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Difference Between Prime and Choice

Beef is the most highly consumed animal product worldwide. It is hence graded and priced differently, depending on yield grades of the amount of lean meat and the tenderness, flavor as well as juiciness quality grades. As per the results, it is graded into a select, choice or prime beef at the point of sale.


What is Prime?

An excellent option for grilling, broiling or roasting, this is beef produced from young and well-fed beef cattle. It is generally common in restaurants and hotels, and has abundant marbling. It is more expensive in comparison to other beef types. Its supply is limited.


What is Choice?

This is a high quality beef that has less marbling. It is juicy, tender and has amazing flavor, which makes it excellent for grilling, broiling or roasting. However, only tender cuts from choice beef are excellent for grilling, broiling and roasting. The less tender cuts are perfect for roasting, braising and simmering. It is the second grade in rank from prime beef.


Similarities between Prime and Choice

  • Both are acceptable beef grading terms


Differences between Prime and Choice


Prime refers to beef that is produced from young and well-fed beef cattle. On the other hand, choice refers to high quality beef that has less marbling.


While prime beef has abundant marbling, choice beef has less marbling.


Prime beef is the first grade in beef cattle. On the other hand, choice beef is ranked second from prime beef.


While prime beef is available in limited quantities, choice beef is more available throughout the year.

Common use

Prime beef is perfect for grilling, broiling or roasting. On the other hand, only tender cuts from choice beef are excellent for grilling, broiling and roasting while less tender cuts are perfect for roasting, braising and simmering.

Prime vs. Choice: Comparison Table


Summary of Prime vs. Choice

While both prime and choice beef cuts may not be easy to differentiate, they provide grounds for beef grading. Beef grading is a symbol of quality as well as safety, and is used as a language among  all the parties involved, including the consumers, sellers as well as agricultural products manufacturers. This ensures that no loopholes are present in the product cycle, while also eliminating sub-standard beef products.


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