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Difference Between Infiniti FX35 and G35

infiniti-pdInfiniti FX35 vs G35

Both the FX35 and G35 are models of Infiniti cars. Although they may appear to be quite similar, they do have some significant differences. These differences may be important if you are planning to purchase either of these car models.

Of course price is always an necessary factor to consider when purchasing a new vehicle, and there is a price difference between the FX35 and the G35. The FX35 will cost you about $6000 more than the G35, with a price of around $38900. The G35 is approximately $32000. These prices could also be higher if you include the cost of additional features.

These two Infiniti car models are also different because the FX35 is a sports utility vehicle, while the G35 is a compact car. The FX35 is a bit larger, and can seat up to five people, while the G35 can only comfortably seat four people. In terms of the fuel economy of these two vehicles, the FX35 achieves a mileage of 16 per gallon in the city, and 23 miles per gallon on the highways. The G35 can be considered even better in this regard, as it achieves 18 miles per gallon in the city and 24 miles per gallon on the highways.

For those who are mechanically minded, the horsepower of these two vehicles differ as well. The FX35 has the lower horsepower of 303 at 6800 RPM, while the G35’s horsepower is 330 at 7000 RPM. The engine size of the FX35 is 3.5L/213 compared to the G35’s slighter larger engine of 3.7L/225. With regards to other features, the FX35 has an inbuilt CD changer and premium surround sound. Both of these features are not available in the G35 model. However, the G35 does have an adjustable steering wheel and a remote trunk release, which are features not available in the base model of the FX35.

One more thing that may be important to some but not to others, is that the Infiniti FX35 has a sliding sun roof.


There is a price difference of about $6000 between the two car models.

The FX35 is a sports utility vehicle, while the G35 is a compact car.

The FX35 can seat five people, while the G35 has a seating capacity of four.

The FX35 has many additional features which are not available in the G35, including a sliding sun roof.

The G35 is more fuel efficient than the FX35.

The G35 does have its own advantages, such as an adjustable steering wheel and remote trunk release.

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