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halalKosher vs Halal

Most of the time it is seen that Muslims and Jews tend to believe that Kosher is similar to halal and vice versa. In linguistic terms, both the terms kosher and halal are almost similar. Kosher is a Hebrew word that means proper or fit and Halal is an Arabic word that means permissible. However, kosher and halal are two different entities that have difference in their meaning and spirit.

Kosher and halal are mainly associated with the food of Muslims and Jewish people. Though kosher and halal are food laws, it also has great significance in other rituals that they both follow in their life. Kosher and halal have their roots in their respective scriptures, Kosher is identified in Holy Bible and Torah and Halal is mentioned in Quran.

First of all lets see the difference in slaughtering of animals in kosher and halal. Though the slaughtering is the same, Jews, who follow kosher, do not pronounce the name of God on each animal they slaughter. They think that it is wasteful to utter the name of god out of context. They only perform prayers on the first and last animal that they slaughter. Muslims who follow halal rituals always pronounce the name of God on each animal that is slaughtered.

According to halal, any adult sane Muslim can perform the slaughtering of animals. But kosher only allows one kind of Rabbi, called the Sachet, to slaughter animals. The Sachet is specially trained for slaughtering and no other Jew can perform this task.

Muslims consider the entire cattle or sheep as Halal if they are duly slaughtered. Jews on the other hand consider the fore quarter of cattle or sheep as Kosher and the hindquarter are considered non-Kosher.

While Islam law considers meat of rabbit, wild hens, shellfish, duck and goose as halal, it is not considered fit to eat according to kosher laws.

Muslims look out for source of enzymes before having them. If it comes from a non-Halal animal, it is prohibited for a Muslim. But kosher has no difference as per enzymes are considered. The Jews consider all Enzymes, even from non-Kosher animals, as Kosher.

According to halal law, all intoxicating alcohols, wines, liquors and drugs are prohibited. Where as kosher law allows all wines.

While in kosher foods, dairy and meat cannot be mixed and it is entirely prohibited, Halal permits the mixing of the two.

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  1. Thank you for writing this, but several of the claims about the Kosher laws are incorrect:

    1. The kosher slaughterer is called a “Shokhet,” not a Sachet, and does not have to be a rabbi.
    2. Jews of Sefardi (Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, or North African) descent do, in fact, eat the hindquarters of kosher animals. It is only Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jews who do not.
    3. Kosher animals must have split hooves and chew their cud, so you are correct about rabbit being non-kosher, but birds are kosher if they are not birds of prey and there is a tradition of eating them. Thus, wild hens, duck, and goose are kosher so long as there is a tradition of consuming them.
    4. For enzymes to be kosher, they must come from a kosher animal killed through ritual slaughter. For example, the rennet in cheese must be kosher rennet or the cheese is not kosher.
    5. There are strict and complicated laws regarding wine and grape juice, and thus both require kosher supervision (done by a mashgiach, who may or may not be a rabbi) in their production.

    Thanks for the article!

    • dave how do you get kosher cheese from a dead cow…sorry even you arent always correct

      • It’s always wise not to be snarky when you can’t even do an elementary Google search.

        Cheese is made using rennet.

        Rennet is obtained from the stomach linings of calves.

        It’s generally considered humane to kill the calf before you go slicing up their stomach lining.

        Therefore: kosher and halal cheese.

      • Dairy cows are alive when you milk them, hello?

        • I don’t think you know how cheese is made. You should read instead of commenting.

          Milk doesn’t make cheese by itself, it requires enzymes to turn into curds via a cooking process. Those enzymes and bacterium traditionally come from the stomach lining of calves as they are present there to digest milk (since calves drink it.) Those enzymes and bacterium are called rennet. They turn milk into cheese curds without it spoiling. The curds are then traditionally pressed and aged and you have what we know as cheese.

          Without the rennet, milk wouldn’t turn to curds.

          There are some cheeses today that use other enzymes that don’t come from rennet. Some are vegetarian derived and some are synthetic. However, all traditional cheeses still use animal rennet.

    • Many thanks to all contributors for sharing your extensive knowledge on the subject. I am always interested in learning more with regard to the bigger picture from all sides.

    • Why u people eat meat or any kind of flesh. It is animalistic nature not allowed to humans to slaughter any pitiful animal when there is plenty of plant food and Daily food. Otherwise humans meat is most tasty and easily available in plenty, eat as much as u like.

