baptized by the Holy Spirit so you can understand the word because you need revelation from God through the Holy Spirit. Religion is not the answer Christ is the answer and the only way of salvation.

          • Amen! What a great answer, thank you for sharing this insight with so many that are confused. Seek the truth of God’s Holy Word and you will find it. Seek and ask God for wisdom, and He will give it!

          • Leticia, Love this truth, the Holy Spirit will lead the way when we truly seek to follow Christ!

          • Amen my brother. In the commandments alone you can see what’s wrong with the ways of catholicism. I was a catholic and was thought by the holy spirit thru scriptures the truth . It’s about Jesus .and helping and loving the needed of the word and of anything this world oppresse them of when we can.

          • Amen! Very well said.

        • My dear brothers, i beg you all that please don’t fight for which is the best book but please follow the commandments of ALMIGHTY and the teachings of JESUS CHRIST.

          Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.
          For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.
          GOD bless you all.

          • no one can follow the 10 commandments that was God’s law,man was incapable of keeping it ,praise his holy name ,Jesus was sent to die for our sin once and for all ,if we cld keep the 10 commandments there wldv bn no need for Jesus to die.

          • Amen and amen

          • Thank for your words. The only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. You have to be reborn and receive the Holy Spirit by baptism. Praise the Lord.

        • As a Catholic, I use the bible with the IMPREMATURE or approval of the Bishop of the Catholic Church. I usually use the New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition Bible. I have nothing against the other versons of the bible, but for me as a devouted catholic, I stick to what the church teaches me.

        • Yes. The true catholic bible is the douay rheims version.

      • Acts 11:26 ……….the desciples were called christians first at Antioch

    • Its clearly said that the Christian Bible was the original.Its God’s word that he watched over and protected while being written,

      its also known (as stated above) catholics added on books after the 4th century. Well the Origianl,,, clearly says (infact its dangerous… false teaching if you will,,)do not alter, take away or perverse Gods word. Well its plain and simple, they altered it… They added to it!!! The bible was written perfectly, just as the Lord is. The bible can NOT lie. The Holy Bible is how it is suppose to be… not .. well … I think I should add this to benefit me and my followers. That was a bad and DANGEROUS decision.

      • the old testament was actually taken from the Jewish Torah…. so Christians actually added to the bible by adding the new testament. don’t believe me, google it.

        • The New Testament was added because the Old Testament was fulfilled…Christ was Born, died on the cross…defeated death by rising from the grade. The Law is the Old Testament. The gospel is the New Testament.

        • The Old Testament is the Law. The New Testament fulfilled The prophecy of the Old Testament & gave us the gospel 1) Birth of the savior, HIS Death & crucifiction of the sacrificed Lamb (JESUS) & HIS resurrection …defeating the grave. Gospel in the New Testament from Jesus, HIS 11 disciples & the apostles including Paul. & what John got to see.

      • Agree with you Dawn! Just read Revelation 22:18 & 19!

      • I don’t think the Lord God would want people battling over this. Who’s right and who’s wrong. He just wants us all to show love and kindness to one another. There is one God. God is love.
        Be kind.

  2. Well said Dawn! I love my New International Version, the Lord really speaks to me through it! God bless all of you!

  3. Please,

    This is not about religion, It’s about the Jesus essence teaching and Historical facts,

    As per Josefo, contemporary Jesus Historian, the follower of Jesus wasn’t call Cristian, just followers of Jesus,

    I would appreciate if you can study deeper, you can appreciated more the message of Jesus and his propose to died and connect us with our Eternal God.

  4. Everyone hold a moment and pause and think tp yourselves ..we state as christians (some call themaelves catholics n some protestants ..but in all we all have only one and one living god, even to the non belivers of other religions and faiths ..so y fight within..and be it the holy bible or the roman catholic biblw its in both that says ..in John 3:16 and in Rom 3:23 and Romans 6:23.. and pray to our god the almighty to give you strength and wiadom and understanding and reat leave it to god and u will see walk and talk the right path..dont follow or listen to man made teachings priniciples or doctrines and traditonal and conventoalonal beliefs ..dont do things coz thwy are done by all dont be stwreo typed ..dont talk or pray to other people living or dead ..when u know your god died for ur sins and rose up speak to himand he will answrr you in a million ways ..O taste n see that the lord is good..

  5. And everyone say amen

  6. The truth about all of this if want the truth get saved.if you experience this you’re reborn you don’t have to go looking and go through all the confusion the Bible brings.he well do the same for you as these men in the Bible. he well talk to you.

  7. The article says “The Christian Bible, or The Holy Bible, underwent canonization”. This idea of saying the Christian Bible vs the Catholic Bible is nonsense. They are one & the same. The Canonization including the selection of inspired books for the New Testament was done by the Catholic Church at the Council of Hippo & the final Canon was approved by the Pope at the time in the 4th century. The only reason that Protestants know which books belong in the Bible is because of the Catholic Church. The only difference with the Protestant Bible is that Martin Luther removed the 7 books from the Old Testament that he didn’t agree with. He also wanted to remove several books from the New Testament including James & Revelation. The Catholic Bible is the Holy Bible just as much as is the centuries later Protestant Bible. The only difference is the 7 OT deuterocanonical books which Protestants reject. To be honest the article should distinguish between Catholic & Protestant NOT Catholic & Christian as Catholics are just as much Christians as Protestants (The Protestors). In fact Catholics were the first Christians in existence for 1500 years before the protestant revolt.

    • Well what I know is that the original immigrants to the United States brought the Bible with the Old and New Testament and the in between the book of apocrypha and Deuter canonical’s. They were the pilgrims they were running from the church of England and the Catholic Church they were running towards freedom. Just saying something to consider

    • When the catholic church ruled the western world it was called THE DARK AGES. Not just because of the suppression of freedom by the catholic church but because the people couldn’t read the bible or anything. So the catholic used this to demand money from people to get their relatives out of purgatory (a ancient pagan Rome “place “, and to pray the rosary, where you pray to mary 50 times and God ,once ( Jesus, zero). When you go to Rone you’ll find plenty of Church of Mary Catholic church but not one Jesus Christ catholic church. The Protestants purged the church of idolatry, fascism,and lies

    • Well said Tony!

    • Amen. That is what I was looking for. Thank you.

    • Thank you Tony!

      Protestants do not seem to understand that Catholics have been in existence since Jesus walked on earth. Our very first Mass celebrated was at the Supper of our Lord on the day before He died when he said “This IS My Body. This IS My Blood. Take It and eat. And remember Me.”
      And we do just that in every Mass celebrated – WE TAKE AND EAT AND REMEMBER JESUS.
      Our first Pope – St Peter. Our Priests are learned descendants of the apostles. We are all called to be disciples and go and serve each other.

  8. There are other differences than just the seven books in the OT. For example look at both the Catholic & Holy Bible side by side, and read Gal 5:22-23. You will notice the Catholic Book references 12 gifts of the Spirit verses the Holy Book only mentions 9. Another example would be Exo. 20:2-17 & Deut. 5:6-21 (the Ten Commandments). Read it carefully and you will notice that the Catholic Book completely removed worshipping graven images (the 2nd Commandment) and adds coveting twice as the 9th & 10 Commandment. Can this be because they worship idols?

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