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Difference Between Suzuki QuadSport and Quadrunner

Suzuki QuadSport vs Quadrunner

QuadSport and Quadrunner are two different models of ATVs introduced by the company Suzuki. “ATV” stands for “all-terrain vehicle.” It is also called a quad and a quad bike. Depending upon the number of wheels the vehicle has, they are also called three-wheelers or four-wheelers. ATVs are vehicles which are capable of traveling on terrains where most vehicles can’t travel. The vehicle is usually operated by a single rider though many companies are now making ATVs for two passengers also. It has low-pressure tires and has handlebars for controlling and steering. In the U.S. these vehicles are not street legal.

The ATVs are divided into two categories, sports and utility models. Every year something new is developed. Even vehicles with six wheels are being introduced. The sports models have quick acceleration; they are light and small and two-wheel drive. They usually have manual transmissions and can have speeds up to almost 80mph. Utility models which are used by farmers, etc. are four-wheel drive and are bigger in size with speeds up to 70mph. Their designs have attached racks on which small loads can be carried. They can even tow small-sized trailers.

The ATVs were first introduced in the 1970s. Since then, many different versions have been introduced. Suzuki was the first one to introduce four-wheeled ATVs. The Quadrunner LT125 was the first four-wheeled model developed in 1982. It was a recreational vehicle and meant for beginners. The Quadrunner since then has been developed and introduced in many different models like the LT50 mini, four-wheeled Quadrunner, LT80 which was sold between 1987-2006, and the Quadrunner LT160 and LT250. The Quadrunners had very limited or no suspension; they were small and had automatic transmissions. They had gas tanks under the seat and racks as they were more farm friendly. Quadrunners had shaft drives, and the motors were as good as the sports ATVs.

The QuadSport was a sports model that had a manual clutch. There were many QuadSport models like QuadSport LT80, QuadSport LT230, QuadSport Z400, etc. QuadSport models have quicker acceleration, are smaller in size, lighter in weight, and used for sports like racing.


1.QuadSports and Quadrunners are two different series of ATV models developed and introduced by Suzuki. They are both four-wheel drives but used for different purposes.
2.QuadSports are used for sports and Quadrunners are more of utility vehicles and used at farms, etc.
3.QuadSports have manual clutches, are lighter, smaller in size, and have quicker acceleration; Quadrunners are bigger, heavier, meant for carrying small loads, and are fitted with racks and have automatic transmissions and no clutches.
4.Many different models of both series have been introduced since 1982.

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