      • We are only animals ourselves and animals eat other animals. It’s what we are designed to do. Humans have been eating meat since the dawn of time.

        • We are only animals and animals kill other animals for resources. Its what we were designed to do, and we have been doing it since the dawn of time. Therefore its justified to kill other people for resources.

          Just using your appeal to nature fallacy, Dave.

          • You’re correct, it is absolutely justifiable to eat a human for consumption.

            Just cause you CAN justify a position doesn’t mean it’s right or acceptable.

            Go eat a human and see if you don’t get f** destroyed for it. It’s justified but we will still hate you and punish you.

        • From the Christian tradition, we’ve only been eating meat since after the flood. No judgment, just FYI. : )

        • Well said!

        • Hello guys. Thank you for your efforts to provide the most accurate knowledge. I, in the meantime, have a question in the context of kosher vs halal.

          The article says that Jews do not pronounce the name of God each time when they slaughter animals or birds, i.e., they do it at the beginning and at the end as I understand, while Muslims do so for each animal or bird before slaughtering. Given this, should Muslims not consume Kosher meat and poultry as there is a risk that the meat/poultry in question may not be ascribed to God’s name when slaughtering took place?

          Thank you in advance for responses.

        • Slavery has been a tradition since the dawn of time too but that doesn’t make it right. Thou shalt not kill. In any religion this holds true. Peace and love are due to human animals and others alike ✌️

          • The flood completely changed the environment. Fruit and vegetables were far less easily available. In modern times they can be distributed around the world, but traditionally there were seasons when they were very difficult to come by. There will come a time (soon?) when the earth will be restored and again people will live for hundreds of years and both people and animals will be vegetarian. Meanwhile, eating animals is permitted, though we were designed to be vegetarian, and possibly vegan, according to Genesis.

      • I assume u r a vegetablist, trying to impose your views on others

      • I wonder how you that humans’ flesh is tasty. Just asking. Otherwise totally agree with you. This is coming from a vegetarian.

      • Other hand India is the largest beaf producer in the world. India was No. 3 before modi and now it’s No. 1.

      • okay all religions are different okay you don’t eat meat because of your religion I am a muslim, i don’t eat pork or any non halal meat in america it is haram their for, you should not judge on what others eat and how they practice their religious customs.

    • Hi dave a quick question. What exactly jews read when they do the koshar meat?
      And why they read this on first and last animal why not on every one? Is there any reference in Holy Hebrew about my 2nd question. I am a muslim but i always wanted to know about jew religion..

      • I don’t understand your question. What do you mean by read?

      • Kosher refers to how meat is prepared in accordance with how God specifies the humane slaughter of and animal. Contrary to what many people believe, the whole animal can be eaten, however, in countries outside of Israel (for example) you’re not going to find a Filet Mignon that’s Kosher, whereas you will in Israel. Remember, during the times of sacrifice 1 animal was used as a sacrifice to God and 1 animal was sent into the dessert with all of sins upon it. This is just 1 reason why Jews don’t believe Jesus to have been the Son of God, because God forbade the killing of a human being. The world for the most part respects the 10 commandments, as does the SCOTUS. But the 2nd commandment States that no Jew should bow down to anyone or anything made by God, ONLY to God, thus why bowing down to the statue of Jesus or Pope, etc is forbidden.

        • The reason you can or cannot eat the hindquarters of a kosher animal has nothing to do with whether you are in Israel or not, nor whether you are Ashkenazic or Sephardic. The reason for this prohibition is purely practical and economic. The law actually prohibits eating the Gid HaNasheh (sciatic nerve), and certain large blood vessels and fats which are in the hindquarters. Because it is very difficult to remove these cleanly, especially the sciatic nerve, in practice it is not cost-effective and the hindquarters aren’t considered kosher. However, some very skilled butchers do know how to remove these parts (the cutting called called nikkur achorayim), and in that case the hindquarters will be kosher.

    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks for clarifying. I try to keep Kosher and had eaten duck before but the article had confused me!

