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outback-subaru-car-pdOutback vs Legacy

When buying a Subaru, the difference between an Outback and a Legacy is more than just price. While the base price of the Outback is about $3000 more than the Legacy, this is usually not enough to be the determining factor, especially when you consider options and financing choices.

The Subaru Legacy is most popular among sedan drivers, while the Outback is the preference for those who are looking for SUV capabilities. Each car has received upgrades over the last few years, but the Legacy has received more upgrades when it comes to the smoothness of the ride, and the feel of the road.

The Legacy comes with more options for enhancing every day performance. While both of these vehicles are excellent for snow travel, and can handle a great deal of winter weather, it seems that the Legacy has been given a little more consideration to the idea of the fun of those spring and summertime drives.

The Outback has a redesigned interior that exudes machismo in many fashions, while simultaneously offering better legroom and rear passenger seating. For the family on the go, the Outback gives you more options, and has the potential for packing up and heading out.

The Outback has historically not sold as well as the Legacy, in part due to the lack of available turbo engine on the wagon. The Legacy tends to be a bit more popular, but since owners tend to hold onto these cars well after the 300,000 mile mark resale value, each is in the same ballpark.

Both cars are US manufactured, with a very good reputation for creating low waste and recycling materials used in the building of these cars. Fuel efficiency tends to be somewhat better for the Outback, especially if you go for the turbo engine in the Legacy. Each car is regarded as ‘low emission’, and is dedicated to creating a better space for tomorrow, a solid drive on snow and ice, and a fun family car that will trek you wherever your next destination takes you.


1. The Legacy is popular among sedan drivers.

2. The Outback is better for SUV lovers.

3. The Legacy has received upgrades for performance, handling and fun.

4. The Outback has increased interior space.

5. The Outback comes with an overhauled interior.

6. The Outback offers more traveling options.

7. The Legacy is historically the better seller.

8. Fuel efficiency is slightly better for the Outback.

9. The Legacy is less expensive as a base model.

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