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Difference Between Cookies and Biscuits

The culinary art has changed over the years with the introduction of new and various snacks, treats and other meals. The versatility of food ingredients is unmatched. For instance, the food products made out of wheat are uncountable. From biscuits, doughnuts, pasta, muffins and bread just to name a few. While these foods may have a similar ingredient, they have differences. In this article, we will look at the differences between cookies and biscuits. 

What are Cookies?

A favourite for most people, these are crunchy snacks. While they are commonly made using wheat, they can also be made with other main ingredients such as oats. They also have more ingredients hence more flavours. Based on the fact that they have dense ingredients, they take more time to bake. To make them more tasty, other ingredients such as chocolate and raisins can be added to the dough. 

The origin of cookies is rather interesting. Initially, cooks would use a small piece of cake batter to test the temperature of the oven before baking cakes. The small batches of cakes now referred to as cookies ware called koekje in Dutch. 

What are Biscuits?

Biscuits are widely available globally. These sweet snacks are now available in different forms such as whole-grain biscuits and even savoury biscuits. They have few ingredients, with the main ingredients being flour, sugar and butter. 

Other optional ingredients are eggs, fruits, chocolate, cream, coconuts, honey and nuts. They have a grainy taste and are thin. 

Similarities between Cookies and Biscuits

  • Both are baked products.

Differences between Cookies and Biscuits


Cookies are large, heavy, chunky, rough and crispy. On the other hand, biscuits are crispy, thin and fluffy. 


While cookies can be added more variety of ingredients, biscuits only require few ingredients. 


Cookies have more flavours due to the use of many ingredients. On the other hand, biscuits do not have many flavours as the ingredients used are few. 

Baking period

Due to the density of the ingredients, cookies take longer to bake. On the other hand, biscuits take a short time to bake because they are thin. 

Cookies vs. Biscuits: Comparison Table 

Summary of between Cookies vs. Biscuits

Cookies are large, heavy, chunky, rough, and crispy and have more flavours. There is a wide variety of flavours used as they use many ingredients. On the other hand, biscuits are crispy, thin and fluffy. They only require a few ingredients and take a short time to bake. Despite the differences, both are baked products enjoyed globally. Both are homemade or mass-produced and can be served with different beverages such as tea or coffee or enjoyed as a basic snack. 

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