  2. Thank you all for providing good knowledge…

  3. Another important point is that both Muslims and Jews are strictly not allowed to eat pork, but for by-products of pigs, as mentioned in the article:

    “Muslims look out for source of enzymes before having them. If it comes from a non-Halal animal, it is prohibited for a Muslim. But kosher has no difference as per enzymes are considered. The Jews consider all Enzymes, even from non-Kosher animals, as Kosher.”

    An easy example would be:
    Gummy sweets made from pig gelatin is not Halal, but may be considered Kosher.

    It seems there are four types of kosher gelatin in the food products but none of them meet the Islamic dietary requirements and considered NOT Halal.

    (Apologies, I am neither Muslim not Jew, but just happen be interested in this topic. Do correct me if I’m wrong).

    • Pork gelatin based sweets are not kosher.
      If they were then there would be no need for kosher Haribo (regular Haribo is made of pork gelatin).
      There are some rabbis who argue that the pork originating substance has goen through such a transformation that it can be considered non-meat but most do not subscribe to this belief.
      I’m an observant Jew who keeps kosher.
      Interesting feature. Some good points made.

      • Hi aharon a quick question. What exactly jews read when they do the koshar meat?
        And why they read this on first and last animal why not on every one? Is there any reference in Holy Hebrew about my 2nd question. I am a muslim but i always wanted to know about jew religion..

        • Aoa,No one will reply you about your question.I don’t know why they hide it & don’t tell us.I went through other articles & question session but no one answer this question.I am also curious myself to know what they say while slaughtering animals.

          • Hello,
            Nothing is read.
            A short blessing is pronounced.
            From Wikipedia: This blessing follows the standard form for a blessing before most Jewish rituals (“Blessed are you God … who commanded us regarding [such-and-such]”, in this case, shechita).

    • sorry man.pork based anything is not kosher..hahhahaha

      yes they make exceptions based on non knowledge..such as candies or medicines..but if specifically asked or TOLD that a food contains a pig product ….

      it is then deemed nonkosher and no halal

      even rabbis and muslims admit you cant be 100% kosher..its the spirit of the law not the absolute law that matters to them

    • Never in a million years would Gummy bears made with pig gelatin be considered Kosher…………….in order to be Kosher, every part of the animal has to be Kosher including enzymes made with it or the gelatin made with it hooves and or bones and that applies to it being used as an ingredient in a finished product. Furthermore a person who keeps Kosher would only eat any product such as Gummy Bears if it bore a Kosher Certification stamp and since they don’t, they would not be eaten. There are Kosher and Halal Gummy type bears and they are clearly marked as such.

    • The ONLY times pork may be consumed are: life or death situation, as the Torah commands us to preserve life; when you are told pork is not pork (you have no idea how many times that happens… Some people just don’t give a damn)

      • It is with Muslims. The Quran also has the same ruling.
        🙂 In fact it says it is permissible to eat as the jews if halah is unavailable.

  4. Thé koran actually says Muslims are to eat the same foods in the Torah And only allowed to eat pork free from sin if it’s a life and death matter, I also see that it says no sea crawling creatures or animals found dead are to be eaten unless you hunted them.

    What’s strange is on Wikipedia it lists what foods are forbidden to Muslims but does not post the sections of the Koran saying the same food that was made lawfull for you in the Torah is lawfull again in the Koran.! With the exceptions mentioned in the article to do with alcohol and slaughter rituals

    • whats strange about it..in todays world SOME muslims and jews would riot over being told that if its ok for one…. its ok for the other

    • Hello

      Eating meat (i mean wilfully killing of any being) is itself biggest sin. Guys, pls open up your eyes. You see the world and see the conflicts and killings (esp in mid-east). In this age of suffering, why you want to kill so many animals to fill your appetite. Pls dont do this as you see how innocent people are killed in iraq and syria by terrorists, left and right. pls remember “what we sow is what we reap” . Pls be kind to all and even your Gods will be happy , really. Long live all souls.

      • Non vegetarian food in Hindu Scriptures …. By Dr Zakir Naik: http://youtu.be/-nlMiI7_oEo

        Why Muslims have Non Veg Food? Question from Dr Zakir Naik: http://youtu.be/UDhIOaucAK4

      • Sir

        Then we should not also eat vegetables, because they are also living beings and they also feel the pain. God has made all these food for human beings, because human being is the most superior creature, if he/she follows Allah’s orders mentioned in The holy Quraan.

