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The Civic is a compact car, manufactured by the Japanese company, Honda. Sometimes it is better known as a Honda Civic. It is one of the most popular Japanese cars sold in the US. It was one of only three Honda vehicles sold in the US until the 1990’s. The Passat, on the other hand, is a German manufactured car, made by Volkswagen. It falls into the sedan car category of family cars. It will have a different brand name in any given market where it is sold. For instance, in the United States, the Dasher was the name under which the first generation Passat, the B1, was sold.


The Civic normally comes in two makes, the coupe and the sedan. The coupe has about 12 trims, including the LX coupe AT, EX coupe, EX coupe AT, and many more. The sedan comes in nine trims, with the DX sedan as the most basic, and the GX AT as the most advanced, which is usually retailed with limited availability. For a standard engine, both the coupe and the sedan offer a 180 liter-140 horse-power engine, reaching 6300 revs per minute at a torque of 128 (lb-ft). The most advanced trim in the coupe is powered by a 2.0 liter-197 horse-power engine, with a maximum torque of 139 (lb-ft) at 6100 revs per minute. The civic is packed with quite a number of features that ensure comfort and convenience. Air conditioning, power windows, CD player and a sunroof are standard features for most of the trims in both coupes and sedans. It is also moderately economical in terms of fuel within city traffic. However, it is disappointing in safety, stability and traction control.

The Passat has more safety features and quite a number of luxurious offerings. The standard safety features include electronic stability control, four-wheel ABS, traction control, advanced air-bag deployments for the head and side (for the front), tire pressure monitor and an adjustable upper belt, among others. The 2010 model has 17 inch wheels as a standard feature, and offers 18 inches with sport suspension as an option. It can come in a wagon body style or sedan. The standard engine is a 2.0 liter, 92.8mm stroke, 4 in-line cylinder machine, with 200 horse power producing 5100 revs per minute. It is surely not very economical in terms of fuel consumption, at least not with its turbo compressor and 18.5 gallon premium unleaded fuel tank. The standard asking price for a Passat is $28,395, and will cost you almost twice as much as the entry level sedan of a Honda Civic.


The Passat is a German manufactured car, while the Civic is made by a Japanese company.

The Passat has more safety features in its standard models than the Civic, which has only the basic safety features.

The Passat has a bigger engine, and consumes more fuel in the city and on the highway than the average Civic.

The Passat is far more costly than the Civic.

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