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Black Pepper vs White Pepper

One of the reasons for the flourishing idea of the exploration age which led Spain to the discovery of what they call, ‘the new world’ is the spices. It adds flavor to food, but most spices are found in tropical climates this is why such increasing numbers of exploration teams searched for the tropical regions in their quest to find spice. Tropical spices are said to be the most delicious of spices. In early times and even today, one of the most commonly used spice in everyday cooking is the pepper. Coming from a family of Piperaceae, Pepper (Piper nigrum ) is a flowering plant that bear fruits which are called peppercorns, Pepper is native to India and is widely cultivated in other tropical regions. Vietnam is considered as the world’s largest producer of pepper today, accounting to 38% of the world’s production. Pepper is also the world’s most traded spice.
The variation of pepper differs from the color, which is an effect of what specific stage of maturity was the peppercorn harvested. Green peppers are basically, unripe black peppers which are immaturely dried under the sun before it ripens. Black pepper is usually paired with salt in almost every seasoning to foods especially meat. It has a strong flavor and a strong aroma, which is why many chefs like to add black pepper in their cooking.
White pepper on the other hand is made from ripe peppercorns dried under the sun. Although black pepper is preferred for seasonings because of it’s strong aroma, white peppers are more preferred over black when it comes to soups and sauces. White pepper is also part of a basic table condiment in every restaurant.
By comparison, black pepper and white peppers differ in color. Black peppers have stronger flavor which is preferred over white for such purpose, while the white pepper is preferred as part of table condiments and seasonings for soups and sauces. Black peppers are made from dried immature peppercorns while white peppers are made from dried ripe peppercorns. Both varieties come in different types which may include; ground, whole and cracked, each is more finer than the other and is made for it’s own specific purpose.


1. Pepper is the world’s most traded spice
2. Black pepper is strong in flavor and aroma, also preferred for seasoning with salt.
3. White pepper is lighter in flavor and aroma, it is a part of table condiments in restaurants.
4. Black pepper is made from dried unripe peppercorns (green peppercorns).
5. White pepper is made from dried ripe peppercorns.

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