      • “Listen up brothers and sisters, come hear my desperate tale
        I speak of our friends of nature, trapped in the dirt like a jail
        Vegetables live in oppression, served on our tables each night
        The killing of veggies is madness, I say we take up the fight
        Salads are only for murderers, coleslaw’s a fascist regime
        Don’t think that they don’t have feelings, just ’cause a radish can’t
        I’ve heard the screams of the vegetables (scream scream
        Watching their skins being peeled (Having their insides
        Grated and steamed with no mercy (burning off calories)
        How do you think that feels (bet it hurts really bad)
        Carrot Juice constitutes murder (and that’s a real crime)
        Greenhouses prisons for slaves (let my vegetables grow)
        It’s time to stop all this gardening (it’s as dirty as hell)
        Let’s call a spade a spade (is a spade is a spade…)
        I saw a man eating celery, so I beat him black and blue
        If he ever touches a sprout again, I’ll bite him clean in two
        I’m a political prisoner trapped in a windowless cage
        ’cause I stopped the slaughter of turnips by killing three men in a
        I told the judge when he sentenced me, this is my finest hour
        I’d kill those farmers again just to save one more cauliflower
        How low as people do we dare to stoop
        Making young broccoli’s bleed in the soup
        Untie your beans, un-cage your tomatoes, let potted plants free
        Don’t mash that potato
        I’ve heard the screams of the vegetables (scream scream
        Watching their skins being peeled (fates in the stir fry are
        Grated and steamed with no mercy (you fat gourmet slob)
        How do you think that feels (leave them out in the fields)
        Carrot Juice constitutes murder (V8’s genocide)
        Greenhouses prisons for slaves (yes your compost’s a grave)
        It’s time to stop all this gardening (take up macrame)
        Let’s call a spade a spade (is a spade is a spade…)
        Power to the peas
        Give peas a chance
        All we are saying is give peas a chance”

      • Killing of the animals for meats is a blessing from God, for our well being, plus meats strengthens the spirit to fight off evil spirits, and not be prone when it comes to spiritual warfare, you need to eat meat to fight off evil spirits.

      • Stop killing each other? Good idea. Stop killing too many animals? Fine.
        Bu what does people killing each other have to do with eating meat?
        Eating animals is part of nature. If you believe in any deity then I can only assume you also believe that deity created nature (and the food-chain) I doubt he/she/it would be sad to see nature taking its course.

      • I think u mean “your God will be happy” hahaha

        That God is considered one is probably the most halal and the most kosher requirement!

      • “Gods”?? Are you trying to upset people? Jews, Christians, and Muslims only have ONE God and they are the SAME, SINGULAR God. The whole thing that brings them together is this monotheistic belief. It is the FIRST and ONLY requirement for membership in the Abrahamic family. Using the word “GODS” is tantamount to accusing them of polytheism, the ultimate sin in every Abrahamic religion. Please be more considerate.

        • No, people may claim that Allah is the same as God. But God who is Jehovah, Yahweh YHWH never acknowledged anyone other that the Messiah who came (Christians Jesus) or is still to come Jews waiting for Messiah). The God of the Holy Bible never spoke of Mohammed as greater or equal than Messiah. Jehovah is not the same as Allah…

      • Which of the billions of your gods said this? The one true God has said its okay. So dont worry. Have a cheeseburger, you dont know what your missing!

  5. So to the rest of the world Halal and Kosher is almost the same. Both eaten by religious fanatic

    • @Jan Rasmussen:

      What a narrow-minded commentary !
      Not all Mulims are fanatic, and not all jews are fanatic.

      Both religions have been used for attacks and terror,
      but all other religions have been used for that too.

      If we talk about the regular human being an the way it treats his surroundings and fellow man,
      i can see a lot of good things in both religions and among other religions too.

      I am neither a jew, nor a muslim, nor something else –
      and still i have so much respect not to judge them.

    • kosher and halal mean healthy….

      many millions of non religious worldwide practice both forms and some combinations of both

      probably 10 times more nonjews practice kosher in the tune of a 100 million worlwide and probably anothert 100 milion non muslims practice halal….

      i doubt someones 70 year old grandma in burma is a fantic

      • Kosher does NOT mean healthy.. It means fit and proper. As regarding food it has to do with Halacha (Jewish Law) Is the food correct regarding Halacha. That is all.

