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Difference Between Black and Green Peppercorn

Black vs Green Peppercorn

Black pepper is a flower-bearing vine, the fruit of which is harvested and dried for use as a spice or seasoning. It originally came from India but is now being cultivated in other tropical regions like Vietnam and Indonesia. The dried fruit of the pepper vine is called peppercorn. It contains a single seed that turns from green to dark red or black when it is fully mature.

It is the most commonly used spice in the world and has been used in food preparations and as medicines since ancient times. Its distinct taste comes from the chemical piperine. In fact, the term pepper is derived from the Indian word ‘pippali’ which refers to long pepper.

There are several types of peppercorns, namely:
� White peppercorns, which are made by soaking the fully ripe peppers in water for a week and removing the softened skin from the seeds. The seeds are then dried.
� Orange and red peppercorns, which are made by preserving ripe red pepper drupes in vinegar and a mixture of salt and water. After this, the seeds are dried to produce orange and red peppercorns.
� Pink peppercorns which are actually made from the fruit of the Brazilian pepper tree.
The most popular types are:
� Black Peppercorn
Black peppercorns are used in making black pepper. They are usually harvested when they are still young and green then they are cooked in hot water. After they are cooked they are dried for several days under the sun or with the use of machines.
The process causes the peppercorns to turn dark and wrinkled. Black pepper is made by grinding the black peppercorn. Black peppercorns are spicier and more flavorful than white or green peppercorns, and they are the most popular and more frequently used.
� Green Peppercorn
Green peppercorns are made with unripe pepper. They are then treated with sulfur dioxide or are freeze dried to retain their green color. They can also be canned, pickled, or used fresh and unpreserved. Green peppercorns are less pungent than black peppercorns.
They are usually used to enhance the flavor of fruits, poultry, and fish, the flavors of which cannot be overpowered by the green peppercorns.

No matter what type of peppercorn you prefer, one thing is sure; no other spice enhances the flavor of food like peppercorns can. They have been spicing up people’s lives from 4th century Greece, to the reign of the Pharaohs of Egypt, to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, down to our modern times.


1. Both the black and green peppercorns are made from unripe pepper, but they differ in the way that they are processed or preserved.
2. Black peppercorns are dried under the sun or by machine for one week while green peppercorns are freeze dried or treated with sulfur dioxide to preserve their green color.
3. Black peppercorns have stronger flavor and aroma while green peppercorns have milder flavor and aroma.
4. Black peppercorns are hotter than the green ones.

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