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Difference Between Prime Rib and Roast Beef

Due to its versatility, beef is such a common meat. It can be prepared into many different types of meals, through frying, boiling, roasting and even grilling. The method of preparation depends on the type of cut, which can be rib, loin, chuck, flank, brisket or even short plate. Beef is graded into prime, choice and select, depending on the degree of marbling, animal age, muscle texture, and color. 


So now ..what is Prime Rib?

This is beef cut from the export rib. It is mainly seasoned then roasted with additional ingredients as per flavor preference. Roasted prime beef becomes roast beef. It is a tender, special cut of meat hence is expensive.


So then ..what is Roast Beef?

This is beef that has been roasted. It can be made from different types of beef cuts. It may be prepared with spices and other accompaniments as desired. Due to the fact that it can be prepared from any beef cuts, it is affordable.


Similarities between Prime Rib and Roast Beef

  • Both are made from beef


Differences between Prime Rib and Roast Beef


A prime cut is a beef cut from the export rib, which when roasted becomes roasted beef. On the other hand, roast beef is beef that has been roasted and can be made from different types of beef cuts.


Prime rib is expensive as it is made from a special cut of beef. On the other hand, roast beef is less expensive as it can be prepared from any beef cuts.


While prime ribs are tender, roast beef is less tender.

Prime Rib vs. Roast Beef: Comparison Table


Summary of Prime Rib vs. Roast Beef

While both prime rib and roast beef are made from beef, they differ in terms of the specific beef cut that they are derived from, as well as the pricing and tenderness. While prime cut refers to beef cut from the export rib, roast beef is beef that has been roasted and can be made from different types of beef cuts. This makes prime rib more expensive and tender, in comparison to roast beef.


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