        • ….also practice implies intention. There are many products that are kosher.. But that millions consume them doent mean they practice keeping kosher

    • And Christian ‘fanatics’ won’t eat any meat, but only on Fridays. So who is ‘right’ and who is ‘wrong’?

      • Actually, the ones you are referring to will NOT eat red meat on Fridays (a practice typically only observed by Catholics and “Catholic-Light” denominations during the season of Lent). Instead, they eat fish or poultry on those days.

  6. Does that mean that Jews can’t eat pizza with meat? And I notice that the pizza has salami on it so no pizza for the Muslim’s either.

  7. I’m a Muslim. All seafood is halal. Even the ones that crawl! There is no halal slaughter necessary for seafood.

    • I thought crabs are halal.

    • Really? It was my understanding it was NOT. How peculiar…

      • Generally seafoods are halal. Seafoods that’s not considered as Halal are those that can live both underwater and on land, such as snake. Also big carnivore are not halal, because of the possibility that they’ve eaten something that’s obviously not halal (human)…hence Sharks are actually not Halal.

        There are however some that’s debated and ruled out differently on different countries…like crabs and frogs. Some say they’re not Halal due to living in more than one type of ecosystem, some say they’re Halal.

        • Marine carnivores that live expressly in the sea are also halal actually. Since all sea-food is halal, it’s unlikely they’ve eaten non-halal food, so they’re ruled as halal as well. Amphibious carnivores (like crocodiles) are not.

          • I mean, sharks do eat seals and sea lions and penguins and other non-sea creatures that swim. Even the occasional human. So… doesn’t seem like an accurate assessment. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • That would depend. I’m muslim but of hanefi masab for us the only sea creature we eat is fish, all other types of crawling , shelled, slithering fishes are forbiden. Just remember Islam if made of 4 different masabs hanefi, maleki, hanbelli and shafi. All follow same rules but with slight differences.

  8. Just to clarify this more. Muslim soni consider that all kind of sea food is Halal but Shia muslims consider only shrimp and fish with scales.
    Also i would like to add that during slaughtering alive cattle or bird the following should be pronounced ” Bismilah allah Akbar”. Which means in the name of god the greatest. This is like taking a permission from god that we are ending a life of an animal he created for us to eat and live.
    Also during slaughter process the direction should be toward holy Kaba in the holy city of mecca “Qible direction”

    • And what is in the kaaba that way built by Pagan Arabs? A meteorite that all muslims direct their payers towards after muhammad chose to change his original direction of prayer from the Holy Temple in Jerusalem to a meteorite. Silly.

      • A person can not be a silly than you.. moron the god you guided to make direction towards jeruslam guided in Quran to kaba.. if you don’t follow Islam its your problem,, you’re no body to argue..

  9. Veganism has been the best choice for me. It has worked well for me when I cook for friends who are of varied religions.

  10. One important point that no one mentioned is the difference in method of slaughter. Kosher slaughter must be “humane”. Administering electric shock to an animal prior to shehitah [kosher slaughtering] is prohibited, because it incapacitates the animal and renders the animal unfit to eat. It is forbidden to eat the meat of such an animal. The prohibition extends, as well, to administering an anesthetic, in the form of a drug and the like, since it may endanger the health and life of the animal and render it not kosher prior to shehitah.)

    1.Kosher slaughtering commandment applies equally to cattle, to animals, and to fowl. A limb torn or cut from a living animal is forbidden. An animal that is not slaughtered, but dies of itself, is prohibited.

    2. Only one who is knowledgeable in the laws of slaughtering and proficient in its practice, and who is a believing, pious Jew, may act as a slaughterer (shohet) in performance of the commandment. It is the prevalent custom that the shohet must receive written authorization from a recognized rabbinical authority attesting to the aforesaid qualifications.

    3. Shehitah must be done by means of a swift, smooth cut of a sharp knife whose blade is free of any dent or imperfection.

    4. Shehitah entails severing the trachea and the esophagus in accordance with the oral tradition, which requires that five improper procedures be avoided, lest they invalidate the shehitah and render the animal unfit to be eaten. They are (a) hesitation or delay while drawing the knife, (b) excessive pressure or chopping, (c) burrowing the knife between the trachea and the esophagus or under the skin, (d) making the incision outside the specified area, and (e) laceration or tearing of the trachea or esophagus, which would result from an imperfect blade. An animal or fowl that is improperly slaughtered (or, as already noted, that is not slaughtered, but dies of itself) is considered carrion (nevelah) and unfit for food.

