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Difference Between Honda Accord and Accura TL

honda-accordHonda Accord vs Accura TL

If you are planning to purchase a car, and you have narrowed down your options to the Honda Accord and the Accura TL, then it may be wise to understand the differences between these two car models before you make your decision. Both of these cars are quite different in terms of their features, as well as their prices.

Since price is always a sensitive issue, lets compare the prices of the Honda Accord and the Accura TL. The Accord’s base price is approximately $26,000, while the Accura’s price is more expensive at $35,000. Of course, if you want added features on your vehicle, the prices could be considerable higher, but even including all the extras available, the Accura will still be around $6,000 more expensive than the Accord. Therefore, if you would like to spend less on your new vehicle, the Honda Accord will be the more obvious choice.

Still on the subject of saving money, we can compare the fuel efficiency of the Accord and the Accura. Both of these cars are sedans, and have the same fuel capacity, but their actual fuel economy ratio still differs. The Honda Accord is slightly more fuel efficient, achieving 19 miles per gallon in the city and 29 miles per gallon on the highways, while the Accura TL achieves 18 miles per gallon in the city and 26 miles per gallon on the highways. Although not a big difference in their mileage, one can consider the Honda Accord to be more fuel efficient.

There are marginal differences in the sizes of the two vehicles. The Accord is slightly higher and longer than the Accura TL, but the Accura is wider than the Accord. However, unless you are extremely particular, these measurements won’t make too much of a difference. What may matter however, is that the Accord has more headroom and leg space than the Accura. It also has more cargo volume when compared to the Accura.

When comparing their engines, the Accord has a 271hp V6 engine, while the Accura TL has a 280hp V6 engine. The Accord has an A5 transmission, and the Accura has a T5 transmission.

Some other features that come standard with the Accura TL may also be worth mentioning. These features include an inbuilt climate control, ipod integration and various interior trims. These do not cost extra should you buy the Accura, but will be an additional expense if you opt for the Honda Accord.


In terms of basic cost, the Honda Accord is more affordable than the Accura TL.

The Honda Accord is more fuel efficient than the Accura TL.

The Accura TL comes standard with all the necessary features, additions and interior trims, while these will have to be added to the Honda Accord at an additional expense.

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