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Milk vs Soy Milk

There has been a lot of talk about the medical significance of drinking soy milk over all the other kinds of milk available commercially. Actually, milk is a very broad term that can pertain to cow’s milk, almond milk and even soy milk itself. But often, when one talks about regular milk per se, he or she is most likely pointing out to regular cow’s milk. The most widely consumed type of milk on the planet.

So how is milk and soy milk different from each other? For obvious reasons, soy milk is the healthier milk, if not the healthiest. Soy milk has significant amounts of B vitamins like B2 and B12 ‘“ known as riboflavin and cobalamin respectively. These essential vitamins are not present in regular milk. To add up to the demise of regular milk, it has more cholesterol and saturated fat content than soy milk products.

In addition, soy milk can actually lower your blood cholesterol levels as well. Taking daily regular amounts of this drink can significantly decrease your risk for cardiovascular (heart) diseases and certain cancers (i.e. breast and prostate cancers). For aging women, soy milk is a good product to control or minimize the signs and symptoms of menopause, not to mention preventing osteoporosis as well.

Harnessed from soybeans, soy milk has been revered for its completeness in protein content. It has all those amino acids that are necessary for the body to function which couldn’t be harnessed by the human body itself. Hence, drinking lots of soy milk products will give you the benefit of a complete set of the essential amino acid requirements. You can never exchange the advantages you’ll gain when you get your protein from soy rather than from animal products. Even if the latter also has a complete profile of protein requirements, it really has a lot of unnecessary fats as mentioned earlier. For diet enthusiasts and vegetarians alike, they can now continue enjoying a no-meat diet while still getting the right amounts of protein from plant sources such as soybeans in the form of the soy milk.

All in all,

1. Milk is a general term that encompasses all milk products extracted from both animal and plant sources while soy milk is just one type of milk. It is a more specific milk extracted from soy.

2. Soy milk is practically a healthier milk product than any other ordinary milk.

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  1. Drinking soya milk not only predisposes the bad, unhealthy fat which can be obtained from regular milk ( cows’ milk to be precise) but it also give us nutrition which can also be obtained thru regular exercises and average dieting. This is a miracle milk for those lazy people who do not want to perform daily exercise, and just bum around all day in their homes without any thoughts or plans at all. I am in fact an avid believer that Soy milk can bring the best benefits which ordinary milk cannot attain. Since the age of 7, I have been drinking Soya milk, ( I have a history of juvenile diabetes at that time by the way) and now I am 25 years old, living healthily, notwithstanding any harm from by body from any anti- agents which will deter it from using its maximum efficiency. From this alone, I believe that continuing to drink Soya milk until the solid age of late adulthood, the risk of having premature Osteoporosis will likely occur and any cardiovascular ailments will be negated until such things or as it may be I will be at my prime, I will stand healthy and strong as my great, great grandfathers are.

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