    Also the hindquarter is prohibited. Sephardim will eat parts of the animal that Ashkenazim won’t because they painstakingly remove the parts that are indeed difficult to remove.

    There is more but I’ll stop here. Kosher slaughter is very different than Halal slaughter .

    • From reading what you wrote, the only difference is that Muslims don’t need a certification from someone like a Rabbi to slaughter animals in Halal way. All other than that is the same.

      Do you really believe that Muslims saw animals died from torture, sickness, and drugged as Halal? Who told you that misinformation?

      For meats to be Halal, the animal needs to be slaughtered the exact way you wrote there, quick and as less painful death as possible. Animals that died without being slaughtered, in Halal way, are not Halal…meaning animals that already dead from sickness or old age are not Halal. Electrocuting and any kind of torture, also drugging animals, before slaughtering them is also prohibited and any animals slaugthered that way is considered as not Halal. Taking any parts of a living animals also prohibited, and any food that came from that are not Halal.

      You need to read more.

    • Actually, halal slaughter is exactly the same as kosher slaughter, the way you described. I’ve witnessed it. Every single condition is the same..

  11. All ridiculous! Eat what you fancy and don’t torture it by slitting its neck – kill it humanely you lunatics!

    • Have you ever experienced hemorrhagic shock (bleeding to the point your body organs shut down)?

      I have – believe me when I say it’s very quick and painless because the first thing the body does is shut down blood flow to the extremities in order to keep the heart and brain going as long as possible on the limited blood supply.

      Placental abruption is what happens during pregnancy when the placentas rips and a major blood vessel breaks. At 11 wks gestation, when the foetus is about an inch and a half long, the mother can bleed to death in about a half hour.

      A sliced jugular vein (which is one of the largest arteries in the body) can cause hemorrhagic shock and unconsciousness within seconds and death by bleeding in minutes.

      But hey – bullets, stun guns, bolts, and electric wands are so much more humane, right?

    • Why do you think Guillotine and other head chopping method were chosen on death penalites of ancient times? Why do you think people died outright when you break their neck? It’s because that’s the fastest way of killing animals and human, cutting or breaking their neck.

      The only faster and more mercifull way of doing it is by drugging them, do you want to eat meats of animals that’s been exposed by lethal drugs?

  12. Hello mates, how is the whole thing, and what you want to say on the topic of this article, in my view its actually awesome in favor of me.

  13. The hindquarters are not unkosher. There is a nerve in the hindquarters that is unkosher. Now a days it’s cheaper to sell it as nonkosher, and only keep the front half of the animal, than have a trained jew to separate the difficult to separate nerve.

    Also not all wine is permissible. All alcohol besides wines is permissible ( unless there are unkosher ingredients… theres only 2 instance I could think of…fish bladders have actually been an additive to beers, which could be a problem if the fish is unkosher, and there are beers brewed with meat in it, most likely unkosher meat)

    • Only wine with kosher certification, is kosher.. Please do not make generalizations or false statements based on your own supposition. I am a practicing,Torah observant Jew.I know the Law

  14. The Koran states that the same laws of food apply to Muslims that where ordained to the children of Israel, this clearly means that Muslims can eat good prepared by rabbi Jews, also in terms of meat.

    The rules in Islam with halal only changed i time due to defamation and prejudices towards Jews mentioned in the Koran, Jews are depicted as in trustworthy rejects by Allah who will deal with them on the last day and who ever encounters a new should treat him or her with disgusts., yet it’s supposed to be the same god who forgave Jews after worshiping a golden calf, who Moses requested forgiveness for the people known later as Israel who came into a eternal covenant forever, so who changed their minds in a flip of a switch?

  15. Kosher food is, generally speaking, halal for Muslims. Because kashrut prohibits gelatin from pigs, it would be halal to eat it.

    Surah 5:5
    “The food of the People of the Book is lawful for you as your food is lawful for them.”
    (Which isn’t entirely true since halal food isn’t kosher for Jews.)

  16. Here is my question……….. In Kosher slaughter, is the animal dead by the 1 cut to the neck, etc? Or is it still alive while the blood is drained?

