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Difference Between White Vinegar and Rice Vinegar

White vinegar vs. Rice vinegar
White vinegar and rice vinegar are two of the most popular forms of the important condiment called vinegar. There are many uses of both, and like all vinegars they contain high level of acetic acid, thus the sour flavor. All forms of vinegar are made by fermenting fruits and certain grains until they reach the acetic acid stage, time may vary for different fruits or grains. While both white vinegar and rice vinegar share the same commonality of being vinegar, they are both different in the ways they are created, what items are used to ferment them, what cultures tend to use them more, and what purposed they serve within a culture.
Rice vinegar is made through the fermentation process of rice and is more commonly used in the preparation of Asian foods, including Chinese and Japanese dishes. Very different from the harsh, strong flavors of some of the other forms of vinegar, rice vinegar is mild in taste. In Asian cooking there are three different forms of rice vinegar, black rice vinegar, white rice vinegar, and red rice vinegar. Black rice vinegar is made from sweet rice and in southern China it is used to add smoky flavors to food. Red rice vinegar is made from cultivated red mold and red rice is sweet and can be used as a dipping sauce. Rice vinegar is popularly used as sushi vinegar outside of Asia, and is used with salt to season sushi rice. White rice vinegar is the most popular, white and cloudy in color, and is used in many Asian and some American dishes as an additive flavor in rice dishes and stir frys.
Oxidized grain alcohol is used to make white vinegar, and it is more popular in the United Kingdom as a seasoning. White vinegar is very sour and alone may be displeasing to use. It also has the second advantage of being used as a household cleaner for homes which do not wish to use chemicals to clean, and as a inexpensive version of chrome polish. There are some food uses outside of the U.K. like marinade mixes, salad dressings, and certain other recipes. White vinegar is not cloudy white as the name entails, rather a clear thick liquid similar in color to tap water.
Both white vinegar and rice vinegar household items in different countries and they each have their different uses. Even though they are both vinegar they are not necessarily the same and they differ in many ways besides the name.

1. White vinegar and rice vinegar are popular forms of vinegar. They are both acetic and and made by the fermentation of grains and rice.
2. Rice vinegar is used in Asian cuisine in one of three forms: black rice vinegar, white rice vinegar, and red rice vinegar. Each one is used differently in the cooking process.
3. White vinegar is used as a cooking item and in household cleaning, it is made from oxidized grain alcohol.

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