  17. “Eat anything in the meat market without raising questions of conscience, for the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” (1Cor 10: 25_26). Indeed, every animal and plant on the earth was provided by God as food for mankind (Gen 1: 29_30). As for purity… the truth is in the message of the cross of Jesus Christ. We may eat any of the vegetables and meat “with thanks giving to God” because Jesus made it permissible.

    • Those passages did not make what was not considered food to now be food. It simply denies that man made tradition (rabbinic rules) should trump G-D’s laws.

      You don’t buy meat at the store without knowing what it is. No one does. Would you buy cat or dog or monkey or elephant of it were in the meat case? My guess is probably not. I used to eat ANYTHING. ANY food out of the ocean. Any animal. I would try it. Until I really started to read the Torah and scriptures in context.

      If you are really interested in pleasing G-d with your way of life, pray about it. He will show you. Most of the passages that believers quote as defense to eat anything they want have nothing whatsoever to do with eating. The disciples ate kosher and continued to follow Torah as evidenced by their own words. Eating kosher meat (not consuming blood and not eating meat that is “strangled” by not releasing the blood from the flesh of the animal) was one of the first things required of new believers. Read it in context. Also, these believers were still meeting with other non believing Jews in the synagogues and that Yeshua (Jesus) was The Rabbi to them. They were still obeying G-D’s laws. THIS is what is meant to provoke G-D’s people to jealousy. They still are G-D’s people! There is ONE law for Jew and gentile.

      Here is a good study. Read through the “Old Testament” (Tanakh) and make a note of all the times the word “forever” is used. It will shock you. Did you know that everyone on earth will be required to observe the sabbath and Sukkot (Festival of Booths or Tabernacles I think people call it) and Rosh Chodesh (new moon). If the nations do not send representatives three times a year they won’t receive rain on their land. It’s in there! Why would He say His laws are forever if His Holy anointed messiah who followed them to the letter was purely for the purpose of nullifying G-D’s law? Just because the judge dismisses your requirement to pay a ticket doesn’t mean you can go out and break the law again on purpose. Many will say Lord, Lord! but He will say Depart from me. I never knew you, you workers of lawlessness. He isn’t talking about local village, municipal, county, state, federal, and international laws. That would be rediculous. He is talking about G-D’s laws.

  18. Shia Muslims don’t eat rabbit as well. I think the Islamic halal rules are derived from kosher rules. Even if the purpose of the laws is not exactly the same.

  19. I believe some of us are being a bit close-minded or short sighted. In regards to the many different ways there are to make Pizzas, the differences between Kosher vs non-Kosher can be as simple as the presence or absence of dairy cheeses vs the presence or absence of any type of meats (beef, pork, chicken, etc.). A meat and or chicken Pizza can still be Kosher if it does not include “dairy” cheese of any kind. There are lots of non-dairy (vegetarian, Soy milk, or vegetable-oil based) cheeses available that are used in Kosher Pizzas that include meats but does not break Kosher or even Halal laws or rules. As well as lots of non-cheese Pizzas that are just dough, sauce, and veggies & or meat toppings. Pizza by definition doesn’t have to include any meat or cheese at all. Sure, it might not meet the rules of “traditional” Pizza but it’s still allowed to be marketed as Pizza. As a lactose-intolerant fish eating vegetarian (Pescetarian: fish, but no beef, pork, chicken, or any type of animal) I stay Kosher by using artificial cheeses or cheese substitutes on my home-made Pizzas at all times. So if I have to add meat toppings for kosher family members or friends it still remains kosher.

  20. Right, glad we cleared that up!

  21. Iam just trying to aviod MSG at all means possible.
    Is tbere MSG at all in any of the Kosber or Halal profucts. There is MSG in 129+ ingredients known… pleade help me.

    • Annato is one of my questionable ingredients. Normally contains MSG … but if used in Kosher & Halal would it be made witbout MSG.

  22. I think a lot of comments come from ignorance, but I think if you believe we have a spirit then maybe you could call that some what holy. And if you believe that then maybe there is a Son & a Father as well.

  23. All very interesting insofar as not one person has actually spotted what the whole subject is about ! Okay please forgive this poor analogy –
    Why do Catholics not eat meat on Friday ?
    It’s not going to poison anyone ! No it’s a small gesture of respect to ones religion that a little sacrifice shows self control .
    On the greater scale – all the non kosher and halal food would have probably killed you in an Arabic climate a thousand years ago ?
    So perhaps the basic food safety issue has evolved into a religious issue which was never intended?

    • I believe that All these dietary laws /customs are derived from safety issues that are no longer relevant. So keeping to them doesnt make you a better person or a holier person. It’s a load of junk.

      • Jews keep Kosher only because G-d said to, not for any other reason. Jews who do not keep the faith may supply all sorts of rational, but it has nothing to do with the Laws of Kosher. The Laws of Kosher are called Chukim, a category of law which has no rational reason that can be applied. We keep these laws because G-d said to

  24. Im amused cause many westerners refuses halal food and feels its an abomination to force them to eat it while taking Kosher as an accepted commonplace thing

  25. To be honest to both Jews and Muslims, we have to take the labelling away from the words ‘kosher’ / ‘halaal’. For both religions, it simply means in layman’s term when used for food, something that is allowed to be consumed by their people. Also its the same origin as both Jews and Muslims can only consume food if the name of God is mentioned. Muslim and Jews believe in most of the same Prophets mentioned in the Torah/Bible and that’s why they follow similar dietary laws. They also believe in the One unseen God. They have their differences, as we all know, but they are closer in belief and following rules and laws of the One and only God. Christians on the other hand have forsaken all the dietary laws and many other laws of the forefathers of the Torah/Bible-Old Testament when they started following Paul instead of Jesus and his disciples…(Jesus being a Jew and obeying and following the laws of his forefathers)…

  26. I found the confusion about the topic of “KOSHER” interesting, since many respondents have no idea what they are talking about. I am not a Rabbi, but will try to clarify things a little.

    First of all, the term “Kosher” means that something is fit for ritual use. Therefore, a Torah (Bible Scroll), Talit (prayer shawl), Tefilin (Phylacteries), and other ritual objects must all be kosher in order to be used.

    Since eating is also considered to be a religious ritual, the food that Jews eat must also be Kosher.

    All non-poisonous plants are kosher (some special restrictions apply to grape products). Only certain animals, fowl, fish (and a few insects) are kosher, as specified in the Bible. In addition, they must be slaughtered and prepared in a special way, and certain food groups (meat and dairy) can not be mixed.

    Regarding animals, kosher varieties must have split hooves and chew their cud. This includes cattle, bison, sheep, goats, and deer. Horse, camel, bear, rabbit, snakes, turtles, alligators, etc. are not kosher. It is a common misconception that only the forequarter of kosher animals can be used. The bible prohibits the consumption of the sciatic nerve, which runs through the hind quarter. Removal of this tissue is an extremely complex, time-consuming, and costly operation. It is very difficult to find butchers who are skilled in this, and it is not cost effective in our mass-produced food supply. It is ironic that my grandfather, who was a ritual slaughterer (Shochet) in Poland probably ate filet mignon. Even today, a few “boutique” kosher butchers (mostly Chassidic) can provide hind quarter cuts– if you can afford to pay for them,

    Regarding fowl, the Bible enumerates which birds are or are not kosher. Unfortunately, the exact identification for many of these birds has been lost. Therefore, the accepted practice is to limit the kinds of fowl that can be eaten to those that have traditionally been accepted as kosher: chicken, duck, goose, turkey, and a few others.

    Regarding fish, only those with fins and scales are kosher. This eliminates all shell fish, lobster, catfish, eel, shark, and others.

    Simple, isn’t it? Note that this explanation barely scims the topic. And don’t get me started about Passover.

  27. Here my question to Muslims… I m muslim myself.

    If the situation arises whereby a cattle falls into dry well and no possible ways for proper slaughter , would it be halal to do the slaughter the way like hunting an animal? To bleeds or stab it on any part of body to cause death.
    To leave the animals in this situations will causes the animal slow death and suffered .
    Any nash in surah or opinions on this? Thank you.

  28. Sick to see people kill animals for food when we have options for vegetarian diet. We all know how meat industry is leading to global warming and in this age Where vegetable are transporter across the globe it is insane to continue with meat based diets

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  31. I was under the impression that animals slaughtered under Kosher standards, are only bled to death, no instant kill? Am I incorrect? Tks.

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